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Crucified males

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I just discovered a game called Conan Exiles where the character selection screen shows your character crucified.


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My drawing. The crucified man leans his crotch on the blade of a knife. Before the execution, there was an erection of the penis. The end of the knife almost touches the head of the penis. When the penis descends, its head will touch the blade of the knife.
Nice drawing, Vaso. I'd be interested in seeing more from you.


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I brought him to his knees. I clamped my left hand firmly around his neck and pushed forward. His bright sweaty body trembled as I started to stick my slippery fingers into his ass. I took more tallow and rubbed my red, swollen cock with it. I pressed the hole. It came in quickly. The convict groaned and writhed. I put my hands on his wet back and fucked steadily. The guys laughed and hit his face. Finally I came into him and pushed him away.

We took a bastard by the shoulders and dragged to the cross prepared beside. It was wonderful to watch him tying by his arms to a horizontal beam and breathing heavily. The whip-marked chest was moving steadily. His torn pants barely covered his spread legs, shrunk in fear balls and a sill small cock. Two of ours held him by the ankles when I picked up the hammer and nails. I looked into his eyes: fear of pain, death. Big eyes of a powerless kid. I spat in his face and put the blade to his wrist. I swung and dug an iron into the flesh.

A excruciating, prolonged scream came from the young throat. Waves of spasms ran after him every time I hit. You could hear broken bones rubbing against metal. I stood up and did the same with the other shoulder. The boy lay down pierced with iron - blood was leaking slightly from under trembling hands. We took off the ropes and lifted his legs. My sperm dripped from his ass. I took a greased thick stake. He realized what was happening when I began to push rough wood into his anus. He wanted to kick, but two of ours held tight - he only nervously fingered and banged his head on the beam moaning and crying. A few movements of the hammer and a hard stake filled his gut.

We pulled the ropes and slowly raised him. The weight of the body finished my work - he dropped to shoulder tension, poking even deeper. Now only his legs were free. He clung to them, trying to rise. The soldier wiped his feet and calves with a wet rag. He opened the knees of the boy as much as he could, while two others bent them and put his ankles sideways to the vertical beam, almost joining his heels. I recommended not fastening at the same height, because nails may meet. I licked the place. We always do this - fortunately, not to hit the artery. I put the blade on, swung the hammer ... Metal went into the solid bone. Wheezing and swearing above indicated that everything was going well. Now a second foot. A few hits and the boy flies! Now I could enjoy the view of a young, smooth, sweaty body.

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These disturbingly knickers!


The prisoners are exhausted and movement on their crosses is now minimal. We are behind schedule as the crosses are fully occupied and the watching crowd begins to dwindle, much to the ire of the crucifixion vendors. The next four condemned ones are stripped and lined up and sadistic spectators taunt and jeer, throw small stones at them, the genitalia being of course the prime targets. "Take down those first ones, crucify these four now they shout."

Our centurion Marcus has a clever idea, he asks for volunteers. Gingerly he pulls out the wooden stipes, instructs the prisoners to arch up on the beams if they know what is good for them. Then on come the knives, just a few inches under the scrotums of the stretched prisoners. And it is the final stretch for them, bets are taken on who lasts longest, and of course bids are make for the final souvenirs.

The next four up are made to watch, guards put spears to the genitalia to keep them in line. One falls and faints, the others vomit. A long day awaits them.
Great story! It inspires!

Jack Staley

These two are waiting for the third fellow in misfortune
The third prisoner arrives and is stripped and presented; oohs and ahhs from the watching audience. Though he is somewhat young and slim, a well defined body and hard lean muscles. A face so beautiful, it will be great fun to watch his suffering grimaces. But mainly his cock, not huge but so well sculpted. He is a perfectly circumcised Jew of Spanish origin, and not that race should be any qualifying factor as I'm not a racist. It's just that there will be plenty of bids as the blade goes through the scrotum for the final cutting. What a fine desk ornament this appendage will make, embalmed and stuffed: perhaps sold with the video of the crucifixion.


Jack Staley

The condemned one shivers as the chill of early morning permeates his naked flesh. It is to be a busy day on skull hill and there is a shortage of executioners. He has been waiting a half hour already,

CLANG, CLANG CLANG, IEEEEEEEEEE, the sounds of hammers striking metal and anguished screams come closer. A crowd begins to gather in front of the cross, menacing silhouettes at predawn. Many witnessed the trial yesterday, and they make sure to reserve the optimal viewing areas.

A hand taps his shoulder. "Look behind prisoner, I added a seat, just for you. This will add hours to your crucifixion, which this eager gathering shall witness. Some have payed to participate in your torment."

The executioner turns the prisoner around, ropes his wrists to the cross patibulum. CRACKKKKK, the loud snapping sound as whip cracks in air for the practice lashing. The sadistic guard then strips down, as it is a hot day already. He traces the whip delicately on the poor lad's ass cheeks. "I had fun with you last night, but now the true fun starts." The crowd is enthralled as the sun rises; what a beautiful pair they are.

"I shall whip you now, don't forget to count."


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