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A Crucifixion Before Christmas (Story)

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Dec 5, 2017
Somewhere in the middle of Europe
Here is a story I want to share with you – the first one I'll ever post! I made it up in the past days and are currently continuing it. Without spoiling too much, the story is about a guy who lures an unsuspecting online acquaintance to his remote place with the intention to crucify her. The story is set on Christmas and since Christmas is a rather modern invention, our protagonists live in present time. So much about the abstract.

I am not sure if a disclaimer is common for stories around here, but it can't hurt: This story is a work of fantasy. All characters and places are fictional. Any relation to actual persons or places is unintentional und coincidental. In real life, I do not endorse acts of non-consensual sex, torture and murder!

Alright, enough of the formal words, let's get started with part 1:


Part 1 – Arrival

Vincent felt the girl's nervousness as he steered the car into the dirt road. Apparently it was her first time doing something like this.

"What's your name again?", the girl asked.

"Vincent. You already asked me twice on the way here." The girl bit her lip and looked down on her feet. "And your name is Gea", Vincent continued. "You already told me twice, as well."

Gea fell silent and focussed on her feet as if they were the most interesting thing in the world.

"What kind of name is Gea, anyway? I never heard it before", Vincent asked.

She seemed relieved that they had found a topic that could break the awkward silence, albeit only for a few moments.

"It's derived from Gaia, the goddess of the earth", she said happily.

"Do really you think you are a goddess?", Vincet cut her short. "As far as I remember, you will be my slave for the next few days! I will definately not treat you like a goddess."

Gea looked down again. Even now, with her face wrinkled to a grimace of shame, she could not hide her youth and beauty. She was 21, or at least that's what her profile on the dating website said. It was the minimum age for the users. As Vincent checked her out, he would have estimated her to be a little younger, 19 or 20 maybe. The website however didn't require any identity check. Vincent had been honest about his own age. He was 34.

One thing they had both been honest about was, that they weren't interested in dating. The website had developed from a dating portal to a hookup platform where attractive young people offered themselves for good payment. Vincent did not know what Gea's story behind selling her body to men was. Maybe she was a student who struggled to pay her tuition, maybe she was a gold digger who had been recently kicked out by her sugar daddy, or maybe she was just a clueless looser who couldn't manage with money. He wasn't even sure if 'Gea' was her real name if she just used it online. He did not care, either.

What he did know was, that she needed money. Lots of money. At first, she had been reluctant when he wanted to book her over the holidays for a 'BDSM role play', as he had described it to her. She had said she had no experience at this and did not know what was awaiting her. But when Vincent had offered her 5,000 bucks, she had quickly agreed.

And now here she was in his car, on the way to the old cottage Vincent had inherited from his grandparents years ago. Despite her slender body being sunk into the car seat in apparent uneasiness, Gea's appearance was graceful. But she was overdressed for what he had planned for her, Vincent conluded.

He stopped the car on the dirt road. Gea was confused as she woke up from her trance of shame and looked around. To their left, there was a dense forest of high and intimidating pine trees and to their right, there was a wide open field with no house in sight.

"Get out!", Vincent commanded. Gea complied hesitantly. Vincent put on his leather gloves, got out of the car himself and went to the back of the car. Gea follwed him. He opened the trunk and took out a large garbage bag. "Strip! Put all of your clothes in there!"

Gea was shocked. She looked around. There was no other person in sight. "Here? But it's cold!", she complained. Indeed it was cold. It was December 22. Although it was only in the early afternoon, the sun had already started to set. A cold wind was blowing from the field, wirling their hair and whipping cold hard raindrops in their faces. Just a few degrees colder, and the rain would turn to snow.

"Strip!", Vincent replied is command, a little louder than before to make it clear, that he did not intent do discuss it. Gea removed her jacket and put it in the bag. She was wearing a cheap blue dress beneath it. After a moment of hesitation, she removed it and stood in front of Vincent, just in her boots and her underwear. Vincent could tell that the reason she was shivering was not only because of the cold. Gea crossed her arms in front of her chest, not saying anything, but pleading with her eyes to get back into the car.

"Everything, I said!" Vincent started to lose his patience.

Gea closed her eyes in surrender. She stepped out of her shoes and pulled off her shoes and socks, careful not to get them wet and dirty on the rain soaked ground. Then she stripped from her bra and slip and put everything carefully in the bag, as commanded.

Here she was, outside in the middle of nowhere, naked and freezing, at the mercy of a man that was easily one foot taller and without doubt a lot stronger than her. She could not remember having ever felt so helpless and humiliated before.

Vincent liked what he saw. He looked down from her cute round face that was framed by her shoulder lenght blonde hair. She was wearing no jewleries and only decent makeup. His eyes moved further down and found her beautiful small tits. Her nipples were stiff from the freezing air. She was rather flat-chested, but it fit her slender body so well. A hint of abs was showing on her flat belly, ocassionally twitching due to the cold. A dancer, maybe? Her figure would fit it. He looked further down to find her pussy shaved clean, just as he had ordered prior to their meeting.

"Get on your knees and suck my cock!", he said.

"But... here? In the dirt?"

"Do you want your money or not?"

Without further contradicting words, she knelt down on the wet dirt road, her shaking hands slowly undoing his belt and his pants. Vincent felt her dainty hands slowing grabbing his cock, pulling it out of his pants. It was stiff within seconds.

She was not a good cock sucker. It seemed to Vincent like she had never given a blowjob before. But with a few instructions and the guidance of his hands grabbing her head, both of them quickly found the right rythm. As Vincent felt his orgasm building up, he held her head firmly between his hands and shoved his cock all the way into her mouth, scratching the back of her throat. Gea tried to escape, her neck rapidly jerking back and her hands unsucsessfully grabing his arms, trying to losen his tight grip. Only after Vincent had released his load, he let go of her, letting her fall backwards on her ass. He watched with amusement, as she rolled over on her side, coughing and gasping for air.

"Get up!", he ordered. Gea pulled herself up, standing on shaking legs, covered all over in the wet red-brown sand of the road. Some of his cum was dripping from her chin onto her chest.

"Goddess of earth you say?", Vincent mocked. "More goddess of dirt, don't you think?"

She nodded her head in silent humiliation and wrapped her hands around her body, shaking of fear and coldness. "Please", she wispered in an almost whiny voice, "may I get back into the car?"

"Yes, but I will not let you ruin my seats with all your filth!", Vincent answered. He pointed to an old blanket that was laid out in the large trunk of the car. Without further resistinance, Gea climbed inside and rolled herself up in the blanket.

