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Amelia's youth

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Written in French in August 2011 Translated with the help of Google Translate !
Hard submission, lesbian


Deauville, August, around 10 a.m.

I do not know if you know the wooden planks of Deauville beach: do not walk there barefoot, think about wearing sandals, they are full of dangerous splinters! The weather is splendid and I am strolling around right now, casually, wearing a little bikini tanga, topless, wearing an elegant hat and I have big dark glasses. I am accompanied by Carole, Charlotte's charming friend: she has just divorced and we thought that sharing our vacation would change her ideas. Very beautiful Englishwoman in her forties, brown with freckles, she is in the same outfit as me.

These delicious and luxurious holidays, although simple in principle, renewed every year, are made possible by the fortune of Charlotte, the woman I love and whose life I share. She owns in Deauville, in a pretty and quiet alley, a magnificent villa of this characteristic style put in honor by her compatriots at the beginning of the century and which integrates so well with that of the region, with half-timbered.

Other women are walking on this part of the beautiful beach: it is a kind of game. A declared and proud lesbian, I do not disdain to attract attention and I have fun, studying my approach which highlights my thighs, my hips and my buttocks ... My body is plowed with scars but I take great pride in it and I believe that they do not alter my beauty.

Now walking on the fine sand, we move away towards Bénerville to reach a quieter place.

"It’s the first time I’m alone with you, Amelia!

"Charlotte had work, she had her mailbox to look at and phone calls to make, she will join us ...

I laugh :

"I think she did it on purpose to send us to the beach without her, she must have wanted to get to know us!" It’s her!

"Charlotte has been transformed since you entered her life, she looks so happy!

"Me too, I'm happy, Carole ... Here, I suggest you settle in here ...

We lie on our towels. The first, I lie on my stomach, untying the bikini bottoms and putting them next to me. Carole pours cream in the palm of my hand to spread it over my naked body. She screams:

" Oh !!! Forgive my indiscretion but what do you have there? I never dared to ask you, but on your butt it's the first time I see them!

And she runs her fingers over my deep marks, "D" on the left, "OD" on the right and then over some of the long, raised, raised, horizontal scars that dot my back, my buttocks and the back of my thighs…

"Yes, I will have to limit my exposure time because of them, the dermato recommended it to me, these are non-pigmented areas, beyond that I will put on a T-shirt ... Well, these are traces of blows whip, whip and cane! And the marks were made with a hot iron.

"Oh, my God ... It was before I got to know Charlotte, right?

Carole, very impressed, visibly dies of curiosity but her excellent education as a British woman of good society prevents her from insisting.

"It's another part of my life, that, Carole, but you will no doubt be surprised: they are the memory of a period of great happiness, but perhaps I am made so: I am always happy: j '' feels great nostalgia when talking about this period. But I don't want to talk about me all the time or bother you!

" Not at all ! On the contrary !! I have seen you with Charlotte for so long and I know you so little!

" It's a long story…

To be continued


Amelia tells her submissive past to a friend



I didn't yell right away. The intolerable pain had to go up to my brain. I first saw the wide movements of his arm and his beautiful face that anger had suddenly hardened.

I am completely naked in front of her as she asked me or rather ordered, all white (I am blonde with blue eyes with freckles on the nose, my mother was Irish), all full, very young and when I move the flesh of my round and heavy breasts, my broad buttocks and my fat thighs trembled beautifully. Extremely naive too and I gave all my love to this woman, fully and unconditionally. I crave it madly.

But humor has not lost its rights: I am so young! Irresistibly she reminds me of the beautiful and wicked queen of Snow White and at this mention a slight smile must have passed over my lips.

She is so beautiful ! Naked too, tall, brunette, muscular, even athletic, beautiful breasts, flat stomach, long and feminine thighs, slightly oily. Probably about forty years, I’m just twenty. Do not imagine grotesque accessories as we often represent: boots, corset, etc. No, only black heeled shoes and riding gloves, probably to facilitate the handling of the objects she likes: whips and whips, whips for women, she will specify later, suitable for soft skin and fine women. Her black hair is pulled back and tied in a very tight bun. Beautiful cruel black eyes and a sensual mouth that assumed an expression of pleasure when it made me suffer.

In one of my rare moments of freedom, I was walking in the Latin Quarter, just like fifteen years later when I met my sweet Charlotte, the love of my life, the real one. I was planted in front of the facade of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and I contemplated the church. She must have been watching her prey for a long time. She approached me and I was a neglected student, jeans, sneakers, T-shirt, hair a little messy, backpack. She smiled.

"Are you walking alone, my little one?"

I turned around: she was an already mature woman, very beautiful, and I found that she had a respectable bourgeois style and was stuck and later I would learn that she was the most banal of the wives and mothers of family. Her outfit was discreet. How to say ? I didn't risk anything, I was free, nobody was waiting for me! A man, a boy, I would have rejected him, as it had happened to me: they never interested me, except sometimes for purely friendly relations. Yes, I think that's it: without knowing anything about her, without asking any questions, I simply chose to love her. I smiled.

"I really like this church, it's something that only exists in Europe, it is very moving, I come there every day, I feel good about it (I'm a Catholic).

She laughed :

"You have a lovely accent, you're American, aren't you?

I laughed too:

"How did you notice it?

Again I make the parallel with Charlotte but the comparison will quickly stop ... The conversation continued in an expensive cafe and she invited me to lunch and I appreciated because saying that I did not eat every day would not be not far from the truth…

She told me her name was Anne.

She took me home, a sumptuous Parisian apartment and I was hoping it would all continue in bed: I was dying to make love with her. No, it continued in a brick cellar with rings on the walls and ceiling and tables where instruments of torture were placed. Suddenly very authoritarian, she ordered me to get naked and she got naked too: the nightmare had started.

The pain is excruciating, I scream and I put my hands on the front of my thighs which come to receive two violent blows from a big whip, the flesh has burst, the skin has been cut deeply in two places and I will wear them scars for the rest of my life, two large horizontal white blisters. I look at my hands: I see that they are covered with blood.

It is not over: two blows fall on my stomach, where it hurts and finally my breasts shake without my understanding immediately why: a pain that folds in half, cutting my breathing. The delicate flesh was torn in the middle.

"You will hesitate to find me funny now!" Turn around !

