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El Coyote's Odds And Ends

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Sep 23, 2012
but you are ready to be feathered...
Oh i am Mr Tree, i would love to be tarred and feathered
i fantasize about that a lot,giving myself to someone when
i am so horny and not thinking straight. Let him tar and
feather me then unload on the feathers and just walk away
and i am left tarred ,feathered miles from home and wondering
what the hell to do, the passion has left me and i am left wiith
the reality of me situation oh Mr Tree i would love that


Graf von Kreuzigung
Sep 12, 2014
I Told my husband he was a lousy motor mechanic when he could`nt find
the dipstick, now just look what he did to me. thick black grease all over
me,i will never get the bath clean ever again.
Never argue with a husband about car mechanics, Dorothy! Always make him think he knows all about it!:eaea:

But maybe it is good for the condition of your skin!:sun_smiley::bath:


Staff member
Jul 11, 2009
Near the coffee shop, Pacific, Mo
Yes, i know where he put his dip stick, about an hour ago
Of course he used his dip stick an hour ago. He wanted to enjoy himself...
gunner 009.jpg
...before you were tarred...
water 37 a.jpg d b 041.jpg
...and feathered...
db tarred.jpg
...and paraded naked through town.
d b walk to court tarred.jpg
Now it is up to you how to clean up before you are sent to the reparation farm...
d b 011.jpg


Apr 21, 2005
Or "coal oil" as folks used to call kerosene way back when. Although a safer choice for cleanup would be varsol, which you can hardly get to burn. Used to use that to get road tar off of cars I was washing when I worked in a gas station in high school, should work to get tar and feathers out of those moist and tender folds but might leave you a bit itchy and tingly which could result in a need for further attention!
Sep 23, 2012
Would`nt kerosene burn the skin, i know as kids when we played
with tar it stayed on your fingers for days afterwards, but fully
aroused and not thinking straight if a girl allowed herself to be tarred
and feathered just for male fun, she would be in a hell of a situation
once the brain madness had cooled down , and she could`nt go
running home to mum. same situation if she was asked to test a guillotine
and the guy say`s do you want to go all the way she is so hot and aroused
she whispers ,yes, no going back from there, short drop hanging would have
the same ending but she could probably get an orgasm from that, although
once the noose bit into her neck her arousal would soon leave her,but her
mind would be saying you silly bitch as she danced her life away.
all very erotic though is`nt it Gentlemen


Poet Laureate
Staff member
Jan 1, 2011
The Northern Forest
A quick look at the internet tells me that the 'tar' used back in the old colonial days and after
wasn't the stuff grimy gangs put on roads nowadays, but 'pine tar',
made from carbonised pine-wood and used as a preservative on ships etc.
(And, it seems, to cheat in baseball, something wholly beyond my grasp ;))
For it to be viscous enough to use, it would have been uncomfortably hot,
but there's no record of anyone being killed by it.
Turpentine was reportedly used to clean it off,
though that would have been a much weaker kind than modern turps.
which would have done more harm than good.
Otherwise rubbing with lard was apparently the best way.


Assistant executioner
Jun 22, 2005
Sorry to have eavesdropped on your conversation with Barbaria, but when you said " my dirty mind would`nt work frightening me to death", I thought, that is absolutely the worst thing that could happen to a human being. You have my sympathies, but I'm glad you're better now.