"Not so fast", Vincent interrupted, taking out three pairs of handcuffs from his jacket. Gea was not happy, but she thought it would be better to comply and did not resist as Vincent used the first pair of handcuffs to secure her hands behind her back, the second for her feet and the third to connect the other two, leaving Gea in a lose hogtie.

"If I hear any word from you during the ride, I will abandon you at the side of the road!", Vincent said, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back roughly to inforce his threat. "Did I make myself clear?" Gea took that instruction literally and just answered with a quick, almost indiscernible nod. "Good!", Vincent conluded as he produced a black cotton hood from his jacket and pulled it over Gea's head. He threw the blanket over her and closed the trunk.

Then he went to the passenger door and grabbed her purse. He found her phone and her ID. A quick look on her birth date told him, that she had just turned 18 last August. "Sneaky little bitch", Vincent grinned as he put her things back into her purse and stuffed it into the garbage bag where her clothes were waiting. Then he took the bag and tossed it as far as he could into the woods. If anyone ever came looking for her and decided to track down her phone, this was where the trail would end.

He got back into his car, started the engine and drove off. In fact, ever since Vincent had picked Gea up at the abandoned bus stop almost two hours ago, they had been driving into the opposite direction of his cottage. He left the dirt road and rejoined the empty country road. Gea kept her promise not to say a word during the ride, apart from an occasional moan or shriek when the car would hit a bump on the road. Vincent took the most direct way he could think of. The motorway took them to their destinaiton in less than an hour. A a short time after leaving the motorway, Vincent finally pulled up into the driveway of his cottage. It was the only house around, located on a mountain side, guarded by a large forest.

The car stopped at the cottage that lay in complete darkness. It used to be brightly illuminated during the Christmas time, paved over with light strings. Vincent's ex-girlfriend Emma had loved Christmas. Vincent didn't, at least not in his adult life. Sometimes it seemed to him like he had just used up all of his Christmas enthusiasm in his younger years. And now, since Emma wasn't around anymore, he did not see the point in decorating the house for the holidays. He hadn't even removed all of the Halloween decoration yet. Halloween was the last time he had spoken to Emma.

"You will wait here, I am going to het the house heated up and put the roast into the oven. And then, I will come and get you. Is that clear?" There was no answer from the back. "The ride is over, so you can talk now!" - "Yes, I'll wait!", Gea's muffled voice answered from under the blanket.

To be continued.


Dec 5, 2017
Somewhere in the middle of Europe
Part 2 – Dinner

It was a good hour later when Vincent returned to his car, opened the trunk and pulled back the blanket to find Gea in her cuff hogtie, just as he had left her. He pulled the hood from her head and lifted her out of the car, dumping her on the cold muddy ground. She rolled around moaning, adding fresh filth to the dirt that aready coated her body.

"Do you think you are in misery, Gea?", Vincent asked. "You will learn what misery is. But one step after another. First, let's warm up and then have dinner together!"

He removed the cuffs from her wrists and ankles. Naked as she was, she wasn't going anywhere now anyway. He grabbed her left arm and led her up the stairs to the house. When they entered the house, Gea let out a sigh of relief. It wasn't as awfully cold in here as it was outside. Vincent had started a fire in the chimney. The smell of the burning wood that came from the fireplace in the living room mixed with a tasty smell of roast coming from the kitchen. Gea heard a quiet piece of classical music playing from somewhere in the house. A smile of suddenly regained confidence appeared on her face. It got even wider as Vincent pushed her into a clean and well heated bathroom. A shower, equipped with all kinds of soaps was waiting for her.

"Clean yourself", Vincent commanded, although not as harsh as the previous orders he had given her before. Gea wasted no time stepping into the shower and getting the water running. The humiliation of being forced to strip bare in the cold wilderness and almost being choked giving a blowjob while kneeling in the mud were almost forgotten as she enjoyed the hot water on her skin.

Gea looked through the mist that had formed from the hot water and saw Vincent waiting outside of the shower, having stripped completely in the meantime. Without a further word, he joined her in the shower. Gea was reluctand at first but gave in quickly in has Vincent took the soap and started to rub it all over her body slowly, his hands gently caressing her little tits, sliding down her body across her stomach. Gea let it happen and spread her legs slightly and let Vincent probe her pussy. She came after a few minutes. Her shuddering legs gave in and she slid down on the wet tile wall, landing on her butt with a silly smile of joy on her face.

Vincent turned the water off, stepped out of the shower, helped Gea up and gave her a soft towel. It was warm and cozy, since it had been resting on the heater. When they were done drying themselves off, Vincent cuffed her hands in front of her. Just her hands this time.

They went into the living room and spend the next hour fucking each other on the sofa in front of the fireplace. Gea had even agreed to do it without a condom, for an extra 2,000. If she just knew, that she would never see the money, Vincent thought as he lay on his back and watched Gea's hips gyrating on his cock, hear hair still wet from the shower sticking to her face, her little round nipples erect from arousal. Even with her hands tied, she proved a lot more skill at this than at sucking cock. After he had finally spurted his load into her pussy, it was Gea's turn to lie on her back and let Vincent obiendly play with her clit until she came again. Finally, as Vincent's balls and cock had reloaded, he fucked her in the butt, doggystyle, until he came again. Pulling his now limb cock from her throbbing and glistening sphincter, he looked at the clock.

"Time for me to get the dinner ready", he told her. "And I will show you where you will be waiting. Come with me."

Vincent led Gea into the dining room where they were greeted by a nicely laid out table for two. Gea's heart skipped a beat as she saw the chair that was without doubt reserved for her. Other than the white velvet coated chair that Vincent would sit on, Gea found a heavy oak chair for herself. A seemingly countless number of loose leather straps hung down from the legs and the backrest of the chair. In the middle of the seat, there were two long and rounded shafts protruding. Gea didn't need any second guesses where they would go.

"Have a seat", Vincent said softly and pushed her gently over to the chair. Gea took care as she lowered herself onto the shafts, one going up her pussy and the other one up her butt hole. Vincent's semen was still leaking from both holes and provided at least a bit of lubrication. As her legs and butt cheeks finally touched the seat, Vincent closed the straps firmly around her ankles, across her lap and around her hips and secured them with padlocks. At last, he took a small chain and connected her handcuffs to the seat, so that Gea could just barely reach her plate and the cutlery on the table. After he was done, there was no way for Gea to lift herself up from the chair. All she could do was to lean forward, which would cause the two shafts inside her to move.

