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Brother and Sister at the Snuff Club

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Aug 24, 2013
Brother and Sister at the Snuff Club​


Our family is so screwed up. But what family isn’t? I guess ours isn’t so bad, all things considered.

Dad is a workaholic. He provides for us, but he has long hours and is gone a lot. Stewart and I are pretty sure he’s getting some on the side when he’s away.

As for mom? She has guys come right over to the house to fuck. She doesn’t really try to hide it from Stew and I. It’s one of those secrets I think everyone knows about. We’re pretty sure daddy knows all about it too.

You can pretty much guess how Stew and I turned out. Mom’s not very quiet when her friends are over. Sometimes you can hear her begging for it in the master bedroom upstairs… “FUCK ME – FUCK ME; I WANT IT SO BAD!”

I don’t remember when I started masturbating. But hearing mom getting fucked upstairs was one hell of a turn-on. Hearing her getting a good pounding while begging for it made me wet as hell.

I know for a fact it turned Stew on as well. There were times when I would go to his bedroom and sneak a peek at him while mom was upstairs fucking. He would take that 8 inch cock of his out and would really jerk on it while mom and her current boy-toy were going at it.

Mom has a great set of tits along with a pretty hot, smoking bod. Stew and I have both seen her naked. He once told me seeing her nude like that really gave him a boner. But I have a good set of tits myself, and I learned he was getting just as aroused catching me naked as he was at seeing mom.

A couple of times I caught him peeking at me in the shower. It got me all hot and bothered knowing he was looking at me and then rushing back to his bedroom to masturbate. That was also one hell of a turn-on.

He wasn’t the only one being turned on. Several times I got a good look at his hard cock in the shower while he was stroking. I was so aroused thinking about his dick that I went to an adult sex store and bought a dildo that looked like it was about the same size as his so I could imagine him fucking me.

Things finally turned the corner the day I caught him peeking around the door at me while I was masturbating. We could hear mom upstairs with her latest fuck-buddy, and I was using my toy while pretending it was Stew. Imagine my surprise when I looked up and caught him watching me through the crack in the door.

He closed it the moment he got caught. So I blurted out, “Hey, don’t go! You can watch if you want!”

I saw the door open a crack, and his eyeball reappeared. So I smiled at him as I fucked myself with that toy. Knowing he was watching me made me horny as hell, and I cried out, “Fuck – fuck – FUCK!” until I orgasmed right there in front of him.

I didn’t care that he left a couple seconds later to go get himself off. I was just glad I’d turned him on. From then on I let him watch me whenever I caught him peeking through the door.

A few days later it was my turn to catch Stew masturbating in the shower. We have a glass door, so nothing is hidden when you’re in there getting wet. Mom was upstairs fornicating again, and he must have had it so bad that he needed to shower and jack off.

I watched him stroke until he spurted his load. Then I rushed off to my bedroom to rub one out. But he showed up five minutes later and stood right there in the doorway, telling me he knew I’d watched him so he was going to watch me until I came.

You have no idea how much that turned me on. I used the dildo I’d bought and really rammed it into my cunt. I told my brother, “Do you want to know the name I gave my toy?” Then I quietly gasped “Fuck me, Stew!” as I rammed it hard in and out of my pussy until I cried out in orgasm. That’s when his eyes got big as saucers before he smiled and left.

It was only a matter of time until we did it for real. That was the day mom had a marathon session with some guy upstairs. It got Stew so horny he went to the bathroom to take a shower.

I knew where he was going and why. So I followed him to the bathroom in my bathrobe. I waited until he was inside before dropping it off my shoulders and stepping inside with him.

He had that gorgeous dick in his hand when he looked at me in surprise. So I took it from him and soaped it all up. After I helped rinse it off, I dropped to my knees and took it into my mouth.

You have no idea what that did to me. I nearly orgasmed right there tasting my brother’s cock between my lips. He just looked down at me as he breathed, “You’re a slut just like mom!”

“Gawd, yes!” I gasped before gagging on his dick.

He pulled me to my feet and turned me around until I was facing the wall. With one swift thrust he was inside me from behind. I cried out so loudly he had to cover my mouth as he started fucking me right there in the shower.

I’ve had a couple boyfriends, but they were short term and were only interested in getting in my pants. So I knew what it was going to feel like once he started fucking me. Still, I wasn’t ready for the glorious pounding he gave me. But I did love the way he reached around to grope and maul my tits as he gasped, “Gawd; I love your boobs!”

It swelled inside me until I started to scream just like mom does. He had to keep his hand over my mouth the entire time as he came in my throbbing cunt. I shuddered as I tried to milk every last drop out of his twitching cock. Then we used a sponge to soap each other down and then clean each other up.

I don’t think mom had a fucking clue what she had done to us. From then on, whenever she had guys over, Stew and I would end up fucking in his bedroom or mine. And most of the time he had to cover my mouth as my orgasms were pretty damned loud just like mom’s were.

I’m not sure if that’s what lead to what happened next or if I already had it hidden somewhere deep inside me. One day I was in daddy’s den on his computer. That’s when I found that Snuff Club website.

I got all hot and bothered seeing the fucking that went on in there. But what really got me excited were all those executions. Watching the hangings was the best of all.

I saw one big-titted bitch get hanged up onstage. They used a thick rope on her, so she lasted for several minutes as she jerked and kicked up her high heels. They even shoved a vibrating toy up her twat, making her jerk around as she orgasmed a couple times.

She kicked and swung, her hips thrusting like she was fucking the air. Then her pussy squirted as she orgasmed and died right there on the end of the rope. It was arousing as hell.

There was something about watching that hanging that really got to me. That night I had the most erotic dream I could ever imagine. I dreamed Stew took me up onstage and hanged me right in front of the whole damned Club with this vibrating dong shoved up my cunt.

When the rope pulled me up I started humping like crazy as the toy buzzed inside me. It was as though I could actually feel the rope around my neck. Then I was cumming hard until I woke up in a bed with soaked sheets.

At first I didn’t tell anyone about what I’d seen on the computer or the erotic hanging dream I’d had. Then I caught Stew in daddy’s den. He was also watching that same website. Figuring Stew was just as warped as I was, it didn’t surprise me at all.

I told him I’d seen that website and that I thought the hangings were hotter than hell. He told me he liked them most of all. Then we heard the bed shaking upstairs. Mom was at it again.

“Show me one quick!” I gasped as I started getting horny again. He pulled one up, and I stroked his cock just to get it hard. Then I sat in his lap, fully impaled on that thick, juicy cock of his.

We watched one woman after another being hanged to death I had three screaming orgasms until Stew emptied himself inside me. Of course by now he’d learned how to recognize when I was close to cumming. He covered my mouth all three times at the moment of each one of my climaxes.

That night I had another erotic dream. Stew hanged me again up onstage at that Club. Only this time he fucked me from behind, reaching around and grabbing my tits as the noose tightened around my neck until I woke up with soaked sheets again.

It got to be a regular thing with us. As soon as mom and her “friend” went upstairs, we’d go into daddy’s den and watch another hanging while I sat in his lap riding his cock. Sometimes we’d time it to where I’d cum at almost the same time we heard mom cum upstairs. Other times I wanted to cum the moment the woman went limp in the noose. Gawd; those were great cums!

One day while I was impaled on his cock in the den watching a hanging, I told him I wanted him to hang me at the Club for real. I told him I’d been having erotic dreams about it and that I wanted to feel the noose for real.

He said he couldn’t do that to me. He told me he liked me too much to risk losing me to a Club noose. But he said maybe he could rig up something for me to experience right here at home.

A few nights later another of mom’s friends was over at the house. While they were upstairs fucking, Stew led me naked out to the garage. I wondered what he had going on out there, and I found myself getting all turned on.

When we got there I saw Stew had screwed an eyebolt into the ceiling. Threaded through it was a thick rope with a noose dangling from one end. Just the sight of it made me wet as hell.

“You want me to hang you, Janelle? Then I’m going to fucking hang you!” I gasped as I started to tremble from an insane arousal.

Before he led me over, I told him I wanted my hands tied behind my back when he hanged me. That way I could experience it the way those sexy bitches died in the noose at that Club. So he took a little length of rope and tied my wrists behind my back.

He added a strap for padding around my neck so there wouldn’t be a rope burn. I moaned and whimpered, wet as hell and ready to be hauled up. He fingered me until I all but begged him to hang me. Then he pulled on the other end of the rope, taking me right up into the air.

My pussy was dripping like crazy as I went up. It was barely thirty seconds before I was jerking like a fish on a line, cumming up a storm. It hurt like hell, but it felt incredible.

He let me back down and I all but crumped onto the floor in a heap. He loosened the noose before checking the padding. Then he told me it hadn’t left much of a mark, so it wouldn’t show during mealtimes.

I was so insane with arousal that I said the unthinkable. I told Stew to fuck me in the ass and then take me back up like a common whore. Thankfully I’d already been experimenting with that dildo shoved up my butt. Now I wanted the real thing in my ass no matter how much it might hurt, as I wanted to be humiliated and degraded.

He forced me onto my face with my butt sticking up into the air. Then he gave it to me good and hard. He was so hard and horny that he emptied a huge load in my ass.

I gasped and whimpered as I experienced what I call a good pain. Then I begged him to hang me again. Since the noose was still looped around my neck, all he had to do was haul me right back up.

He pulled on the free end until I went right back up into the air, feeling his cum leaking out of my ass. I went nuts as I felt my weight against the rope around my neck. I kicked and jerked around in the noose until an orgasm battered me senseless.

When I awakened, I was on the floor of the garage. The noose was gone, and so was the rope around my wrists. “You ok?” he gasped anxiously. “For a minute there you passed out!”

“Take me back to your bedroom, Stew! Take me back and fuck the shit out of me!”

He grinned as he scooped me up into his arms. Then he hauled me back to his bedroom. I think we fucked for as long as mom and her lover fucked upstairs in the master bedroom.

From then on, he started hanging me whenever one of mom’s fuck-toys came over. It was never for very long, although the cums were fantastic. Often he would hang me, take me down, rape my ass, and then haul me back up. And sometimes he hung me for a minute or so while standing there fucking me from behind, often giving it to me right up the tailpipe.

The orgasms were unbelievable! I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard until I started orgasming in the noose. But it wasn’t slaking my thirst for hangings. If he was hoping it would satisfy my cravings then it failed miserably because it only made my fantasies more intense as the dreams became more frequent.

One night we were in daddy’s den watching a new hanging when I told him yet again how I wanted to go to the Club and hang up onstage for real. He looked at me and shook his head. “Janelle, are you sure you want to die?”

“No, but I definitely want to hang.”

He laughed as he told me, “Janelle, they’re the same thing.”

“No they’re not.”

“Yes, they are!”

I looked at him, my breath catching in my throat. “Stew, I’m having those dreams all the time now! And in my dreams you hang me and then watch as I kick and dance for you! I can’t get them out of my mind!”

“Maybe you need help, sis.”

“Yeah, I need help, Stew! I need you to help get me up onstage so I can hang naked for you!”

“But what about mom and dad?”

“They don’t care, Stew! Daddy’s too busy making money, and mom’s too busy fucking anything with two legs and a hard cock. Our family’s so fucked up I think it’s my destiny for you to hang me. Besides, I’ve seen how hard your cock gets whenever I’m up in the air choking and gasping in the garage. You want this every bit as much as I do!”

“I don’t know, Janelle. I think I would miss you a lot.”

“Only until you find someone else to fuck and hang. Stew, I really want to do this for you. All we have to do is pool our resources together to get enough money to go to the Club.”

“You really think mom and dad won’t mind?”

“They don’t pay that much attention to us anyway. I know they probably care, but they’re too damned busy to notice. They might miss me for a few days… that is, until mom gets a new lover and daddy finds some sexy slut during one of his business trips.”

“Janelle, are you sure you want to go through with this?”

“I want to do this as soon as possible before I chicken out or something happens to me in the garage. I know you’re careful and all, Stew. But I really want to hang up onstage in front of all those eyes while you’re watching me dance for you.”

“Janelle, are you sure?”

“I want you to hang me with a buzzing toy up my cunt and ass so I cum like crazy as I die for you. Now fuck me, Stew, while we watch this slut on the website hang for us all over again!” Then I climbed back into his lap, impaling myself on his dick which had hardened right up from our erotic conversation…
(Jun 25 ’17)


Aug 24, 2013

I think I scared him over wanting to go to the club because Stewart backed things off. For a couple days we didn’t even fuck… and he certainly didn’t hang me out in the garage. I didn’t want to pressure him or anything. But the fantasies remained strong… and my desire for orgasms even stronger.

One night I just had to experience what it was like to feel the noose around my neck again. Maybe it was because mom was up fucking another boy-toy in the master bedroom. Boy, were they loud! It made me horny as fuck!

I went off to locate Stew, hoping I could entice him to string me up in the garage. But he was masturbating alone in his bedroom. I felt bad he didn’t want to fuck me, so I left him alone.

I went off to the garage to play with myself. I stripped out of my clothes before stringing up the rope. Then I made a noose which I looped around my throat without using the strap to protect my skin.

I was feeling a little sorry for myself… or maybe I was really horny. Anyway I ran the other end through my crotch. Then I pulled on the free end through my pussy lips as I tried to apply some weight to the noose around my neck.

The rope dug into my cunt, which gave me wonderful pain and pleasure. But it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I wanted more.

I paused and looked all around for a way to carefully hang myself. I was so horny that I wanted my breath to be cut off as I dangled a little. But I needed a way to get myself up into the air.

Daddy had a small tool box that looked sturdy enough to stand on. So I dragged it directly under the noose. Then I got the strap for my neck because I wanted to make things last longer.

I probably shouldn’t have, but I tied off one end of the rope, measuring the length of the noose hanging in the air. I carefully stepped up on daddy’s tool box and slipped my head through. I had to stretch up on my toes and pull it down around my neck, but I made it.

I had a little coil of rope in my hand which I used to try tying my hands behind my back. I wanted to feel that bondage experience while I was up in the air. It was awkward, and I nearly slipped off the tool box. But the thought of accidentally hanging myself for real was an incredible turn-on.

The noose wasn’t too tight yet, but it did give me a nice, choked feeling. I experimented by bending my knees a few times to put more pressure on the rope around my throat. I was a little unsteady; I was dripping wet; and the urge to just let go and hang myself was almost overwhelming.

The door to the garage suddenly opened. It startled me so much I lost my footing on the toolbox. I tried to get it back, but I couldn’t.

My breath was partially cut off as my toes fluttered six inches off the floor. Stew came over to me as I dangled right there in front of him. I was scared, but I was also so damned turned on knowing he was right there watching me. I decided if I didn’t make it at least he would have a good memory to jack off to.

The noose tightened more as I kicked a little. It got harder to breathe as my arms jerked around behind my back. My body wanted to free itself, but I couldn’t work that damned rope off my wrists.

Stew walked up to me and stood there for a moment. Then he pulled down his pants and briefs. He had a massive erection.

