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Chained by Fate

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Crucified Amazon
... Likewise, if I had a real life sub and if we agree to enact such a scene, I would only do that if there is a sufficient trust from her that I don't really hate her outside the session, and only if I can assure her of the fact with a good aftercare....
I want to specify that only during our BDSM sessions that we've this relation Dom/Sub and it's precisely because that we're in love, that we can play like this ...
In the rest of our life, we're like all the lesbians'couple, into an ordinary love'relation ...
My fantasy is certainly harder like I can show it in :



I want to specify that only during our BDSM sessions that we've this relation Dom/Sub and it's precisely because that we're in love, that we can play like this ...
In the rest of our life, we're like all the lesbians'couple, into an ordinary love'relation ...
My fantasy is certainly harder like I can show it in...
I envy you for having such a loving relationship with your partner. I wish I could have someone like that someday.

I visited your thread after you posted your reply, and had to cringe when I read the depicion of putting a red-hot iron rod into a vagina. In my case, I have a rather low threshold for actual torture, so the waking up scene with a cigarette in one of my chapters was nearly the upper limit of my tolerance. (I still had to consult a few websites to learn how much damage would it do to such sensitive skin.)

For me, it's very interesting to notice how I'm so much into extreme forms of psychological degradation but quite squeamish about the physical pain, while it seems to be the exact opposite for many of the members here. :)
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Not sizable enough for a sustainable population if so few are allowed to breed.
Probably, you are right about it. Fortunately, I haven't write about it in detail in my story. So I suppose I have still some time to flesh out the settings before I can use it either for my current story or the prequel I planned.

I see an explanation for the database, but not the daily updates.
To be perfectly honest with you, I just needed a pretext to degrade the girls in a different way :p But maybe I could come up with some plausible excuses for the story, like how it would gaurantee the up-to-date information when it is needed by a potential buyer or a law enforcement officer. I suppose a slave in such a condition won't be able to keep her appearances the same for long, so they may wanted to keep the photos always up-to-date.


For me, it's very interesting to notice how I'm so much into extreme forms of psychological degradation but quite squeamish about the physical pain, while it seems to be the exact opposite for many of the members here. :)
I'm probabllu a middle ground - can get excited bi both, but turned off bi their great excess.

To be perfectly honest with you, I just needed a pretext to degrade the girls in a different way :p But maybe I could come up with some plausible excuses for the story, like how it would gaurantee the up-to-date information when it is needed by a potential buyer or a law enforcement officer. I suppose a slave in such a condition won't be able to keep her appearances the same for long, so they may wanted to keep the photos always up-to-date.
Could be it's not a universal rule, but rather mine policy so questions can be asked if a slave who looks like she should last a while longer suddenly degrades.


(This time, the chapter ends rather abruptly because I had to split a single scene when I found it's growing twice as long as the preceding chapters. So it may feel rather anti-climatic, but the good news is, the later half only needs a few more paragraphs to become the next chapter, so you can expect it to be posted soon.)

Chained by Fate - Part 12

The footsteps approached fast, and the flickering glimmer consolidated into flashlights, their murmurings into a chatter. I could discern the distinctive voice of an overseer, 'Ted' as I recall his colleagues called him the other day. It was the one whom they jeered to be an 'animal lover,' and it looked like he came with his friends to prove his reputation.

"Come on, what are we even looking for?" complained a tall overseer with a beard, stumbling as his leg accidentally hit the raised foot of a girl. He pulled out a flashlight and directed its beam upon his thigh. Examining a stain on his trouser, he snarled a curse and gave the sleeping girl a savage kick, drawing a shrill squeal from her.

"Urg... the smell!" a burly looking overseer grabbed his nose under his glasses and grumbled in disgust.
"Now you understand why you desk-huggers are so lucky, not having to work in this fucking pigsty?" The tall overseer jeered.
"Oh, shut up!" Ted summarily dismissed their complaints as he waded through the rows of upturned girls, flickering his flashlight on each girl's mound as he walked by. "Aren't you guys gonna help me or not?" he grumbled on, "Just look for the hairless one, guys. It's gotta be somewhere here."
The chains connecting my collar to Barbara tightened suddenly, making a slight rattling sound. I held my breath and waited for the worst, but thankfully they were still too far away to hear the noise.

The other overseers closely trailed Ted while randomly poking the girls between their legs or lifting their breasts. Suppressed moans and gasps followed their wake, as the girls awoke to the gritty rubber's touch upon their exposed skin.