"Please have a little patience. Dinner will be ready soon", Vincent said as he put on some casual pants and a shirt and left the room.

A little more than 30 minutes later, the dinner was on the table. Vincent and Gea hadn't spoken many words to each other, and their silence continued during the meal, although it felt less awkward now. Gea had understood that Vincent did not expect her to entertain him with deep conversations. The slow classical music that was still coming from somewhere in the house and the clicking of the cutlery were the only things heard.

Vincent served the roast with rice, baked vegetables and a light ginger sauce. The slow cooking had done the meat well and it was just on point. The gourmet dinner was completed by a heavy red wine. Of course, Vincent had not untied Gea for dinner. But she managed to eat without making a mess. Every time she bend foward to put the next bite in her mouth, her nipples brushed the tablecloth. Each of her movements was so graceful. Vincent imagined her at a banquet, wearing a noble black dress, making heads turn all evening long. But he had different plans for her.

"You are pretty", he said after finishing his plate. Gea blushed. It was the first time Vincent had not given her a command or a humiliating comment, but a compliment. "Let me take a picture of you. I want to remember this moment!"

As Vincent took out his smartphone, Gea put on a shy smile. Still, she thought about moving her arms apart as far as she could with her tied hands, so that Vincent would get a nice picture with most of her small tits and (despite the generous dinner still) flat belly visible. Vincent was happy with his snap and put his unlocked phone on the table, the screen facing upwards. Gea could not resist looking at it.

"Who is she?", she asked and nodded her head towards the phone. Vincent looked down. With the camera app closed, the wallpaper could be seen. It showed Vincent, who had taken a selfie of himself together with a pretty woman about his age with read hair and freckles. Emma. Both of them were smiling. The present Vincent smiled, too. He had taken the selfie last summer on a warm June day, outside on the porch. What the picture did not show was Emma's left hand wrapped around Vincents stiff cock and Vincent's right had, buried with three fingers into Emma's pussy.

"She was my girlfriend", Vincent replied, still looking at the picture. Moments after the picture had been taken, Vincent and Emma had found themselves in the hollywood swing on the porch, having passionate sex. It had been after that sex when Emma had told him about what she had called a life long fantasy. Vincent had agreed to help her fulfill it and promised her, that it would be a suprise.

"Where is she now?", Gea asked carefully. Vincent looked up, his eyes meeting Gea's.

"We just ate her", he said calmly.

Gea was stunned. For a moment, her face froze. Then she broke into a nervous laughter. "You are joking!", she giggled as she had found enough breath to talk again.

"No, I am not", Vincent said, remaining just as calm as before. "In fact, the roast we had tonight was her left tigh."

Gea fell silent. "This is not funny", she said after a moment of overthinking. "Cannibalism is just something that the wild people in the jungle do!" She put on an uncertain fake smile.

"It was not my choice", Vincent explained, "Emma asked me to do it. See, it she told me that it was her ultimate fantasy to be killed and eaten. And girl, I loved her so much that I agreed without thinking about the consequences. I wasn't so sure about it later, but I feared that declining her wish now would destroy her and she would never find happyness. Then, on Halloween, after she had just gotten out of the shower, I snuck up on her and strangled her with a cord. She was struggeling at first, but then she just let it happen. As she had lost consciousness, I hung her upside down in the shower and slid her throat and both of her wrists, so that she could bleed out. Then I cut her apart and put the parts I thought were edible in the freezer. And all that is left of her now, are her right thigh and some of her ribs in the freezer. And the dildos you are sitting on right now. I carved them out of her femures."

As Gea listened, her fake smile turned into a grimace of horror. "You are insane! Tie me lose!", she said as she had found her voice again. It was not a plea, but a command. "No", Vincent replied just as calmly as he had explained the origin of their dinner. Gea suddenly freaked out, throwing herself around in the chair, struggeling to escape her ties. "Let me out! I do not want to be a part of this anymore! Give me back my clothes! Keep your fucking money, just let me go!", she screamed hysterically.

Vincent stood up. Without another word, he went past Gea and closed the thick straps from the backrest around her upper body and her arms, locking them tightly and securing them with more padlocks. With one belt running across her belly and the other one across her chest, right above her tits, Gea was inescapably fastened in the chair. All she could do now was to rock her head back and forward violently which was enough to make the chair shake.

"Let me out! Let me out, you psycho!", she screamed, her voice turning more and more hysteric. "Nooo!", she cried as Vincent grabbed the chair and started to pull her over the floor, out of the dining room, through the corridor and out of the house. A series of short shrieks came from Gea as the chair bounced down the stairs of the front porch, step by step. Every bounce sent voilent kicks from the dildos into her groin.

Vincent kept pulling the chair through the rain without a word until he reached their destination – the garage that was located a little off side. When the chair was inside, Vincent flicked on the lights and closed the gate. Gea still struggled in her bonds. "It will be no use, they are too tight!", said Vincent. It helped and Gea was quiet for a moment, giving Vincent an unreadable look on her face.

"Will you eat me, too?" As she said this, her voice broke into a quiet sobbing.

"No, it did this to Emma because I loved her. I do not love you. But while fulfilling her wish, I discovered something about myself: Killing turns me on. The problem with Emma was, that she was knocked out and not really aware of the fact that she was dying. And everything went by so fast. That made me sad somehow. It felt like both her and me missed most of the fun. I want to make up for this. That's why you are here. I will kill you, and it will be slow and painful."

"Nooo!" Gea started to rock her head again. The shaking of the chair turned into something that looked like a weird dance. The chair toppled to the side and crashed on the floor. Gea let out a loud shriek again as her groin received yet another kick from the dildos. She found herself hanging sideways helplessly in her bonds, the belts cutting painfully into her soft skin. Vincent squatted down in front of her, his pants gone, his stiff cock in his right hand.

"Do you want to know, how I will end your life?", he asked as he started to masturbate. Gea only answered with crying. "I will crucify you outside! With real nails! You will die completely exposed, humiliated and in incredible pain! But before that..." He suddenly started to moan. Gea tried to turn her face away, but it was to late. The better part of his load hit her directly between the eyes, sliding and dripping down her nose. "...I will torture you a bit.", he finished his sentence.

Vincent was happy. He re-erected Gea's chair, letting it bounce down brutally, producing another painful kick from the dildos. As Vincent went to the door, he heard a dripping noise and turned around. Gea had pissed herself. She sobbed in humiliation.