He had this look in his eyes as he stepped forward. I stretched my legs out and pulled him to me, impaling myself on his shaft. I think I wanted air more than I wanted to fuck him.

I was able to relieve the strain around my neck. Stew felt incredible filling me like that. Then I found myself wondering if he was fed up with me and whether or not he was going to give me a flying fuck before simply letting me hang.

Fuck; that did it! My pussy clenched around his cock inside me as I shuddered hard in orgasm. He didn’t have to do anything; my breathless, aching body did all the work.

I rode that 8 inch dick of his as the noose threatened to cut off my breath entirely. He just looked at me as though he couldn’t decide what to do with me. I heard him murmur, “I should let you hang for this!” Then he grabbed me and pulled me downward, increasing the strain around my neck.

“Should I leave you here, Janelle? Maybe I should let mom and dad find you out here. Or would you rather hang right in front of them as they watch you die.”

I gurgled as his cock went off inside me. That set me off again as I climaxed all over his dick. Then he slowly stepped away until I lost him with my legs.

I swung back and forth, my toes frantically fluttering for the floor that now seemed so far away. I could feel his cum leaking out of my pussy. My hands jerked feebly behind my back, but by the time I got them loose I knew it was going to be too late.

For a moment I thought for sure he was going to let me hang. The idea both terrified and thrilled me. Then he went over and pulled the knot in the rope I’d set.

I came crashing down none too gentle. Then he came over to me, shaking his head. “That wasn’t very smart, Janelle.”

“I know,” I admitted with a raspy voice as he removed the noose and untied my wrists. “But I heard mom fucking… and you were masturbating and… and you didn’t want me and… and I was so fucking horny for the noose that I…”

“It’s not that I didn’t want you, sis. It’s just that I don’t want to… uh…” That’s when I saw it in his eyes.

“You want to hang me; don’t you, Stew.”

“No, Janelle. It’s just that I don’t, uh… want to lose control and, uh…”

“But you do want to lose control, don’t you, Stew. You want to hang me, don’t you.” That’s when he lowered his head in shame.

“I want you to fuck me, Stew. Then I want you to hang me.”

He looked at me and then lowered his head again. I rubbed my neck as it was just a little sore. “Ok, Stew. Tonight I’ll settle for just the fuck. How about that?”

He looked at me for a long moment. Then he gathered me up in his arms. I felt an erotic thrill as he carried me off to his bedroom.

I was pretty sure I was going to get it good. The idea of being roughly fucked by my brother made me horny as hell. My hanging could wait for another day…
He couldn’t talk me out of it. But deep down I think he wanted to watch me hang. Besides, I caught him more than once looking at that club website on the computer.

I suspected daddy looked at it too. The thought of him and Stew watching me hang to death on the Entertainment stage gave me a double thrill. Once I even imagined mom joining them to watch me. The mental image of the whole family watching me kick my life away made me wet as hell.

Occasionally we talked about when we were going to go to the club. He asked again about what mom and dad might think. I told him it got me hot imagining them watching me hang to death. But they were probably going to have to watch it on a video of the Club’s Greatest Hangings.

We pooled our resources and discovered we had more than enough to get inside. He told me we could always pick out a girl in line to take inside. I think he was wondering if we hung another girl maybe that would satisfy me.

I laughed as I told him that was always a possibility. Seeing another hanging would be a real turn-on. But I told him I knew he wanted to hang me and that I didn’t expect to make it out alive so he’d better start planning for that.

We weren’t sure when we were going to go. But fate made the decision for us. Actually, I think it was our parents who were the deciding factor.

Friday morning Daddy announced he had a business trip that was going to keep him away for the whole weekend. Mom gave him a knowing look, but said nothing. Stew and I suspected he had a hot slut he was going to be fucking while he was away.

That afternoon I overheard her placing a call. I recognized the name she used over the phone. She was calling in her favorite boy-toy for the weekend. That meant they were going to be fucking for hours.

I found Stew and told him I’d just heard mom on the phone and who she had coming over later. He looked at me as though he knew what would be going on between them over the weekend. Then he gave me this funny look as he quietly murmured, “Dad’s out of town… and tonight mom will be fucking for hours. Hmmm.”

I got those butterflies in my stomach as my face flushed with excitement. He was trying his best not to let it show. But I could tell he was thinking tonight might be a good night to hang me.

I got wet like you wouldn’t believe. Then this look of guilt spread across his face as he looked down at his feet. I almost got the shakes as I told him, “Let’s do it tonight, ok? I want to hang for you, Stew! I want to hang for you so fucking bad!”

He reluctantly agreed. Then he told me he was going to the bank to make a withdrawal. I told him I’d go through my closet to find something appropriate to wear.

I started going through my clothes, looking for something that would get my brother all excited about hanging me. I had something in mind that I’d seen mom wearing. That’s when it occurred to me I should probably go check out her clothes.

I went upstairs and started rummaging around through her things as we’re pretty much the same size. Mom came upstairs, caught me going through her stuff, and asked what I was up to. I smiled as I told her I had a date that night and wanted to wear something really slutty.

“How slutty, honey?”

I almost told her, “Sluttier than you, mom.” Instead I told her I wanted to wear something that would make all the guys lust after me.

She didn’t even bat an eye. She went through her closet until she found a pair of black fishnet stockings. She also located a black garter along with a pair of black heels for me to wear.

“How slutty, honey?” she asked again as she paused during her search and looked at me. “Are you hoping to get fucked?”

“Big time, mom,” I replied with a grin. I didn’t tell her I planned on the noose fucking me to death after riding my brother’s cock.

She went back into the closet and pulled out a skimpy black thong. I’m not sure what it was good for since a hole was cut into it to reveal everything. She tossed it at me, and I happily accepted it.

She went back into her closet and looked around. Then she pulled out a sheer black wrap with sleeves. It covered the chest and stomach, but it didn’t do a very good job of hiding anything since it was almost see-through.

How’s that?” she asked as she tossed it to me.

“Mom, that’s perfect!” Then I spotted a black, metal studded collar lying on the floor.

“How about that?” I asked, pointing at it. She looked where I was pointing, reached down and picked it up. “Going for the entire look, honey?”

“I sure am, mom.”

She smiled as she handed it to me. “Let me have a look at you before you go, honey. I want to see how hot my daughter looks before she goes out tonight and gets some.”

“Thanks, mom!”

She seemed so proud. If only she knew. Hell, maybe deep down she suspected my intentions and wanted to make sure I looked right before my big debut up onstage.

I went downstairs and put everything on. It really made me wet when I saw myself in the mirror. I couldn’t wait for Stew to get home and see me.

Traffic must have been bad because Stew was delayed getting back. The doorbell rang so I went to open it while wearing what mom had picked out. You should have seen the look on Brad’s face as mom’s boy-toy gawked at me… “Uh, hi Janelle. You look, uh… uh…”

Mom came rushing up to the door to answer it. She wasn’t dressed much better than I. Apparently she wanted to look slutty for him.

“Brad, is that – holy shit, honey!”

“Like it, mom? I think Brad does.” Then I turned in place to model it for them.

She looked at me and then at Brad. He seemed flustered, but I could tell by the bulge in his pants how hard he’d become. “You’re going out just like that, honey?”

“Yeah, mom. It’s ok, isn’t it? It’s no worse than what you’re wearing for Brad, right?”

“You like my daughter’s attire, Brad?”

“Yeah, Tamara; I sure do. I hope you don’t mind.” Then he paused before hastily adding, “But you look sexy too.”

“Are you turned on, Brad?”

“Yeah, Tamara; I sure am.”

“You like turning him on, honey?”

“Yeah, mom; I do.” By then I was wet as hell.

“Then take it out.”

“Take what out, mom?”

“Take his cock out, honey. You turned him on… now you’ve got to do something about it.”

Brad and I both looked at her in astonishment. But I was so horny I rushed to pull him free of his confinement. I knelt as I opened his pants and unzipped his fly.

His dick was thick as Stewarts, and almost as long. I hear mom tell me, “Suck it, honey!” But I had already taken it into my mouth.

I gobbled him all the way down, deep-throating it right in front of mother. I don’t know if I was showing off to make her jealous or what. She came up to me and smiled as she gasped, “You can take it all the way down your throat?? Good girl!”

She pushed on the back of my head to make me suck it. She told me what a good slut I was and how some cock out there was going to get lucky tonight. Brad groaned as he told us he already knew one cock that was feeling extremely lucky.

To my shock mother got down on her knees right next to me. She took his balls into her mouth as I deep throated him. Then we both went up and down the length of his shaft together with our mouths.

We took turns sucking him until he gasped as he started to thrust. “I’d recognize that anywhere; he’s going to cum, honey.” Then she took him out of my mouth and told him to coat my face.

He started to spurt, giving me three good helpings before mom aimed his dick at her face. He gave her a couple more until we both had cum on our faces. She finished him off by taking him into her mouth and sucking the rest of his cream out of his balls.

Afterwards she told me to lick her face clean and swallow it all. I licked all the cum off her face, feeling wet as hell. Then mom returned the favor by licking my face off, swallowing everything she got.

“Have a good evening, honey,” she told me as she grabbed her boy-toy’s hand. “C’mon, Brad. Watching my daughter suck your cock has really gotten me horny.” Then they headed off through the house until I heard them thumping up the stairs to the master bedroom.

At that moment the door opened and Stew walked in. He stopped and stared at me as his jaw dropped to the floor. He finally blurted out, “Damn, sis; that’s hot!”

I blushed as I giggled, feeling the heat of arousal flush through me. Then he asked, “Did mom see you like that?”

“Yeah, Stew; she just did… and so did Brad.”

“Brad saw you like that, Janelle??”

“You’ll never believe what just happened, Stew.” Then I gave him a grin as though I’d recently done something extremely naughty…

(Jul 30 ’17)


Aug 24, 2013

You have no idea how excited I was when we pulled out of the driveway and headed off toward the Club. I was trembling like crazy and wet as hell. I nearly creamed myself when I told myself I wasn’t coming home because Stew was going to hang me for his sexual enjoyment before the night was over.

He got horny when I told him about mom and Brad. I asked him what he thought about mom and I on our knees together sucking her boyfriend’s cock. He said he didn’t know what to think. But judging by the bulge in his pants I knew exactly what he was thinking.

I grinned as I asked him, “Do you want to fuck mom now, Stew? How’d you like to double-team her with Brad?”

“I’m driving Janelle, ok?”

“After you hang me, you can come home, fuck mom and then hang her before dad gets back. Who knows? He might not mind so much.”


“I’m really looking forward to hanging for you tonight, Stew. Gawd, I can’t wait to hang on stage in front of you and all those other horny guys.”

“Damnit, Janelle; I’m trying to drive, ok? I’m going to wreck us if you keep that up!”

“What’s the matter? Can’t drive with a hard-on, Stew? Want me to fix that for you?”

I giggled as I unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out. The poor guy must have been hurting having it bulge in his pants like that. Then I leaned over and began sucking on it.

He gasped as he swerved a little. Then he slowed down. I think he was trying to drive real careful. But he sure was panting like crazy.

I think we pulled up to a stoplight. That gave me extra time to take him deep down my throat. That’s when I heard some guys whooping and hollering in the car next to us.

“Janelle?? Jeez! They can see you!”

The light turned green and he took off. But I heard the car pull up next to us as those guys continued whooping and hollering.

Stew suddenly went off in my mouth. I couldn’t contain it all as some of it leaked out around my lips. I sucked as much cum out of his dick as I could before I sat up.

Cream hung off my lips as I smiled at Stew. In the car next to us I saw the heads of two guys out the front window with two more in back. I grinned at them as I used a finger to wipe all the cream off my lips and then swallow it down.

They whooped and hollered again. That’s when Stewart made a right turn and we lost them. “Damn you, Janelle!”

He looked at me and shook his head as he mumbled to himself, “Why does my sister have to be so damned hot and sexy?” It gave me a warm, gooey feeling inside, making me decide more than ever that I wanted to hang for him at the Club.

The parking garage was nearly full when we got there. We had to park all the way in the back on an upper floor. “Looks like the place is full,” Stew observed as he shut off the engine.

“That just means I’m going to have a huge audience when I dance in the air for you up onstage, Stew.”

He looked at me and sighed heavily. “Look, Janelle. I don’t know how this is going to work tonight, ok? Can we just go in and enjoy ourselves first?”

“Certainly, Stew. Don’t mind me. I’m just your slut snuff-date for the evening.”

He rolled his eyes again. But I could see he was starting to get a bulge once more. So I decided to try and play nice for a while.

“I know you’re not sure about all this Stew. You know what I want. I’m just so excited, ok? But I’ll try to tone it down a little for you.”

“I’d appreciate it, Janelle. Otherwise my cock is going to be hard all night long.”

“I guess we’ll just have to make sure to help you out whenever it gets too hard, right?” I giggled as I rubbed his bulge again.

“Alright; that does it! Out of the car!”

“Sure thing, Stew. Eager to hang me already?”

His eyes rolled once more as we got out. Then we made our way down the garage to the main floor. A short walk and we found ourselves rounding the corner to the Club.

There was a huge line outside. Maybe that’s because it was a Friday night. I felt a surge of erotic excitement at the idea there might be a packed house waiting to enjoy my hanging. Too bad all those sexy bitches in line couldn’t come inside and watch me give ‘em a show.

A lot of girls called out to us, asking us to take them in with us. I had my arm protectively through Stewart’s as I quietly asked him, “What do you think, Stew? Want to take one inside with us? We could hang her first before you hang me. I bet you’d love that.”

“I don’t know if we have enough money for another girl, Janelle. Maybe later.”

If you have plenty left over I want you to promise me you’ll come out, find some hot slut to fuck and then hang her sweet ass before you leave. Promise me, Stew.” I smiled coyly at him as I clung to his arm.

“No promises, Janelle.” But I thought I saw the gears turning in his mind. With any luck maybe I could turn him into a sexy snuff-dater before the night was over.

We showed our IDs to the bouncer. Stew also showed him the cash we’d brought along. He smiled as he waved us right inside, telling us to have a good time. “Oh, I plan on it,” I told him with my best smile.

Once inside we checked our cash with an attendant who gave us a pager. Then I got my pregnancy sensor. I pushed it in right in front of her, letting out a yelp as it penetrated before that little green glow came on.

“Looks like you nice folks are all good to go,” she said with a smile.

“That’s right,” I responded. “Two check in, but only one will check out.”

I smiled knowingly at her as Stew gave me another dirty look. But I could tell he was sporting a growing bulge again. The attendant remained unfazed.

“Thinking of visiting the stage or one of our snuff rooms? If so, you probably won’t be the only ones tonight. Enjoy yourself, folks.”

“Really?” I asked hopefully. “Are others going to get snuffed tonight?” Now she had my full attention as Stew looked at her in surprise.

“Oh yes. Friday nights are very popular around here. What’s more, we have a group of businessmen with their wives and dates back in one of our conference rooms. I understand there may be an execution or two taking place back in that room.”

“Really? Wow!” Now we were both impressed.