"What the hell?" the burly overseer suddenly stopped and yelled, lifting his leg to examine his boot. The bottom of its muddy surface was glistening under the flashlight as it dripped water. "Jeez, that fucking hog pissed all over the ground!" he raised his voice in anger.
"They are chinks, Alex. What did you expect?" The bearded overseer patted his colleague's shoulder as he dipped his right foot into the puddle. He walked towards the still sleeping girl and, without hesitation, squashed her face like a roach. Muffled groans and screams escaped beneath his dripping boot, as he smeared it all over the poor girl's nose and mouth.

The anger gave way to revulsion on Alex's face as he looked at his colleague's ruthless handling of the squealing girl.

I recognized him to be one of the requisition officers I briefly saw when he came down to the tunnels to discuss the alarming rate at which they were using up the girls. I suppose we were all just numbers for him. But numbers don't scream or bleed, so he probably wasn't accustomed to learning the details of how his numbers can shrink so fast.

"That's enough, Oleg. No need to be cruel, man," Alex grabbed Oleg's arm and tried to pull him away.
Oleg pushed his hand away and snarled, "You know what's cruel?" His eyes flashed with a sudden flare of anger as he spoke, "It was the same fucking chimpanzees like those that killed my parents!"
He spat on the girl's smudged face with hatred and continued, "And my sister, Olga... you know what they did to that innocent girl before they blew her brain out?" His voice was now trembling with boiling indignation, "They tied her naked to the apple tree we used to play around when we were kids. And the whole fucking platoon of those ugly apes defiled her with their tiny dicks, until she couldn't scream any more!"

He contorted his face and fought to control his emotions for a moment before he continued, "And... and they even forced my father... to do the same thing. My mother passed out, but they did it to her, too. They tied her right beside Olga... But I couldn't do anything... Anything!" his tightly clenched fists were shaking as he spoke.
"I'm sorry to hear that." Alex consoled him, "I also lost my uncle in the war, Alex. And you know that most of us here have lost our loved ones by them."
"Then you know why they deserve it!" With his words, he lifted his leg from the girl's face to land a crushing stomp upon her exposed entrance. A bestial scream echoed through the darkness. "And that is why we should make sure that these disgusting holes should never pop out another of such vermins!" Oleg added resolutely, with his heel crushing the squealing girl's hood as if he was putting out a cigarette.

I shuddered and instinctively flinched my legs, but I could not close them to protect my vulnerable skin. Like all the other girls in the cave, my legs were drawn up to my chin to be chained to my collar. I trembled as I lay helplessly spreading my flower to the cold breeze inside the darkened cave, with my arms and legs tightly secured with heavy chains. Ted, now ahead of his colleagues, was still wading through the girls, inspecting each of them with his probing flashlight. Ignoring the commotion with his colleagues, he was approaching the corner where Barbara and I were placed fast.

Soon, my eyes were blinded by the flooding light, as the beam flicked its tongue over my bushes before it quickly withdrew. I let out a sigh, but wait! It swung and swayed for a moment before changing its direction to enter between my legs again! I was caught off-guard and instinctively looked into the light, which promptly proceeded to my flattened chest before firmly locking on my face again.

"Wait, this one looks familiar!" Ted's voice loomed behind the approaching light. With my eyes squeezed and the face awkwardly raised to see between my legs, I got frozen like a deer under a headlight.
"I know these pathetic udders... and snout... You were that dancing cunt from the Feeding Hall! Is that right?" Ted asked with triumphant glee.
"This was the cunt you mentioned, Master," I replied demurely, knowing that denying now would only earn me more stripes.
As he walked closer, he faltered as his foot got tangled with the chains that extended across the short distance between Barbara and me. The beam quickly withdrew from my face to the floor, and it followed the chains up to Barbara's collar.

Despite Barbara's desperate attempt to pretend she was sleeping, her squeezed eyes and strained lips betrayed her intention, as they twitched randomly under a scrutinizing spotlight. Ted cocked his head in a shadow and traced her curves with his beam until it reached her cleanly shaven mound.

"Hey, guys! Come over here! I found the hairless one!" Ted grabbed Barbara's ankle chains with his hand and shouted for his colleagues. Amid the darkness, her dust-covered folds twitched under the spotlight, as he jerked her chains up to give his colleagues a better view. Alex and Oleg promptly abandoned the sobbing girl to examine Ted's catch, joining their lights with Ted's upon Barbara's shamelessly exposed sex. Surrounded by her dusty folds, a narrow strip of pink glistened brightly, giving contrast to the soot and grime that coated the rest of her body.