"Oh, by the way, you can scream for help all you want. This is the only house for quite a while. No one comes here. No one will hear you. No one will save you. Good night!" Saying that, he turned the lights off and left Gea behind in the darkness.

To be continued.


Dec 5, 2017
Somewhere in the middle of Europe
Part 3 – Entertainment

The sun had already risen as Vincent woke up the next morning in his warm bed. His first thought went to Gea who was in the garage, still tied to her chair with the bone dildos shoved up her pussy and ass. She had to wait for now. Vincent did not want to start the day in a hurry. He took a long hot shower and made himself breakfast. Pancakes and scrambled eggs with bacon. And a large hot coffe, of course. Then he dressed and went outside to look after Gea. Yesterday's rain had stopped, but the temperatures had dropped below the freezing point. The weather forecast even promised snow for the next night.

A nauseating stench hit him as he opened the gate of the garage. There was Gea, tied to the chair, her skin pale, her eyes red, her voice nothing more than a hoarse sobbing. Her screams for help probably had turned into endless crying during the night. Vincent remembered how she had pissed herself yesterday, just before he had abandoned her in the darkness. But now another, sour smell had joined the reek. Gea had puked herself. The dried vomit stuck to her chin and to her chest. Vincent felt a deep disapproval about the fact that his dead girlfriend's tigh had just been puked out by this insolent brat.

"You are disgusting! Just look at you! Have you no respect for a dead woman?", he said to Gea who instantly started crying again. "I do not want to play with you like that! I will have to clean you first. But there will be no more hot showers for you! It would be a waste, since you do not seem to appreciate my hospitality."

Vincent grabbed the chair and pulled it oustide, into the backyard. There he took a hose, turned the water on and hosed Gea down. Gea squirmed in her bonds, trying to escape the ice cold water, but to no avail. Vincent worked fast and focussed. Within a minute, he had cleaned Gea as good as possible and turned the water off, leaving her shaking in the cold air. "Are you going to kill me now?", she stuttered through her shaking lips that had turned blue.

"No, not now", Vincent replied. "It would be over too fast. As I told you, I am going to crucify you!" He pointed towards a spot to Gea's right. She turned her head and froze in disbelief. Not more than a few yards away, there stood an empty wooden crucifix in the middle of the garden. It was not very high, just a little higher than Vincent. But the sight was still intimidating and left Gea with an uneasy feeling. Crucifixion was something she only knew from history books and the church services her parents had made her attend when she had been younger.

"The temperatures are freezing", Vincent explained. "If I crucified you now, soaking wet as you are, you would probably die within an hour or so. I do not want that. Come, let me take you to a warmer place!"
Vincent took out a key ring, undid the padlocks on the straps and then loosened the straps. Gea looked down on her body. Her skin was bright red where the straps had held her down. Her struggeling had even earned her a few little cuts from the sharp edges. Vincent commanded her to stand up and she obeyed, glad to leave the scary human bone dildos behind that had been buried inside her for the last 12 hours. She let out a long fart as one of the dildos slid out of her ass. Vincent chuckled. Gea blushed.

The only thing that Gea was not freed from where the handcuffs. Vincent grabbed the short chain of the cuffs and pulled her inside the house, upstairs into the attic. The attic was warm. An electric heater constantly blew hot air into the room. Gea's relief of being back in a cozy place soon diminished as she discovered what was waiting for her up here.

Vincent had spent the last weeks transferring the attic from an overfilled junk room into something that could indeed be described as a torture chamber. The room was empty, except for a broad wooden cabinet in one corner. In another corner, there were some large unrecognizable objects, covered under blankets. Gea did not want know what was hiding there.

There was a chain with a carbin hook hanging down in the middle of the room. Without hesitation, Vincent snapped Gea's handcuffs into the hook. Then he went into a corner and turned a crank that pulled up the chain and Gea's hands. He only stopped when her feet could barely touch the ground. Vincent walked behind Gea and opened the cabinet.

The first blow from the whip on her back caught Gea completely off guard. She let out a long frightened scream and instinctively tried to roll herself together for protection. Doing that, she lifted her feet off the ground and sent herself into a slow spin. As she turned around, she spotted Vincent, holding a cat o' nine tails in his hand with a diabolic smile on his face. She kept turning and he landed a second blow, this time on her exposed buttocks. Gea brought her feet back down and tried to move away from him, but without success. Vincent gave her a series of several quick lashes on her lower back. Gea howled as she felt the leather of the whip penetrating her skin.

"Please, stop it!", Gea begged, but Vincent showed no mercy. There was no escape as he repeatedly laid the whip on her over the next few minutes. It was impossible for Gea to protect herself. Every new position she took offered her tormentor a new target for the whip. Vincent did not count the lashes, but estimated Gea had received well over 200 when he put down the whip and stepped forward to survey the results of his work. There where thin welts all over Gea's body, be it her back, her buttocks, her thighs, her belly or her chest. Some of the blows had even managed to crack the skin and had left small red lacerations on her tight body.

"This was good the get the blood flowing again", Vincent declared. "I bet, you aren't freezing anymore." Indeed, Gea's shivering had stopped. The warm air and the torture had produced a sheen of sweat all over her body. Gea was unable to respond, her Voice hoarse from screaming, she just hung there in her bonds. Now that she realized the whipping had stopped, she got back on her feet. But not for long.
Vincent turned the crank again, lifting her further up, until her feet dangled in the air, about a yard away from the ground. Gea abruptly realized how painful the handcuffs where cutting into her wrists, now that her full weight was hanging on them. Ever since Vincent had cuffed her yesterday after getting out of the shower, they had never been her biggest problem. And they wouldn't be for long.

Vincent went into the back of the room again and pulled away the cover from one of the mysterious objects. It was a homemade wooden horse. Gea recognized it from that frightnening documentation movie she had once watched in history class back in school. Among all of the other gruesome torture devices that had been used in darker times, it had always seemed surreal to her how such a simple cunstruction could supposedly cause so much pain.

Vincent placed the wooden horse between her feet. Her ankles were just at the right height for the straps that hung down on each side of the base. She only realized when it was too late that Vincent had secured each of her ankles at one side of the wooden horse. Gea startled as Vincent released the crank and sent her into a descent with a little jump. 'This can't be as bad as they said in that film!', Gea kept repeating in her head as she felt the top of the raw wood pushing her pussy lips apart. It was even worse than Gea could have imagined. With her weight slowly increasing the pressure on that sensible spot, it became unbearable after just a few seconds. Gea started to mewl with her teeths pressed together. This was the sign for Vincent to stop lowering the chain and fastening it again. It took Gea just a few seconds to discover that she could relief the pain in her pelvis by pressing her legs into the straps and pulling herself up on the chain with her arms. The price however was, that she tired quickly that way. And so she would sooner or later bounce back down onto the wooden horse.