I don't understand right away and then I obey. The whip fell twice on the back side of my thighs with delicate little beads of fat, so sensitive and I scream again. I turn around, my face flooded with tears. I fall to my knees, my face in my hands, and I cry for a long time, my body shaken with sobs.

She sneers:

"Your buttocks and your back will be the subject of special treatment: we have time, we have all night!"

I get up and wipe my face with the back of my hands. She hands me a clean handkerchief.

To be continued



The young Amelia is seduced by a beautiful older woman who leads her to a cellar where she puts her naked to torture her



I am tied naked on a device made of interlocking and adjustable metal rods made to keep the body of a victim in a position. I am kneeling on a lightly padded surface, my ankles and thighs tied by straps. Folded in half, my stomach is resting on a metal bar surrounded by a foam rubber cushion and I am breathless. My back bent towards the ground is stretched, my arms being pulled forward as much as possible by a winch that my mistress has activated, and which wraps a chain attached to the leather bracelets that surround my wrists.

Finally, she tells me to open my mouth wide and places a device in my hand to leave it wide open by pressing my tongue.

"As you are going to suffer as you do not even imagine, poor little jug, you would risk swallowing your tongue: this device will avoid it. You will be able to watch the evolution of the state of your buttocks as the hundred and ten blows you are going to receive!

She sneers:

"I'm not gagging you. I will record your cries and I will pass them then, they will accompany my antics with other people more interesting than you! And stop crying, poor little white goose, save your tears for a few moments!

Finally, using a pedal, she steers the device while grinding a long flexible rod to orient my buttocks at the best angle to receive blows.

Again I heard the whistling of the cane and I heard the impact on the tender flesh before feeling the pain and I screamed then, my mouth kept wide open. On the screen, the trace moved from second to second: the flesh had burst under the violence of the blow. And the torture continued.

Each time I dreaded the next blow, I dreaded it and wished it, waiting for it as a deliverance and it would cross my body from head to toe and I would scream.

After fifteen shots I passed out: since my years with Charlotte I guess I lost the habit but at the time of Dana and Odile I had acquired a real professional endurance that I had not at the time: it was the first time.

It stops: there is no point in giving the cane to a body that does not suffer. She puts a washcloth over my face soaked in cold water, I regain consciousness and immediately the torture continues and I cry out as much as my breath allows.

And at around twenty-five times something very curious happens: I no longer hurt or more exactly my pain no longer increases and decreases slightly: I always cry but it is as if it was someone else who cried. On the screen, I see the broad strokes, full of elegance, of my mistress who raises each time her arm above her head, her beautiful breasts shaken by the movement and she runs her tongue over her lips greedily .

Many times again I pass out.

And then the blows stopped and I almost almost asked why: my buttocks were completely plowed with red and black horizontal furrows, we could no longer see any intact skin and the blood flowed gently on my thighs in small streams.

Her voice softened and she assumed a tone of slight admiration.

"You bear the blows well for the first time.

And I, in a trembling voice:

" What time is it ?

Because in this cellar lit by artificial light, in the midst of suffering, I lost track of time.

A stroke of the cane on the back side of my thighs so far more intact than the rest tears out a howl: my sensitivity reappears after an interruption.

"What time is it," Mistress "!

"What time is it, Mistress?"

" Six in the evening.

She laughs :

"We have the whole night ahead of us!"

My God ! I hope my friends on campus aren't going to worry too much ...

To be continued



On the beach at Deauville, Amelia recounts her youth to her friend Carole.
Very young and naive American student, she meets in a historic district of Paris a mature and distinguished woman and the two women enjoy each other. Her new friend takes her home to torture her. She makes her suffer a lot



Carole got on her back and I'm spreading cream on the splendid breasts whose soft flesh is spread over her chest and sags on the sides and whose areoles, very large, are almost purple . I gently touch them at the same time as I caress them to penetrate the cream into the delicate skin.

"You have such beautiful breasts, Carole ...

"Your hands are soft, Amelia ...

She laughs :

"But I warn you, I don't like women, unlike Charlotte and you and also this cruel woman: the story of your torture turned me all over ...

" Really ?

I put my lips on those of the young woman and I stick my tongue gently. Carole responds to the kiss and it's delicious. I laugh too:

"Didn't you like my kiss too much?"

She nods and pulls me against her.

"Rather continue your story, Amelia, it is so fascinating ...

……………… ..

Anne, and we'll call her Mistress, tied weights to my feet and hung me naked by the wrists from the cellar ceiling. It was very painful. She put the device back in my mouth and tied my long, blond hair long and carefully to free my back and my neck, so that the whip did not get caught in my hair, she explained. .

"Here's the whip I'm going to use, Amelia. A real whip for women! It is braided in heifer skin. With him I will make you suffer without your skin tearing, longer than with another instrument, which will leave me time.

The first blows came and I don't know if this whip was sweeter than another but the pain was excruciating. However, the same thing happened with the cane. I had less pain from the twenty-fifth hit and I even started to taste it and I think my addiction to suffering started at that time.

The blows succeeded on my bare back and the thong was wrapped each time around my panting body which was agitated like a grotesque and disjointed puppet, a pack of pain and screams. My delicate flanks and breasts were also hit. The pain of the flogging added to that of the weights hanging from my feet that stretched my limbs to dislocate the joints, especially the shoulders. And at the same time I started to experience a kind of intense pleasure that went hand in hand with suffering.


"What you need to know, dear Carole, is that the pain causes the secretion of endorphins, a kind of recovery, relief probably made to reduce suffering in the event of an accident. This secretion is temporary. In the case of people who engage in this kind of practice, especially when the person who tortures you is loved, it is that after a certain time you can no longer do without the pleasure that this secretion and even in his absence, you feel a lack: this is what happened to me and it still has not happened and will probably never happen, as a doctor explained to me. A drug, in a way. All "submitters" from the DM will confirm this to you.


The flogging lasted a long time and in the end this whip, which was reputed to be less hard than another, blew my back and my skin broke in several places and I still have the scars. I did not count the blows, Mistress was not in a hurry and part of the night passed. I received about two hundred.

My mistress picked me up half-passed out and carried me in her sturdy arms.

"Mistress, I would like to make love with you ...

She put me in her bed which I completely stained with blood. I put my lips against hers and rubbed my cock against one of her thighs so soft, muscular and oily at the same time.

"Mistress, I love you ...

