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Commissions Are Open!

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Mar 5, 2017
Hey y'all :)
I've been building up to offering commissions for anyone interested.
It'd be single character women or men. Though an extra hand or other part is fine. I'll include a list of specifics you can give. ^_^
To avoid any complications I'll need payment via PayPal before I start work on your piece.
I have 5 slots open which will be first come fisrt serve so as soon as you email me and the payment goes through I will start working on your piece. ^_^
I'll let you know what number you are in the list and will let you know when you are next.
Commissions will be given to you within a week or less FROM WHEN YOU GET THE EMAIL THAT YOU ARE NEXT ON THE LIST. When I begin I'll send a rough sketch to make sure it's what you want.
$10 - sketch
$35- color
If you're interested you can contact me at kinkycolors@gmail.com
Thanks! Look forward to drawing for you ^_^

Here is a little form to fill out
*Feel free to send me pics as references!

Style: Sketch or Color
Race: (human, elf, cat person, etc.)
Hair style/color:
Eye Color:
Clothing (if any):
Preferred Angle:
Body type:
Bust size:
Anything else:

Here are a few examples of my work, sketches and full color.



Mar 5, 2017
Hello everyone!

I don't see a way to edit the original post, but I have to make a bit of a change to the details and requirements here.

A single colored characters is $45
Additional characters will be an up-charge of $15 each
Estimates of work time to completion will vary, but begins now at two weeks

Thank you ^_^
Nov 27, 2013
Los Angeles
I am considering it soon since I'm about to do a series pics for a story. :)
What are some perks you might like to see on a patreon?
Participation in polls, and commissions every few months depending on how much they are contributing. There’s a few models anf examples out there, and I’ve found different artist on there by seeing their work on tumblr and seeing their watermark linking back to Patreon.