Vincent admired the scene. He saw it as a little preview for the crucifixion his victim was about to endure. All of the muscles in her body strained when she pulled herself up. And there would always come the point when she could not hold this position anymore and had to give in to exhaustion and pain, until she had found enough strength to pull herself up again. An eternal circle of suffering.
Gea's head hung down, her murky eyes only giving her a blurred view of her surroundings. For the second time, she did not see the whiplash coming. Vincent had taken a single tail whip from the cabinet and was now working on Gea's front. Gea tried to escape the whip, rocking her body on the horse, sending new waves of pain into her pussy. Her pleas for mercy had turned into a mix of desperate moaning and screaming. Vincent took turns whipping Gea and taking a few snaps or short clips with his smartphone. He was especially happy when he managed to strike the whip across both of her tits simultaneously, leaving a dark red mark right above both of her nipples.

Gea had been up on the horse for almost two hours when Vincent started to feel hungry. He looked at the time on his phone and saw that it was already past noon. Both him and Gea needed a break, he concluded. He untied her ankles from the straps, pulled the wooden horse away and released the chain. Gea was so exhausted that her legs refused her and she just slumped on the floor. She did not resist when Vincent pulled her to one of the thick wooden pillars that where supporting the roof. Vincent closed a metal chain around Gea's neck and then connected the other end of the chain to a ring that was attached to the pillar just above the ground. The chain was too short for Gea to stand up but long enough for her to sit or lay down on the rough wooden floor.

Vincent went downstairs for a late lunch. There were some leftovers from yesterday's meal in the fridge, but he wanted to save them for tomorrow. He took a can of baked beans and heated them up in the microwave. When he had finished his lunch, he wondered what he could serve Gea. After puking out her dinner last night, she did not really deserve anything good. Vincent found an old brassy cat bowl sitting on top of the kitchen shelves. It was from the cat his grandparents once had decades ago. He did not bother cleaning it from the dust that had settled on it and the rest of the dried cat food that was still sticking to the bowl. There were some cold scrambled eggs left over from breakfast. Vincent also remembered that he had accidentally burned one of the pancakes. He retrieved it from the trash and put it the bowl together with the eggs. Good enough for Gea. At last, Vincent took out a plastic cup from the kitchen counter and filled it with tap water. Lunch was ready.

Gea was visibily disgusted by what she was served, but she ate it without a comment. Apparently, she was very hungry too, and also glad to get a short break from her ordeal. When she was done, Vincent felt an urge to relieve the pressure from his balls that had built itself up during the day. Gea did not resist as he took her doggystyle on the floor. "I will give you a little break", Vincent said as he was done. "Try to get some sleep maybe."

Vincent went downstairs and spent the better part of the afternoon cleaning the house, relaxing on the sofa and browsing the web for the kind of pictures he liked. It wasn't until early in the evening before he decided that it was time to return to the attic and confront Gea with the last details of her fate.

To be continued.


Dec 5, 2017
Somewhere in the middle of Europe
Part 4 – Conviction

When he entered the attic, Vincent found Gea geniunely dozing on the floor, rolled up in a fetal position, her head resting on her cuffed hands, her knees pulled all the way towards her chest, leaving her buttocks and pussy exposed. If it hadn't been for all the cuts and bruises that covered her body and the dusty hard floor she lay on, one could have thought that Gea was in fact relaxing. A kick with the shoe on her buttocks woke her up.

"How are you doing, Gea? Did you enjoy your break? Are you ready for some more fun?", Vincent asked. Gea didn't answer any of those questions. "Please, may I use the bathroom?", she pleaded instead, her voice nothing more than a croak after all her screaming and crying.

Vincent was indecisive. On the one hand, he did not want to grant her the dignity of using a bathroom ever again, but on the other hand, he did not want her to piss and shit all over his place. It would be a pain in the ass to clean all of this up. It had been bad enough to clean the garage where the little bitch had already pissed and puked herself. Showing her a little mercy was the smaller evil, he decided and nodded. He unlocked Gea from the pillar and pulled her up, using the chain aorund her neck as a leash as he directed her downstairs into the bathroom.

Vincent freed Gea from the handcuffs. Gea instinctively rubbed her wrist that had become raw and chafed after having been locked in the unyielding metal bonds for more than 24 hours now. Vincent commanded her to sit on the toilet and do her business. "You have five minutes!", he rushed her. Gea was ashamed to pee and defecate with someone else present in the room watching her. But she had no other choice and so she tried to ignore the fact that a sadisctic pervert was leering at her sitting on the toilet. She did her best to avoid looking at her tormentor, until suddenly a heavy metal hook that was embedded in the ceiling over the shower caught her glimpse. Vincent noticed this.

"You guessed right", he replied to the unspoken question. "This is the hook that I hung Emma from when I bled her out. Oh, you should have seen her as I installed it two weeks earlier. I think she orgasmed on the spot when I told her what it was for!"

Gea did not comment Vincent's explanations. She silently finished her business, wiped her openings clean and flushed the toilet. Then she went over to the sink and reached for the soap dispenser. "No!", Vincent said. "I have wasted enough water on you. You do not need to wash yourself anymore." Gea sunk her head in humiliation and looked at the sink yearningly.

This time it was Vincent who was caught off guard. He only saw the soap dispenser a split second before Gea smashed it on his face, shattering the jar into pieces. He let go of her chain and stumbled backwards, trying to rub the mix of liquid soap and blood out of his eyes. Gea saw her chance and made a run for the front door. But she slipped on the slimy soap that was covering the tile floor and stumbled out of the bathroom, crashing into the hall-stand that was standing between the bathroom door and the front door. When it came down, it buried Gea with all kinds of clothes and heavy jackets. Gea struggled to escape the chaos.

She had just managed to get back on her feet when she felt a yank on the chain around her neck from behind that brought her down, landing on her back. She looked up to see Vincent's face, his forehead bleeding from a laceration where the soap dispenser had hit, his right eye red from the burning goo that had run in there. It was at this moment that Gea knew, she had fucked up.