"I love you too, little fool ...

Very curiously, she was so sweet in those moments! Her kisses, her caresses made me mad with happiness and she told me that I was very courageous and that she loved me and her body was so soft and I was so confident in her arms!

The enjoyment that I experienced with her, without any measure with all that I could have experienced with my other lovers, overwhelmed me. My body was shaken with violent spasms and I was screaming. I almost passed out because it was so strong.

So I had only one idea: to experience this pleasure again, this pleasure which could only be obtained after hours of suffering: I was ready to pay the price! It is this incessant quest which, in the years to come, will lead me from mistress to mistress, from torture to torture.

On the other hand, two or three hours later, the suffering returned at a glance and it was excruciating! The day after the holidays! But I never went to take any medication, any drug to relieve myself. My only idea was to start over!

And now here is the continuation of my adventure with Anne, my first mistress…

To be continued



After a night of torture, Amelia experiences a violent pleasure in the arms of her mistress, Anne



Late in the morning I was still huddled in her warmth, in a cozy bed, we were naked and her flesh was soft. I forgot everything, my lessons, my friends, my odd jobs to survive ... I started to really hurt and my sores made me suffer horribly. Snuggled against her, I whispered:

"Darling, it hurts me ...

She rejected the covers. My breasts, my belly and the front of my thighs were crossed by long bloody wounds and crusts were forming. She turned me around and looked blankly at my ravaged back and buttocks. I sat on my side, raised on an elbow and looked around: I was surrounded by the modern decor, very tasteful, of a large room. We were in the fall. Street noises came to me. I asked in English where we were and she replied in the same language that she spoke impeccably as we were in the Quartier Latin, in the building where she had brought me in and I said a little stupidly and out of place that it must be expensive as a place and that it had a splendid apartment and that I would very much like to live there.

"Honey, I hurt you, I hurt you and I beg your pardon but I'm like that, that's my nature.

" Shut up…

She looked after me and brought me a nice hot breakfast and I was in terrible pain when I tried to sit down.

"I have to go, I'm going to be late ...

And I didn't even know what I was going to be late.

"I should have taken a shower, but in the state I am ...

She made me lie on the bed on which she had laid terry towels and washed me thoroughly as much as possible and I screamed when she tried to run disinfectant on my wounds.

"I absolutely have to leave ...

I got dressed as best I could with his help and, at the door of the apartment, my bag in my hand, I threw my arms around his neck and I gave him a very long kiss, passionate, on the mouth and his tongue was soft. I had a lot of trouble tearing myself away from her.

"Honey, when do we meet again?"

She looked surprised.

"Because you want to see me again ?!

" Of course !! I love you so ! I will die if I don't see you again !!

She then kicked me out with some harshness. I found myself outside in tears and I never knew very well how, in the hectic atmosphere of a Parisian morning with passers-by who came and went, planted in front of the facade of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, as if nothing had happened.

I heard a voice of an elderly woman behind me.

"My little one, you have a bloodstain on your back and it is getting bigger visibly! Do you want us to call the fire department?

I wanted to turn around and replied mechanically:

"Oh, really?

The front of the church circled for a few moments and I came back to myself in the ambience of an ambulance. The car was still parked and the diesel engine was purring. I saw an unknown young woman leaning over me.

To be continued


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This is very well done, Pierre! Very much looking forward to seeing what happens next. :)



Amelia, after a night of torture, is thrown at the door by Anne. She finds herself on the street where she met her and passes out. She wakes up in an ambulance



"We are the firefighters of Paris, I am a doctor, you are safe. Your heart is working well, we are on the phone, you have bad injuries…

And I also see a slim young man with very short hair.

" Do you speak French ?

" Yes, of course !

And the van starts quickly by activating from time to time the two-tone siren so characteristic of French fire cars.

" Where are we going to ?

"At the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital.

After a quick trip, I walk like in a dream through the hospital corridors with many stops.


He's a young man and he marked "interne" (1) on his blouse. He laughs to give himself a capacity.

"Well, they haven't missed you! You have two months of scarring, you even got some stitches. Anyone to warn?

"Yes, my friend Florence Dupuis, at the university hall, please, she will be very worried! I have no one else in life.

"You can use the phone if you want. Are you American ?

"Yes, everything is in order, my social security, everything ...

I make a gesture to grab my bag which is placed on a chair and this movement rips me a cry of pain.

"Stay at rest. The police will come to see you, you will tell them what happened! Here they are!

I'm in a panic:

"But I have nothing to say !!

"Can we interrogate her?"

"Yes, but take it easy, she is very tired!"

A young lady in uniform looks at me kindly and I notice that she remains standing with her colleague who accompanies her and I call her "officer", which makes her smile.

"Madame" is enough, we are in France here!

She asks for my name and I tell her Amelia Brown and I ask her to give me my bag and I show her everything: my passport, my residence permit, my student card ...

She asks me who did this to me and she asks me to report my "attacker".

"But I was not attacked, madam! I was willing!

Which was true. Anne would have let me go at the slightest request and I will have confirmation thereafter.

"We understand you, Miss, but your interest, and that of other young women perhaps, is to file a complaint and testify! These are extreme practices which are undoubtedly part of mafia activities! You look like a cultivated young woman, you have to understand that!

"I only ask for one thing, Madame, is to return to the Cité U (2) and resume my studies and my work!

She hands me a card.

" Here's my card. If you change your mind, call me on this number, okay?

" Okay.

I had a pretty bad lunch but I was used to it, usually not eating enough. Then I had dinner and slept in this hospital. The next morning, nursing assistants came to wash me then a senior doctor came to examine me and told me that he wanted to keep me for a few days. So I got up and wanted to leave. They made me sign a waiver while recommending me to come to the consultation a week later and I was given a card. I did the social security formalities at the cash desk: forever!

I went out to take the subway and in the street I breathed with pleasure the fresh autumn air and the scent of dead leaves falling from the trees of the avenue: I felt good and above all I was in love !!

When I searched my bag for my transport card, I cried out: I had the policewoman's card and my appointment at the hospital, but I was missing the main thing! From my cruel friend for a day and a night, I only had ... her first name, Anne, the approximate location of her building and nothing else: no last name, no phone number, nothing! What an idiot I was!