"How can you even think about putting your thing inside that?" Oleg raised his foot to spread her folds as he complained, "It's disgusting just to look at it, Ted."
"I can see that it's quite a tight one, though" Alex gave a somewhat more favourable verdict, "but I don't understand what's so special about that cunt."
"That's why I told you to bring the water," Ted dropped to his knee and extended his hand as he asked, "Alex, give me that bottle."
Alex produced a small plastic bottle from his pocket and handed it over to Ted.
"Hold that light for me," Ted asked, as he gave his flashlight to Alex in exchange. Promptly, he opened the bottle and poured the contents around Barbara's protruding lips, making her jolt as the cold water hit her tensed body.
Ted fished for the handkerchief from his pocket and began to rub Barbara between her legs. Her fresh pink flower soon blossomed to its full glory upon her milky white soil. Ted's rough, but thorough hand kept toiling upon her moistened petals until Barbara could no longer suppress her humiliating moans. When he finally withdrew his hand, a thick string of mucus extended from her drooling lips to the wet handkerchief.

"Now you tell me, guys" Ted presented his work triumphantly as he asked, "How often do you see something like this here?"
"Wow, I didn't expect that," Alex exclaimed with much more enthusiasm than before, "I'm feeling hard already!"
"Yeah, some of those chinks have quite tight holes like that," Oleg conceded reluctantly, "It's pretty much the only redeeming quality these disgusting beasts have."

"Maybe you need some more convincing, Oleg." After finishing his words, Ted leaned forward to grab Barbara's leash and jerked it close to his face.
"No need to pretend you are sleeping, cunt!" He suddenly gave a harsh slap across her face and continued, "I know you can't wait to serve my friends here, but you need to spruce up first."
With his words, he began to rub Barbara's face with his handkerchief, roughly wiping off dust and grime from her curves. She squeezed her eyes shut and pressed her lips, trying not to smell her own fragrance as the damp cloth forcibly threw her face in different directions.

Ted grabbed Barbara by the chin and turned her to face his colleagues, "Now, what do you think?" he asked proudly as he pulled her face close to the spotlight.
"That's a real beauty, indeed!" Alex marvelled at Barbara's porcelain-like skins, "Now I can see why you are so obsessed over this cunt, Ted."
"What is that?" Oleg interrupted, pointing to a reddish stain near the corner of the handkerchief that Ted was still holding. At his words, Ted raised his hand to take a sniff and wrinkled his nose.

"Mmph!" Barbara widened her eyes and gasped, as fingers unceremoniously slid into her wet tunnel. She tensed her cheeks and moaned as they explored deeper, feeling the inner-most walls of her hidden cavern. Soon, they withdrew just as abruptly as they came in. Barbara heaved her chest as Ted raised his fingers into the light, examining the glistening surface coated with the marks of her shameful arousal and fertility.

"Wait, how can this thing still breed?" Oleg asked with a kind of disgust one would expect when discovering a roach's egg underneath a kitchen sink.
"I don't think we should do it, Ted. What if it gets pregnant?" Alex interjected timidly.
"You silly, they can't get pregnant while they bleed. Didn't you know?" Ted jeered at his inexperienced colleague. "And who cares? This thing doesn't look like it will last until it grows its belly anyway. We better enjoy it while we can." After pausing briefly for a thought, he added, "Don't worry about it, Alex. If it gets pregnant, I'm sure our vet can do something about it."
"But he doesn't see any fertile ones here, does he?" Alex pressed him with a concerned voice.
"I'm sure vets learn how to perform an abortion at school. And he will love to have a chance to brush up his skills for free."

With his words, he undid his pants and pulled out his already hardened shaft. He positioned himself in front of Barbara's unprotected sex, grabbing his member to guide its tip to the glistening entrance. Barbara bit her lips down and turned her face away from me. Is she feeling ashamed of being so humiliated in front of an inferior girl like me, or maybe someone she... likes? I cannot tell.

Ted suddenly paused, however, and raised his hand from his shaft. He leaned his chest between Barbara's legs to grab her leash and pulled her face up into the flashlight again. Then he reached towards her flushed cheek and drew parallel lines with his fingers using her own blood.

"It becomes you well, slut." He sneered and reached between her legs to wet his brush again. Tears started to stream from corners of her tightly pressed eyes, flowing down her cheeks to dilute the sanguine mark of her shame. Ted carefully traced his fingers upon her face, completing her bloody war paint. It gave Barbara a look of a fierce Amazoness warrior queen, subdued and degraded by her captors.

"What are you doing, Ted? Just get on with it, will you?" Alex impatiently complained, with his hand rubbing over his bulged pants.
"If you are in a hurry, you can just grab the next one and dump it there." Ted retorted dismissively.

