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Amelia's youth

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The cruel Dana sews the sex of her young lover Amelia in public as part of a campaign against excision. Another young woman suffers the same torture from her man



Sewed (2)

The rest, well, once our labia minora joined by the seam, we have to sew our labia majora securely (twelve rows) to enclose everything inside. For Louise, whose long lips are long, it is a little easier although excruciatingly painful, of course, but, height of misfortune, I have a very pretty sex with lips in butterfly wing, quite long , protruding and very short labia majora.

Planting her needle with her usual clumsiness, repeating herself several times with each bite, Dana pulls on the threads once laid, squeezing very hard like shoe laces without managing to enclose the martyred flesh of my voluminous little lips in the interior.

Meanwhile this phase of the torture is over for Louise. The work done by her husband is impeccable as can be seen on the screen. Everything has been wiped, there is clotted blood at the entrance of the son and his sex is carefully closed in twelve rows as expected: it looks like a rugby ball! The young woman half gets up to throw her arms around her husband's neck in a gesture of love. She thanks him and besides I think she suffered less than I did because the young man was so skilful. Her husband, standing and erect, responds to the kiss ...

Dana has managed to finish the rows and the sewn labia minora are trapped behind the threads: she has failed to join the labia majora. While swimming, she wipes her forehead with the back of her hand and contemplates her work. The audience applauds.

Dana then thinks of coming to place a kiss on my mouth swollen with thirst and to tell me that she loves me.

"Give me a drink, Mistress, please ...

We are left to suffer endlessly, exposed, then we are removed from the wires and it is a new martyrdom especially when the wire rubs through the clitoris!

For Louise, the end is as follows: her husband penetrates her through her bruised sex, which was planned to show how the circumcised girls are open to let pass the sex of their husband on their wedding day ... She shouts from pain.

Dana, at full speed ans strenght, strikes with a whip that she brought my now reopened sex. An horrible torture that was not planned at all! Twenty blows that make me scream.

To be continued



Amelia's relationship with her cruel mistress Dana



However, complicated ordeals were the exception and our subjects of disagreement too. Whipping, on the other hand, was our favorite practice for both of us. I was whipped several times a day and in the house I was generally naked at the bottom, from the waist to the feet (I have very beautiful buttocks and very beautiful legs), ready to be hit on the improvised, most often on the buttocks and thighs, but also on the front and on the breasts.

I was often also completely naked and sometimes I was whipped in front of the servants, generally Mexican or Latin American and the humiliation increased my suffering and my enjoyment. I had permanent marks all over my body: I was always whipped to the point of blood, until the blood pearls and then my skin, so white, full of bruises (I am blonde), bloated by marks and worn by the whip belt, splits and opens in several places. And the flogging continued far beyond.

Both of them had acquired great expertise over the years, she for whipping (Anne needed a teacher, Dana no) and I for being whipped and my body was getting used to, was taking endurance, I was supporting increasingly intense and prolonged suffering and I am still very proud of it today. She spoke to me roughly and insulted me:

"You are nothing but a slave, good for the whip!

It could be out of the blue, during a one-on-one meal or with guests. But we were quieter in the torture room, our real estate.

She often wanted it at the same time as me. My body was asking for its dose because it was a real drug and my eyes had a way of lighting that made me talk. So she would get naked and take her whip which never left her and either she would whip me on the spot or we would go down into the room.

I suffered excruciatingly and the pain was mixed with sexual pleasure and sometimes I enjoyed during the flogging. She didn't stop until I was bleeding, lifted me in her arms and carried me to bed. She wiped my face bathed in tears, consoled me and said very tender, surprising words to me from this woman so violent and brutal.

"Your body is made for the whip (which I felt deeply), I like to whip you, make you suffer, I like your screams and your tears ...

And she also told me that I was a very beautiful woman and that she was very lucky.

We made love, the torture having heated us both white. We had very strong and prolonged orgasms that we could not have obtained otherwise, which prompted us, even forced us to continue our extreme practices. At all costs.

Our bodies welded together, melted into each other, entwined, we fell asleep in a restful sleep preparing us for new excesses. I thought then that we were together forever: my body was so intensely filled, I was so happy in this strange relationship ...

To be continued



Amelia is tortured by her cruel mistress Dana during years



It took her eight years to tire of me and my pain was indescribable, a moral pain this time! The tortures multiplied, approached, became more cruel: once she left me all night in our hanging room, weights to feet, by my big breasts tied very tight and turned black. They resisted well but became prematurely drooping due to this kind of treatment.

She wanted to cut my skin with a knife and a razor but there, I prevented it: the limits formerly posed together began to be crossed. She started to tire of my screams and tears that she loved before and I was very sorry for it.