My fixed idea was therefore to see her again: I missed her terribly and my body was already asking for its dose of suffering…

To be continued

(1) Resident
(2) La Cité universitaire (approximative equivalent : campus)
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The young and naive Amelia meets an older woman who takes her home to torture her



Flo was my first lover girl and I met her in city U where she was my neighbor. She was studying different from mine, she was a scientist. His parents were wealthy French bourgeois. I had been seduced because she was funny with her retarded teen vocabulary and the falsely vulgar manners that she affected. And her, it was my accent and my French full of anglicisms and my inability to use trivial words wisely which gave her love at first sight.

She came to see me in my room, she got naked by offering me her pretty body and she stuck her mouth to mine: it was simple and sweet at the same time and it remained so.

"Thank you for warning me, the sweet girl quips, it was really nice, but damn, what the hell were you doing, I was worried dead !!

"Sorry, Flo, I'm so sorry really!

And I tell her my story and I put a plastic bag on the table.

"These are the dressings and the disinfectant, I will have to change them every two days, I will have to ring a nurse ...

" You are crazy. I'll do it myself, a nurse, and what else?

Despite my protests, the girl undresses me and removes the bandages. She screams and her eyes fill with tears.

"She's got the girl who did this to you !! Have you seen your back ?! First I forbid you to see her again!

I also shout:

"Ah yes, and in the name of what do you think you are authorized to forbid me something?

She pretends to go out.

"OK, I understand, I'm going to break ...

I take her in my arms.

"Flo, try to understand me, please ...

"Yeah. For the moment, I'm doing the dressing again because I said I was doing it ...

I was in terrible pain when my friend spread the disinfectant on my torn buttocks.

Then we made love with infinite tenderness as always. But there, and despite our favorite caress, sex against sex, thighs fitted into a scissor, I experienced only a very weak orgasm, extremely frustrating: I now needed violent sensations to enjoy: the bite of the whip, the whip or cane, being tied naked or hanging or other tortures that I did not know yet…

Little Flo, my sweet, sensitive and instinctive love, understood perfectly without long explanations: she cried softly and sobbed without saying anything.

To be continued



Amelia is no longer satisfied with her sweet friend Flo and would like to rediscover the cruel Anne and the extreme sensations which she made her know



Since there are not many people on the beach, we are both lying naked. Carole, while listening to my story, gets up on an elbow and contemplates me. She interrupts me and considers my elegant piercings, a small bar on each of my large pale pink nipples of blonde marking the center of my large and soft breasts sagged on each side and scarred, another on my navel and one, vertical , on the hood of the clitoris, two small balls at this point, highlighting a pubis and fully depilated sex. And I have a ring on one of my big lips, going through a fairly wide hole ...

"It's very sexy and elegant, I should decide to have it put on ...

"Oh, do not hesitate, there is a very good shop in Deauville, I will bring you if you want!

I spread the oily flesh of my thighs and I show him the one we see less, at the back, at the bottom of the slit.

" Very nice !

"Do you like them?" They date from that time, Anne gave them to me ...

The young woman touches them and her hand near my cock makes me jump. She then lets herself be tempted by a gentle caress towards the top of the slit ...


A year after I met Anne…

My mistress comes to pick me up in a cubbyhole where I wait, seated on the ground, naked, my feet shackled by ankle bracelets and a chain and my hands tied behind my back in the same way. It took a very long time that morning to make up my face, my eyelids and my throat. She is in a very low-cut, very elegant dress. She attaches a long leash to the ring of my cock and pulls hard, pulling out a cry of pain.

"Get up, lazy !!

I stand up. My body is covered with more or less old scars. At that time, despite my youth, I became a real professional, very hard on pain and above all completely dependent on the tortures which subjected me to Anne and whose renewal I constantly begged for. This state greatly affected my studies and in addition I lost my dear Flo who, tired of supporting me, left me and found another friend. Because I had found my mistress after having made a real siege of the district for days!

"I'm going to introduce you to a select group of friends, so hold on ...

Pulling me by the sex, she makes me enter a small room that I already know, lit with artificial light, with rows of seats on which sit men and women as in a private projection room and a lit platform on which she takes me up. I look impassive, unsmiling, as she taught me. Then she tied me back to the room, completely naked, suspended by the wrists, her feet spread apart by a bar and barely touching the ground.

“Dear friends, I present to you Amelia, American, 21 years old. She will suffer for your greatest pleasure!

" Oh very good !!

"Very beautiful girl, compliments! Can we touch it?

" If you want…

The audience goes up on the platform and it is the first time that I see Anne’s husband. I can feel my breasts, my buttocks, my thighs. Hands, fingers spread my privacy, search it, my buttocks are spread, my anus invested and I think: that was not planned ... Fortunately my mistress ends it and sends them back to the room.

"Amelia is going to be whipped to the blood. I wish you a pleasant show!

Suddenly I hear the whip whistle and click on my naked flesh and the pain rises to my head. I scream in pain and the second blow falls immediately and the others follow. As I always do and I will be told that this is my "style", I shout, scream each time I cry and I cry loudly, my tears making black streaks on my face spreading the makeup of my eyes.

This is the first time I have been whipped in public and I have prepared myself for a long time but it is very different from what I imagined. I hear sighs and cries: the spectacle excites the spectators and men masturbate while attending my flogging: I am disgusted and excited at the same time. I am suffering more and more and, anxious, I wait with haste for the moment when my body will give me a respite by secreting its beneficial natural drug but it is slow and it will be slow more and more as the years go by. It must be about the fiftieth stroke and Anne skillfully distributes the blows between my back, my big buttocks and the soft back of my oily thighs. I suffer in front of these people who take pleasure in it, it is indecent, they contemplate the spectacle of my body which is covered with red marks and begins to bleed ...

I feel exposed, humiliated ... A violent pleasure rises from my belly and my body twists in pleasure and the pain of the blows fades slightly. I scream with pleasure at the same time as with pain and my thighs tremble. The height of humiliation and degradation, suffering in front of people, still happening, I am there for that but enjoying in front of them, exposing what I have the most intimate, the most personal ... I would like to caress my sex or all at least tighten the thighs to accompany this unexpected orgasm but I am immobilized and the lashes continue, particularly unbearable when the strap passes over the flesh already raw and my mistress knows how to hurt, giving a sharp blow immediately after the impact to print a friction that tears the skin or the flesh already open. I must pass out.