I squeezed my eyes at the sudden flooding of light. The beam summarily scanned my bodily features. It reluctantly stayed a few seconds on my matted bushes before it withdrew back to Barbara.
"With this little chimpanzee, you mean? When you're riding that slut? No way, man!" Alex protested vehemently.
"That ape is quite a dancer. It can shake its hip very well, at least." Ted sneered as he straightened his back, stroking his shaft for the impending attack.

"Ahh!" A painful moan escaped Barbara's pressed lips, as Ted made a powerful thrust to penetrate her to his hilt. Raping a slave is like using a toilet. You don't need to inform or cuddle your urinal before you shower it with your fluid. But Ted wasn't in a hurry. Even though he didn't bother to warm up Barbara before impaling her, he took his time to savour the tightness of her fresh cunt, as much as he could.

"Mmm... ah..... arg..... mmmph!...." Barbara threw her head back and twisted her chest with each thrust, fighting her urge to scream. Regardless, suppressed moans escaped from her mouth as he gyrated his mound upon hers.
"Ahhh," her groan intensified as Ted suddenly grabbed her ample breast which was bouncing rhythmically with each thrust. Ted certainly knew how to ride his beasts.

As Ted approached his climax, Barbara turned her face to my side again. Her sorrowful eyes seemed to be searching for something, while her now fully open mouth gaping with heated moans. In the darkness, I turned my head away from her, not having the courage to see Ted dumping his seeds into Barbara. I closed my eyes and shuddered as I heard Ted's gleeful grunt at last.

I knew what is happening in Barbara's mind now. It was typical for a slave girl to experience the touch of braided leather upon her still fresh sex before that of a throbbing one. It was because they were forbidden to use a slave before it gets appropriately sterilized. However, it was often the memory of her first rape that truly breaks a slave to understand the real purpose of her existence.

Sometimes, even those girls who already knew what it is like to open her legs for a man she didn't invite suffered a similar trauma as the less experienced girls. Unlike her previous misfortune, her rape is not a crime this time. If anyone is to be punished for the act, it can be only herself for failing to entertain her perpetrator enough. It is not even an accident, but just an act of using her body for its intended purpose. Her feminine organs are no longer her own, and she have no right to meddle with its usage from her owner.

A slave realizes this fact when she feels her rightful owner's throbbing member for the first time, as it spurts his seeds inside her. It either breaks or hardens the girl, depending on her mental strength. But either way, it usually leaves a permanent scar upon her mind. And she will keep revisiting the memory as long as she wears her collar, regardless of how many times she will spread her legs for those who are entitled to use her in future.

(To be continued...)
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...but the good news is, the later half only needs a few more paragraphs to become the next chapter, so you can expect it to be posted soon.
I initially planned to post the second part immediately, but I found that splitting a single scene not only makes the first part anti-climatic but also can render the following part quite lukewarm. So I'm currently rewriting it to spice it up a bit. I think it's better that way because I'd like to strip the last remaining bits of human diginity from Barbara before Siss and her could move on to the next phase of their lives.

I'm already half way through the job, so it won't take too long, hopefully.
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(Finally, I'm done with the chapter. It's been such a prolonged and intense scene for me, so I think I'll take a short break to relax for a bit. At least, I am happy with the result, as this chapter became my new personal favorite so far. And I still have a good idea where the story will go from here, so hopefully, it won't take too long before I'll be able to continue the story again.)

Chained by Fate - Part 13

When I turned my face to Barbara again, she was staring into the ceiling with blank eyes. Ted tensed the muscles of his bare buttocks to milk out his remaining juice into Barbara. Still, she just flinched her legs with a distant look in her eyes, yet her chest heaved heavily with each ragged breath. It looked like she has shut down her mind from reality, or at least she is trying to.

I know how it works - it doesn't. Although I am such a worthless D-grade cunt, I had my own share of rape experiences. With my small frame, I was even preferred once, for having such a tight entrance. And whenever I was ordered to demonstrate my redeeming quality, I used to send my mind wandering to various places.

Sometimes, I tried to remember the pleasantly dusty smell of the attic in my childhood home. And sometimes, it was the garden I used to tend with my mom. I could pretend I was riding a wooden pony or smelling the roses, while they were spreading my legs or spitting on my sex for lubrication. But the moment I feel the tearing pain between my legs, my mind always snapped back to the gruesome reality with my pitiful cry and tears.

It usually takes much loosening of both your body and mind before you can get accustomed to the pain and humiliation of getting used like that. However, it is highly likely that you wouldn't be regarded as a suitable target of rape by that time, at least if you are wearing a letter 'D' on your breast like me. My shrunken udders haven't become a stranger to the touch of flesh and leather yet. But it's a different kind of touch and leather that they feel almost daily now.

