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Crucified males

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Assistant executioner
If you were a slave owner during Ancient Rome, what sort of offenses would warrant a slave to be crucified? Would you use nails and take their lives or just ropes so they can continue to serve you after the punishment is served? I just like to crucify my slaves with ropes for at least 24 hours in the court yard to make an example for the other slaves, I think the humiliation and exposure to the elements would be sufficient. View attachment 872263View attachment 872264View attachment 872265View attachment 872266View attachment 872267
I was just thinking about this. What reason would I need? None. I'm sadistic. I want to whip a slave? I do it. A slave walks by and I'm in the mood for some entertainment?
"Guards, secure this one and take them to the courtyard to hang, I'll be along shortly to watch."

Unless of course they're being nailed; then the guards better not begin anything until I arrive. I want to watch the victims squirm as they are fastened down.


Okay...I did a little crux session, in various modes of undress....
20200703_152122.jpgFully-Clothed Smock
20200703_152658.jpgLarge Loincloth
20200703_152641.jpgMedium Tapered Loincloth
20200703_152111.jpgMini-Skirt Loincloth
20200703_152231.jpgBrief Loincloth
20200703_151948.jpgStark Naked
The choice is Yours,Boys & Girls.....


Okay...I did a little crux session, in various modes of undress....
View attachment 874199Brief Loincloth
View attachment 874200Stark Naked
The choice is Yours,Boys & Girls.....
Brief loincloth for the walk to the crux site. Briefer than in that photo, and loose-fitting so that it's only mockingly "covering" up your cock. People can still see it, especially if you get hard.

Once at the crux site, the loincloth is yanked away. You deserve nothing but humiliation and suffering on the cross. You don't get to have privacy, modesty or dignity.
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