Then other women entered our torture room. I protested and she did not admit it: I was becoming boring in her eyes! She brought in women of different kinds. The easy way out was to recruit and even buy young Latin American immigrants from mafia smugglers whom she could torture as she pleased. I once attended this kind of session and ran away from the room.

I thought of leaving but the arrival of Nancy in our life made me postpone this project: paradoxically it was a real relief!

Nancy didn't look like me: it was, if I dare say, the anti-Amelia! I don't know her exact past: former prostitute who has become too old or who has managed to leave the mafia world? Former actress X? Mystery. She did not take drugs, which was an undeniable quality for a woman like her. She was not smoking: neither Dana nor I could stand the smell of tobacco. Only one defect: a penchant for Bourbon and when she was drunk, she was less presentable than ever: she proffered with her Texan accent obscenities that I would not dare to repeat.

She did not compete with me for the most part: love, tender feelings were always for me and Nancy was excluded from Dana's receptions: she was not sortable!

She was however nice: aged about fifty, brunette with blue eyes, quite beautiful, a very beautiful body with redone breasts, she had a capacity for absorbing the most extensive tortures which amazed me. Dana whipped her long and cruelly and Nancy, startling in pain with each blow, wept silently, without a cry, which excited our common mistress more than my noisy sobs.

Most of the time Dana whipped us together and once I challenged my rival: the one who would bear the most blows: a blow for one, a blow for the other. I was very proud of myself: Nancy passed out after eighty blows! Once she regained consciousness, as per our bet, I whipped her myself and it was the first time I was on this side of the whip. I gave him thirty-two shots and I really enjoyed this exercise!

We carried her to our bed where, for the past few months, I have not been alone with Dana. I had thought of making love with this woman but she suddenly inspired me with immense pity: how had she failed at Dana's?

And you are probably wondering what was holding her back: well money, quite simply! I have always been satisfied with a salary as a maid that I had not been for a long time at the time of Nancy, but she, she received sumptuous gifts, the last dated before my departure having been a Mercedes sport that 'she did not hesitate to drive while intoxicated and she even spent one night in the prison of our brave sheriff ...

And I still have to tell you about the end of my relationship with Dana…

To be continued



After a few years, the cruel Dana begins to tire of her relationship with the beautiful and charming Amelia. To vary her feelings, she takes as second lover Nancy, a woman opposite to Amelia.



At the end of the lunch, Dana addresses Nancy and, with a contemptuous air, gives a whim in the direction of the door:

"Nancy, leave me alone with Amelia, please, have a drink, don't get too drunk, I'll give you the whip later and I'll do you something else also, you will see ...

"You should speak to her more softly, Mistress, she is a nice girl, and not encourage her to drink ...

"Don't worry about that, Amelia ...

She looks me in the eye.

"Here it is: these are our last days together, you are going to leave us.

I have a glare and I feel the ground open under my feet. My eyes fill with tears. To say that I had thought of leaving it and I am at the foot of the wall! Ten years of common life and of a certainly agitated happiness, this woman of whom I knew the faults but of which I supported almost everything… To abandon everything thus and the house which I liked so much and the room of torture which had been arranged for me, the only place I really lived ...

" Mistress !! But ... but I love you, Mistress !! I'm going to die of pain!

I throw myself on his knees.

"But why, Mistress ?? You don’t love me anymore? Are you tired of me? Keep me, Mistress, I beg you, you can tear off strips of skin as you told me if that's what you want! I will do like Nancy, I will refrain from shouting and crying!

She pushes me hard.

"Do not humble yourself thus, Amelia, it is unworthy of you! Sit back! Here it is: I found you a job in France, a place as a maid like the one you occupy here in principle. My friend Odile Deschanel needs an experienced maid and a person who is personally attached to her. She has just lost her husband and she needs to change her mind and have fun: this will be your role. You will be whipped there regularly like here. She lives in a very beautiful house that will remind you of this one, in the middle of a park, a beautiful place on the banks of the Seine, in Neuilly, a residential suburb of Paris.

"Yes, Mistress, I know ...

"You will have a certificate and I will give you a letter for it. She's warned. You will take the plane in a week, the time to make your arrangements and take care of your documents: you will have a work visa for a long stay in France.

I dry my eyes by dabbing them with my napkin. So she got tired of me or she wants to have her hands free for I do not know what and she wants to move away ... Finally it is better and it looks like she read my mind: she softened.

"At Odile's, you can reflect on your life, Amelia, you are still very young, and leave for something new and you will see France you love again, and perhaps you will settle there permanently ...

