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Crime and Punishment in Modern Singapore

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Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Evidently, the author has done extensive research on Singapore's penal code and its custom. The story depicts a female from the west - charged with defacing of public property with a chewing gum, insulting and attempting to bribe officials, lying and exhibiting insubordination. In short, she will be severely caned on her bare buttocks.

My personal favorite is probably the description towards the state-of-the-art caning stand. This sadistic punishing technology is remarkably awesome as its height and width can be adjusted! I wonder if such design is currently under development. You will need to read it for yourself to comprehend how it maximizes the posteriors of the female offender by forcefully protruding, and spreading, her two mounds wide apart i.e. a-metre-long for the cane.

The ordeal was painful, unthinkable and intolerable as the welts formed on her ass lividly. Obviously in reality, a female will not be caned, and three good hard strokes would probably draw blood and knock the offender out into stupor, but in this tale, every of the 22 strokes landed is beautifully illustrated with "fine mist of blood". The author has thus compensated the latter, with the caning stand, very elegantly in order to keep the reader captivated. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed. A stimulant jab was also used nearing to the end of her punishment to keep her awake so that she can feel the effects.

A noticeable attempt, but a good effort, to incorporate 'Singlish'.

Overall - this piece deserves a high-rated score, which will round up to a 5.
Thank you for the review. You have inspired me to give a final explanation of the genesis of this story, which started in my mind 14 months ago.

Author’s Take on Crime and Punishment in Modern Singapore (Part I of Barbara’s Singapore Saga)

This story first seeded in my mind in May 2019, the Jon Smithie’s post in Tied Up,

"I’d love it. When I saw the picture, and read Lox’s caption I immediately thought of Priya. I think the caning of, say, an American tourist for a trivial offense like chewing gum would be a great scene. Or maybe as an innocent, impulsive prank she stuck her wad of chewing gum to the nose of a Buddha statue, or something like that, so really earning herself a serious ass whipping."

I had been thinking of writing a short story for @Barbaria1 , and this struck me as interesting. But I was finishing a very large story, Minnesota Moore, which took almost all my time.

I did compose (6-16-19) a short teaser for myself (which I shared with Barb- She liked it):

Barbara Moore and the Gum
Barbara Moore was really enjoying her trip to Singapore. She had been working too hard for the last several months, through a brutal Minnesota winter. Severe cabin fever had set in. Then, on a whim, she had hopped on the internet and found a nicely priced package for a five-day getaway to Singapore where the average temperature in February is 88°/76°.
Barb was very impressed by how clean and well kept the urban areas were. Reading that street crime was almost non-existent, she felt comfortable walking anywhere at any hour.
It was now the afternoon of her last day here and Barbara was just wondering around the parks, relaxed chewing some gum…
Arrested, strip-searched for more gum or drugs, protesting to no avail, quickly tried, sentenced, and caned. Sent back to US wiser, more humble, but finding the 13-hour flight on her ass unbearable!

I was writing the early chapters of Virgin Belly Dancer, which I started posting in July 2019. So I put Singapore Caning on my back burner.

Finally, on 9-12-19, with very little written, I started posting. The intention was very short (a dozen posts), arrest, trial, cane, home. The premise was that Barbara was arrogant and argumentative and actually rude and brought her misfortune on herself.

I strove for a very authentic and sympathetic portrait of Singapore with locale, language, and characters. I also decided there would be no sex.

The authorities were all highly professional and fair, but were insulted by her condescending manner. Due to Barb’s rudeness and rebelliousness, things would snowball (as in Minnesota), and she would get a heavy caning.

However, in making the various police and jail authorities professional and well-fleshed out, the story grew. When it came time to send Barbara home, it just seemed there was so much more to tell. So I ended Part I on 10-17-19 with the possible murder cliffhanger.

Stay tuned for a similar report on Saga II
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