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Hot Knife

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Assistant executioner
He needed to know about my quirks and interests of course, what went on inside my head and the things I liked to do to my body, to give him an insight into using me to my full potential. I was asked to make a list of the contents of my toy box and describe how I enjoyed them, which were my favourites and why.

I think I might have been a bit of a shock to him. I’m certainly a bit of a shock to me, electrically that is! It was necessary to point out that I’m impoverished and although there are a huge range of electrosex stimulators available, I can’t afford any of them. However, necessity (lust in my case) being the mother of invention, I’d pretty much achieved everything I needed through improvisation and a second hand TENS machine someone gave me. I sent pictures of my home made probes and terminals but they don’t look like the professionally manufactured alternatives. I still had to explain where I put them.

I felt like a ready to use sub kit, batteries included, supplied with all her own accessories, available to control or punish her to her owner’s particular tastes. To facilitate that, the potential, pun intended, of electricity is a universe of painful fun. Why did I want someone else to pass an electric current through the most sensitive parts of my body? Well………..

First I must explain how unpredictable the sensations can be. I’ll point out that a small or poor contact, stimulating a small number of nerves will hurt like hell whereas a good contact over a wide area will let a greater number of nerves share the stress, and this can be rather pleasant! More on that later.

It’s also important to know that skin and the nerves therein varies around the body and what feels good somewhere might not be such fun somewhere else. I’ll shamelessly admit now that I love shocking my genitals. “Isn’t that painful?” I hear you cry. Oh god yes! However it’s complicated. If I get it just right, the pain, if you want to call it that, can easily make me come.

We swapped messages for a while. He asked, I answered and eventually he knew enough to choose the instruments with which he hoped to inflict his will on me. “Had I shocked myself internally?” Yes I had.

I’d used a stainless steel table knife and stuck one of the sticky pads the TENS came with on the blade, then penetrated myself with the handle. He was keenly interested in this. It was necessary then to explain that in the same way good or bad contacts affected how stimulation felt, internal and external ones did too. Inside me, conducting well over my damp surface area, the shocks were not as noticeable as comparable power would be transmitted by the tightly packed external nerves of my sensitive rose. We chatted about the possibilities of including this in the arsenal of other indignities he already made me suffer and consequently he sent……

Put that knife handle in your rose and make a contact with the TENS. The other pad can go where you like. On your labia, above or below Her but not on Her. (Her, my feminine pleasure trigger, being the subject of previous discussion.) Intensity and mode are again up to you. I want a bit of pain but mainly pleasure. I'll decide later if you'll be allowed to come. For now hold it, but you can beg.

As ever it wasn’t quite that simple, on line instructions rarely do translate seamlessly into a perfect performance. It was late in the evening when I attempted our new electrosex experiment. The last time I used the knife handle I’d been on my back on my bed but this time I tried to see if I could do it at my computer and type. It didn't quite work out like that. It's a steel knife, it's heavy and I had to hold it in because it kept falling out.

Fortunately, while I was holding it I discovered just how controllable the sensations are by using how much of the handle was in or out. The other pad was over Her, not touching her but pressed against my hood. If I slipped the knife in, more of it conducted inside where I couldn't feel it much but if I pulled it out the shock had to go through more of my outside nerves, through my labia until it hurt them if I pulled it too far. I found a sweet spot where the shocks lit up my whole crotch including the tendons on the inside of my thighs! Oh my god it was lovely! It took 12 minutes to reach max power and I wanted to hang on, to make it to the end of the 15 minute session but I knew I'd come and had to switch it off.

The experiment was a spectacular success, and I had permission to beg for an orgasm so I did, thinking I’d take it to bed with me and enjoy it in comfort with a head full of adjusting my knife handle. I sort of got it! He sent this………

We'll use it again. And this time you'll be Forced to come. Roll your dice once. 1 or 2 – this evening, 3 or 4 – tomorrow, 5 or 6 – Monday. You can choose the location between three: your chair (in front of my computer), your bed, your dining room table (on it). Of course I don't want you to come in ten minutes, if you can stand more. Try to make twenty at least, one cycle and part of the second. To resist for twenty minutes you'll have to fuck yourself with that knife. Just a few mm back and forth, to lower the sensation or give yourself a bit of pain to calm down.

Start the first cycle at low power and be on that for 12 minutes then increase it gradually during the last 3 minutes. How much is at your discretion. Continue with that power and raise it on during the second cycle, finding the sweet spot. Experiment with the fucking but stop immediately if painful. Have in mind that my thoughts were that you can lower the intensity inserting it deeper because of the current passing more internally. And that it is painful only when it's inserted very shallow. If I got it wrong disregard this and do it your way. Safety first.

The dice score was 4, so I was denied my lovely comfortable orgasm and condemned to be forced one by torture the next morning. I was at least allowed to choose my bed. He hadn’t got it wrong, he’d got exactly right but he hadn’t been specific with regard to which power levels I should use. I went to bed dreaming of possibilities.

