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Maximus The Ruthless

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I´ve already posted some series abut my character Maximus The Ruthless.... I would like to explain why he is so cruel and ruthless against his enemies ...

Chapter 1 . The raise of the Amazon Empire
Millennia ago , the savage tribes of Asia Minor lived in continuous war , disputing the territory in bloody battles. The winners were accustomed to take women from their enemies as slaves , to be subjected to horrible torture, orgies of sex and blood .

But once, a small group of these women broke free from his captors and escaped into the jungle . After days of walking through the deep forest , they settled into a remote place, safe from its enemies.

They soon became strong and proud , trained to survive among the wild beasts of the dark forest. So they decided to become a new tribe of women, free from the domination of men.

But they knew that they still need men, so they decided to return to their enemies , this time as slave hunters .

At first, they only attacked at night, taking some young female slaves and kidnaping young girls, who were then accepted as members of their tribe, training them as warrioress. But over the years, their number and braveness increased and they began to attack the villages, first the weakest, whrere they easily beaten the warriors who opposed them, and later all the nearby villages.

They did terrible massacres, sparing only the women who were willing to join them and some men taken as slaves. The fate of these slaves was terrible: the Amazons gave them all kinds of heavy works and treated them with extreme cruelty; the strongest were reserved to mate the princesses; this was a road to death, because after they fullfill this purpose, they brought them to the arena, gave them a wooden spear and made face their best warrioress. The poor devils, weakened by the harsh treatment they suffered, were eliminated quickly, with the pleassure of the women gatered around to enjoy he slaughter.

In just a few decades, the Amazons dominated all the small kingdoms of Scytia, annihilating those who opposed them and subjugating the rest. The Amazon Empire rose!


Chapter 2. The origins of Maximus
He was still a child when the Amazons attacked his village. He only had few memories of that terrible day when childhood ended forever. Images of dismembered bodies, screams of terror, blood everywhere, and the cold stare of the woman who knocked him out with a blow while others restained him. He never knew the reason why the Amazons took him prisoner instead of killing him along with his family and the rest of his tribe. Surely they appreciated the fierceness with which the child fought them, without showing any trace of fear.

The village to which he was led, was outside the great walled fortress where the queen and her princesses resided. From the first day he was thrown into a damp, dark cell, from which only they took him out to be beaten until unconsciousness. Every now and then a guard threw a piece of meat through the bars, leftovers from the feast of his captors; he could only drink from a trickle of dirty water running off the entrance to his cell. A deep hatred was occupying every corner of his mind; a desire for revenge that grew more and more with every torture. The child who once was, slowly gave way to a cold, dark being, that every night fed his anger lying on the cold stone floor of his cell.

When he reached puberty, the Amazons began to treat him even worse. They used to tie him naked to four stakes into the ground and whipping him for hours. He were then chained by the neck and dragged between the women, to be spat upon and kicked viciously.


Chapter 3 . First blood
Once the boy reached puberty, the amazons delivered him to a warrioress named Arya. She was famous for her fierceness in battle and the cruelty with which she treated her enemies; she enjoyed mutilating them before finishing them, usually cutting their heads.

From the beggining she treated her new slave with violence: the first thing he received from her was a brutal kick in his testicles.

Arya was a stunning red head, her defiant breasts, her long, slender legs and her solid buttocks, she was the supreme expression of the Amazon race. She was superb, and she deeply despised men, she only considered them to serve her as sex toys intended to satisfy her lust.

Once alone with her slave, she took off the few clothes she wore and walked naked to the boy;to her surprise he gave no sign of excitement. She pressed her breasts against his muscular torso, but she did not get more than a look of contempt from him. Feeling humiliated, she hit his chained slave until he fall unconscious on her bedroom floor.

Many times she tried to seduce her slave, but she always failed, no matter how hard she tried, he just gave her a grimace of hate, before being beaten almost to death.

To be continued ...
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