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  1. chelior

    Sketches by scorpio

    She could be crucified, before to be whipped.
  2. chelior

    Sketches by scorpio

    Crucify her !
  3. chelior

    The Passion of BARBARIA, Rebel Queen, by Scorpio

    Crucify her ! Nail her on the cross !
  4. chelior

    Passion of a Goddess Thread

    Too nice ! Thank you.
  5. chelior

    Bartnel's Inferno

    I prefer tis one, but it would be better with nails. Erin was nailed.
  6. chelior

    Now This Just Isn't Funny

    So beautiful ! We never get tired of this music !
  7. chelior

    Great Pics Found By Phlebas And Other

    In which film can we see this scene ?
  8. chelior

    Nailing Feets

    I prefer the womens feet are nailed with nails hammered in the middle of each of them. So, the nails look like jewels adorning the feet.
  9. chelior

    Best Actress in a Crux Role

    I'm not so sure, I think it's possible the nails are real. Listen well, when they are hammered : the sound is different after the first blow ; for both nails. And look at her hands after she is removed from the cross : either there are holes on them, or the makeup is very realistic.
  10. chelior

    Best Actress in a Crux Role

    For me, one of the best actresses in a Crux Role is this girl : . It seems she was really nailed to the cross. She is very courageous.
  11. chelior

    Great Pics Found By Phlebas And Other

    And these feet, who do they belong to ?
  12. chelior

    The Crux Contest

  13. chelior

    Great Pics Found By Phlebas And Other

    It's a great idea, the double nailing !
  14. chelior

    The Coffee Shop

    Very, very nice picture ! Thank you.
  15. chelior

    Eva and Nicole's Pleasure In Suffering

    Sorry Nail Her to the Cross, why do you write in uppercase ? It's difficult to read you. However, your history is interesting.
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