I could if I wanted to, start at power level one. That would do nothing and I imagined, having woken up wildly excited by the idea of repeating our experiment with added orgasm, I’d hardly want to lie there for twelve minutes waiting to get on with the fun! Yes that would have been safe but I didn’t want safe, I wanted adventure. Before I went to sleep I invented some. First I imagined that he was intimately familiar with not just the controls of my Tens but also with my responses to them. He knew that the buttons would affect me as if my brain was connected to the control unit directly through my sex organs. (Well it would be!)

This would mean that he'd given me specific levels of power and the times at which I would have to achieve them. I would run though a specified shock programme. He would set the levels knowing roughly when I was likely to come and attempt to either keep me close until he wanted my orgasm, force me to come quickly or deny me all together. A prearranged programme would take any discretion out of my hands and make me truly subservient to his will. The wickedness in that would be the unpredictability of both my head, that is how filthy I felt, and the effectiveness of the contacts. I would press the buttons as required regardless of the consequences, and suffer or not depending on my luck. I hoped that one day, having read enough of reports of my suffering, he would feel confident enough to present me with such a programme.

In bed that night I was denied orgasm not only in real life but in fantasy too. I pushed the buttons in the way I’d been told to, fantasy scared witless that I might come too early and be punished for it. What a lovely idea! I resolved to build up the power to an adventurous level quickly when the time came, to role play my fantasy as close to how I imagined the real thing would be. I’d push my luck.

Then I imagined a step further where he was there with me and I'd adopt my standard submissive pose, hands behind my back, feet apart and my rose available. He had both the TENS control box and the knife. He'd know increases in power would bring me closer to orgasm, and turn it up but fuck me with the knife to manage my stimulation. I would have no choice but to suffer how successful he was in that. Would he deny me orgasm under threat of punishment then maliciously force me to come anyway? Thinking that was beautiful!

I was still thinking all that when I woke up, it had me halfway there before I put anything on or in my body! I couldn’t resist experimenting. I wore a tight black thong to hold the external pad against me and slipped the knife handle, with the other pad on the blade, past it into my rose. I lay on my back on my bed, spread my legs and turned the power on. I knew as soon as I had it would be good, too good!

Sometimes I don't really feel level 1 but I did that morning, externally, as expected. I increased to level 2 straight away and pulled the knife out to see if I'd feel that contact too but it wasn't until level 3 that pulling it almost out made it come alive, it felt lovely. I increased to level 4 after a couple of minutes and although I reached 8 and max the previous night, that morning only 4 felt dangerously high. I don't mean physically dangerous, I mean not wanting to come yet dangerous! With the knife all the way in the pulses were gripping the outside of my rose, really tingling Her and I left it for a while to try to settle down. I think my pre adventure arousal might have made it worse (better?).

Then I slipped the knife out a little to see what would happen. By then the TENS had been running for about 8 minutes. I suppose the knife was two third out when I felt it start to test me. I can't begin to explain it. It felt like the whole of my crotch was tingling with a delicious, exquisite sensation so beautiful it pushed the fantasy buttons in my brain and I had to push the knife back in quickly to stop it making me come already. I didn't want to turn the power down. His programme, or he, in my fantasy at least, wouldn't do that. This was a controlling me with the knife game! I didn't come but neither did I want to play safe and wait for the session to end and start the other one without testing myself. I'll admit I couldn't leave the knife alone.

By the time I reached 12 minutes I'd pushed the knife in and out three or four times, each time daring to hold it near the point of no return for as long as I could before I put it back in. It felt so fuckin good! At 13 minutes I left it too long. Even though I pushed it back in quickly I knew I'd left it too late and I was going to come whether I wanted to or not.

I tried, I really did try desperately to stop it but I failed and ruined my orgasm in doing so. I hadn’t made it to twenty minutes, it was the first time I’d fucked up so badly and guilt crushed me. As I felt the most pathetic, feeble orgasm I’ve ever had I thought “Oh god, what now?” I dreaded telling him. I knew I would have to.

She on the other hand, my kinky demon, loved it. If She had a voice I’d have heard her taunt “Oh well, you’re fucked now!” I would never have coped with power level 5, it would have forced me to come pretty much instantly wherever I put the knife.

In the spirit of accessibility I told him I felt guilty and I was ashamed of myself for coming at 13 minutes and I didn't make it to the second session. I thought level 4 would be low power. I admitted I was too hot before I started, too ready, too turned on just by the thought of what he’d do to me in my fantasy. However I couldn't deny I loved it, all of it!
After I sent my message of contrition I sat waiting at my computer, worrying over how he’d deal with me. I tried to reconcile myself with accepting whatever punishment he thought I deserved by thinking of it as necessary to maintain my credibility as on line sub. I never cheat, I wouldn’t. I’d take my punishment. “Oh fuck, how bad will it be?”

I signed off “Faithful Kate XX”. I often do but I’d never meant it as honestly, as profoundly as I did then!
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