I wanted to ask for more details, but decided against it. Then Stew escorted me inside. Immediately we were hit in the face with the sound of all that gambling with all those jangling machines.

I told Stewart I wanted to take it all in first. Maybe a part of me wanted to parade around in my slutty attire just to see how many looks I could get. I was considering the possibility I might get to play with a few other cocks before it came time for me to dangle in the noose up onstage.

We walked around a lot of machines, and I got a lot of appreciative looks. But some people ignored us as they stared self-absorbed at their one-armed bandits and video machines. They seemed more obsessed with gambling than acknowledging the likes of us.

We made our way to the back of the club where we found the Entertainment stage. For the moment it was not in use. But I stared longingly at the noose in the gallows as I panted heavily for breath.

“Fuck; it’s really real!” I gasped. “Gawd, Stew! That’s where you’re going to hang me tonight!”

“Not right away I hope, Janelle.”

“Oh no,” I told him with a smile. “I need to get fucked first… and with more cocks than just yours. Maybe there’s some stuff we can watch before it’s my turn. You can even whore me out for a little extra dough while you go fuck some other slut.”

“Do you really want me to fuck anyone else but you, Janelle?”

“Why else do you think we came here, Stew? We came to fuck and watch executions, and I came to hang for you. I want to experience it all. And I want you to feel free to fuck whomever you wish!”

He just shook his head as he sighed, “Gawd! I think I could use a drink!”

“Good idea, Stew. I’m getting thirsty and horny.”

We headed off to the lounge and sat in a booth. We ordered drinks and then looked around at all the other people who were talking and drinking. It made me wonder how many were here for the gambling and how many were here for the sex and the Entertainment stage.

How many had come hoping to witness an execution? How many had come hoping to get a chance to see a slut like me hang by my neck for them up on stage? It gave me the erotic shivers, and I quickly took another sip of my drink to steady my nerves.

“So what do you want to do first, Stew?” I asked as the liquid burned down my throat. “Want to play one of the roulette wheels for a bit… a little blackjack maybe? Wanna try one of the gambling machines? Or do you wanna go find one of the rooms and fuck?” Then I leaned in close as I added, “I sure could go for some ‘meat’, if you know what I mean.”

There was a burst of laughter near one of the bigger tables on the opposite side of the room. Then a bunch of people rose up. I stared in astonishment before I quickly gasped, “Duck down, Stew! Quick! Duck down and don’t look!”

“What, Janelle?”

“Damnit, Stew; duck down! It’s daddy!”

We both scrunched lower in our booth so as not to be seen. I could tell right away it was our father. He had an attractive brunette wrapped around his waist.

He and the other guys headed for the exit on the other side of the lounge with their dates. They went out the opening and were gone. I breathed a sigh of relief as I sat up straight.

“Ok, Stew. He’s gone. Whew; that was close!”

“Are you sure it was him, Janelle?” He sounded like he was a little anxious about us getting caught here at the club.

“Damn right, I’m sure! He had a sexy slut on his arm. For a second I thought he looked right at me.”

“Did he see us?”

“I don’t know, Stew. Maybe he didn’t. I didn’t see anything in his expression that indicated he saw us. He didn’t motion at me or anything. Your back was to him, but I got a good look, Stew. It was daddy all right.”

“What the hell is he doing here, Janelle?”

Stew turned to look, but the group was gone. Then he looked right at me. “Are you sure it was him, Janelle? Maybe it was some guy who looked like him.”

“C’mon, Stew. Let’s go have a look.”

We finished our drinks in one gulp. Then we got up and headed off in the direction they had gone. I had to lead the way as I was the one who had seen where they were going.

For a minute we lost them in the casino. I led Stew down an aisle and turned a corner. That’s when I saw a group heading for a hallway.

“That’s them!” I gasped as I pulled Stew back out of sight. When I took another look I saw they were all heading away. I grabbed Stew and pulled him along as we trailed after them.

We followed them down the hall at a discreet distance. They paused at a door before starting to go inside. Stew and I ducked out of sight around a corner before peering down the hall to look. That’s when we both saw daddy walk inside with that brunette on his arm. If he saw us, he gave no indication.

“Well?” I asked with my hands on my hips when they were all inside. “Is that daddy or isn’t it?”

“It sure as hell looked like him, Janelle. What the hell is he doing here??”

“Didn’t you hear the attendant in the foyer? She said there was a group of businessmen here. And she acted like maybe they were going to snuff somebody.” The idea of getting to witness an execution this early in the evening was getting me all excited.

I felt an erotic jolt knowing daddy was here in the club with us. I looked at Stew, but he had already read my expression. “Oh no, Janelle! I’m not hanging you while dad’s watching!”

“Aww, why not?”

“Are you crazy? He’d kill us both!”

“He can’t kill me if I’m already hanging for you, Stew.”

“Damn you, Janelle!”

“I wonder if there’s any way of seeing inside that room they all entered.”

“Seeing inside what room?”

We both turned to see an attendant standing there with an empty tray. Stewart stammered as he told her, “We were, uh… we were just curious about that room down there is all.”

“Oh, that’s our group of businessmen for the night. I think you can pull them up on a monitor in one of the sex rooms so long as the room is unlocked.”

“Unlocked?” I asked curiously.

“Unlocked… the cameras turned on so others in the club can watch on private monitors. There are monitors in the sex rooms as well as the snuff rooms.”

“I’m really curious, Stew. Let’s go have a look, ok? We’ll want a sex room anyway, right?”

“Ok, Janelle.” Then he asked the attendant, “Uh… which way to one of the sex rooms?”

“This way, sir,” she said with a smile. Then she led us off down the hall in the opposite direction.

We didn’t go too far before we found an empty room. Stew checked in with our pager. Then we followed the attendant inside.

The first thing she did was lead us over to a monitor on the wall to show us how to bring up any of the rooms in the club. She told us, “If they have it unlocked, it means anyone can view inside.” Then she brought up the room with the businessmen. “It seems they haven’t locked us out yet.”

There were three different screens showing views from three different camera angles. We saw daddy sitting at this really large conference table along with that brunette at his side. What caught my attention was a small stage with a stripper pole back along one wall.

“Let me know if you folks need anything else.” Then the attendant stepped out of the room and closed the door behind her.

Stewart and I looked at the monitor. But nothing was happening inside the room. It looked like they were just talking about how well their company had done during the year.

We sat on the bed where I reached out and started groping Stew’s bulge. It wasn’t long before I unzipped his fly and pulled him out. Then I started lubing his cock with my mouth as I bobbed up and down on it.

He gasped appreciatively as I gave him a really good blowjob with deliberate slurping noises. Then I told him I wanted it up my ass to start with. “I’ve been really naughty and slutty tonight, Stew. So I want you to fuck my ass good and hard.”

He grabbed my head and forced me to gag on his delicious meat. I loved the way he was treating me. Besides, I deserved it after teasing him relentlessly ever since we’d left the house.

He took my top off and started slapping my boobs as I gobbled him down. I just moaned like a bitch in heat. Then he observed, “It looks like they have a couple of strippers entering their room, Janelle.”

I glanced over at the monitor to see what was going on. Nothing was really happening just yet as they took up their positions on the stage. He slapped my tits again as he gagged me with his cock. Gawd, I was getting all hot and horny.

He roughly undressed me before telling me, “So you want it up the ass, eh?” I whimpered as he turned me around and bent me over the edge of the bed. That meant we both got to watch the monitor.

He pushed into my ass none too gentle. I cried out, “Oh FUCK!” as he rammed it in deep. Then he really started giving it to me good.

He fucked my ass as we watched the two women on the monitor start to ride the stripper pole in that conference room. Actually, it looked like a blond slut with big tits was riding it while a black haired bimbo molested her while helping to remove all her garments. Everyone else in the room seemed to be watching appreciatively.

Both bitches were soon nude and were nice to look at. But the action was starting to get boring. Then the slut with the black hair produced a dagger from seemingly out of nowhere. She displayed it as though it was part of the act.

I gasped as I told Stew, “Fuck; she’s got a knife! What the hell is she going to do with a knife??”

“Damned if I know, Janelle.” Now we were both curious.

Stew slowed down his thrusts up my ass as we paid a little closer attention to the girls on the monitor. The cameras were able to get good views of them together, the one dancing against the stripper pole while the other brandished the dagger. The girl fucking the pole either seemed oblivious to the weapon or she just didn’t care.

My heart started beating fast as the one holding the dagger began wiping the blade along big-tit’s skin. She just kept on dancing as though it was no big deal. But I noticed everyone else in the room seemed to be watching intently.

“Fuck, Stew; what’s going to happen next?”

“How the hell should I know, Janelle?” But I noticed he was starting to fuck me a little harder.

I got the impression something was definitely going to happen soon. But I didn’t know what. A moment later I jerked with a start the moment the black haired woman stabbed big-tits in the stomach… “FUCK, Stew! She just stabbed her in the gut!!”

There was an audible gasp in the room as everyone leaned forward. Big-tits grabbed the hands of her friend holding the knife. Then she slowly began to pull the dagger up her belly as though she was deliberately helping to gut herself!

I gasped again as I stared in astonishment. Stew understandably began fucking me harder. Was he really getting off on this?? I found it both horrific and arousing as hell.

Together the bitches dragged that dagger up big-tit’s stomach until it suddenly split open. I swear her intestines started spilling out. Then she seemed to stagger as…

Fucking hell! Was she cumming?? It looked like she was cumming!

I told Stew to fuck me harder, but he had already picked up the pace. That bitch with the opened belly looked like she was really orgasming. The other girl looked like she was helping hold her upright.

Were we watching a “death by dagger” show in that conference room? I couldn’t believe it! I reached down to furiously finger my cunt as Stew fucked my ass harder, the two of us gasping and murmuring our shock.

The black haired bitch suddenly withdrew the dagger. With one sharp slash she cut the neck of big-tits. The poor woman’s eyes flew open as the one who cut her was abruptly bathed in her blood spewing out of her severed neck.

For a moment she was still being held upright as she gurgled for her next breath. Her windpipe and a major artery must have been severed. A moment later the girl let big-tits crumple naked to the floor, writhing and spasming as she jerked in her death throes. I swear she was cumming the entire time. Hell, I think both of them were cumming!

I felt an erotic jolt as it swelled inside me. I screamed for Stew to fuck me really hard. But he was already ramming my ass with his cock.

I furiously fingered my clit as I cried out in orgasm. That’s when I felt Stew’s cock explode in my ass. A moment later big-tit’s eyes glazed over as she shuddered hard.

Stray muscles fired as she went into her final death twitches. There was a ton of blood covering the stage where she lay bleeding out. Then applause broke out in the conference room before one of the businessmen declared, “Thank you, Dorita. And thank you Lucille for volunteering to be tonight’s main dish for us here at the Club.”

(Aug 27 ’17)


Aug 24, 2013

Stew and I watched in amazement as some assistants walked into that conference room and cleaned up the mess. We both got up and went over to the table to sit down for a rest. It wasn’t long until an attendant came in with drinks for the both of us.

We each took one and downed almost half in one gulp. I really needed a drink after what I’d just seen. Stew seemed just as incredulous as I was, even after it was all over. It was as though the images were still fresh in our minds.

The conference room got boring, so we turned it off. We turned on a live feed of the Entertainment stage, but nothing was happening there either. The roulette wheel was going as people stood around it gambling away. But that was about it.

“Still want to hang?” Stew finally asked after we’d almost finished our drinks.

“Yes… no… fuck; I don’t know! That was so crazy, Stew… and yet it was so fucking hot! I think what I really need right now is a good, hard fucking.”

He looked at me for a second as though asking with his eyes if I wanted to be fucked by him. That’s when I suggested we wander around the club and check out some of the other rooms. I told him, “This is my last night, Stew. Do you suppose we could go around and find others to fuck before I hang for you?”

“What have you got in mind, Janelle?”

“I don’t know, Stew. Maybe we could find another couple. Or how about if we find a female to play with for a while? You could fuck her while she fucks me. Would you like to see some sexy bitch fuck your dear, sweet sister?”

He looked at me and his eyes lit up. “Damn, Janelle. That sounds kind of hot.”

“What if we find a bunch of guys for a gangbang, Stew? Imagine one of them popping my sensor. That way I’d have to give them all a final performance in the noose up on the Entertainment stage. What do you think about that?”

“Damn, sis. It sounds like you want it all!”

“Why not, Stew? If this is going to be my last night, why not go out in style? Can you imagine anything hotter than me hanging up onstage with cum leaking out of my cunt and ass from a bunch of other guys? I’m getting really turned on just thinking about it!”

“So you want me to pimp you out while I watch?”

“Fuck; that would be hot!”

We both looked at the door, half expecting visitors at any moment. I wanted to be used like a whore before I danced in the noose for Stew. But no one came in to fuck me.

“What do you think, Janelle?” Stewart asked as he stood up. He got a couple of bags to carry our clothes around. Then he suggested we go around and look for some action if there wasn’t any taking place in our room.

I thought about the conference room, and it put a worried look on my face. “Stew, what about dad? What if he catches us? What if he wants to send us home?”

“I suppose we could try to be careful moving around the casino. If we stick to these back rooms we should be ok for a while. I’m just wondering what he will do if he catches us going to the Entertainment stage and wants to stop us.” He paused before carefully asking, “Are you SURE you want to hang for me tonight?”

“Sometimes I wonder about that, Stew. But then I remember that sexy bitch in that conference room being stabbed. She acted as though she wanted it, and that’s what made it extra hot for me. So I want to stick around a while, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“What if your sensor pops, sis?”

In response I just grabbed an imaginary noose and pulled it upward as though it was around my throat. I tilted my head sideways and then stuck my tongue out while acting as though I was rasping for breath. I did it for a couple of seconds before grinning at him.

Stew rolled his eyes and shook his head. He went and checked the hall to see if the coast was clear. Then we snuck out of our room wearing club robes while carrying our clothes in a couple of bags. I was really hoping to find someone else to fuck, just to have some fun before I did my airdance for Stewart.

We found an occupied room three doors down. The door indicated there was a couple inside and that it was open for anyone to join. So Stew used our pager to open it up.

When we stepped inside we saw a middle-aged couple lying in bed kissing and caressing each other. Stew was apologetic as he told them, “I’m sorry. The door said we could come in and join you.”

“Come on in,” the woman with brown hair down to her shoulders told us, smiling as she waved us to come closer. She had nice tits that were a bit larger than mine. Then she invitingly patted the bed as she told her companion, “The more the merrier; right, Jerry?”

“That’s right,” he responded with a smile. “I’m Jerry, and this is my wife Haley. We love to entertain.” Then he looked at us before carefully observing, “You two look like you’re not much older than 20.”

“Pretty close,” I told them with a smile. “We just wanted to come to the Club for a night of fucking. We don’t really care who we do it with.” I decided not to reveal to them my true motives.

His wife told me, “Honey, you look good enough to eat.” Then Haley smiled at Stew as she asked, “Mind if I have a sample of your…?”

“I’m Stewart and this is my girlfriend Janelle. You can sample her all you want.”