Vincent pulled her back to her feet on the chain, grabbed her hair and smashed her head-first into a doorframe. Gea was knocked out instantly. He pulled her back upstairs on her chain, dragging her limp body behind, not caring about the fact that he was choking her. Back in the attic, he took several ropes from the cabinet and wrapped them around her wrists, elbows and ankles, securing them with firm knots. Gea was still dizzy and so she did not show much of a fight. She only let a loud moan be heard when Vincent used another rope to connect her tied feet to her tied elbows, making her whole body arch backwards into a strict and painful hogtie.

He left her there for a moment, as he had to take care of himself first. Vincent cleaned the wound on his head with water. It was not as deep as he had feared at first. That would save him from seeing a doctor and coming up with an explanation for his injury that had nothing to do with being attacked by a captive girl trying to escape. He put a large band-aid on his forehead and swallowed a pain pill to reduce the headache. As he waited for the medication to take effect, his anger about the incident grew. It had been a mistake to underestimate her will to survive, even after all the exhausting and mind-breaking tortures she had endured. It had also been a mistake to free her from her handcuffs just after he had fed her and given her a chance to rest. He would not repeat this mistake, that was certain.

Vincent returned to the attic with a determined look of anger on his face. Gea instantly realized that this meant more pain for her and started a fruitless struggle against her hogtie. She made the mistake of rolling onto her side and exposing her front to Vincent. A hard kick with his foot into her midriff blew all the air from her lungs and made her gasp. Vincent sent a series of fast kicks into her belly and as Gea finally managed to roll over again, the kicks continued to hit her into her sides. Gea was desperately gasping for air, coughing up little drops of spittle and blood, as she had bit her lip when she had hit the doorframe.

Vincent grabbed the rope that held together her feet and her elbows and lfited Gea up. She didn't even weigh 100 pounds and so he did not have any trouble heaving her into the middle of the room where he attached the rope to the chain that Gea had already hung from earlier today. He turned the crank in the corner and slowly lifted Gea up. The suspension made the hogtie even more unconfortable and the girl yelled out long and tortured squeals as she hung there, about six feet above the ground.

"Stop it, I am sorry!", she tried to appease. But Vincent showed no mercy. He took the cat o' nine tails and whipped Gea until all she could utter were incomprehensible howls, drowned in a stream of drool and blood she kept spitting out. Vincent then went to the crank and lowered the hogtied girl until she was just at the level of his groin. He took his time fucking her alternating in the pussy and in the ass, again documenting her ordeal with his phone while his balls were regenrating between spurts. When he had released his third load into her, exhaustion got to him too and he stumbled back. Kneeling down on the floor, he watched sastisfied as Gea swung back and forth, dangling from the chain. An idea came to his mind. He went outside into the garage and came back with a thick and long broomstick.

"Do you know what I am going to do with this?", he asked as he held the rounded splintery end in front of Gea's face. She understood quickly and fresh tears appeared in her eyes. "Please, don't", she begged, knowing that it was useless. Vincent wiped the broomstick on the saliva that was running down Gea's chin. This would have to suffice as lubricant, he thought as he went around her. A loud piercing scream came from Gea, as Vincent shoved the slippery end into her pussy, tearing it with the raw wood. He pushed forward and actually lifted his helpless victim a little bit up. Then, with a quick and rapid pull backwards, the broomstick left the girl's snatch and she started to swing with sweeping movements on the chain. He let her sway back and forth for a while, before he positioned the broomstick again. Gea's swinging was brought to a sudden stop as she was brutally mounted on the shaft. Another crying screech came from her and Vincent instantly started to push her forward again, then rapidly pulling back the stick and letting Gea swing in her misery. He repeated this until the first blood from her torn vulva soaked the splintery broomstick. Her butthole received the same treatment after that.

When he felt like his revenge had been done, he threw away the stick and released the crank, making Gea drop on the floor. Watching her laying on the ground sobbing was a pityful sight. But Vincent was not in the mood for mercy. He was in the mood for a conviction. He stood in front of her, with his legs apart and his arms crossed in front of his chest.

"Gea Emilia Bergster", he said in the deepest and loudest voice he could. Gea looked up, her eyes wide in shock. She did not know that finding out her full name had been as easy as checking her ID before disposing of it. "I have found you guilty of stating a wrong age online, the use of foul language, dishonoring a dead woman's memory, a treacherous attack on an unblemished civilian and the demolition of private property. I hereby sentence you to die. The sentence will be carried out tomorrow. In the morning, you will be taken outside, nailed to the cross and left there until your death."

Gea didn't say anything. What she had just heard was beyond words for her. She just pressed her face against the ground, weeping. But Vincent was not done yet. "However, there is another offense from you that has not yet been included in your sentence and will be dealt with separately and immediately", Vincent continued. "Your escape attempt was poor. Did you really think that I would leave my front door unlocked with you in the house? But I will make sure that there will be no further desultory actions. Maybe this will teach you a lesson!"

The broomstick had not been the only thing Vincent had fetched from the garage. He picked the pliers he had brought with him and showed them to Gea, who did not straight away understand what he planned to do with them. All she did know was, that it wouldn't be pleasant for her. Vincent moved to her tied hands and clamped the pliers around her right thumb. With a sudden jerk, he twisted her thumb sideways until a loud pop was heard. Her right thumb had been dislocated. Gea wailed like she had gone insane, frantically jerking on the floor, struggeling to escape, but in vain. Vincent repeated the procdure on her left thumb. This time, the pain had mercy with Gea and let her slip into unconsciousness.

Content with himself, Vincent left the attic. It was late already. He planned to get up early tomorrow to make most of the day. He found himself outside a couple minutes later, wrapped in a warm jacket, holding a glass of whiskey. The cold fresh air felt good after the hours he had spent in the stuffy attic that reeked after his victim's sweat and blood. Just as he examined the crucifix that was waiting for the condemned, he felt the first snowflakes tickle his face. In a matter of moments, they turned into a dense snowfall. And there it suddenly was, the feeling that Vincent thought he would never feel again. The feeling that something special was going to happen. The feeling, that Christmas was coming.

To be concluded.


Dec 5, 2017
Somewhere in the middle of Europe
Part 5 – Crucifixion

The morning of December 24 greeted Vincent with a thick mantle of snow that covered the land. He couldn't resist but to smirk. It was a festive morning like out of a cheesy fairytale that promised this year's Christmas to become really special. Vincent's plan for the day was packed and he did not want to waste any time for a fancy breakfast. Some cereals mixed with yoghurt and an espresso from the coffeemaker had to be enough for now.

