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  1. Servus Venandi

    Trials of Ariana: Blood Beast of the Shale (High Fantasy Kink)

    See also: http://www.cruxforums.com/xf/threads/trials-of-ariana-the-princess-and-the-witch.7751/ ------------------------------------------------ Trials of Ariana Blood Beast of the Shale by Servus Venandi Copyright © Servus Venandi. You can re-post this work as long as you don't do any of...
  2. Servus Venandi

    SV's Bondage, Slavery, Sex, and Miscellaneous Kink Thread

    I do many one-offs that don't revolve around specific stories or crucifixion. As with my other thread of pseudo-randomness... http://www.cruxforums.com/xf/threads/svs-occasional-crucifixion-thread.7871/ ...some of these are several years old and perhaps not up to modern standards. For...
  3. Servus Venandi

    SV's Occasional Crucifixion Thread

    Crucifixion isn't my main thing, but it is one of my oldest fascinations (single-digit childhood, as memory serves), and I do make crux scenes from time to time. In recent months this forum has reinvigorated the sub-genre for me creatively, and I find myself once again piecing together random...
  4. Servus Venandi

    SV's Holiday Thread

    I'll get to the backlog going back to 2014, but let's start in the present day. For all those so inclined, happy Thanksgiving (belated by only a few hours)! :)
  5. Servus Venandi

    Bad Girls SSU

    Troubled young ladies caught in the soul grinder of Klorman Syndicate's Sacred Servant University.... Bad Girls SSU is a lightly illustrated series chronicling the mischievous adventures of Blaire, Roxie, Ginger and Renee. It shares the universe of, and sometimes references events within, my...
  6. Servus Venandi

    Trials of Ariana: The Princess And The Witch

    There are several Trials of Ariana stories to date, and this was the first. I considered keeping all of them in one thread, but they're 10,000 to 15,000 words each, and I fear that would get messy in a hurry. I hope having a thread for each story is all right. The cover art was created some...
  7. Servus Venandi

    SV's Halloween Stuff

    I've got a few years' worth of Halloween content. The older stuff ain't so good, but I'll start there and work up to the modern era. 2015
  8. Servus Venandi


    I've started two content threads so far, and both have been edited without explanation. In the first, someone replaced the 1080x1920px cover art of a story with a thumbnail. Whatever, no big deal. I moved on with a mental note to avoid full-size graphics. Now someone has taken my entire SV's...
  9. Servus Venandi

    The Women of Hill 499

    This is my first attempt at posting content here. Hopefully I won't do anything out of bounds or otherwise screw it up. I recently read the terrific story "The Object Lesson" by @Sexitus Bacilus. For lack of a better approach, I'm going to borrow that method of posting in sections. If you'd...
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