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Free photo series: Glamour crucifix.

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Assistant executioner
Nov 2, 2015
Basel, Switzerland
Free photo series: Glamour crucifix. Glamour models wanted to try, as they themselves will feel on the cross.


I love to see, how Alexandra gets broken gently by the cross. Starting her first stint, she seems to feel even fun and plays with the cross by almost doing exercises on it. But then the cross strikes back by doing its work: slowly but relentlessly bringing the girl to the end of her power.

On Julia I especially like firstly her beauty over all and secondly the impressions on in her eyes . (Wrote this already on another place)
In the closeups of her face, I get the intention that she's extremely inside herself, noticing very well what's happening at every moment everywhere in her beautiful body.

All in all my most favourite movie!

Keep on doing things like this, please. :)
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