The condemned who was waiting upstairs needed some breakfast, too. After her misbehavior the evening before, she actually did not deserve any food, Vincent thought. But he wanted her to put on a good show during her execution on the cross, and for this, she needed new strength. Vincent found some rice from their roast dinner in the fridge. He poured it into the dirty cat bowl and mixed it with the rest of the yoghurt. Looking at it alone would have made Vincent loose his appetite. He did not even have to taste it to know that this would be the blandest dish one could imagine. But good enough for a last meal.

Gea flinched, as he entered the attic. Still tied in her strict hogtie, she offered a pathetic sight, completely naked, her body covered with cuts and bruises, her once so soft blonde hair now a sweat-stained mess, her face sunk in with deep eyerings attesting the toll that her predicament had taken on her. Vincent walked towards her and put down the bowl with her breakfast just out of reach for her. He kneeled down next to her, his left hand exploring her thrashed body, slowly pinching and twisting her nipples (that had survived all the whipping surprisingly well) while his right hand stroked his cock.

"Today is is a big day for both of us!", he said. "Today, you will help me fullfill my fantasy. And if you stop being such a bad-mannered cunt, the additional pain might even be minimal for you. Now, will you be a good girl and eat your breakfast? It is going to be the last thing you'll ever eat!" Gea instantly started crying as Vincent spurted his semen directly into the bowl, topping the unidentifiable white mush that was sitting in there. Vincent pushed the bowl over to her. She turned her face away in disgust.

"Do you remember the pliers from yesterday?", Vincent asked, "They are still here. If that bowl is not empty in two minutes, I will delay your execution and instead spend the day dislocating each of your fingers and toes. And once I am done with that, I will pull out all of your pretty teeth, one by one!" The threat showed effect. Without a word, Gea pushed her face into the bowl and gulped down her last meal. Vincent was happy, using the sleeve of his pajamas to wipe her face clean as she was done. He brought a cup of water to her lips that he had brought with him and she greedily drank it. "It's time. I will get dressed appropiately and then we'll start", Vincent said as he left the attic.

He returned a few minutes later, wearing long winter clothes and a thick coat. He picked Gea up with ease and carried her downstairs and outside through the backdoor of the living room. Gea was hit by a wave of chill as they went outside. The ice cold air was a stark contrast to the stuffy warm air from the attic. She panicked as Vincent carried her towards the intimidating wooden crucifix that stood upright in the middle of the backyard.

Her freezing did not get any better as Vincent dumped his hogtied victim in the snow to prepare the crucifixion. The cross was equipped with a special mechanism on the base. Vincent pulled back a spring loaded bolt that released a sturdy metal hinge. He could now lay down the cross to fix the unfortunate condemned to it. Next, he went to the garage to fetch everything he needed for the crucifixion from his toolbox: A heavy hammer and four nails. The nails where eight inches long and half an inch in diameter – the largest he had found in all the hardware stores he had visited. He also brought back a sharp knife to cut the ropes. The knots had probably been tightened too much by Gea's struggeling to be loosened by hand.

Vincent cut away the ropes that were restricting Gea. With her bonds gone for a moment, he would have reckoned another escape attempt. But his concern about this proved to be groundless. The sensation of the blood flowing back into her limps after hours of being nearly cut off from the bloodflow caused Gea's arms and legs to twitch and jerk violently to the point where she had no chance to control them. It was easy for Vincent to roll her onto back and place her on the cross, securing her wrists with leather staps at the ends of the crossbeam and her ankles near the hinge.

Gea's naked body was now laid out on the cross, waiting for its final torment. Vincent waited a moment until the Gea's shivering had shrinked to a point where he figured it was caused only by the cold and the fear. He sat down on her belly, pinning her upper body down with his weight. The girl started to cry ridden by fears as he presented her the long and scary nails that where about to penetrate her flesh. "You don't believe how long I have longed for this moment", Vincent said as he placed the first nail over Gea's right wirst.

The first blow with the hammer sunk the nail halfway through the condemned girl's wrist with ease. Gea screamed and desperately tried to pull her arm away from the inevitable penetration of the pointy iron shaft. But her wrists where tightly secured by the leather straps. The nail already hit the wood after the second click. Three more blows with the hammer later, each sending new waves of pain through Gea's right arm, Vincent decided that he was done with the first nail and grabbed the next.

He leered down on his victim and gazed at her face warped in agony. Gea was still trying to escape, jerking and twisting her hips as the only act of resistance she could perform right now. It was obvious that her tormentor seemed to enjoy the rubbing in his groin and his cock grew hard in his pants. The sight of her stiff nipples dancing on top of her small tits only contributed to his arousal.

The nail on the left wrist did not go in so smoothly. Gea's fighting made a precise aim difficult and so the nail scraped her ulna bone as it was hammered in, making her squeal in anguish with every of the many blows it took until the nail was buried deep enough in the wood. Vincent could not focus on his work with his log pressing against the fly from the inside. He pulled down his pants and brutally penetrated the helpless sufferer's vulva, tearing open the barely healed wounds that the diabolical broomstick torture from the night before had caused. After he had felt the salvation of another orgasm ripping through his body, he pulled out his cock that was coated with blood and semen and stuffed it back into his warm clothes.

"That is definately something different than watching 'Home alone' for the 30th time", he laughed as he sat in the snow next to the sobbing girl. "Do you remember the scene where one of the burglars climbs up the stairs and impales his foot on a nail? You will now find out what this feels like."

"Please", Gea pleaded, "don't do this to me. Let me go! I won't tell anyone!" But her begging was to no avail. Vincent pressed each of her feet with the soles against the wood and drove a nail into them. Gea howled and wailed during the procedure, but she could not stop what was happening to her. The nails on the feet required even more work, as they arduously had to channel their way past the many small bones in there. It took several minutes and many screams until the feet were secured to the cross, too.

It was time for the final act. Vincent untied the leather straps. They weren't needed anymore. Then he lifted the cross up. The heavy wood of the cross probably had twice the weight of the crucified girl, and so it took him some effort to press it up. Finally, it slipped in position and the metallic click of the snapping bolt gave the signal that the crucifixion was completed.

As she was lifted up, Gea felt her brack sliding down the wood, ripped by some sharp splinters that were standing out. But as the cross came to a halt in its upright position, she suddenly slumped down, just to be stopped by the nails that were biting into her flesh, pinning her to this infernal torture instrument.