A cold washcloth on my face makes me come back to myself and the torture continues then suddenly stops and I hear applause and compliments which are addressed as well to me as to my torturer. Anne unties me and I collapse on the platform, my skin torn and I am shaken with sobs.

"Get up, idiot, it's not over ...

But she mitigates the harshness of these words by leaning towards me and making me the sweetest kiss…

To be continued



The young Amelia began a lesbian relationship with the cruel Anne ...



The wooden horse

"Amelia, this hairstyle so elegant and at the same time strange, your beautiful blond braided hair lifted and knotted, I found it strange when I saw you for the first time at Charlotte's, it dates from this time?

I laugh.

" Yes. A habit. This is the hairstyle I had during the show for Anne’s guests. It is a hairstyle to be whipped in the back, so that the whip does not get caught in the hair, which would be dangerous. The first time it was Anne who summarily gave it to me. Eventually it became a habit and I kept it. At the time, my mistress could want to make me suffer at any time of the day and night and I had to be available immediately without spending time lifting my hair. But sometimes I prefer a tight bun.

You should know that the whip on the back and the cane on the buttocks, although they are not the only ones, are the most common tortures and I received them I do not even know how many times because it had become almost banal, common currency in any case!

"Why was she torturing you in front of spectators?

"Wait for the rest, I haven't told you everything!" There they were only in front of friends. The bond between us, then between Dana then Odile and me was very strong, it was love, we were a couple who was like that: she made me suffer and I was happy to offer her my body to give her this pleasure and give him my suffering. There was a huge bond between us and this is what the spectators liked to watch: Anne and my other mistresses were extremely beautiful women and our couple at those times was very pleasant and moving to watch. In addition, as I explained to you, the pleasure that I felt afterwards was a hard-won joy of which people who have not experienced these practices have no idea and in a sense it is a pity for them!

"It was a terrible experience for such a young girl!

"Yes, yes, but at the same time very rewarding and it made me mature. And above all it revealed my true nature to me. Despite Charlotte’s love and meekness, I’m not sure I’ll ever come back to it. And I'm going to describe to you the second torture that Anne subjected me to during this meeting: I hope you will not be too impressed, if not stop me!


"Dear friends, we are going to sit at the table and during lunch Amelia and I offer you a show.

Still pulling me by the leash attached to my lips, Amelia leads me into the dining room and gives me a few minutes to place her guests. A kind of toy is placed in a conspicuous place at a good height. It is a triangular prism of wood placed on legs in the supine position, the sharpest edge on top with a carved horse head in front. A pretty beautiful object. A stepladder is placed on the side. Above, on the ceiling, a metal ring is suspended, as well as a pulley with a rope.

The cruel woman laughs:

"Do you like playing wooden horses, Amelia? Can I offer you a ride?

And all the guests burst out laughing too. I do not immediately understand the usefulness of the beautiful object or what I can do with it, then I suddenly realize that it is the most cruel instrument of torture!

The next step is quick: it frees my hands, makes me climb the stepladder, always naked, of course. I fall heavily, with all my weight, one thigh on each side, astride, the bone resting almost directly on the sharp edge. The dazzling pain that crosses me makes me grow a terrible and long howl. Desperately, with my hands, I try to reduce the suffering by leaning on the object, the edge, its sides: in vain! Anne and her guests laugh a lot.

Anne, climbed on the stepladder, her round breasts loose in her beautiful dress trembling nicely, ties my wrists to the ceiling, my elbows at the level of my face. By the effort of my arms, I manage to reduce the weight that saws between my legs. Not for a long time ! I fall back down and howl in pain again to the great joy of Anne’s applause.

"You are spoiling us, dear Anne !! And couldn't we whip her in this position? What do you think ?

Anne, still perched on her stepladder, does not respond to the suggestion and considers her work with satisfaction.

"Could you lift yourself up a little, darling?"

This is the rule: I must help my mistress to torture me if she asks me to. So I pull on my arms painfully, managing to lift my sex a few millimeters from the edge. Perfectionist, she delicately spreads my big depilated lips, putting them on each side, then repeats the operation on my long little lips, so delicate, pretty wings of pale pink butterfly. Exhausted, I fall back on the open slit of my sex and I cry again.

To say that I'm getting used to it would be an exaggeration, but I'm starting to know how to balance my effort a little: how many hours, perhaps days, will it take Mistress's fancy to prolong this test? But at that time Anne attached heavy metal weights to each calf. I scream in pain and despair: I will never have the strength to lift this weight in addition to mine. Especially since a bicep cramp makes me cry even more and I fall more heavily than ever! I cry loudly and my tears run down my face, my naked body and the horse's wood.

I have to manage entirely on my own, totally abandoned to my torment: Anne and her guests have lunch, no longer even paying attention to me, chatting with animation. Perched on my horse, my feet three feet from the ground, I see them from above. I remember that at the same time my back, my buttocks and the back of my thighs are plowed with a hundred lashes and covered with wounds, long tears that make me suffer a lot. The traces also cover my flanks with so thin and sensitive skin and, for some, my breasts. I am thirsty, which further increases my suffering.

A man gets up to knead my big apple-shaped breasts, he does it brutally and hurts me very much. Panting, I beg:

"Sir, can you give me a drink, please?" You can touch my breasts as much as you want…

A stupid offer since he has already taken it free and I am captive, tortured and at his mercy. But for a moment, this 40-year-old man returns to the table, takes his glass, pours water from the carafe and brings it to my parched lips. I have never seen him again and it may be silly but his face will remain etched in my memory forever and I am infinitely grateful to him: it was good, a glass of fresh water!

But for good measure, after putting the glass down, he presses his full weight on my thighs, for fun and besides he laughs, cruelty free which makes me utter a terrible cry of pain.

The horrible torture continues. Tears and sweat flood my face and body and I feel drops fall on my breasts and streams run down my thighs. I feel a warm river running down my legs: dead with shame, I realize that I have just urinated on myself but luckily no one is paying attention.

The meal ends as I suffer more and more from minute to minute, my exhausted arms being of no help to me and I think stupidly: without the weights, it would be almost pleasant ...

I feel a new hot liquid on the inside of my thighs and in horror, I notice that blood flows on my legs and on the sides of the wooden horse, mixed with tears, urine and sweat. I suffer horribly.

"Mistress, it really hurts me!" Can you withdraw the weights, please?