I almost chuckled at the lie. I guess Stew didn’t want to tell them we were brother and sister. I suspected they might figure it out anyway if they paid any attention at all.

I dropped my robe as well as my bag of clothes before crawling naked into their bed. Haley began kissing me right away. She had the softest lips, and it set my pussy on fire.

We started making out with each other; touching, fondling and caressing every body part imaginable. Haley invited Stew to get into the bed right next to her as she kissed me deeply. He started rubbing her all over as Jerry got real handsy with me. It was incredibly erotic.

Haley got me flat on my back. Then she went down between my legs and started eating me out as Stew and Jerry licked and sucked on my nipples. Damn, that was hot!

She fucked me with her fingers as she nibbled on my nub. It wasn’t long until I was writhing and moaning. “We just love young blood,” Jerry breathed before he went back to work on one of my nipples.

It wasn’t long before she had me wriggling and squirming and crying out. A couple minutes later she tongued an orgasm right out of me. It was loud, intense and satisfying.

We changed places so I could eat her out while the guys sucked on her nipples. I wasn’t used to licking girls, although I thought I knew what I was doing. I must have been doing something right because she started gasping, “Fuck… gawd… FUCK; DON’T STOP!” Then she really went off, screaming in orgasm. It was incredibly sexy the way I made her cum like that.

We ended up flat on our backs side by side, Jerry eating me out as Stew worked on her muff. We turned and kissed each other while occasionally touching each other. The guys both got us to pop off in orgasm again while using their tongues.

We shifted places so Stew and Jerry were flat on their backs while we sucked their cocks. I did Jerry while she did Stew. It was so fucking awesome seeing another woman suck my brother’s dick.

Haley panted as she told Stew, “Now I want you to fuck me!”

“Ok,” he replied. “Let me get a condom.”

“Oh hell no! I want to feel you cum inside me!”

“Works for me!” I said with a grin as I climbed onto Jerry and impaled myself on his cock without any protection. I was planning on hanging anyway, so a popped sensor was no big deal to me.

Haley climbed onto Stew, and we rode those dicks cowgirl while panting, moaning and whimpering like crazy. It was so fucking sexy fucking another couple like that. It was even hotter knowing us girls weren’t using condoms.

It wasn’t long until my mind started to go crazy. I imagined Haley and I popping our sensors and being forced to hang together. Or maybe they would have to behead us as we faced each other in the guillotines. I wanted to hang, but I decided I might be open to a sexy beheading if the situation called for it.

After a while we climbed off and changed positions so the guys could fuck us from behind. We ended up kissing each other while we both got a good shafting. It was super-hot, and I had one hell of an orgasm before we wound things down.

After we were finished, an attendant brought in drinks and I had something that was refreshing. Afterwards we thanked them for a really great time. They told us to come back to their room anytime we wanted. Then we put on our robes and got our clothes. We told them we had a lot of fun and that we’d be more than willing to come back later if things worked out.

We were almost to the door when Haley loudly declared, “Boyfriend and girlfriend, eh? If I didn’t know any better I’d swear you were brother and sister.” There was a knowing smile on her face.

Stew nervously asked, “Would that bother you if we were?”

“Not at all,” Jerry replied with a grin. “It’s going to be a hot story when we tell our friends back home how we fucked a brother and sister at the Club. You two wouldn’t by any chance be doing it with each other, would you?”

I smiled as I coyly responded, “We don’t kiss and tell.”

“That means they are,” Haley laughed, seeing right through me. “Fuck; that’s even hotter knowing we fucked an incestuous brother and sister!”

They waved goodbye as we walked out the door in our robes with our bags of clothes in hand. We looked up and down the hall, but there was no sign of daddy. Then I exhaled as I told Stew, “That was really hot!”

“What do you want to do now, sis?”

“I don’t know, Stew. I was kind of exhausted at first. But now I’m starting to get my second wind.”

“Me too. I guess we can go down the hall and check the other rooms if you want.”

We went down the hall, but the two rooms we found were “closed”. I guess whoever was inside didn’t want any visitors. I decided not to take it personal.

We checked some of the other hallways. We found the snuff rooms and opened up an empty one. Seeing the noose dangling in the middle of the room made my breath catch in my throat.

“Want to check this one out, sis?” Stew asked with a grin.

“Gawd; we’d better not, Stew. I don’t want to get carried away, not when the night is still young.” I was afraid my desires might overpower my senses and that I might convince Stewart in the heat of the moment to take me all the way.

We walked to the opening into the casino and looked inside. A lot of machines were in use; hardly anyone looked at us. But I felt a little self-conscious standing there in our robes. So we headed back down the hall.


Aug 24, 2013
(ch4 continued)

We were back among the sex rooms checking doors when we saw a couple coming down the hall in our direction. The woman was a sexy redhead in a slinky black dress. The guy wearing the nice shirt and slacks was bald and muscular.

They must have been in their late thirties. But there was something about them that made me shudder. They both excited and frightened me, causing my breath to catch in my throat.

“Hi, kids,” the redhead asked with a seductive smile. “What are you two doing back here?”

“We were, uh… checking out rooms, I guess.” I don’t know why I was so flustered.

“Looking to have a little fun? Would you like some company?”

I looked at Stew and he looked at me. “Up do you, Janelle.”

I told them, “Sure; why not? I’m here to get fucked anyway; right?”

“Ever been with a woman?” she asked as they came closer.

“I recently gave one an orgasm with my tongue,” I said proudly.

“Is that so? Got enough energy left inside to replicate that feat?” Then she kissed me so deeply I nearly dropped my bag as my pussy got wet.

The bald guy opened the door with his pager and we went inside. The room looked like it hadn’t been used. It made me wonder if they’d come in previously and cleaned it or if we were the first ones to be using it that evening.

She sat on the bed and in a seductive voice purred, “Show me what you got, kiddo.” So I started kissing and groping her. When I looked around for Stewart I saw he and the bald guy had taken up a couple chairs to watch.

I slowly peeled her out of that dress while kissing and caressing her. There was something about her that really made me hot. When she started moaning, that turned me on even more.

She had a sexy lacy bra and panties that I pulled off. I sucked on her nipples before kissing my way down to her crotch. Seeing how wet I was making her turned me on even more… “Yeah… fuck yeah… damn, kiddo; you’re good!”

I thrust my fingers into her wet pussy while nibbling on her nub. She started gasping as she stiffened… “Yes – yes – yes!” Then she went off in orgasm.

After that it was my turn. I laid on the bed as she began kissing me and licking me out. That’s when her bald companion undressed and got into bed naked with us.

He knelt close to my head, so I grabbed his cock and started tugging it. Then I sucked him into full hardness. The sexy redhead made it hard to catch my breath as I took that cock into my mouth.

She licked me until I cried out in orgasm with a mouthful of cock. Then she pulled me off the bed. “Now you can suck Melvin’s cock, kiddo. I want you to get it ready to fuck you!”

I went to work sucking on her companion’s cock, getting more and more excited at the thought of him fucking me. I glanced over at Stew to see he had shed his robe and was stroking his dick. It looked like he was all turned on watching me.

Things took a dramatic change when the redhead went to a closet. When she returned she had a set of cuffs in her hand while she was attaching a large strap-on around her waist. I felt an erotic jolt when I saw that.

“You don’t mind, do you?” she asked Stew. He just smiled and shook his head… “No, I don’t mind.” That’s when she cuffed my wrists behind my back. Then she and Melvin stood up with me kneeling between them.

“Suck our cocks, kiddo! Get them all wet and ready for your pussy and ass!”

I went back and forth, although it was a little hard since I wasn’t able to use my hands. They guided my head, forcing me a lot which really turned me on. Then she made Melvin sit on the bed as I sucked him off. That’s when she came up behind me, slid that strap-on into my cunt and started fucking me with it.

Fuck; what a rush! I couldn’t believe how sexy it was the way she was dominating me. Stew just sat there the whole time, his cock hard in his hand.

She fucked me really hard for a few minutes. Then she made me turn around on my knees and suck my juices off her strap-on. She had a hand in my hair, forcing me as she really gave it to me good.

She turned me around, and it was back to sucking Melvin while she fucked me from behind. That’s when I heard her voice in my ear… “Don’t you fucking cum yet, kiddo!” I gasped and whimpered… it just wasn’t fair!

She made me climb onto the bed with Melvin where I straddled him before I proceeded to impale myself on his cock. She climbed on and made me suck her strap-on while I was riding him. I gagged and grunted while she hissed, “Ride him, Kiddo! Suck my dick and ride him! But don’t you dare fucking cum!”

That went on for several minutes until she forced me down on top of him with his cock still inside me. I felt her push into my ass from behind with that strap-on. Then she told me, “Now we’re going to sandwich you so we can see how well you can take it, kiddo.” That’s when they really started pounding me.

I cried out as they fucked me good and hard. I begged her to let me cum, but she refused. That’s when Melvin wrapped his hands around my throat.

I squawked as I heard the redhead ask Stewart, “She doesn’t mind a little asphyxia, does she?”

“Not at all” was his sadistic reply. Was he getting back at me for wanting him to hang me?

Melvin choked me harder as she fucked my ass with that strap-on. I had to fight like hell to hold it back. My voice rasped as I kept on begging, “Can I cum? Please, can I cum??” But Melvin just choked my breath off.

My body was on fire as I grunted and groaned. Then she hissed into my ear, “Now you can cum as I fuck your ass, kiddo!” That’s when I went off like a rocket as she rammed my ass good and hard.

I was just coming down off my high when she pulled out of me. She laid down on the bed and made me climb on, impaling my pussy on her strap-on. “Ride me, kiddo!” she demanded as she reached up and mauled my tits.

I bounced up and down as I gasped for breath. She let me do that for a few minutes before she told Melvin to climb aboard and fuck my ass in another sandwich. He climbed on behind me and slowly pushed his cock up my butt until I was double-stuffed again.

She hissed, “Don’t you dare fucking cum, kiddo!” Then she reached up and grabbed my throat, choking me off as they double-teamed me. I gasped and grunted like crazy, desperate to obey and hold it back.

For a minute I thought she was really going to choke me out. It was a little scary… and yet it was so fucking hot. Then she hissed, “Cum for us, you fucking whore!”

Treating me like that quickly pushed me right over the edge. I rasped and shuddered in orgasm as my whole body quivered and shook. I felt an incredible heat rush through me; it was absolutely unbelievable!

When I came crashing down from my high, Melvin pulled out of my ass. My hands flexed weakly behind my back. Then Melvin helped me off the redhead.

She turned toward Stewart and waved him over. “Now I want to ride your cock, baby!” The poor guy had been watching the whole time and looked like he was more than ready to pop.

She made him lie down flat on his back on the bed. She straddled him reverse cowgirl, slowly impaling him with her ass. She made Melvin push me close so I could eat out her dripping pussy while tending to her swollen nub. Then she had him fuck my ass again.

You have no idea how hot that was. Stew looked like he was having one hell of a good time with his cock up her butt. I slobbered all over her wet pussy while Melvin gave my ass a really hard pounding.

Once more I was told I wasn’t allowed to cum. Melvin wrapped his hands around my throat from behind. Then the redhead really started riding Stew as she told me to lick her muff like a good little whore.

I rasped and gurgled as I tried using my tongue. It must have gotten her off seeing my face so red. I even heard her tell my brother he could cum up her ass anytime.

Stew let out a cry as he finally got to unload his balls up her butt. She screamed, “FUCK; I’M CUMMING!” as I furiously tongued her while getting pounded from behind. Then she told me, “Now you can cum, you fucking whore!”

I tried to scream, but Melvin’s hands nearly closed off my throat. I shuddered so hard I got dizzy and disoriented. Then I felt his hot spunk up my ass, and I went right into another cum.

We all finally calmed down while kissing and making out with each other. Melvin pulled out of my ass, got the keys and released me from the cuffs. The redhead kissed me and told me it was a hell of a lot of fun fucking me the way she did. Then they got a couple of robes, got their clothes all bagged up, and left.

Stew and I laid in bed for a while until an attendant came in with a tray of drinks. It was just what I needed. We both got up naked and took a couple glasses from her. She didn’t seem to mind seeing our nudity.

We sat at the table sipping our drinks while talking about what had just happened to us. Stewart asked what I thought, and I had to tell him how hot it was being fucked and dominated like that. Then I told him I now wanted to dominate another female just like that.

We both took a quick shower to wash the sex off our bodies. Then we got our bags of clothes. We put on our robes before Stew checked the hall to see if the coast was clear before we exited the room.

We didn’t find any open rooms down the sex hallway. So we tried some snuff rooms. We found one that was open indicating two women were inside.

I got all excited thinking we might get to have some fun with these two. I told Stewart I might even let him hang one of them if we thought we could get away with it. I knew we probably couldn’t because they didn’t belong to us. But it was fun getting Stew all worked up as he used his pager to let us inside.

What we saw when we stepped inside made us gasp in astonishment. One sexy blonde with larger tits was all strapped down in the electric chair, with those metal posts up both her holes and wires on her nipples and clit. An attractive brunette was tied spread-eagled to the bed. They both had ball-gags in their mouths as they grunted at our arrival.

Stewart was incredulous. “Damn, sis! They’re all set up and ready for us! You mean we get to play with them just like this?”

“Sure looks like it!” I gasped excitedly as I eyed the blonde in the chair. “Maybe I’ll fry this one while you fuck the other one. Then we can cut off one head using the guillotine over there while we hang the other.”

They both stiffened as they grunted in alarm. I didn’t really intend to do that to them as I just wanted to scare them. But I sure as hell loved the way they reacted.

“Any restrictions?” I asked as I saw my brother climb into bed and start kissing and groping that one.

“I didn’t see any in the door panel, Janelle.”

“That means you can fuck her without using a condom, right?”

“I suppose so, sis.”

“Just look at them, Stew! I think they’re sisters!” There certainly was a family resemblance.

I found the remote to the chair lying on the little table for anyone to use. I grabbed it with a wicked smile, pointing it at my victim as I slowly powered up the current. The one in the chair began wriggling and squirming deliciously.

Stewart pawed and groped the other one until he got hard and had to empty his balls. He left her all tied up and gagged as he climbed on top. He stuck his dick in her and started fucking her good and hard as I jolted her sister.

It was erotic as hell frying that woman in the chair. I hit her with the juice until she had a really sexy orgasm. Then I powered the chair down before doing it to her all over again.

Stewart took his time with her sister, telling me how nice and tight she was and that she was a good, hot fuck. I loved seeing him give it to her good. He even made her cum, the lucky bitch.

I was right in the middle of giving the one in the chair another really good jolt of electricity when her sister gave out a cry of pain from the bed. “Damn, Stew! What the hell did you do to her??”

“Nothing, Janelle! I was just fucking her!” Then he slowly pulled out of her, only to gasp in surprise.

“Fuck, sis! This one just popped her sensor!”

“What? Are you fucking kidding me??”

The girl in the chair looked at her sister in alarm. I gasped, “Damn, Stew! Are you serious?? You’re not pulling my leg, are you?”