Even the difference in the size of a girl's breasts doesn't prevent them from withering at all. After a few years of malnutrition and abuse, it only determines whether they would sag or shrink more. Doctors say a woman's vagina cannot get loosened with repeated sex, and I believe them. But that's for a woman, and I'm not. And when you cease to be a human, you can't expect to be fucked like a human, or always by a human, for that matter.

"Ah, this was better than expected! I wish we had more fertile rides like this one." Ted pulled out his member with a satisfactory grin. His ruddy skin glistened under the spotlight, dotted with dark patches of bloody congelation.
He turned to Alex and said, "Sorry, looks like I have already warmed it up too much. But this chink got such a juicy cunt. You don't have to do anything to make it flow."
Barbara began to sob at his words. As she trembled with utter degradation, a stream of blood escaped from her violated womanhood, followed by oozing mixture of feminine juice and male seeds.

There is a saying "A slave is best served cold," which I heard many times from those who have ordered me to spread my legs. It means it's better to penetrate a slave's cunt while it's not entirely aroused. They said it enhances the 'grip,' and it was the reason why most of them didn't do any foreplay at all before they tore me to the core with their very first thrust. Many of them also preferred to use saliva for minimal lubrication. If they don't spit on your sex, it's your job to wet them with your own saliva. It would be a too much hassle to make a D-grade girl with fried ovaries to adequately moist anyway.

"Warm or cold, I don't care," Alex impatiently declared while undoing his belt, "Just get out of there and let me taste it, will you?" Alex shoved Ted to the side and positioned himself in front of Barbara's bleeding flower, stroking his thick member to harden it for the assault.
"It's all yours now. But don't be gross, ok?" Ted interrupted Alex as he threw the crumpled handkerchief to his side.
Alex snatched it from the ground and roughly ran it over Barbara's defiled sex. She convulsively twitched her legs every time her engorged clit got crushed under the dirty fabric. The damp cloth did more of smudging the blood all over Barbara's mound than cleaning it, however. Still, the anxious overseer didn't seem to care, or even notice it. Throwing away the crumpled cloth, Alex didn't waste any time before plunging into her with his full weight.

"Ahhh!" Barbara gasped and clenched her toes - one of the few body parts she can still move under the heavy, rusty chains. The way girls are tied up for the night was not just for preventing their movement. It was also for the maximum exposure of their useful body parts, and to minimize the room for struggle when they are serving their purpose. Suddenly, I sensed a shadow on my face then a pair of rubber boots blocked my view. Immediately, a blinding beam of light fell upon my face.

"Maybe your protruding snout can do a better job of cleaning a dick than arousing it?" Ted asked me while looking down on my face, with his hand holding up his pants.
"Yes it can, Master," I gave him the only answer he expected to hear from me, as I was squinting my eyes under the flooding light.
"Good. Then prove me what you are worth, chimp" Ted ordered me as he stepped across my chest and knelt down upon me. I felt a strong scent of Barbara from the bloody member of the overseer, as he sat down on me using my breasts as a cushion while tugging my leash closer to his crotch.
"Yes, Master," I replied obediently and opened my mouth wide to accommodate his musky member inside me. I tasted copper among the more familiar taste of male juice, as the faint smell of fish struck my nostril s.
Trying not to think about the stench, I wrapped him with my tongue and began to lick his surface gingerly. I swallowed bits of Barbara along with what remains of her scent and his juice. D-grade girls have multiple uses, and it wasn't the worst thing that had to put into my mouth.
Feeling him softening inside my mouth, I tightened my lips around him and began to suck his length.

"Ahhh..... ah..... ahh... Uh!.... Hmmph!" Barbara's sporadic moans turned into constant groans. Her striped breasts bounced and swayed wildly under the spotlight, as the squatting overseer jiggled his flabby buttocks upon her like a dog mounting its bitch.
Then my eyes locked with Barbara's. Now she could see me, as my face was now illuminated under Ted's flashlight. Although still moaning miserably with every thrust her violator made, Barbara turned her head to the side and fixed her eyes on my face. I froze with my lips still holding Ted's now flaccid member.

Feeling a knot in my stomach, my mind began to wander wildly. Does she think that I'm disgusting, and probably ugly too? I indeed have a protruding mouth or a snout, as they say. I always wanted to get braces when I was young, but by the time my parents saved enough money for that, there was no dentist left who would still offer such a service to an Asian girl. Or maybe she realized I'm basically eating her now like she had me in the Feeding Hall? I suddenly felt new warmth on my cheeks. Or maybe she... SMACK!