But I beg in vain. And the guests:

“Is she English, this little girl?

"No, American, Anne said it earlier!

I must have been in this posture for three or four hours. Anne approaches and places a spring clip at the end of one of my breasts then of the other but I am in so much pain that I no longer feel anything and besides I lose consciousness.

As usual, a cold, damp washcloth makes me regain my senses: I must continue to suffer.

It is late now and the guests are leaving one after the other.

So Anne takes off the pliers, it hurts a lot and and I scream, the weights, the bracelets, the necklace then lift up and the blood which starts to circulate increases my pain and I scream: my crotch makes me suffer terribly. She carries me in our bed.

But this is the reward! She covers me with kisses, she tells me that I am a wonderful girl, very courageous and that she loves me!

"Oh, Mistress Anne, I love you too, I love you so much, you are so beautiful ... Oh, Anne, do not touch my sex, please, not this time, I am in so much pain ...

She gets naked against me, mouth against mouth and our tongues are looking for each other, breasts against breasts, thighs mixed with mine and, snuggled against her, melted in her, I let myself go, quite simply and everything rocks: a marvelous orgasm, incredible, part of my belly and my martyred sex, spreads in my body in concentric circles which spread very quickly, go up to my brain and I push a long howl, of pleasure this time, mixed with the suffering always sharp but graduating.

To be continued


(I go directly to the second part)


In a moment of relaxation on the beach of Deauville, Amelia tells her friend Carole about her youth and her past of extreme lesbian submission with her successive mistresses...


2nd part. Dana

And now I have to tell you about my love with Dana, my American mistress…

---------------------------------------------------------- ------------


Near Austin, Texas

Dana was a wealthy young woman who did a lot of charity work and the beauty of her house struck me very much.

Theoretically I was a chambermaid and I learned this trade with good will and enthusiasm. But I quickly became her title lover, supplanting all the very beautiful young women who succeeded each other in my mistress' bed, which earned me their hatred. I quickly shared her bed permanently, huddled naked against her and exchanging sensual caresses with my mistress.

Dana was the great love of my life and only Charlotte made me forget it: two women so different! I stayed with Dana for ten years. I entered at 22 and left at 32: all my youth, I was madly happy with her and I have no regrets.

Wanting to keep my intellectual level, she enrolled me in an American university where I continued my training and then I taught French.

Very proud of me, she took me everywhere and I had very expensive dresses, bought from great designers, high-cut dresses, very daring and I proudly exhibited my back which was lacerated almost permanently. Our eccentric and rowdy couple has often been shown in social and celebrity magazines.

Dana was blonde, very short hair, rather short, no chest, legs not very beautiful but her personality was strong, her hard face and her look that it was hard to support was disturbing and exuded real cruelty.

She had built for me a specially equipped torture room, soundproofed to stifle my cries. She drove me there at totally irregular hours, when she wanted to. At home, I had to be naked or at least naked at the bottom (bottomless) and dressed only in a small garment that covered my top, up to the waist. This outfit allowed him to give me unexpected lashes on the buttocks and thighs and I screamed in pain and surprise but often also I had to go down into this room which I feared and which attracted me at the same time because this is where I lived most intensely.

She said or shouted if we were not in the same room:

"Amelia, to the room, please!"

So I had to go there instantly, naked, docile body delivered to all her fantasies. She followed me there and then chose at length the whip she was going to use. I say the whip because it was his favorite instrument but there were so many others to tear, pierce and martyrize my flesh which no longer belonged to me because I had given it to him, literally mad with love.

I came out of the room in her arms, panting body, and with surprising force she carried me to our bed and I told her that I loved her and I held my lips out to her.



Dana shows me the plank with a gesture of the instrument she is holding. The two of us are naked but she kept her shoes on while he was barefoot. I climb on the raw wooden board placed on a rather coarse wooden support, obediently but with a beating heart: it's true, I like to suffer but I will always feel great fear at the prospect of pain. I lie face down, placing my large breasts on the wood. I turn my head so that my cheek touches the board. It is less perfected than Anne's and it is still in its infancy!

Dana adjusts the camera so that my legs are tilted and apart and my buttocks are well presented. Then she ties my waist and ankles with a strap and pulls my arms forward and I help her stretch my wrists to allow her to tie them in turn.

She shows me what she is holding: it is a kind of martinet composed of a handle cut from a thick branch to which are nailed four very short, thick and wide strips of leather in which very small very sharp studs have been stapled short and I don't know what they were originally intended for.

"You have big buttocks, Amelia, and I should be able to use this instrument on you: I made it especially for you and I'm trying it for the first time!

And she laughs cruelly.

" Yes mistress…

She strikes with all her might.

Already very experienced, I know how to recognize with pain different types of whip, the swift, the cane, the whip, the birch but there it is all new and it is excruciating from the first blow. I scream and I try desperately to control my breathing, I cry and my face is bathed in tears and between two aspirations I gasp:

"Mistress, it really hurts ...

"Of course, what do you believe?" I made this to pet you ?!

And the blows continue. It’s horribly painful. I will watch the video after: the nails of the straps made in my flesh small holes more and more tight with each blow which quickly bleed and red streams ran down my thighs. Towards the end my buttocks were completely full of blood and we couldn't see anything else. My flesh, torn off, was completely raw.

Never have I been subjected to such cruel torture. She will inflict it on me twice more in ten years and I was afraid of panic.

Meanwhile I scream and my voice is muffled by the soundproofing of the room.

The torture continues and sweat sticks to my hair and mixes with tears.

"It's over, Amelia!

I sob, shaken with hiccups. Dana unties me, helps me get up and, laughing, shows me my bloody buttocks in a mirror. All naked, sticky legs, my whole body covered in sweat, I throw myself into her arms and remember that she too is naked.

"Did you enjoy it, Mistress?" Did you like what you saw?

I give her my lips which are dry and she has not even thought of giving me a drink: a torture, it makes you very thirsty and she should know it. She responds to the kiss and our tongues mingle. She then lifts me up in her muscular arms, takes me to our room and places me on my stomach on the open bed where protections have been placed by another maid as is done for each session. This girl helps him get settled. Then begins a painful session of care of my torn flesh. It’s only after Dana and I hug. In a few strokes of the kidneys, rubbing my cock against one of her thighs, I switch to a well-deserved orgasm that I would be unable to achieve without the tortures of my lover.