“Take a look, Janelle!” Sure enough, her sensor had popped out of her bellybutton and was now glowing a bright red.

“Damn, Stew! That’s so fucking hot! What do we do with them now?”

“How the hell should I know, sis?” And with that neither one of us knew what else to say.

It was incredible! We were in a room with two sisters, and now one of them just had popped her sensor! All I know is it gave me one hell of an erotic buzz knowing one of them had just been condemned to die in the Club…

(Sep 23 ’17)


Aug 24, 2013

The girls whimpered through their ball-gags, anxiously looking at each other and then looking at us as though wondering what we were going to do to them. But we weren’t going to do anything to them! After all, they didn’t belong to us.

Stewart finally broke the silence by asking, “Uh, Janelle? Shouldn’t we be going now?”

“I want to stay, Stew. I want to watch the one on the bed get snuffed by whoever she belongs to.” She looked at me in alarm as the one in the electric chair grunted her distress.

“You think they’ll let us stay once they get back, sis?”

“I don’t see why not.” Then I gave him a hopeful look as I added, “Maybe they’ll let us help execute her.” That got them both to whimpering again as they squirmed uncomfortably.

“I wonder who they are, Janelle.”

“Why don’t you go check the door, Stew? Besides, I see a red light blinking over there.”

“Does that mean the door knows when a sensor has popped?”

“Maybe. I suppose you can go check and… hey, another one just came on… and it’s green!”

Stew turned to look in astonishment. “Damn. I wonder what that means, sis.” Then he got up and went over to take a closer look.

“The door says one of them is named Dorothy while the other is named Emma. Which is which?”

“They kinda look like sisters to me, Stew. Can’t you see the family resemblance?”

“Yeah, I guess they do look like sisters.” That’s when the one in the chair grunted as she nodded her head.

“You’re sisters?” I asked her. She grunted and nodded. “Are you Dorothy?” She nodded again. “Well, Stew, I guess that answers that.”

“I think something’s wrong, sis. This light is definitely flashing green. Do we owe more money?”

“Pay ‘em if you have to, Stew! I want to watch them execute Emma. I sure hope they hang her. I want to see a hanging for sure!” The one on the bed grunted anxiously at my words.

Stewart waved our pager over the door. I was happy to see the green light go out as I assumed that meant we owed more money. But the red light remained on.

“Did that do it, Stew? Did you give them more money to allow us to stay in here longer?”

“I just waved the pager over the panel, sis.” Then he looked at it for a second before blurting out, “Hey; this can’t be right! My pager says they now belong to us!”

“What?? That’s crazy!”

I went over to look at the pager in his hand. Sure enough, it indicated they were now under our control. But it showed there were no funds of any kind associated with them. I thought they were supposed to earn money getting fucked in these rooms!

“Are they broke, Stew?? How the hell are they broke? Are we responsible for ‘em now?”

“I don’t know, Janelle.”

“Have we got enough money to support the both of them?”

“I don’t know.”

The door suddenly opened, causing us to jump with a start. My heart leaped into my throat as an attendant walked into the room. “Damn, lady! You nearly scared the shit out of us bursting in like that!”

“I’m sorry, folks. I was a little occupied with Club matters, but I came as soon as I could. My name is Nicole.”

I motioned at the sisters before asking, “What’s going on? What do we do with these two? Our pager says they belong to us now.” I was aware we were all nude in the room except her. Amazingly she said nothing about our nakedness.

“I thought there might be some confusion, Miss, so I came right over. In a nutshell: yes, they belong to you now… that is if you want them.”

“If we want them??”

“The gentlemen who came in with them earlier were playing poker. They just lost everything on that last hand, including these two and all their earnings. I suppose in a certain respect that means they now belong to the Club. But since you two were in here and paid to spend time with them, you have the first option of keeping them or turning them back over to the Club.”

“But that one popped her sensor!” I told her with growing excitement. “That means…”

“…she has to be executed. That’s right; it certainly does.”

“You mean we get to snuff her ourselves??” I was stunned.

“That’s right.”

“You mean… we can hang her right in this very room if we want??” Now I was looking up at the noose as a surge of incredible excitement began to shudder through me. On the bed Emma grunted at my enthusiasm in growing horror, her eyes wide with fright.

“You’re entitled to execute both of them if you so desire. But yes, that one definitely has to die” and she pointed out a naked Emma lying tied spread-eagled on the bed who wriggled and whimpered with fright. Her sister let out a grunt of alarm as she watched, still helplessly strapped down to the electric chair.

Stew looked just as confused as I was. So I asked, “What about the guys they belong to… I mean… the guys who came in with them?”

“Oh they’ve already left the Club. So you don’t have to worry about them getting any money and returning to fetch them. They belong to you now. If you don’t want them or can’t afford them, they revert back to the Club. But since one of them must be executed, your funds on hand should be good enough for a while to cover you and the other one.”

“And we can hang both of them if we want??” Now my pussy was starting to moisten with anticipation as they grunted their distress at my words.

“Yes… if that’s your wish.”

“Wow!” Then I excitedly turned to my brother and told him, “Stew, I want to hang this one for sure!”

“It’s ok with me, Janelle. Her sensor popped so she has to die anyway.”

“That’s what I thought. So I want her to hang for us before I put on my own dance of death for you later.”

Emma grunted her fright from the bed as she shook her head no. Her sibling in the chair whimpered over the predicament her sister now found herself in. That’s when I got really excited as I told the attendant, “Ok. Let’s take ‘em to the Entertainment stage! We’ll hang the one on the bed first. That one is named Emma, right? Then we’ll see what we’re going to do about her sister.”

Stewart gave me a funny look. “Janelle? Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Forgetting what, Stew?”

“Dad’s in the Club.”

I stared at him for a moment as I deflated a little… “Oh yeah.” Then I asked the attendant, “Wait; we can hang her in here, right?”

“Of course. This is a snuff room, and you can use anything in here you want to snuff one or the both of them.”

“That might be better...” Stewart started to say. But I stopped him as I thought more about it.

“Wait a minute. I think she should hang up onstage in front of everybody, Stew. After all, we only got them because we were in the room kinda by accident. They sorta belong to the Club anyway. So I think the Club would love a public execution. Am I right, Nicole?”

“Yes, you’re right. The Club would certainly benefit from a public execution. But the choice is entirely up to you.”

“Janelle, maybe we’d better hang her in here where dad can’t see us.” Then he paused before giving the attendant a worried look.

“Oh yeah; I forgot. They can see into our room. Can we turn off the cameras? …I mean, so the other rooms can’t see the hanging until later… like ‘go private’ or something until after the hanging?” Poor Emma writhed and grunted each time we talked about her impending demise.

“Yes, sir; we’re set up for that. I could help arrange that for you if you want.”

“Wait a minute, Stew! She’s got to be executed anyway; right, Nicole? Daddy can’t stop us because she has to be executed! Stew, don’t you think we should hang her up on stage for everybody to see? I think that would be so hot hanging her up onstage in front of the whole Club.” Once more Emma grunted her distress at my words as her sister Dorothy writhed and whimpered in the chair.

“Janelle, what about dad?”

“He can’t stop a Club hanging; right, Nicole?”

“No, Miss; he can’t. Her sensor has popped so she has to be executed one way or the other.”

“Maybe it’ll be ok, Stew. I want to hang her live up onstage in front of everybody.” Then I asked Nicole, “Would it… I mean… would I be able to… to help with the hanging? Could I be up onstage when you hang her?”

The attendant smiled as she answered, “I think that can be arranged. We like to encourage our clients to enjoy themselves during an execution.” Then she paused before looking at the both of us.

“There seems to be some question as to where you want to carry out the hanging. I can tell you this. If you would like to hang her onstage, we’re prepared to offer you an additional $5,000 in credit to be used here at the Club anytime you want or to take home whatever’s left over when you leave.”

I looked at my brother in astonishment. $5,000?? That was a windfall neither one of us had anticipated! “Stew, let’s do it! We’ll deal with daddy if we see him; ok?”

He’d been hesitant throughout our discussion with the attendant. But her offer seemed to settle it for him. He finally nodded it was ok. If we were going to get a little extra spending cash, it was worth the risk of running into daddy during the execution.

“Great! Stew, let’s get them loose and headed out to the Entertainment stage. I really want to watch this one hang.” I pointed at the sister named Emma lying naked tied spread-eagled on the bed who whimpered again with fright as she looked helplessly in my direction.

Nicole offered to help us get them ready. I let her assist me in freeing Dorothy from the chair as Stewart got Emma untied from the bed. Dorothy looked pale while Emma was positively ashen.

I asked for suggestions from Nicole as to how we should get them out there. She asked if we wanted to parade them through the casino wearing robes or in the nude. “Oh, definitely naked!” I gasped excitedly. Both of them whimpered at that.

“Bound or free?” the attendant continued.

“Can we tie their arms behind their backs? I think a little bondage would make it look so sexy!” That idea sounded really hot.

Stew just smiled at me as Nicole responded by retrieving a couple lengths of rope to tie their wrists behind their backs. When we were done she asked, “Ball-gags in or out, Miss?”

“In!” I declared. “I just love ‘em in those ball-gags!” They whimpered again as their faces turned red with embarrassment.

“I’ll let Monique know we’re coming,” the attendant said as she went over to the door.

She did something to the panel as Stew and I put robes on. I was so amazed the way Nicole didn’t once react to our nudity. Then Stewart came over and quietly asked, “What about dad?”

“What about him, Stew? He can’t stop the hanging, can he? We get to do to them whatever we want, right? He’ll have to wait until we’re done with them. Besides, maybe everything will be ok.”

“I hope so.”

“Oh, don’t be such a worry-wart!”

Nicole came over to us from the door. She checked our captives to make sure they looked ready before smiling at us. “Monique has been alerted at the Entertainment stage. Now I take it you’d like something of a display when we take them out. Would that be an accurate assessment?”

“We sure would!” I replied. The idea of displaying them throughout the Club bound and naked seemed like just the way to add to their sexy humiliation.

“Then how about if I lead you there? I know just the route to give them the most exposure so everyone will know there’s going to be an execution up onstage.”

“That sounds great!”

Stewart looked at me for a long moment before shaking his head in resignation. He knew better than to resist my wishes. Besides, I usually got my way whenever I set my mind on something.


Aug 24, 2013
(ch 5 continued - another long one *sigh*)

Nicole led us out of the room and down a hall. I got worried when she led us back toward the foyer. Then we entered the casino from the front part of the building. That’s when I realized we had an even longer walk to the Entertainment stage.

I got real excited as I marched Emma forward while Stew escorted Dorothy. I was already thinking about what they might let me do to Emma up onstage. Strangely all those eyes we saw looking at us as we paraded through the casino only turned me on even more.

There was a red glow up in the ceiling. That seemed to get us a few more looks. Those who were too absorbed in gambling at their machines couldn’t be bothered to give us a single glance.

I started worrying about daddy the closer we got. But I figured he had to let us stay and finish off the sisters… well, at least one of them. We’d become responsible for them now, and I was determined to make sure we snuffed the one whose sensor had popped. I figured we’d decide what to do with the other one later.

A crowd was starting to gather when we showed up. There were people over at the roulette wheel, but the gambling looked like it had stopped as they all watched us approach. One attendant manned the wheel while the other in sexy black domination garb came over to greet us as we approached.

“Good evening, folks. My name’s Monique. Nicole alerted me to the situation. The Club is thankful you chose a public execution.”

“We’re really excited about it; right, Stew?” But when I looked at him I saw I was more excited than he was, especially the way he was looking all around us. Maybe he still had daddy on his mind.

“So how do you folks wish to proceed?”

“Well, Monique; we’d like to hang this one.”

I pulled Emma forward by her arm as she let out a muffled cry of alarm. Monique smiled as she looked her up and down. “I think that’s a lovely choice, Miss. This one will put on a great hanging for our guests.”

“Can I ask a question, Monique?”


“Could I… I mean… could I help? Could I come up onstage and, uh… is that allowed?”

“Miss, I’d be honored if you’d like to assist me. Do you mind being nude up onstage? I believe the guests would enjoy seeing you naked while you’re interacting with the condemned.”

“Really? I can go up with you?”

All she had to do was smile and nod at me to get me to drop my robe right then and there. Immediately there were cheers, whistles and catcalls all around me. I blushed at all the attention, but I loved it. Stew shook his head with a smile at how excited and brazen I’d become.

Monique instructed me to follow her with Emma in tow as she headed for the steps to the stage. I felt an erotic jolt at the buzzing of the gathering spectators. A lot of people were going to be watching, and I got the shivers something fierce.

Emma let out a grunt and a whimper of alarm as Monique led us right over to the gallows. She went over to the control panel and lowered the noose until it was within reach. Then I glanced back at the crowd.

Stewart and Dorothy were in front with a great view of the stage. He looked like he was starting to get a little excited. I figured he might since he enjoyed hanging me back home.

Meanwhile Dorothy was becoming more and more horrified at what was about to happen to her sister. She stood there naked and ashamed with her arms tied behind her back and that ball-gag in her mouth. She couldn’t even cry out to her sister Emma, and it made her look sexy as hell, especially the way her nipples really stuck out.

Monique gave me the noose and instructed me to loop it around Emma’s neck. The poor girl trembled as I brought it down around her head. Her eyes were wide with fright, and she’d gone deathly pale.

“That’s the way,” Monique told me with a smile as I adjusted the noose. “Honey, you’re good at this.”

In a quiet voice I told her, “That’s because I’ve hanged for my brother back home.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m hoping to hang for him later tonight. Maybe we’ll come back to the stage and do it publicly in front of everyone.”

“Honey, I’d really enjoy that if you did.”

“Would you be the one to hang me?”

“Honey, it would be my honor and privilege.”

I felt another erotic jolt as my breath caught in my throat. Emma whimpered as Monique went over and used the controls to take most of the slack out. Then she came back over with what looked like a little remote control.

“Would you like to do the honors, Miss…?”

“My name’s Janelle?”

“Would you like to do the honors, Miss Janelle?”

I gasped with delight as I happily accepted the remote from her. She told me to wait a moment. Then she took a couple steps forward to address the crowd that had gathered.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Janelle has graciously consented to serve tonight as our special guest executrix.”

She motioned at me during the applause, cheers and sexy whistles and catcalls that came my way. Then she turned back to me. “I’ll just stand over here if you need me. Go right ahead.”

“Thanks! Can I do anything I want?”

“Anything you want, honey.”

“Can I like… touch and caress her?”

“Anything you want, honey.”

Wow! That gave me another erotic jolt like you wouldn’t believe. The idea of groping and fondling Emma before I hanged her was an added thrill.

I checked the remote, pointed it right at her and then started to make the noose pull her up. I stopped it right as it took her up onto her toes. I left her there as she let out a muffled gurgle, her eyes wide with fright.

She looked so fucking sexy that I just couldn’t resist. I went over to her and started caressing her all over. Her nipples were hard, and I couldn’t resist rubbing and caressing her sexy boobs.

