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roman crucifixion

  1. holy68

    New video with Clara on Vimeo.

    You can view our latest production with Clara as a Roman slave punished by her master. Just go to : vimeo.com/womenonthecross/vod_pages I hope you will like it.
  2. holy68

    Women on the cross (former females Christ)

    Just to let you know that in the futur all our videos will be on one website only, with a new approach and concept. You can see again our videos (12 in total) with lower prices on Vimeo only. Just go to : https://vimeo.com/womenonthecross/vod_pages Will be adding new stuff soon. Thank you.
  3. cire

    The female executioner for Numerus Brittonum et Exploratorum Nemanigensium

    He was forced to react, the commander of the fort at the roman border. Since a few years he had been in charge of this untit and there was not too much going on. Every once in a while maybe a brawl at the tavern in the village around the castle. Eventually the punishment of wrongdoers or slaves...
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