To be continued




Amelia tells Carole about the tortures of her second mistress, the cruel Dana...



"Amelia, the sun is up, couldn't we go for a swim?"

"I wanted to wait for Charlotte but she's cooking: she invited someone. She was supposed to pick us up on the beach, but you're right: we can go for a swim.

We get up and put on the tiny panties of our bikinis, keeping our breasts bare. There are not many people on this part of the beach, between Deauville and Bénerville: it is very cool and the wind is blowing but the flag is green. I notice an older couple. They are lying on the sand a short distance from us.

" Hello ! Could you be so kind as to keep our belongings for us while we bathe?

To my accent, they answer me with a smile in English with a French accent: of course, we can go there without fear, they keep an eye on our things.

The tide is almost high and we throw ourselves into the high waves laughing: the water is literally icy! But my friend is English and used to cold seas. I shout to her:

"It's invigorating !!

We play splashing and swimming a bit although a sea like this is not very suitable for this kind of exercise! Carole is a very beautiful woman and she has a magnificent, slim and muscular body and splendid breasts.

We’ve had enough and we’re getting out of the water. What a magnificent beach, a constantly renewed happiness ...

I thank the couple who kept our place and we wipe ourselves. It's eleven o'clock.

"We will wait a little longer Charlotte and if she does not come we will return to the villa.

"Amelia, your breasts have scars that are not whip marks ...

"Yes, Dana was full of imagination to torture my breasts and she was not satisfied with the small needles in the nipples!

I raise them with a smile.

"I have pretty piercings and I love them very much.

And I pinch the tip of my breasts to show the two small horizontal bars that adorn my large breasts and pale pink blonde.

"It was she who made them pierce. A great memory. But she tortured my breasts in a cruel, obsessive way and she spent hours there…


"This is the torture room, Amelia, it was built for you and I wanted to surprise you!

I am about to thank for this sinister room, with brick walls, lit in artificial light with rings on the walls, racks and tables furnished with various instruments, all intended to cause pain. It takes more to impress me, but the other women who were taken there by my mistress were terrified. I’ll come back to that.

I'm naked, of course. Suddenly, a pain that I did not expect folds in half and my tears flow: she has just given two violent slaps on my big breasts whose soft and heavy flesh trembles. The pain is terrible and I scream. I sob:

"Please, Mistress!"

And instinctively and contrary to the rules, I protect my chest with my arms.

"If I understand correctly, silly, I must tie you up!"

In less time than it takes to describe it, she passes me leather bracelets and ties me to a ring, arms raised, back against the wall, feet restrained by a bar.

And, her face distorted by anger, no doubt because I resisted her a little, she sends me a volley of slaps on the breasts and I cry, my face bathed in tears. Then she disinfects her hands in the sink, puts on sterile gloves and brushes my breasts which start to turn blue, then blacken and hurt me very much. She takes very large and long needles out of their packaging and presents them to me:

"I bought them specially for your breasts, Amelia, they are very suitable for them!"

She begins to pierce my left breast laterally, in its thickness, by entering the needle from the outside and I scream in pain. The needle is not sharp enough and Dana will have a lot of trouble getting it through the skin, going in and out. She does it several times.

"You are hurting me, Mistress ...

"Obviously, if you don't help me, we will never get there !!

"Mistress, my hands are tied ...

She unties me.

"Mistress, I would have to disinfect my hands and put on gloves, too."

I go to the sink, put on the same gloves as her and turn my back on the wall. I hold my left breast securely, presenting the already injured face.

"You can go, Mistress ...

The skin gives way and the needle sinks deep into the soft flesh. The pain is very sharp but I clench my teeth, sweaty. Then the tip of the needle reappears and comes out not without difficulty, bloody, on the other side, inward. I'm crying.

"Are you going to pierce my other breast, Mistress?"

And without waiting for the answer I hold the right breast which is pierced in turn. Dana considers her work by making a face: the first hole makes a hollow inward and the two breasts are as bumpy. Blood pearls through the holes and then flows.

"I find it rather ugly, I am quite disappointed ...

"Mistress, you would have to equalize the flesh around the needles so that it is roughly symmetrical.

The two of us slide the flesh of the breasts down the needle to give the whole thing a "normal" look, which is horribly painful.

It is not finished ! With a second and then a third needle, my breasts are again pierced from the bottom up, the needle going in from below and coming out at the top where the neckline goes and I still have the scars.

Then she ties me up again. Looks satisfied, she watches me suffer for a while. I'm sweating and my tears are flowing.

"I leave you, Amelia, I have had enough.

I am suddenly panicked:

" Mistress !! Don't you like my pierced breasts? I thought you were happy? Are you going to leave me alone here?

"Yes, I leave you, Amelia, don't you still think that I will contemplate you for hours?"

"Mistress, make me other tortures if you want but don't abandon me here, please!

She seems not to listen to me and goes out.

"I leave you the light, do not complain, I could have left you in the dark!

I didn't know how long she left my pierced breasts and tied to the wall. When she returned, after a day, she kissed me and I was mad with happiness!

The needles had to be removed and it was excruciating: the blood had coagulated and the wounds were reopened. She released me and lifted me into her arms to lead me to our bed. Head resting with confidence and tenderness on his shoulder, I whispered:

"I love you, Mistress ...

To be continued
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Amelia tells Carole about the tortures of her second mistress, the cruel Dana...



"Because you loved this woman, Amelia? And do you think she loved you?

" Of course !! I even believed for a long time that our form of love was the only one! It was my meeting with Charlotte that made me discover that there could be something else!

"We had a brilliant society and I was the focus! I was found very beautiful, I liked very much to men who did not interest me, sexually at least, and a journalist, probably taken by enthusiasm, wrote that I was the most beautiful woman of my time! Producers even asked me for it and I made a film in which I practically played my own role and another film about the British national heroine Boadicea. My American accent was not very credible and I was overtaken. I was not a redhead but I had been put on a wig because I stubbornly refused to be dyed but we used my skills: the "Romans" cruelly flogged me in real life, without any special effects but they didn't use of course the real whips of the Romans! ... These two films, however, had little success.

“Our sulphurous and scandalous couple hit the headlines! Dana was very proud of me but she quickly took umbrage at my success: it was I who attracted attention and Dana who was not a very beautiful woman had become my assertion!


