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  • The extension (from lat. extension / tension "stretching") the limbs, the muscles, the MAXIMUM body length increase on the rack device...The interesting case for me is centered around the issue to find authentic empirical values for an exchange of experience about the topic of the body and limbs to separate movable entities and moving them in opposite directions.
    hello Willowfall, It really makes a difference to have a "female victim/delinquents" that is into experiencing the rack because they have a desire for that sort of pain, and have a mind-set that is into enduring. If you have many different experience to stretching on the rack
    RomanMaster was after her. I told him "CEASE AND DESIST"! He apologized for soliciting her so strongly. Alicia has severed her relationship with RomanMaster. Alicia posted a great slideshow at YouTube. They removed it. Melissa reposted it. Please enjoy it!
    Hello Willowfall! I hope you are well! Have you seen the new member Alicia7? The men were really hitting on her, so I put her "Under my Wings". She is safe now! It makes ME smile. She also smiles. Take care of yourself.
    I like your picture, the flat belly is great. Do you look at male or female crucifictions?
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