"Arrg!" I cried at the stinging pain on my left cheek, popping Ted out of my mouth as my face was sharply jerked to the side.
"What are you looking at, you stupid monkey!" Ted snarled and spat on my face.
"Please forgive this worthless cunt, Master!" I quickly cast my eyes down and asked for his mercy.
"Now, finish your job, chink," Ted commanded again as he tugged my face closer to his still glistening member.
"Yes, Master," I replied obediently and immediately began to blow my breath upon his skin. As I was drying his surface, I stole another glance towards Barbara, but she wasn't looking at me anymore.

He was right. What was I thinking? I'm just a worthless animal which is not even good to be raped anymore. Barbara is not like me. Even with her head shaved like that, she's much more beautiful than Raisin; just far too much beautiful to be capable of caring for an ugly monkey like me. I felt a tear running down my cheek. He must have slapped me too hard.
I kept blowing. That is what I was made for.

Then I heard a guttural groan from the side. It looks like Alex was reaching his climax already. Now I know that Barbara doesn't really like me. Still, I don't want to watch her face when they fill her still intact womb with their seeds in her very first rape experience. I still keep repeating the memory of my first rape, and I can't live with another such memory of someone I care... and yes, I do care for Barbara. Even though she may despise me as much as the overseers do, I can't stop caring for her. I belong to her as much as I belong to my owners now.

Hearing the groan, Ted finally pulls his member from my face and raised himself up. Without giving me a glance, he walked towards Alex with a taunting grin.
"...Thank you, Master," I showed my gratitude to his back and turned my eyes to Barbara again.

Alex awkwardly gathered himself up from Barbara's crotch, which was now smeared all over with blood by his messy efforts to mount her. Barbara bit down her lip and began to sob bitterly.

"A rabbit would've lasted longer than that!" Ted mocked his inexperienced colleague.
Reddening his face with embarrassment, Alex mumbled, "I... I usually last longer. I swear!" He quickly shoved it under his pants without even wiping it off, leaving a rudy stain on his brief.
"Oleg, aren't you gonna give it a ride?" Ted turned towards Oleg and asked cheerfully.

I almost forgot that there was still one more overseer left whom Barbara must serve tonight. Oleg emerged from the darkness when he heard his name called. Without a reply, the overseer walked sullenly towards Barbara while his hand undoing his belt. I don't remember if he uttered any word since his irritated remark about her fertility.
His towering figure soon loomed over Barbara's shaking body, and I watched him producing his enormous member with apprehension. His face was flushed, but I couldn't tell if it was from lust or something else.

"I don't want that ape blood of yours to taint my skin, chink!" Oleg finally broke his silence as he looked down on Barbara's blood smeared thighs coldly.
"And I'd be happy to tear that dirty cunt to bits, so you'll never have a chance to spread your vermin kinds." With his words, Oleg raised his leg to lodge the nose of his boot firmly upon Barbara's engorged entrance. She widened her eyes and flinched at his unexpected assault, turning her cheeks pale with terror.
"What are you doing, Oleg?" Alex protested, "I need that chink for tomor..."
"Shut up!" Oleg cut his words short and turned to Barbara again. "But I'll be merciful this time if you only beg for forgiveness," he continued in a voice somewhat less angry but still evincing almost palpable hatred.
"Pl...please, forgive t... this cunt, Master!" Barbara stammered in horror.
"For what?" Oleg chided with chilling animosity.
"...Master?... AHHHHHH!" Barbara's puzzled voice immediately turned into a scream, as Oleg spurred his boot deeper inside her without warning.
"Say you are sorry for killing my family! Say it!" Oleg's voice began to boil with intensified heat as he snarled to wailing Barbara.
"Pl... please, forgive this... ARRG!... this cunt... ahh... f...for killing... AIEE!... y...your family, Master!" Barbara alternately screamed and pleaded. Her sore skin stretched painfully over the gritty rubber, as it slowly twisting deeper into her, impaling her upon the ground.
"Stop it, Oleg!" Ted tried to interject, "You're gonna destroy that cunt!"
"That's for this chink's to decide," Oleg hissed and suddenly pushed his foot deeper.
"AAAAARRRRGG!!!" Barbara instantly threw her head back and wailed madly.
"Answer me," Oleg relaxed his muscle and asked, "Are you sorry, chink?"
"For...forgive this cunt, Master! Please..." Barbara pleaded desperately through her tears.
"For raping my sister too?" As soon as Oleg finished his words, he shoved his foot hard into Barbara again, drawing a horrifying shriek from her.
"ARRRRRRRGGGGHH! Y...Yes, Master!" Barbara squealed like a pig, as she screamed her answer.
"Apologize again!" Oleg twisted his foot again and began to stroke his engorged member.
"AHHRRRG! Forgive this cunt... AHH!... for... raping... ARRG! y...your sister, Mas... AARRG!!" Barbara twisted her chest and wailed hysterically.
"Again!" Oleg insisted, quickening his pace with his hand.
"P...Please... AHH!... For... give this cunt... ahhh... for r..raping... M..Master!" She writhed like a pinned butterfly while frantically repeating her words, with snots running down from her nostrils to join her tears.
"Again!" He wore a twisted smile at the sight of a girl who was utterly broken down and grovelling. He raised his head in satisfaction and tensed his body to the quickening rhythm. His foot finally stopped its movements.
"Forgive... f...forgive this cunt... please... forgive this cunt... for... raping.. r...raping your sister, Master... Please!" Barbara twitched her body convulsively as she pleaded. Her hysteric wailing was now barely comprehensible.
"...Hah...." With a satisfying groan, Oleg trembled and began to spray his seeds over Barbara's body. Thick spurts of warm liquid landed on her brows, cheeks, mouth, and chest. Barbara turned her face to the side, trying to shake them off, only to make them flow over her entire face.