The evening is in full swing and, very comfortable, wearing one of these pretty very naked evening dresses which are part of my reputation, I go from guest to guest when I hear Dana's harsh voice:

"Amelia, pick up!"

And she throws her favorite whip that I know well at my feet. A dead silence suddenly reigns in the room and everyone is looking at us, moving away from us. Since I don’t react quickly enough, she slaps me on the face, then a second, and my head turns violently to one side and then to the other.

There I really wanted to revolt: thus interrupt an evening decided together by publicly humiliating myself! But let's not forget that she completely dominated me, including financially: fortune was the one who owned it!

Slowly, I lower myself, I pick up the whip and I kneel before my mistress by presenting it to her and I lower my head while pronouncing the ritual formula which, it must be said, had more panache than an argument between two lovers!

"Punish me, Mistress, because I deserved it.

She takes the whip and a servant brings her the rest. She throws the ankle bracelets at my feet. We remove a chandelier and hang a pulley instead. We place a rope attached to the bracelets. I get naked by taking off my pretty dress which I throw on an armchair and I sit on the floor, fixing the bracelets to my ankles.

I am immediately hoisted to the ceiling, naked, upside down, arms hanging under my head and I see everything upside down. An exclamation runs through the audience: this is the first time I have been whipped in front of such a large audience.

Dana, still dressed in an evening dress, is gaining momentum. The strap wraps around my naked body, making me make a long howl and the blows follow one another. I swing at the end of my ankles, Dana brutally withdrawing the whip each time it rolls up and I scream, puppet disjointed and grotesque. She gets tired after fifty knocks and leaves me upside down, a piece of bloody flesh streaked with tears hanging from the ceiling. The guests, no doubt judging that this is a set-up by the eccentric couple, no longer pay attention to me and resume their conversations.

Someone suggests taking me down and I'm released. Once on the ground, stoic, my face bathed in tears, I undo the bracelets on my ankles and I leave the room, naked, holding my pretty dress under my arm. Once taken care of summarily, re-dressed, styled and dolled up, I come back down, the body streaked with red, blue and black exposed by my high-cut dress, and everyone applauds me in a slightly surreal way. I smile and wave gently, and take a glass of champagne, drinking to the health of I don't know what or I don't know who.

However, photos were brought up to the prosecutor. The local sheriff, a good man who knew us well, came to the property to question us. It took the intervention of Dana's very efficient (and expensive!) lawyer to close the case.

To be continued


At the end, 'attorney' or 'district attorney', of course, I had not seen it. Due to Google Translation bad translation from French (procureur)
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Amelia recounts the tortures that her mistress Dana subjected her to



"Imagine, Carole, that I stayed with her for ten years, ten years of mad love and the torture room was running at full speed! I spent long hours there with her, naked, and she spent her time making up torments and there was no limit to the suffering she inflicted on me. I became very enduring and I was very proud of it. She tried to have other girlfriends but she always came back to me because I was the only one who accepted the torments which gave her sufficient sensations because she could not enjoy herself without having tortured the girl for a long time.

"She was particularly keen on my pussy ...

…… ..

The pain I felt was unimaginable and I uttered such a howl that I thought my vocal cords had broken: after multiple attempts, a real martyr, because she was very clumsy, Dana had managed to pierce my clitoris in all its thickness with a big needle, pulling it completely and bringing it out, pulling the big endless thread which was attached to it and whose friction prolonged my suffering, all the more that it left it there for the duration of the torture. I think the women who read me must have some idea of what such a gesture means and you gentlemen try to imagine a huge needle piercing your glans, well it was exactly the same thing.

Always with as much clumsiness, her needle sliding each time next to the right place, she began to sew with the thread, one against the other, my pretty little pale pink lips, delicate mucous in the shape of butterfly: six holes on each side and I was screaming as much as I could. The very young woman who underwent the same ordeal as I sobbed while her husband, naked and erect, wielded a needle of the same kind.

But I go back a little.

"Amelia, as part of the campaign against female genital mutilation in Africa, we thought it would be good if two young naked western women had sex sewn in public and were filmed. This awareness film, less direct than the real scene, would be educational for the public. I thought of you, of course. Another young woman has introduced herself and will come with her husband. Would you accept?

Without realizing what I was committing to, without even asking for details, I answered yes, of course! First, very experienced to endure the pain, I was sure to pass the test, then it was a challenge that I launched myself and that amused me and finally I could not see myself refusing it to Dana who trusted me.

The other girl and I, naked in a dressing room, make up for our stage entry. As it is not planned to touch my breasts, I perfect the work by painting my pale areolas: same color as my lips ...

Her name is Louise and she is French (I didn't say we were in France). She is very young, pale blonde, very thin, frail and her husband, whom I will see in more detail (naked) during the torture, is matched with her: we would give her the good Lord without confession with her childish student air retarded and his little beard collar!

" You speak good French…

I answer him that I have university degrees and that I should have been a French teacher. The frail girl has studied accounting, she has employment problems and she tells me of very classic concerns for a young woman: she loves her husband and would like to have a child.

She asks me about my scars (she has none) and I tell her that I am a lesbian and that Dana is my girlfriend and that we like extreme practices.

It was then that she explained to me that she and her husband also liked the fairly harsh sado-maso practices and that he often whipped her and that he gave her the cane until she cried and there he the console and takes her in his arms. I laugh so much that it fits badly with their looks both and she seems annoyed.

"Louise, you have the same first name as the first favorite of Louis XIV who was a sweet and loving woman and who ended up at the convent and you look like her, I can see you in a film about this period, a film about the episode Fouquet, for example…

She opens her eyes like saucers: she has never heard of Louise de la Vallière, Nicolas Fouquet, or Vaux-le-Vicomte, barely Louis XIV ...

"You are a cultivated person. Why are you wasting your time and your life with a girl like her (Dana, we will have understood), replies Louise who is not educated but who is far from being stupid.

I shrug my shoulders:

"Do not try to understand ...

All naked and freshly and fully shaved (essential for what we are going to do!) We appear on stage and we are applauded. Dana for me, her husband for her, set us up on a gyneco-style table, lying on our backs, legs spread and raised, and giant screens show close-up of our sexes and our faces. The disinfectant bottles, needles and threads are ready. Dana and Louise's husband are naked and put on sterile gloves.

The torture show can begin. Spectators paid to attend…

To be continued
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