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  • There is still more editing I can do to remove names of places and specific terms that belong to us. I can submit the statments to you for final approval as well if you have any concerns.
    For some reason, no one is willing to write about this obvious truth. I of course will eliminate anything that could remotely out anyone even though we are all anonymous.
    As you know it would be impossible to find people with our kink to interview and frankly, the comments made in that thread are more than enough for my argument that the graphic images that the church exposes small children to can have an affect on there psychosexual development.
    Hi Apostate, I wanted to know if it would be ok to use excerpts from your thread about being raised Catholic in an academic study I am doing.
    Hi Apostate, hope you are keeping well and suitably inspired from reading in the Library. How's New York?
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