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Kathy Summer's Prosecution

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Matron Joan Tree meets me when I arrive on death row. She looks over my files and say “So you get to hang in the square a week from Saturday. You do realize except for your handcuffs- your wrists will be tied- you are dress as you will be when you are hanged.”

“I’ve not yet come to accept I am going to be hanged. Must I be naked” I ask.

“Listen, Summer, you are going to be hanged before a crowd of more than a thousand people. I’ve hired the best hangman I know of to string you up. The people want to see your tits shake, your legs kick and maybe you’ll piss and shit while you strangle. Do you think I am going to cover your body while you die hanging from a noose” Joan Tree rhetorically asks.
She is obviously not here to comfort me!

prison 227.jpg
I am locked in a spartan cell. The toilet and sink are a shared piece of stainless steel and my bed is a plywood board with a foam mattress and sheet on it. The highlight is they took the cuffs off my wrists. I sit on the bunk and am quickly called out. Across the corridor from me are two cells I can see from mine. Both cells confine women as bare as I am.
One of them stands by the bars of her cell. She is smoking a cigarette that I recognize. How did she get a Madame Wu in here?

prison 152 c.jpg
“Are you Kathy Summer” she asks.

“Yes” I reply. “How do you know who I am?”

“You are the third woman to join us to be hanged. I am Helen Grover and this is Stacy Wilson” she says. “I guess you get the middle noose.”

“I still can’t believe they are going hang me for not joining an actors’ union. At least it will kill me quickly” I sigh.

Stacy takes a drag from her Madame Wu and says “You have never seen a Cruxtonian hanging. They put you on a stool and after you are noosed, then they knock the stool out from under your feet. You drop only about 15 CM. That isn’t enough to close the noose, much less break your neck. You hang as the weight of your own body slowly closes the rope around your throat.

bra 82.jpg
A guard told me no one dies in less than ten minutes and some women have lasted almost a half hour. In the meantime we’ll be kicking naked above the crowd while we slowly strangle.”
prison 211.jpg
“Holy shit” I gasp. “I thought it would be a quick way to die!”

I can’t believe this is going to happen to me!

prison 197.jpg
-Kathy Summer, doomed prisoner

Don’t feel too sorry for Kathy. That night she masturbates as she imagines being hanged naked above a crowd.
prison 231.jpg
What a perverse arousal…


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Eight days in jail should be a boring dull time. And the prison denies me any access to news, TV, and certainly freedom. My entertainment consists of being fucked by the guards or being forced to suck their cocks. Of course I naked- there is no prison garb- as I will be when I am taken to the gallows and hanged before a crowd. What will that be like? My hanging will be my execution. To the crowd it will be their entertainment.
hang 847.jpg
There is no clock that I can see so I can’t time out the ten minutes I have been told would be the quickest I will die.
prison 203.jpg
If the minutes seem boring every one that passes brings me closer to being hanged by my neck!



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Friday night merges with Saturday morning. Helen Grover, Stacy Wilson, and Kathy Summer will wrap up the day’s entertainment. They are not the only prisoners being hanged today in the square, but they will be the last to be hanged and done so as a trio.

Helen offers no resistance to having her wrists bound behind her back. She knew she would be executed for killing her boyfriend and his wife but the son of a bitch refused to divorce his wife so Helen killed them both.
bondage 135 c.jpg
Stacy is to be hanged for embezzling $250,000 from the Cruxtonian government over a two year period. As the state accountant she has been convicted of theft from the government and high treason. So she will go to the gallows Helen and Kathy. With wrists bound behind her back she marched naked to the holding cell where she and the others will wait until it is their time to be brought to the gallows.
bondage 043.jpg
She will look spectacular as she thrashes from her noose.

My wrists are bound crossed behind my back. The rope is soft but tightly bound. It hurts but I fear not as much as the noose will. I an taken from my cell for the last time and lead down the dark prison corridor.
bondage 131.JPG
I cannot believe I have sentenced to be hanged but have no doubt before this day is done, I will be dead hanging naked from the noose that has killed me.

-Kathy, time running short…

Stacy, Kathy, and Helen sit naked in the holding cell with their hands bound behind their back. They watch as the prisoners that will be hanged before them are escorted to the Little Brampton gallows.
prison 215 e.jpg
Some being led to their execution are stoic. Others cry as they are marched out. Some need firm ‘encouragement’ as they are dragged past.
Stacy says “When we go hold your shoulders back and keep your head up. They are going to hang us, but we can go out with pride.”

I sit in the middle and wonder how the hell I can proudly walk to the gallows.



Poor Kathy!

You'll be hanged, naked in front of a delirious crowd.

Show them that you are brave, remain dignified and offer them the most beautiful rope dance in the world!

Being naked in front of everyone does not humiliate you but rather excite you, so give yourself a last orgasm before you die!

Courage, let your death remain in the annals of the city.

You will be the star of the day, the star of the show.
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