She shuffled around as she grunted and whimpered. She was so sexy standing there up on her toes. I was incredibly horny touching her and rubbing her all over.

I glanced over at Monique to see if what I was doing was ok. She smiled and nodded… “You’re doing just fine, honey.” I smiled back at her before I started kissing and sucking on Emma’s painfully erect nipples.

She grunted and moaned through her ball-gag. She looked so fucking sexy that I could hardly stand myself. She looked like she was scared and ashamed, pleading with her eyes for me to take her back down and let her go.

I squeezed her ass and groped her tits, enjoying the way she was trembling. That’s when I realized how wet I was. It made me wonder if her pussy was wet as well.

I reached down and fingered her just to see what she would do. I felt her pussy clench around my wriggling fingers. She was really wet, and she whimpered again as she shuffled around.

I was so horny that I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I pointed the remote right at Emma. Then I pushed the button as I gasped, “You’re making me so fucking hot, Emma! I’ve got to hang you right now!”

Her eyes flew open in horror as her feet left the floor. I stopped her when she was about four inches off the ground. That’s when the excitement swelled within me.

At first her feet fluttered for the floor. It was right there just out of reach. Then her legs began to kick as she started scissoring her legs back and forth.

Her struggles intensified as she fought against the noose. I felt the excitement swell inside me as she twisted and gyrated. She was putting on one hell of a show!

She stiffened as her feet fluttered for the floor again. Then once more her legs scissored as she swung back and forth. I could see drool leaking out around that ball-gag in her mouth to spill onto her tits.

I heard her rasp and gurgle as she tried to breathe. The more she kicked, the tighter the noose became. She was wearing a thick one around her throat, making me hopeful her dance would last several minutes.

All of the sudden she threw her chest out. Then she started fucking the air, humping and thrusting. I got the impression she was trying to fuck everyone in the room. Damn; what a thrill!

There was another gurgle for breath as she thrust outward with her crotch. Then I saw a spray of fluid. I let out a cry as I climaxed right then and there, so turned on that she’d orgasmed right there in the noose.

Instinctively I dropped between her legs onto my knees, helping to lift her legs up over my shoulders. I buried my face in her snatch and eagerly started feasting on her dripping fluids. I was totally oblivious to everything around but the sexy hangee strangling to death right in front of me.

She tried to clench with her thighs… tried to use me and my head to lift herself up to ease the strain around her neck. She humped my face as I thrust my tongue deep in her pussy. I could feel her clenching around it, and it drove me wild.

She thrust her chest out and started humping again. I fell over backward until I was lying flat on my back right in front of her. When Emma started fucking the air again I jammed my fingers in my throbbing cunt and fucked myself silly until we both orgasmed at just about the same time.

I heard cheers and excited cries behind me. I was dimly aware we were being watched the entire time. But I only had eyes for Emma’s sexy, dying body.

She settled down again until she gently swung back and forth. By this time I could see her neck was actually starting to stretch. She looked so fucking sexy that I just couldn’t help myself.

Once more I went in between her legs on my knees. I rested them on my shoulders, but she didn’t have the strength to use me to lift herself up. Then I feasted on her dripping pussy again.

I tasted a mixture of cum and urine, but I didn’t care. I fucked her hole with my tongue and was able to detect a faint clenching of her twat. But that was about the only response I got from her, other than a few muscles twitches and spasms.

Her pussy quivered as I licked and probed. That’s when I fell over backward again and masturbated unashamedly while looking up at her. I noticed a few more muscle twitches from her sexy, naked body. Then I saw a trickle of urine running down her leg to dribble onto the floor.

That did it for me as I went off in orgasm again. I was dimly aware of the crowd cheering behind me. But the orgasm was so intense that I got all disoriented.

When I regained my senses and looked up I saw Monique bending over me with a huge smile on her face. “That was so sexy, Miss Janelle.” Then she reached down to give me a hand.

She helped pull me to my feet to wild applause. Emma gently swung back and forth, her naked body slowly twisting in one direction and then the other. That’s when I became aware of the guests clapping behind me.

“Better turn to acknowledge your admirers, honey.”

I turned and saw everyone cheering. Stewart had his hand under his robe as though he’d just been masturbating. Dorothy was pale as a ghost, utterly horrified as she stared in shocked disbelief.

I blushed as they all cheered me. Then Monique motioned in my direction as she proudly declared, “Ladies and gentlemen… Miss Janelle!” I blushed even more as the cheers got louder.

(Oct 12 ’17)


Aug 24, 2013

At that moment it occurred to me I was standing there buck naked acknowledging all that applause. I don’t know why I suddenly became so self-conscious, considering everything I’d done right in front of everyone while hanging Emma. I decided it was time to get down off the stage and find my robe.

Stewart was down there in his robe clapping and smiling, my robe draped over an arm. Dorothy stood naked right next to him. She looked white as a ghost, perhaps over having just witnessed me hanging her sister.

Nearby I saw a woman in expensive black domination garb enthusiastically applauding my efforts. She was holding a leash attached to the collar of a naked woman in her late 20’s with large breasts and brunette hair. The leashed woman’s arms were behind her back – cuffed or tied, I presumed – and she had a red ball-gag in her mouth.

“Wonderful performance!” Monique said from behind me into my ear loud enough for me to hear. “One of the most erotic hangings I have ever witnessed.”

“Thank you,” I replied before I scooted for the steps leading down off the stage, suddenly wanting out of the spotlight.

I was almost there when I scanned the crowd. For a moment I thought I saw a familiar face that made me hesitate. Then I caught sight of Stewart coming to meet me with my robe.

Getting covered became a priority as I rushed down off the stage. I accepted it and hastily put it on as the nearby guests applauded my performance, causing me to blush again. I felt better once the robe was on.

I looked at the crowd, trying to spot that familiar face. I could have sworn I’d seen… Then I shook my head. It wasn’t possible.

“Damn, Janelle!” Stew gasped as he hugged me. “That was hot as hell!” That’s when it occurred to me I was super horny from my time up onstage. I needed to fuck again.

That woman in the black domination garb came right over with the woman on her leash in tow. She was dressed even more expressively than what Monique was wearing. “A wonderful performance, Miss. That was truly impressive. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a more erotic hanging.” I thanked her as I blushed again from her hungering look.

“Here at the Club they call me Mistress Chastity. I just love attending these sexy executions. You made my mouth water with the way you hanged her while licking her out. Whew; is it hot in here?”

She fanned herself as she smiled at me. The girl on the leash whimpered something. Mistress Chastity looked at her, tugged on the leash and then smiled at me.

“Where are my manners? I apologize. I forgot to introduce you to Clarinda. It seems she’s been a rather naughty attendant lately. She’s on probation as I haven’t decided what to do with her just yet.” Then she tugged on the leash again as she added, “Isn’t that right, Clarinda?”

The woman whimpered again as I looked at her admiringly. I liked her sexy body and her large breasts. Then Dorothy whimpered, causing me to look over at her.

Mistress saw me look at her and asked, “And who might this be?”

“This is Dorothy,” Stew said in reply. “We ran into her and her sister Emma alone in a snuff room. When Emma’s sensor popped, your attendant Nicole said we could hang her if we wanted to. And since my sis--- er, uh… since Janelle here wanted to participate in a hanging, we thought we’d hang her out here on stage instead of in private.” He hesitantly added, “Nicole said there might be some sort of compensation?” I was glad he quickly corrected himself about us being brother and sister.

“Of course,” Mistress smiled in reply. “I was made aware of the situation at about the same time you were. Yes; if you check your pager it should show the appropriate change in your funds.”

Stew pulled it out of a pocket in his robe. His eyes lit up as looked at it in astonishment. Mistress Chastity looked alarmed as she added, “What… not enough?”

“My goodness… uh… no, Mistress. This is MORE than we were told we’d be receiving!” When he showed it to me I gasped at the additional $10,000 that had been added.

“I couldn’t help myself,” Chastity told us with a smile. “When I saw how erotically you hanged that lovely lady I just had to make sure the Club added a generous tip to the funds you’d been promised.

“Thank you so much!” I gasped happily.

“Oh, it’s my pleasure.”

I looked at Stew and he looked at me. Then we both looked at Dorothy standing there naked. She was trembling noticeably, her nipples hard and her pussy glistening.

“Is something wrong?” Mistress asked as she noticed our expressions.

“Uh… no, Mistress,” Stew told her. “It’s just that… we haven’t yet decided what we’re going to do with this one. Her sensor hasn’t popped so she’s not due for any kind of execution. We were so focused on her sister that we hadn’t even thought about what we’re going to do with her.”

“I see. Well, since she’s in your possession it’s totally up to you whatever you want to do with her.”

“You mean we could… I mean… we can snuff her if we want?”

I looked at Mistress in surprise, not expecting that. In the beginning I was kind of nervous when she came over and told us who she was. I thought maybe she was here to scold us or tell us we’d done something wrong.

“It’s entirely up to you,” she replied reassuringly. “Don’t let me sway you fine folks one way or the other. I’ve already gotten far more than I bargained for with your wonderful performance up onstage.”

I looked over to see Emma dangling there quietly. Her neck had lengthened as she hung there, and it gave me a surge of erotic tingles. Most of the area around the Entertainment stage had cleared out, the guests having gone back to their gambling or whatever the hell they were doing. Only a few were still loitering about.

Stewart pointed at the dead sister and asked, “Is she supposed to just… hang there like that?”

“We’re waiting until you folks are done or have left the Entertainment area. We don’t want to rush you or anything. We always leave them up until everyone leaves… unless requested otherwise.” Dorothy looked at her dead sister and whimpered through the ball-gag still in her mouth.

My brother asked, “So what do we do with this one, Janelle? I’m not really sure what to do with her. I don’t know if we should set her free, yet I’m not sure we should execute her either. What do you think?”

“I don’t know, Stew. I was too busy thinking about hanging her sister Emma. I’m not sure either.” I didn’t want to admit it to anyone, but I was kind of thinking about wanting to snuff her too.

“You folks seem uncertain whether to execute the remaining sister or let her go.”

Stewart looked at me and we both nodded before he answered, “I guess that’s right, Mistress.” But I wondered if maybe deep down he wanted to hang her or snuff her as well.

“I have a possible solution if you folks would like another option to consider.”

“What’s that?”

“You could let our roulette wheel decide the matter for you.”

She motioned over at the wheel where gambling had resumed. Monique was over there hovering over the other attendant who was taking bets and running it like she knew what she was doing. Stew and I looked over and then back at Mistress Chastity as she smiled helpfully.

“How would that work?” I asked curiously.

“It’s rather simple actually. We have the two colors: red and black. If one color comes up, she lives. If the other comes up, she dies.” She paused before conspiratorially adding, “We could even strap her down naked into one of the guillotines if you’d like.”

“Really? We could do that?”


Dorothy whimpered in alarm, her eyes flashing with fright at what Mistress was proposing. I looked at Stew and he looked at me. I could tell by the look in his eyes he was seriously considering the matter.

“Oh, it’s quite an erotic scenario,” Mistress went on. Then she looked at Stewart as she added, “You could even fuck the sister while the wheel is being spun. I’ve heard the way they clench with their cunts when they’re beheaded is an experience unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.”

I looked at Stew as an erotic thrill went down my spine. The idea of him fucking Dorothy when the blade came down on her neck really appealed to me. Besides, I wanted him to have some fun here at the Club. And since I’d already had mine I wanted to make sure he had some too before he hanged me.

“What do you think, Janelle?” he asked with growing excitement.

“I think you should do it, Stew! I got to lick Emma while she hanged! You should get to fuck Dorothy while she’s being beheaded!”

Dorothy let out another muffled grunt of alarm. Then I saw hesitation in Stew’s face. “Wait a minute, sis… er, uh… Janelle. Do you really think we should, uh… kill both sisters?”

I looked anxiously at Mistress. But there was no response at his slip of the tongue. Perhaps she hadn’t noticed.

Inwardly I breathed a little sigh of relief as I quickly replied, “You wouldn’t be killing her, Stew! It would be entirely up to the wheel! Isn’t that right, Mistress?”

“That’s exactly right. It would all depend on one spin of the wheel if you wish. The fact these two lovely ladies even set foot inside the Club indicates they knew the risks coming in.”

“Stew, I think you should do it!” Now I was really getting excited just thinking about it. Mistress seemed not to have caught Stew’s calling me “sis”. After all, I wasn’t sure if we were breaking any rules being here using the sex rooms as brother and sister.

Stewart still seemed a little hesitant. Then Mistress smiled at the two of us. “How about if I sweeten the pot?”

“Sweeten the pot?” he asked uncertainly.

“How about if Clarinda here joins you up onstage in the other guillotine? That way we’ll be guaranteed a beheading.” She tugged on her attendant’s leash for emphasis.

Clarinda stiffened as she let out a muffled grunt of alarm. I felt another erotic jolt at the idea of witnessing a live beheading. Stew was impressed as he blurted out, “Wow! You mean we’d be guaranteed a beheading for sure??”

Mistress smiled and nodded. “It’s my treat, especially after the wonderful performance you allowed me to witness this night.” Then she gave me a nudge as she added, “If you like, I’ll even let you fuck Clarinda here with a strap-on so you two can be together up onstage enjoying the moment.”

“Really??” Now I was stunned and breathless. Clarinda looked downright alarmed. And for a minute there I thought Dorothy was going to faint at what she was about to face.

“It would be my pleasure. Say the word, and we’ll make it happen. But don’t let me sway you. After all, the decision is totally up to you. I just want you to enjoy yourselves if you should decide to go through with it.”

“We’ll be naked onstage?” Stew asked nervously. But I was already starting to get excited and horny again.

“Naked and fucking a girl who might lose her head, Stew! It’s a win-win! If I can get naked again, you sure as hell can! Let’s do it!”

“Ok, Mistress,” he said with a nervous smile. “You talked us into it.”

Dorothy and Clarinda both grunted in alarm as their eyes flashed the horror of what they now faced. Mistress beamed from ear to ear as she clapped her hands together. “Splendid! I’ll alert Monique to bring the guillotines forward. You two choose who gets what color. If the marble lands on that color, they get to keep their head.” And with that she put Clarinda’s leash in my hand as she went over to the roulette wheel to get Monique’s attention.

I had Clarinda and Stew was holding Dorothy. Both naked women whimpered with fright. I could tell by the look in their eyes just how much they didn’t want to go through with this. But I was becoming more aroused by the minute.

I whispered to my brother, “Damn, Stew! Can you believe this?? Now we get to take part in an actual beheading!”

“What about Dorothy here, sis? Do you think it’s right we have a part in executing both sisters?” Apparently he was still trying to rationalize it to himself.

“You heard Mistress Chastity! They knew the risks coming in! Besides, it’s up to the wheel, remember? If we hadn’t walked into their room when we did, the Club probably would have executed both of them anyway!”

Dorothy whimpered into her ball-gag the way we were calmly talking about her fate. Clarinda grunted anxiously as she looked over at Mistress Chastity who was talking to Monique. I didn’t know what she’d done to be put on probation. But it was sure turning out to be one hell of a sexy night.

