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  1. mariuszebo

    Some Renders I Made

    Hi all!! I've started experimenting with my own maps (especially normal maps) to enhance the look of my models. I've also introduced yet a new version of my "tanning map" to create the paler look on the soles and the palms of the figure. Even though I think the wet skin effect is too "hard"...
  2. mariuszebo

    Crucifixion Comic

    Hi all, Six months ago I started working on a project that has been brewing inside my mind for many years: the creation of a comics series that focuses on female crucifixion. I've seen a lot of art and images dealing with this theme, but "dedicated" comics that tell a story about it, appear to...
  3. mariuszebo

    What happened to Arcimboldo's gallery?

    Has it turned into a ghostsite? It serms nothing changes there anymore ( shame, realy... ) has he set up a new site or is he out of buissines? Let me know if you know M.Z.
  4. mariuszebo

    suppliciees de la rome antique

    I was doing a search on the old "quo vadis" movie as I came across this pic. Now I was wondering if there were more of these. If there are, and you know where, please post them here or post the link. Thank you.
  5. mariuszebo

    Request for 3d artists: where do you get your content?

    As a starting 3d artist I was wondering whether everybody makes his or her own 3D content. I know about sites like renderosity and conentparadise that sell such content, but they don't realy offer great crucifixion products ( if you know what I mean ) I'm trying to get as photoreal as it gets...
  6. mariuszebo

    2 more stories come your way

    These are two stories I wrote, please let me know if you like them ( you never know, maybe I' ll write more if I find the time. ) Anyway I'd appreciate it if someone could provide some pics to go with them ( or if someone knows someone else who can provide pics ) plain and simple text leaves a...
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