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Baracus' Mock-crucifixion.....

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Finally extended the footrests....
Unfortunately in my haste to get them done,I fucked-up slightly,but nothing that couldn't be sorted out....
Oops !! Lol.
Now,that they're attatched to each Cross-beam.... (after being Varnished,to match the Cross...)
I can't WAIT to try them out......
;) :cool:
Next up,the unisex Butt-Plug/Cornu & Sedile combo...
Any Questions ?? I'm happy to answer...


A big announcement,regarding a decision I've just made,concerning my two Crosses....
(Watch this space....)


Hi,Boys,and Girls,are you sitting,
(Or hanging) comfortably ?? ;)

Right let's begin,shall we ??
Once upon a time,there was a Crux-Slave,called Baracus.
Now Baracus was a conscientious worker and he wanted to ensure the best possible Crucifixion experience upon,whichever Cross they chose, whether it be a Saint Andrew's ( 'X'-style) or a "Traditional" Latin-style 'T'-Cross...but...there was a problem. Poor Baracus !! :(

Upon dismantling the Original 'T'-Cross he soon discovered that the main upright beam,(The "Stipes"),was indeed slightly warped/twisted all along it's length,and explained why the Cross always fought Baracus,upon installation of the Horizontal Cross-beam,( the "Patibilum"). :eek:
Not good. :(
So,Baracus had a decision to make,and execute.

Verily it was decided to obtain a new plank of premium French Crucifixion Wood,( as supplied,by Messaline) and in time make a whole new Cross upright,using the original as a template....
So far,the new upright has been cut to length,and marked with the first three mounting holes.
(Of which,there will be more....)

"What of the original ' Stipes' ??" I hear you cry....
Fear not,comrades,it will be spared,and used as, either a simple whipping post,with the addition of robust hooks,OR.....
Used as a Horizontal Cross-beam to lay the victim upon. How delightful !! ;)

Thank you,and goodnight,Children.
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