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How To Talk For Artists And Users

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Jul 19, 2012
For the beginner, the CMCK really is a good resource. The trickiest thing for beginners is often the cutting out, getting a clean image to play with, cutting out and finding components for your vision.
Once you have some confidence you can start to alter the figures, add or change arms, hands, faces. Add nails, ropes, change backgrounds, etc. You can start to blend the components together better, to make a cohesive picture. Or add filters or special effects for a more artistic touch.
It really is a matter of jumping in and trying, and asking questions. Look at Wragg, he was a complete novice a short time ago and now he is producing a very interesting illustrated story.


Software? I use Paint Shop Pro, I think Madi does too. The market leader of course is Photoshop, but there are others out there. Make sure you get something that allows multiple layers!

Maybe not apropos, but I tripped over this lovely, and wondered if you had seen her.
If you have, no harm.
If not, I'm happy to send her along for you to store in some warm, dry place.

Sep 28, 2015
Many thanks Bobinder. I confirm that I am still using 'Paint' and that sand is painted free hand like everything else.
Hi hammers, in Windows Paint, if you 'Select' from the drop-down menu, the option called, 'Free-form selection', you can use this to manually cut out shapes, and then move the cut-out onto a new background.
Keep the left-click continually depressed on your mouse whilst you cut the outline.
Cut slightly wide of the figure/shape to ensure you get everything - you can paint in the rough edges afterwards.

Once you have made the cut, move the figure/shape onto the new background. You must have the original picture and the background in the same image to do this - it will not work any other way.


I transfered this cut-out shape onto a section of the background, and then I copied that background section onto the wider background.

hammers-paint-demo-2.jpg hammers-paint-demo-3.jpg

After making the transfer, I painted the cross, ropes, nails, and changes in facial expression etc, using the pencil and brush tools in Paint.


You may already be aware of this technique, which preserves most of the background and requires only minimal restorative overpainting.
Otherwise, I hope this is helpful. :)
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Jun 15, 2014
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