"Ahh... ah!" Barbara gasped as Oleg suddenly withdrew his foot from her, leaving a gaping hole of horrendous size. Soon, a fresh stream of blood streamed from its entrance and flowed down between her cheeks. Oleg spat upon her still stretched opening as he buckled his belt again.
"This is for Olga!" Oleg declared solemnly and landed a brutal parting gift upon Barbara bleeding core.
"AARRRRGGGGGGHHH!" I shuddered at Barbara's inhuman shriek as it echoed through the dark cave.

"That's enough, Oleg. Let's go." Ted wrapped his arm around Oleg and began pushing him towards the hall. Oleg didn't resist this time.
"You shouldn't have brought him along, Ted," Alex grumbled as he started to follow them, shaking his head as if to shed off some bad memories.
None of the overseers gave any attention to Barbara before they walked away. Having satisfied their desire for lust and revenge - at least for the night - they didn't need a D-graded chink any more, however beautiful it may be.

As their flashlights disappeared around the corner with their fading footsteps, total blackness has returned to saturate the stifling air again.
Amid the droning noise of ragged breathing and occasional groans from the girls, I could discern the suppressed sound of Barbara's heart-wrenching sobbing.

"Are you alright?" I whispered to Barbara, but there was no answer.
"Barb?" I called out her name again as I rattled the chains.
After a moment of irregular whimpering and sniffings, finally came her answer in a broken voice, "...I want to die..."
Feeling a stabbing pain in my heart, I whispered, "Don't say things like that, Barb."
"Siss, I... I just..." Barbara couldn't finish her words as she broke into a bitter sobbing again.

I wiggled my chained hands behind my back to push my chest towards Barbara, using my hip as a pivot point. After several minutes of struggling, I managed to learn how to squirm towards one direction by scratching and pushing the ground with my hands. I writhed my ways towards the sobbing sound through the darkness, feeling the skins of my hands and buttocks scratched and peeled by the jagged surface of the hard stone floor.

"Siss? What are you doing?" The voice sounded much closer now.
"I'm coming, Barb. Hold on," I whispered back, breathing heavily from my endeavour. Soon, I heard rattlings from her side as well, and I resumed squirming towards the noise. We wiggled and crawled like two worms converging on the debris of food on the ground. After several more minutes of our mutual struggling, my shoulder ran into something hard, but soft to the touch.

"Oh, Siss, you have come for me!" Barbara exclaimed in a shaken voice. She struggled to get closer and extended her neck to bury her face on my arm. Rubbing her soft cheek on my skin, she burst into tears again. I felt Barbara quivering upon my skin, and soon warm liquid began to flow down my arm.
I extended my neck as far as I could to reach her and put my lips on what I believed to be her forehead.
"Shhhhh, it's ok, Barb," I whispered to her softly, leaning my own cheek upon her shaven head.
"You are really like my big sister, Siss," Barbara lifted her face and whispered, her voice half-sobbing and half-smiling now. I felt like I saw rays of the Sun shining through storm clouds.
Suddenly, Barbara began to jerk her head violently and squirmed to push her body upwards. Our chains rattled loudly under our struggling bodies, and I felt Barbara's soft skin upon my shoulder then on my chin. I stretched my neck as far as I could towards her while desperately wiggling my body to crawl lower.