Vincent went around the cross to admire the scene. Gea hung down from the cross, her arms stretched wide, every single strained muscle visible under her skin. As she drew in fast laboured breaths, her thorax expanded and then contracted again with her ribs clearly protruding every time she breathed in. Her small tits were almost flat in this position. Her back was arched and her pelvis was pushed forward with her bent legs slighlty spread apart, offering an almost obscene view of her gaping pussy, still leaking blood and semen.

She held this position for several minutes. She new that every movement would cause new pain in her wrists and in her feet where the nails had been driven in. Vincent knew this too, as he had read a lot about the agony of a crucifixion victim in preparation of this event. He also new, that the pain in her shoulders grew by the minute and would soon become unbearable. And that she would also have trouble breathing. And indeed, her breaths became irregular and she tried shifting her shoulders in order to ease the stress on them.

But it didn't help for long and so Gea realized that she had no other choice but to rear herself into an upright position, putting all of her weight on the nails in her feet. She stood bolt upright on the cross, her thighs, her butt and her back touching the rough and splintery wood. This position eased the pain in her shoulders and made it easier to breathe for her, but holding it for a longer time was exhausting. Soon Gea's legs and lower body were convulsing, leaving her no other choice but to give in to exhaustion and pain and let herself sink back down again.

Vincent watched with excitement as the cycle repeated over and over again. But then he noticed, that the majority of her shaking was not caused by effort and pain anymore, but by the cold. As he took a closer look, he also discovered that her skin had turned pale and her lips had turned blue again. He understood that he had to do something to warm the condemned up or she would die of hypothermia soon, maybe even within the next hour. That would mean, that she wouldn't even have made it past noon. This was a little early for his taste.

He grabbed a portable fire pit and some wood and started a campire next to the cross. That should help, he thought. And it did. A few minutes later, some warmth had returned into Gea and she struggled just as lively as in the beginning. Vincent watched with joy as his victim endured the agony of being crucified. Once again he brought out his phone and captured her torment in photos and videos.

Four hours after Gea had been nailed to the cross, Vincent retreated for lunch. It was afternoon already, and the sun again started to set early. He heated up the rest of the roast with the vegetables in the microwave and ate it in the living room, where he could watch the forlorn girl on the cross through the backdoor. She was looking at him too. Vincent had heard her stomach growl as he had said goodbye to her for the moment. But was that really her biggest problem now?

"Are you hungry? Are you thirsty?", he asked her as he joined her back outside again. She nodded. "Well, you already had your last meal. Giving you any more food or water would be a waste. You are practically dead!" Again, Gea let her head sink and sobbed in humiliation. Vincent spend the rest of the afternoon watching her suffer and struggle on the cross. He put some new wood on the campfire and got it going again by stirring up the glow with an iron poker.

It was when she let herself sink down into her hanging position yet again that Vincent stepped up to her and shoved his cock inside her pussy once more, as it was just at the right height now. It was probably his last chance to fuck her, he judged by her state. Gea did not resist the new rape. Instead, she stared him directly in the eyes. And suddenly, Vincent felt a warm stream flowing down his groin and his legs. It was piss. Gea had pissed herself. And she had pissed on him, too. Vincent pulled out his cock and took a few steps back, looking down his wet legs and clothes in disbelief and then looking up.

"You fucking bitch, could you not have waited until I was finished?", he barked at her. But then he saw her smirking. "You did this on purpose, you little cunt, didn't you?" There was no verbal reply form Gea, just her smirk getting wider. Vincent was furious. "You must pay the price for your impiety!", he said grabbing the poker from the fire. Its end was glowing red. Gea's triumphant smile turned into a grimace of horror as she saw the glowing iron coming closer. Vincent slowly dragged the end of the poker across her chest, leaving a long and bright burn mark. Gea's screams turned into a gargle as she puked herself again under the incomprehensible pain.

Vincent put back the poker into the fire and waited for a few moments until it had turned hot enough to be glowing again. In the course of the next hour, Gea received several more brandings on her chest, on her belly and on her tighs. The last time Vincent maltreated her with the glowing staff, he shoved it up her pussy, making Gea slip into unconsciousness.

That was it, he was done with her. He took a last look at her limp frame hanging motionless from the cross before he retired for a hot shower and his warm bed. The next morning, he found her dead. Fresh snow had fallen during the night and was now resting on her arms, her shoulders and her head. He did not know what had finally killed her, if it had been her multiple injuries, the cold or if she had silently faded away in her uncounsciousness. Seeing her dead body made him happy and sad at the same time. Deep inside he knew, that one kill had not been enough to satisfy his lust.


Vincent left Gea hanging on the cross for the next two days. After that, the temperatures rose over the freezing point again and the snow melted away. He was not eager to smell the stench of a rotting corpse, and so he disposed of the body by burning it in the backyard.

As he came back inside and checked his computer, he was happy to see that his latest inquiry on the hookup website had been answered by a young attractive woman with black hair and nice round tits, as he could judge by her profile picture. She was 23, or at least that's what her profile said. Gea had not seen all of his torture chamber. Among other things, it was equipped with a pillory, a rack and a judas cradle. This girl would be perfect to inaugurate all of these devices. He saw that she was currently online and started a private chat.

MasterVincent: I am glad that you are willing to fulfill my request.
Jessie95: My pleasure, but I hope you pay good!
MasterVincent: 5,000 for 5 days beginning on the 29th – as I stated in my request.
Jessie95: That's a lot of money, but still, I am ditching one hell of a new year's party for this job.
MasterVincent: I appreaciate this and will make up for it.
Jessie95: How?
MasterVincent: I am a really good cook, for instance. I hope you like ribs?
Jessie95: I do. But will you also have fireworks for new year's eve?

Vincent smiled. He thought about how he was going to repurpose the cross in the garden as a pyre.

MasterVincent: I will. And it will be the most spectacular fireworks you have ever seen.
Jessie95: That sounds promising, I'll take that offer.

Vincent's smile grew wider. That little whore had no idea what she had just signed up for.

The End.


That's it, my first story here on CF is finished. I hope you enjoyed reading it just as much as I enjoyed writing it. And I will be happy to read your feedback!


Dec 5, 2017
Somewhere in the middle of Europe
I fine story Dommmu, I hope you'll give us more!
So do I! And I have some ideas for a new story, but I first have to form them to a plot I like. And I realized how much time writing a story takes... (especially since English is not my native language and I have to look up some words first)
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