At that moment that red glow up in the ceiling came on. I hadn’t even noticed when it had gone off. Mistress and Monique came back over, the executrix all smiles.

“Returning to our Entertainment stage for seconds?”

“Oh yes, ma’am,” I replied with growing excitement. “That is, if it’s all right with you.”

“It’s perfectly all right with me and the Club, Miss! We want your visit with us to be special.”

I almost told her it was going to be perfect once I hanged for my brother. Instead I excitedly told her, “So far it’s been great!”

“Wonderful. Let’s get you all up onstage and get these lovely ladies strapped down to their guillotines.”

(Oct 31, ‘17)


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Jul 11, 2009
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Oh Yes Please, That Just Tipped Me Into A Screaming Orgasm
Now I Am Knickerless They Are In The Wash Basket
Then share the stage, Dorothy.
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As long as you hold the rope in you teeth you will be fine. Don't complain... it's only Bull fucking your ass...
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Aug 24, 2013

Dorothy and Clarinda whimpered again as Monique led us back up onto the stage. I took Clarinda while Stewart escorted Dorothy. The girls were trembling with fright; eyes wide, nipples hard, and pussies glistening.

Monique has us wait until the guillotines stopped near the front of the stage. I could see the guests starting to return. Some were murmuring excitedly to themselves as others pointed us out onstage near the guillotines.

I looked down to see Mistress had taken up a spot on a couch near the front. She had this big smile on her face. Amazingly she seemed just as excited, if not more, than I was.

Monique turned to us and asked, “Who gets which color?” I blurted out “Black” without clarifying which girl. The executrix smiled as she took Clarinda and moved her over to the guillotine with the black frame.

The poor girl whimpered again as she was pushed down onto her stomach upon a cushioned bench. Monique slid her forward, telling her, “Let’s get your head into position, honey.” Clarinda whimpered again, and I couldn’t tell what she was trying to say. But I got the impression she wanted Mistress to reconsider and to get her down from there.

An attendant came over to the edge of the stage and motioned at me to come over. She had three different sized strap-ons for me to choose from. Sadistically I chose the big, black one. I really wanted to enjoy fucking Clarinda. Besides, she was on probation for something and probably deserved it.

Stew stood quietly with Dorothy, waiting his turn as Monique strapped Clarinda down so she couldn’t move her arms or wriggle around much. More people were gathering to watch, and I felt a little self-conscious at the crowd we were attracting. But I shrugged my shoulders as I dropped my robe and started to attach the strap-on to my waist.

When she was done with Clarinda, Monique smiled and asked if I needed any help. When I told her no she went over to retrieve Dorothy. The poor thing let out a muffled cry as Stewart helped Monique put her down onto her stomach on the bench of the red-framed guillotine.

I checked the strap-on to make sure it was on nice and tight. Then I swatted Clarinda’s ass as her legs hung down, causing her to stiffen and grunt for me. Her butt was right there, and I was eager to give her a sexy, public fucking.

Dorothy whimpered in anguish as Monique strapped her down to the bench. Her head was locked into the lunette, resulting in another muffled cry of alarm. Stew looked at me, shrugged his shoulders, and then dropped his robe. He was nice and hard, and it made me jealous as hell.

We both waited as the attendant at the roulette wheel started taking bets. There was a pause over there as Monique got everyone’s attention. Then she began to speak.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are all in for a real treat. Our guest executioner for our recent hanging has consented to participate in a little guillotine exhibition. The sister of the girl who’s just been hanged is currently risking her neck in the red guillotine. One of our attendants has graciously volunteered to fill the black guillotine. Over at the wheel Monroe will be taking your bets as to which head will come off and which one will stay on. It’s a fifty-fifty proposition with each girl hoping her color comes up to spare her neck. So take this moment to go over and make a wager on the outcome if you’d like.”

There was clapping and excited murmuring. Several guests rushed over to place bets. Others pointed at me as though recognizing me from the hanging while looking forward to my participation with the guillotines. Then Monique turned to us and smiled as we stood there patiently.

“We can’t have you standing there waiting, can we… not when there are a couple of lovely ladies for you to enjoy, right? So go right ahead… fuck any hole you want!”

I looked at Stewart who looked back at me and smiled. Then I cruelly pushed the tip of my phallus against Clarinda’s anus. She let out a cry of alarm as I slowly worked the toy all the way inside.

I looked down to the couch to see Mistress smiling at me. It reassured me as to which hole I’d deliberately chosen. Apparently she didn’t mind which one I took.

I heard Dorothy cry out as Stew shoved his dick inside her. I couldn’t tell which hole he’d picked, not that it mattered. All I knew was that I really wanted him to enjoy the moment.

We started fucking our charges as more guests streamed in. Several went right over to the roulette wheel to place their bets. Apparently the attendant over there was doing a brisk business taking wagers.

I felt a surge of incredible excitement, and I grinned stupidly at Stew. He smiled back at me as though he was starting to get into it. I decided not to worry about being nude again and to enjoy the moment for as long as possible.

I made Clarinda rock with my thrusts. Stew followed my lead as he really gave it to Dorothy good. It wasn’t long until we had both women grunting from our thrusts. It was incredibly hot.

Apparently a lot of people wanted to wager on the outcome of the spin of the roulette wheel. Stew and I enjoyed fucking our girls right there on the stage while waiting for the wheel to spin. I was aware of being nude in front of everyone, but for the moment I didn’t mind so much. Besides, I figured it was for the benefit of the customers, especially if it was making any of them decide to place a wager on the outcome.

Monique stepped between us to check on both girls. She adjusted the wicker baskets down below to catch their heads. Then she patted Clarinda’s head, telling her she might be out of Chastity’s doghouse after this event. Afterwards she turned and patted Dorothy on the head, telling her how sexy she looked and then wishing her well.

I saw Stew was really getting into fucking Dorothy. Her face was beet read, no doubt from the embarrassment of being fucked in public with her neck exposed to the blade above. I found myself hoping he would get to experience her clenching pussy or ass the moment the blade took her head.

There were cheers and catcalls from the spectators, causing me to turn and smile at them. I gave them all a friendly wave, and they cheered even louder. Then I blanched as I saw him near the back.

I turned to look at Stew, but he was fucking Dorothy while excitedly swatting her ass. He was caught up in the moment. I don’t think he’d seen him.

I glanced out toward the spectators again, taking a swift look so as not to lock eyes with anyone. That’s when I confirmed it was definitely daddy standing near the back with that woman we’d seen on his arm in that conference room. There was no hiding it now. We were busted.

I had to remind myself to keep fucking Clarinda. What could daddy do to us now? He couldn’t stop it, could he?

I fucked Clarinda hard, wanting to make her grunt with my thrusts. It actually made the guys who were watching cheer me on. In the back I saw daddy say something to that woman he was with before looking back in my direction. Immediately I put all my focus on Clarinda.

What was going to happen now? Would he come up onstage and stop things? Could he do that?

I tried not to look worried as I continued fucking Clarinda’s ass. I looked across at Stew, but he acted as though he hadn’t seen him. He looked like he was really enjoying fucking Dorothy. He was probably super horny from watching the hanging I’d taken part in.

All of the sudden a loud female voice declared, “Last call! Last call to place your bets!” I saw a couple of people raise their hands to place wagers. The rest of the crowd seemed to surge forward as though eager to see what was going to happen next.

There was no point worrying about daddy now. I only hoped he wouldn’t stop the beheading. So I released my buildup of stress by fucking Clarinda even harder, causing her to grunt at Dorothy as Dorothy grunted back at her.

It was erotic as hell knowing their heads were at eye level and they were looking at each other. Who was going to lose her head, and who was going to get to watch the whole thing? I couldn’t imagine how terrifyingly erotic that probably was, knowing one of you was going to lose your head but not knowing which one.

From over by the wheel I heard, “No more bets! No more bets please! The wheel is now closed!” The wagering was done, and I felt another erotic jolt. This was it!

It felt like there was an audible gasp in the room. Everything got quiet until I could actually hear both women grunting loudly in their guillotines as Stew and I fucked them good and hard. A quick glance revealed he was really getting into it. I selfishly hoped Dorothy would lose her head so he would get to experience her spasming cunt or ass, whichever he was fucking.

I faintly heard the marble being set in motion. There was a monitor up near the ceiling where Stew and I and all the spectators could get a good look at what was happening with the wheel. The room seemed to hold its collective breath. A quick glance at the spectators showed even daddy was looking up at the monitor.

Clarinda’s grunts became more anxious. I could just make out Dorothy’s ashen face in her guillotine. Monique got ready to pull whichever lever was necessary when the marble settled into a slot.

It lost momentum and started bouncing around. It ricocheted in and out of a black number, bounced out of a red one and then skittered around, bouncing in and out of a couple more as though even the marble was trying to make things dramatic. Stew and I really fucked our girls hard as it settled into…

What the hell?? What did THAT mean??

“Green double oh!” the attendant proclaimed. “House pays green double oh!” The spectators gasped audibly.

Monique smiled down at Dorothy who was trying to look up at her in alarm. “You both lose,” she told her with a smile as she pulled the lever.

The poor woman started to cry out. A moment later Dorothy’s head simply wasn’t there anymore. I heard a thump as it landed in the wicker basket while several in the crowd jumped with shock. Clarinda jerked as she watched Dorothy’s beheading, crying out in horror she was next.

“You lose too, Clarinda. Mistress will enjoy feasting on you later.” Then she pulled her lever as well. Clarinda’s muffled scream was cut off the moment the blade whoshed down, making me jump again with a start. Then her head was gone as well. All I saw were a couple of flows of blood pouring out of two severed necks.

For a moment the crowd was stunned into silence. Then Monique reached down into both baskets and pulled out the heads by a handful of hair. She showed them to the audience, blood dripping out of both severed necks.

She turned toward Stew and I, making sure we both got a look at them. Dorothy’s eyes were wide in surprise, supposedly the moment the blade came in contact with her neck. Clarinda’s expression was one of shock and horror.

Both bodies started bucking and jerking in their straps. It was a good thing they were both secured to those benches. That’s when the crowd erupted in wild applause.

There were whistles and cheers as Monique held both heads high, blood still dripping out of the severed necks. I got another look at their faces. It looked like there was a little bit of life in their eyes as she showed them around to everyone. The next time I saw them their expressions had sagged tiredly.

Stew let out a cry that I recognized as him shooting his load into lucky, beheaded Dorothy. I got so excited that I rammed Clarinda’s ass hard with my strap-on, cumming hard in the process. It was an incredible experience.

Everybody cheered us on, giving us a standing ovation. That really made me blush, making me concentrate all my efforts on fucking Clarinda’s corpse. I could tell Stew was a little embarrassed as well. But he kept right on fucking Dorothy’s twitching, spasming body.

“Let’s give our sexy couple a hand, shall we?” Monique declared. We got more whoops and hollers. Then she put Clarinda’s head down on her backside facing me, allowing me to get a full view of her vacant expression of horror before she put Dorothy’s head on her corpse facing Stew

Fuck; that did it! I cried out again in orgasm as I fucked her jerking, hitching ass. She just stared at me as though there wasn’t anything she could do about it. Across from me Stew was really enjoying finishing up with Dorothy.

I slowed down and then slowly pulled out of Clarinda’s ass. I could tell she had wet herself. I looked at her head again, but she had nothing to say to me, especially with that ball-gag still between her lips.

I saw Mistress giving us a standing ovation as she came closer. Then I remembered daddy, and I looked out into the crowd to spot him. But I couldn’t find him anywhere.

“Incredible performance,” Monique told me with a smile as she helped me out of the strap-on and back into my robe. “It’s not often we lose two heads on a single spin of the wheel.”

“Simply marvelous,” Mistress Chastity gushed enthusiastically as she stood close by. I looked over at Stew who was back in his robe and making his way over to me.

“What do we do with ‘em now?” he asked, motioning at Dorothy and Emma.

Monique smiled as she replied, “We can turn them over to the kitchen if you like. They will make good use of them down there.”

“That’s ok with me, Stew,” I told him. After all, I had no further use for them.

“It’s ok with us,” he told her. “It was… it was incredible! Thank you so much!”

“No; thank you!” Mistress Chastity gushed. “You have already made this night at the Club a rousing success.”

Stew was excited as he told me, “You should have felt it, sis! When the blade fell her pussy really clamped down on my cock and gave me a squeeze! I swear she milked every last drop right out of me!”

“Stew I got to tell you something…”

“I had no idea it was going to be this exciting! When we decided to come up here I was nervous about risking Dorothy! But now I’m glad we did!”

“Stew, I saw him out there among the guests…”

“…and the way her body hitched and jerked after she was beheaded? Damn, Janelle! That was so fucking hot!”

“Stew, would you listen to me??”

He calmed down and sobered up when he saw the anxiety in my expression. “What is it, Janelle?” That’s when I anxiously led him down off the steps.

“What is it, Janelle?” he asked again when we were alone. “What’s wrong?”

“Stew, I saw daddy in the crowd.”

“You saw him? He was watching??”

He looked all around as though afraid father was going to show up at any moment. But daddy didn’t seem to be anywhere. He finally asked, “Janelle, are you sure?”

“I’m sure, Stew! I saw him plain as day! He was in the back with that women we saw him with in the conference room!”

“What do we do now?”

“I don’t know, Stew.”

About that time another attendant came up to us. “You’re Stewart and Janelle, aren’t you?”

“Uh… yes?” That’s when my heart sank. Now we were going to get it good.

“There’s someone who wishes to see you right away. Would you two please follow me?”

“Uh… ok.” My shoulders slumped. I didn’t want to go home.

“Busted?” Stew whispered anxiously. I nodded that I certainly thought so.

I felt a lump in my throat as she led us away. I was so looking forward to hanging for Stew. I was even looking forward to doing it up on the Entertainment stage for all those guests who’d seen me during the hanging as well as the beheading. Now it felt like our evening was coming to a premature end.

I think Stew was thinking the same thing as we followed the attendant. He quietly whispered, “At least we got to fuck them while they were being beheaded. And you got to take part in a sexy hanging.” I nodded my head in agreement.

I decided I shouldn’t feel too sorry about things. After all, it had been an amazing evening. The night hadn’t been a total loss. Maybe it would be better if Stew took me out somewhere to a lonely spot and hung me for his personal enjoyment.

We went to the back hallway where the rooms were. I expected daddy was waiting for us in one of them. I wondered what he was going to say to us.

“Right in here, folks,” the attendant told us as she activated the door to a snuff room. Then she told me, “Loved the hanging and the double beheading, Miss.”

I nodded, but I couldn’t speak as I tried to stop the tears that wanted to well up in my eyes. I didn’t know what daddy was going to say to us, although I assumed he was going to send us out of the Club. Then we stepped inside…

…and my jaw dropped clear to the floor when we saw mom and Brad sitting there on the bed with mom’s pregnancy sensor glowing that familiar red glow…

(Nov 3 ’17)


Aug 24, 2013

So I was right. I HAD seen mom standing there watching me while I was coming down the steps after hanging that sister. I had told myself that it couldn’t be, that I had seen somebody else who only looked like her. But here she was. It must have been her after all.