"Yes, Mistress ... I will miss you, our life too, our receptions, our trips, do you remember?" I will regret all these years, the house too and even poor Nancy…

She smiles :

"You will take away a souvenir of me: I will mark you with a hot iron," D "like my initial, at the top of the left buttock exactly. I’ve been training a lot over the past few weeks ... I’ll give you a demonstration on Nancy, which will receive the same mark as the one I’ll give you next.

To be continued




Dana, who has taken Nancy as her new lover, announces to Amelia that she is ending their relationship. She takes her away and sends her to a friend in France. Before leaving her, she decides to torture her for the last time and to brand her with a hot iron.



The three of us are naked and descend the stairs to the torture chamber. Nancy, who has just drunk, has a poorly assured gait. She must have been beautiful and she should still be, but her face is damaged, puffy with alcohol. She has a beautiful, slightly faded body, round, huge breasts, visibly redone, with large brown areolas. It is completely covered in bruises and traces of lashes and canes, and so am I. Dana, slim, flat breasts, visible ribs, holds her whip in her hand.

Dana turns on the light, a ceiling light and, with a gesture, points to Nancy's plank which, docile, lies flat on her stomach. Dana fetches tools from her workbench and returns with a hammer and large new silver nails which she places on a small table right next to Nancy's torture plank.

"Extend your arms forward, yes, that's it ...

She pinches the skin of Nancy's left breast.

"Amelia, please help me ... Keep the fold of flesh on the board.

Dana places the tip of her nail on the skin, picks it up once and gives a big hammer blow, then two more hits, nailing Nancy's breast on the board. The victim screams. We repeat the operation on the other side then on the skin of Nancy’s belly, flaccid enough to allow her to nail it in turn, then again on the other side. Nancy, naked and nailed to her board with four nails, cries, sobbing softly without saying anything. Then his arms are tied forward by the wrists.

The board is now straightened with a crank until the woman is sloping, lying face down on the oblique board. With a kick, Dana sends to walk the wedge which is under the feet of the victim who, suspended by her four folds of skin, screams in pain and must lift herself with the force of her arms to avoid sliding along of the board. But it is heavy and falls back, causing its four wounds to bleed.

"Look, Amelia, I will do the same to you later.

She puts her whip and picks up another from the brick wall of the room, quite long, which has small metal balls at the end and immediately strikes the brown skin of Nancy's back which, unlike her usual, pushes a howl: the blow tore his back on an oblique line which begins to bleed immediately. The whip falls a second time. Nancy, mad with pain, writhes, only succeeding in tearing apart the four folds of skin to which she is hanging and trying, while receiving the blows of the horrible whip, to lift herself up with her arms. Dana distributes the blows between the back, buttocks and thighs of her victim. It stops after twelve strokes. Twelve marks for life.

Nancy is sobbing while with a clean towel caught in a cupboard, I mop up the blood from her back and the rest of her body. With a tissue, I wipe his face.

"Mistress, can't we give her the hold of her feet?"

"Just now, for the iron ...

And she started a fire in the fireplace and shows Nancy the iron with an insulating handle: "D". An iron that has already been used because we see that it has already gone into the fire and also that the fireplace and the ember pan have also been used. I understand then that she had girls brought into the room to train. When? Mystery ... She laughs contemptuously:

"I'm going to mark your two buttocks. You don't deserve so much. I do you a lot of honor, you should thank me!

The poor woman cries and begs while trying to lift herself up with her arms.

"Please, Mistress!"

And me :

"Can't you spare her this ordeal, Mistress?" Iron was for me before I left! Not for her!

"You think too much, Amelia, so just obey and let me do what I decided ...

Without answering, she fills the tray with red embers and deposits the iron there.

Then the wedges are restored under Nancy's feet and we tie her securely to the board by the waist to immobilize her.

On a gesture from my mistress, I pass to disinfectant the buttocks already torn by the whip of the unfortunate Nancy. Her broad buttocks, very oily, bulky and plump, and with tired, withered and slightly drooping flesh.

Dana contemplates with satisfaction the iron which has turned red. She applied it with a confident gesture to one of Nancy's buttocks, for a very long time and it seemed to me interminable. The flesh sizzles, smelling of grilled meat and poor Nancy utters a long and terrible howl. The operation is repeated on the other buttock. A black and bloody "D" now adorns the victim's two buttocks.

Nancy sobs. Dana, cruel and contemptuous, kicks the holds and unties the rope. Nancy screams: she finds herself again suspended by her wounds and by her arms.

"You will stay here in this position as long as I decide. After, you will be free to find your bottle ... Amelia, you can lie on your board, it's your turn! You will only be marked on one buttock to make room for the other!