Finally, our noses met. And before I could say anything, I felt Barbara's heated breath upon my skin, and her lips covered mine. I felt dizzy. I could almost hear my own heartbeats.

"I love you, Siss," Barbara withdrew her lips and whispered.
"Really? Even when I'm this ugly?" I raised my voice in surprise.
"You are beautiful, Siss" She whispered softly, but somewhat sadly.
"Don't ridicule me, Barb," I shook my head in a shock. That was the word I have never even imagined to hear, especially from a girl like Barbara.
"Didn't you hear how they call me a chimpanzee?" I confronted her.
"I don't care. You still look beautiful to me. And I can be a chimpanzee for you, if it will make me stay with you, Siss," She whispered with passion as she stretched her face closer.
"No, you are too beautiful for that, Barb," I smiled and kissed on her soft lips again, feeling warm tears in my eyes.

"I love you, Siss!" She whispered in a heated voice.
"I love you, Barb!" I whispered back, smiling and crying with joy as I pulled myself closer.

Our lips met in the darkness again. I felt Barbara's tentative tongue seeking entrance, and I invited her in. We held each other close. Our bodies locked and intertwined in the secret abode where we don't have to fear anything but our skipping heartbeats.

We were naked, but we felt warm.
We were bound, but we felt free.

Our heads were shaved, but we were beautiful in each other's eyes.
Our chains didn't restrict us anymore, as our mind were now freely exploring the most wonderful places together.

We still shared our inferior monkey blood in our veins.

But we were the happiest chimpanzees that ever lived.

(To be continued...)
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Recently, I came to fancy it would have been better if I made the mining girls anorexic instead of being bald. I needed some device to make the lowest grade girls to be not sexually attractive to the overseers. I like the implication that head shaving in this context, which is basically "you are so inferior and worthless even as an sexual object, so you won't need to look beautiful any more".

But a female slave with her hairs all messy and matted is quite an attractive image for me in different regard. And it's always great to pull or drag them by their hairs as it can be another way of showing them they are just tools men can use (e.g. using hairs of a girl as a handle while masturbating with her face).

And I'm not too happy with the explanation how vaginas of those poor girls got so abused as to lose all their attraction. They may look filthy, swollen, or loosened a bit, but I can't picture any definitive image of such a state which would achieve that effect, so it requires me to suspend my disbelief when writing such descriptions.

Then I happened to come across some pictures of anorexic images today which gave me some ideas to deal with the problem. Even though I don't find anorexic girls (or bald girls for that matter) terribly attractive myself, I think it could serve the above mentioned purpose much better.

In such an environment as I described in my story, it would be only natural that the girls grinded like that would be extremely malnourished. Such place as the mine is where they dump those sterilized girls condemned to have the most inferior genes, and waiting them to go extinct while being comfortably hidden from the eyes of proper human population. So, if they are allowed to have a chance to serve the human race by digging some coals until they expire, it'd be only natural to assume they would be given the bare minimum amount of food to keep them alive.

More importantly, I can draw a definite picture in my mind how girls in such a state wouldn't be seen as a proper target of sexual gratification. Take those attached images, for example, and imagine them wearing heavy rusted collars and chains - much too heavy for their emaciated body could sustain - and their bony skin completly covered in grimes. It would make them feel weaker, more humiliated having to display their body in such a state (e.g. breasts and buttocks shrunken to the bones), and it would also amplify their animal instinct to devour anything they are given to eat.

I guess it would draw me a better and more plausible images of girls being abused and degraded under an extreme racist system which I'm trying to depict.

Maybe I should consider revising the story by incorporating such elements when I finish it and begin to edit it to its final form.


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Maybe I should revise it to make it an illustrated story? Actually, I've been trying to create a video game that can be used to experience slavery contents. It's just a hobby of mine, so it won't complete any time soon (that is if it ever does).

But I have some models created for the purpose lying around, like a female character or a picaxe, and so on. So I got an idea and did a quick test render and post edited it to match the mining theme to see how it'd look:


For now, it's just an idea and I'm barely able to set aside enough time to write this story. But I need to improve my 3D skills anyway, so I'll think about it more seriously once I'm done witht the initial pass of the story.


Ok, I decided to build our Barb and Siss a new home, one pillar at a time:


They won't remain in the mine for long in my story however. I took enough rest since the last chapter and I think now I'm ready to start writing the next one.


I know I'm supposed to write, not playing with 3D tools. But it's quite fun nonetheless :)

My 3D skills are barely enough to create such a pillar with relative ease, but I doubt they are sufficient to create things like uniforms for the overseers, though.

Hopefully, they could be improved along with my writing / English skills as I continue this thread.

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