Seeing mom and Brad naked was not that much of a shock. But the glowing sensor in her belly button jolted me to my very core. How could this be??

Next to me Stew was equally shocked. He finally gasped, “Mom? What… what happened??”

“For gawd’s sake; close the door, you two!” I numbly closed the door behind us, still unable to believe what I was seeing.

I finally found my voice. “Mom? What… what are you DOING here?” As though that would explain her situation with the sensor.

Stew pointed at the glowing red in her belly and gasped, “Mom, your sensor! Does that mean…?”

I thought she would be freaking out, or at least crying a little. Instead she looked embarrassed. “I guess so, honey.”

“Mom, what happened?”

“We had sex before we came to the Club. When we got here we were so turned on with everything that we had sex again. I thought I’d taken every precaution. But you know those things aren’t always 100% effective.”

“You came to the Club??” Stew blurted out in disbelief. “Mom, what made you come to the Club??”

“Well, I came partly because of you two, honey. I found your noose out in the garage. And I must admit to a little voyeurism a couple of times while watching you fuck and then play in the noose.”

“You saw us?” That’s when Stew blushed a deep crimson at having been found out.

“Honey, I seriously thought about stopping you. But I was afraid that might only strengthen your resolve. I was hoping it was just a phase that might burn out after a few times, especially if you got a little close to hanging for real. I don’t know… maybe I should have tried stopping you.”

“Mom, you followed us?”

“No, honey. I told you we had sex right after you left. I told Brad I wondered if you might have come here tonight, especially in that outfit. He asked if I wanted him to bring me here and check it out for ourselves. I guess I was curious… and maybe a little concerned you might do something rash.” Then she shamefully lowered her head.

“Honey, the way you enjoyed hanging that girl… and then beheading those two up onstage? I guess it… well, I guess it turned me on more than it should have.”

“You brought her here??” I told Brad with anger creeping into my voice. I guess I was still focused on mom being here and now being condemned to face an execution.

“She wanted to come here just like you did, Janelle. What was I supposed to do: tell her no? Would it have been ok if she would have told you and Stewart you were not allowed to come to the Club?”

“Honey, it’s not Brad’s fault.”

“Yeah mom; maybe… but… but what about your sensor?”

“What about it, honey?”

“How are we going to get you out of here??”

“I don’t think you can. Once it pops, that’s it. It went off just as you were coming down off the stage from the hanging. I thought you’d seen me so Brad and I were going to head back to a room and keep out of sight.”

She looked at him and again told him it wasn’t his fault. Then she told me an attendant came up to them before they’d safely gotten to a room, asking when the execution was going to take place. So they both knew right then there was no way of sneaking out or anything like that.

“I told the attendant I wouldn’t be leaving this room alive, honey. I guess that satisfied her. And I wanted to see you two one last time before I died. But you were up onstage beheading those girls while we were watching on a monitor. So I sent an attendant to fetch you after you were done.”

“Honey, the reason I summoned you two here is that I wanted to tell you how much I love you. I wanted to say my goodbyes before Brad, well…” She paused as she smiled at him. “Well… let’s just say I hope he enjoys snuffing me.”

Stew blurted out, “Mom, what are we going to do about dad?? He’s here too, you know!”

“I know he is, honey. Why do you think I privatized the cams in our rooms? I knew his company occasionally held meetings here at the Club, and I was pretty sure he’d come here tonight. In fact I half expected him to find you and send you home. I didn’t want your father to know I was here. Hell, I didn’t want you to know I was here. But I guess…”

She patted the sensor and then sighed heavily. “I guess this changed everything. They’ll record what happens in here of course for their streaming site and their DVD sales. That way everyone will get to watch what happened to me after I’m gone. That way your father can find out like everyone else will… or you can tell him later after I’m gone. I’m just… I guess I’m just too ashamed for him to see me this way.”

“Well he definitely knows we’re here now,” I told her. “I saw him and his date watching us while we were onstage fucking those girls in the guillotine. In fact when the attendant came I was certain we were being summoned to his room just so he could send us home.”

“Wait a minute!” Stew said as he raised a hand. It was finally beginning to register. “You mean… you mean you’re not sending us home??”

“I’m not sure what would be the point, honey. You’re both adults now. Besides, you came here and you’ve seen everything and your sister took part in a terribly arousing hanging. Hell, you both took part in that incredibly erotic double beheading up onstage. I don’t think banning you from here is the answer, not when I came here and have now accidentally gotten myself snuffed.”

She looked at me carefully before asking, “You’re not pregnant or anything; are you, honey?”

“No, mom; I’m not.”

“Show me.” So I dutifully parted my robe enough for her to see my sensor was green.

“Well, that’s a relief I guess.” Then she paused as she looked at me again.

I could see her running things over in her mind as though putting two and two together. Then she started to say, “Wait a minute. Janelle, surely you’re not thinking about…?”

“No, mom; I’m not.”

My stupid brother looked accusingly at me before telling her, “Yeah, mom; she is.” Then he turned to me and said, “You’re still thinking about it, right?”


“Well, you are, aren’t you? Mom’s got a right to know now that she’s here and she’s going to be snuffed! She can’t do anything about it anyway because she’s going to be dead soon!” Then he got this pained expression in his eyes as he looked at her again.

“Oh honey; don’t feel bad for me. It’s my own fault. I’m more embarrassed about it than anything else.” Then she looked me right in the eye before asking, “Janelle, are you serious about this?”

“Tell her, Janelle! Or did that hanging up onstage put you off? Mom pretty much had it figured out anyway; right, mom? She saw the hanging stuff in the garage, sis, and she’s seen you a couple times playing in the noose!”

I lowered my head in embarrassment. I didn’t want anyone to find out until after the fact in case they might try to stop me. What’s more, I felt ashamed at my arousal over the idea Brad now had to snuff my mother.

“Young lady, are you crazy?? And you…” she said accusingly at my brother. “Did you encourage this?”

“Mom, I did everything I could to try to stop her! I was afraid she was going to come here and get someone else to do it to her without getting a chance to say goodbye!”

“That’s right, mom,” I told her. She was going to die anyway, so I guess I figured she might as well know the whole truth.

“I can’t stop thinking about it, mom. Hanging that sexy bitch onstage only convinced me how much I want to hang for Stew. I can’t help it, ok? I want Stew to get off on my hanging just like you want Brad to get off on your death. In fact…” Then my voice trailed off. Now I was really ashamed.

“In fact, I want to stay and watch you get snuffed, mom.” Now I was trembling, my voice barely above a whisper. I was also wet as hell.

“Janelle????” My brother was incredulous I’d admitted it so brazenly.

“Admit it, Stew!” I hissed at him. “You want to stay and watch too; right?” He looked at me for a second, looked at mom… and then also lowered his head in embarrassment.

“You both want to stay??” she asked us in amazement. “I didn’t think you’d want to… oh my!”

“What about you, Brad?” I asked. “We can stay, right? I’ll even make it worth your while.” I was already thinking about having sucked his cock earlier in the evening. In fact the idea of Brad watching with Stewart while I hanged up onstage was really starting to turn me on.

Mom stood up and came over to us. “You two really want to stick around and watch?”

“Yeah, mom… that is, if you’ll let us.” I felt so ashamed… and yet so fucking horny.

“Honey, that would mean a lot to me if you want to stay and watch and, uh…”

She suddenly embraced me and I kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back… and I mean really kissed me! That turned me on even more.

We parted, and she went over to kiss Stewart as well. It was a deep, soulful kiss that also turned me on. I looked at Brad who smiled back. I’ll be damned if his cock wasn’t starting to stir at seeing us kiss our mom.

I don’t know what it was that made me reach over and start caressing her. She was really kissing Stew like a lover! I groped and fondled her all over until she pulled us over to the bed.

It was mom who got the robe off Stew’s shoulders, causing it to crumple to the floor. His cock was already semi erect. She did the same to me, pushing the robe off my shoulders before pulling us down onto the bed with her.

She was still kissing Stew as I started kissing her body all over. We all started panting heavily for breath. That’s when Brad got closer and started feeling me up as he squeezed one of my boobs.

Things started getting hot and heavy right away. Mom turned and kissed me as Stew groped and fondled her. Brad was lying next to me touching me everywhere and getting me hot. Then mom turned and kissed Stew again.

The four of us started making out together. Stew and I kissed and licked mom’s nipples as she moaned between us. Brad rubbed between my legs, and I parted them so he could see how wet I’d become. Then mom reached down and grabbed Stew’s cock while she tried fingering my button.

I was still trying to process the fact that mom was going to die… in essence, that she HAD to die. So I worked extra hard at pleasuring her. I had mixed emotions – sadness at the thought of losing her and then a shameful arousal that I was going to watch her execution.

She pushed my brother off the bed so she could get to his cock. I felt an erotic jolt as she leaned over the edge of the bed and took it into her mouth while he stood there. Stew looked like he was enjoying himself, although I wondered if he was having conflicting emotions like I was.

I worked myself onto my back between mom’s legs underneath her crotch where I went to town on her pussy. She was dripping wet and smelled of sex. Was she as turned on at the thought of dying as I was?

I lapped up her fluids as I plowed my tongue between her labia. She moaned with a mouthful of Stew’s cock. It was erotic as hell.

I felt Brad slide me toward the edge of the bed. Then he got between my legs and started licking me out as well. We had a hot little daisy chain going in that room by doing oral on each other.

I could tell mom was enjoying Stew’s meat the way she groaned with his cock in her mouth. I licked and nibbled her sweet muff, making her wriggle and writhe on top of me. Brad made me groan into her pussy the way he was feasting on my dripping twat.

I grabbed mom’s butt and gave it a squeeze as I licked her quivering slit. Then I stuck a couple of fingers in her ass and gave her a sexy little fingering. She cried out into Stew’s cock in her mouth, turning me on like crazy knowing I was getting her all worked up.

It wasn’t long before Brad stopped licking my pussy. A moment later I felt his dick push its way inside me. That’s when I really started moaning as he gave me a good, hard fucking.

The room was filled with the sounds of sucking, slurping and shafting as we all groaned loudly. It sounded like mom was really working over Stew’s cock. It made me wonder if this had been a fantasy of hers that was finally coming true since she wasn’t going to live long enough to worry how it might affect her later.

I licked her good and hard until I made her cum. I got a little gush of fluid on my face for my efforts. But making her orgasm was one hell of a turn-on.

After that we shifted positions by turning the other way. I leaned my head over the edge of the bed upside down as Brad rammed his cock down my throat. Mom bent over me and knelt on the bed as she feasted on my pussy. Stew finally got to fuck her, shoving his dick into her cunt from behind.

She went nuts, crying out into my muff as she begged him to fuck her harder. I was so turned on from our naughty little orgy that she licked an orgasm right out of me. Mom cried out from a second climax, which was an added thrill.

Brad turned me over and put me on my knees on the bed so I was facing mother. Then he fucked me from behind. I got to watch the expression on mom’s face getting fucked by Stew, and she got to watch the expression on my face getting fucked by her boy-toy. I think we both orgasmed within a few moments of each other.

We finally collapsed on a heap on the bed, cuddling with each other as we got our breath back. The guys got into bed with us and groped us as we wound down from our orgasmic highs. Mom and I kissed each other tenderly until she finally pulled away.

“I suppose we should get on with this,” she told us with a hint of sadness in her voice. “I don’t want to stop what we’re doing. But I suspect the Club is waiting to hear about my demise.”

“So how do you want to go about this, Tamara?” Brad asked carefully.

She sighed again as she looked around the room. “I’m not sure I want to be beheaded,” she remarked thoughtfully. “It would probably be the quickest. But it just… it just gives me the willies.”

“What about the electric chair?” Stew asked.

“I don’t know, honey. I don’t know if I want to be jolted with thousands of volts of current shooting through me.”

“That only leaves…” I started to say as I looked up at the noose dangling from the ceiling. It had been there the whole time, although we’d all ignored it. Now we stared up at it in silence.

“I’m not sure,” mom finally answered carefully. “But I must admit I was really turned on watching you hang that girl up onstage, honey.”

“I’ve got an idea, mom,” Stew said. “Is it ok if I show you?”

“Go right ahead, honey.”

He got up and went over to the closet. He opened it up and rummaged around inside. “They have a lot of cool things in here, mom. But this is what I’m looking for.”

He pulled out another noose along with a small amount of rope. “C’mon, sis,” he motioned at me with a smile. I curiously sat up and allowed him to tie my wrists behind my back.

“How about this, mom?” he suggested as he stood upon the bed, reached up and threaded the end of the noose through the eye-bolt up there. He looped it around my neck with a smile. Then he made me kneel and suck his cock with my wrists tied behind my back and a noose around my neck.

I felt an erotic jolt as I got him into full hardness. Then he stretched out flat on the bed on his back. He made me straddle him, slowly impaling myself on his cock until I was all the way inside. Then he pulled on the rope, asphyxiating me as he made me ride his cock.

I felt an erotic jolt of fear and arousal as he strangled the shit out of me. My pussy clenched like crazy as I involuntarily milked him. He did that for several minutes until he forced an orgasm right out of me. Then he made me rise up so Brad could have a turn.

I could tell mom was turned on as this time I was forced to impale myself on Brad’s erection. He grabbed the rope and strangled me with it as mom kissed and sucked on my nipples. I rasped and gurgled until I went off in orgasm again, totally soaking his lap.

He grinned as he let go of the rope, allowing me to get air. It had been erotic as hell, especially the way mom had groped me while sucking on my tits. The noose was loosened from around my neck until I could breathe again.

“What do you think, Brad?” mom finally asked her boy-toy. “Would you like to see me hang?”

“Damn, Tamara! I think that would be so fucking hot!”

“How about you, son?”

“Mom, I think a hanging would be incredibly sexy.”

“Honey, do I even have to ask you?”

“No, mom,” I told her. “I think a hanging would be such a sexy way to go. And I think the DVD sales for the Club would go through the roof. After all, it’s the way I want to go for Stew up on the Entertainment stage.” There; I’d told her flat out why we were here in the first place.

“Then hanging it is,” she decided. I could tell she was trembling, and there was a tremor in her voice. But her nipples had become really hard.

“Ok, mom,” Stew said to her. “Anytime you’re ready.”

“I’ll try to make it a good hanging for you, son. I want this video to be something you’ll watch over and over again.”

“Oh, I will, mom; I will.”

“So, Tamara,” Brad said to her after giving her a kiss. “Do you have any last requests before we hang you?”

She paused as though she hadn’t thought that far ahead. Then she looked at me. That’s when she got this shit-eating grin on her face.

“Yes I do, Brad,” she told him with a knowing smile. “Before it’s my turn, I’d love for you and Stewart to noose up my daughter and make her dance so I can see what a good hanging should look like.” Then she looked right at me and licked her lips as I got the shakes something fierce.

(Nov 24 ’17)