"Good, Mistress ...

I lie on the board and help Dana pinch the skin of my left breast. A first hammer blow pierces the flesh and I cry out: it's more painful than I thought. The other breast is nailed to the board in turn. For belly skin, it’s more difficult: I’m young and muscular and neither Dana nor I can achieve the desired skin fold. Dana rummages through her tools and finds a large hook which she digs into the flesh and then fixes to the table with a small rope.

The table is straightened and the wedges removed and I cry out: I must pull on my arms so as not to slip and be suspended by the nails and hooks planted in my flesh.

I stoically receive the twelve blows from this whip that tear my back, my buttocks and the back of my bare thighs, one of the most painful I have known.

Then she restores the wedges and brushes my left buttock and immediately applies the already hot iron. I never imagined it was so excruciatingly painful. I give a long howl and I feel the flesh sizzle, mine this time and I smell the pungent smell. She removes the wedges.

More tender with me than with poor Nancy who is moaning, pulling desperately on her arms, she lifts my chin, contemplates for a few moments my face bathed in tears and lays a kiss on my eyes swollen with tears and my swollen and dry lips.

"It hurts, doesn't it, Amelia ... You look so beautiful when you're in pain ... I'll leave you, I'm going to bed, I'll come to see you tomorrow morning. Good night, both of you…

"Mistress, give us a drink, please!"

The cruel woman does so, then leaves, closing the door to the soundproof room. She leaves the light open.

Nancy and I stay long hours pulling on our arms to avoid the pain of our flesh nailed to the board. At the end my suffering companion gives up and, while uttering a cry of pain, lets herself hang on her four tears which are torn. She remains prostrate against her board.

My brand with iron hurts more and more as the hours pass.

"Nancy, darling, talk to me, please ... Are you in a lot of pain?"

Next time : epilog !




Dana, before Amelia's departure, torture and brands the young woman and her other lover, the mature Nancy



With a heavy heart, I am about to pass before American customs and police. I have very strict black clothes and a serious hairstyle, my long blond hair tied in a tight bun. Nancy absolutely insisted on accompanying me. My heart is tight and my throat is tied: ten years ending ...

I throw myself into the arms of Dana who is also moved and I will never know the real reason for my distance. My tears flow.

"So long, Mistress ... I loved you enormously ...

"So long, Amelia ... Take care!"

I kiss Nancy:

"Farewell, Nancy, take good care of yourself, darling ...

She hands me a small package.

" What is that ?

"A small gift, Amelia, a souvenir, a jewel, you will open it later, the invoice is attached, it is better to declare it at customs ...

Look, I suddenly think that Diana didn't offer me anything for my departure! I burst into tears.

"Thank you, Nancy, from the bottom of my heart!

I tear myself away from them and, without looking back, I go to customs and the police, I pass the gantry, telling them that there is a small computer in my things.

With a resolute step, I take the covered walkway and I enter the plane, an Air France plane, a small piece of this country that I love and where I will live the rest of my life, I know. French hostesses greet me kindly, people who don't know me. I put on my dark glasses because I cried.

Now the plane purrs over the ocean. So I let myself go and I cry like I haven't cried for years, maybe in my whole life ...




Tu as comparé Google et Deepl ? Et quand tu fais la traduction inversée, tu as besoin de beaucoup retravailler ton texte ?

Did you do a comparison between Google and Deepl ? Did you need to modify the original french text after a reverse translation ?


Tu as comparé Google et Deepl ? Et quand tu fais la traduction inversée, tu as besoin de beaucoup retravailler ton texte ?

Did you do a comparison between Google and Deepl ? Did you need to modify the original french text after a reverse translation ?
Interesting, I didn't know Deepl, thks
There are a lot of imperfections in Google. Reverse translation, i have not tried
I wrote another part, non-SM, of 'Amelia'


En fait, à moins que tu sois presque bilingue, et ce n'est pas comprendre à peu près le globish, c'est indispensable pour te rendre compte du sens de ta phrase pour un anglo-saxon. Un traducteur pro ne traduit que dans sa langue maternelle.
Plus tu tu emploies une écriture raffinée, voire allégorique, moins le traducteur automatique s'y retrouve. Le pro va détricoter ta phrase et la réécrire à sa sauce pour s'appocher de ce que tu as voulu exprimer. En ce moment, je travaille sur "Spartacus" et j'ai du couper certaines phrases, changer quelques mots pour revenir à des bouts de phrases plus concrètes.

Un exemple à l'instant : on ne restitue pas "donner de l'éperon", on doit écrire "éperonne son cheval".
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