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Bartnel's Inferno

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Crucifier of Pixels
Yeah lack of comments doesn't help the creative juices.
Ah well likes are nice too, in a way:p

Considering to go open a deviant art thing. sounds like comment heaven:)
Then again, they delete far too much stuff that is non conventinal.

making lots of effort into a gallery again, then getting it deleted, for what ever reason is not very appealing.

BTW I like the stuff you create and enjoy seeing every new render you post.
Like your crux renders more then "conventional" mainstream stuff.
Especially like the surrounding in the scenes you make.:jump1:

Thanks for sharing!


Staff member
Yes, if I publish an image (or animation) here, I expect some feedback (not only congratulations and thanks, hmm?)
Very clearly, I don't blame anyone for no feedback :smile:

Is my expectation so weird?
If I might add one thought...

While not a prolific commentator on other people's threads I have commentated on people's thread that never found the time to comment on others.

There is no hostility here but another view on getting comments. Hell, it is nighttime for most members! You all be well and Bartnel I will always look at your work!


Staff member
You are perfectly right @thehangingtree !
For many reasons, my time online is limited and I myself do a lot fewer comments than I would like to do, I admit it ... or maybe I'm not fast enough (translating from english to french is also time consuming for me) ?
There are lots of reasons people don't comment and time and translating are two big ones. Others are like me being a slow typist, some are just shy. Remember your art is well liked and viewed heavily!!!


Chronicler of Crux
Staff member
I know that, but since I'm a lazy artist, if I'm not stimulated, I don't do anything :roto2palm:


... continuing this serie (Elaine's crucifixion -same scenes as in movie but new renders)

View attachment 806298
The hard part begins: wrists nailing !
Well, I have not got the first clue as to how you produce images which are this realistic, Bartnel, so I find myself struggling to come up with anything more intelligent than 'Wow'!

Even after I've picked up my jaw from the floor the power of speech and cognitive thought may still elude me for some time....
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