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Messaline'deep Fantasies ...

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Mistress LittleSiss invites Messa to take place into her bar ...

Is Mistress LittleSiss cruel ?
Messa will see ...

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One must be advised that there is a cover charge and a two session minimum!

All patrons must sign an agreement of non-disclosure and will be subject to the full discretion of the management!



While Alice is shown in pain among different situations, Messaline and Judith are harsly suffering into the darkness of the dungeon : the "Society'Law" says that lesbians are against nature , so, they have to be redressed with a hard training ...
If the whip is not suffiscient, the "Society" could take some restraints which could be till ultimate ...
But, for the moment, naked in front of their tormentors, they are submitted to a long whip'session, clutched into a carcan, exposing their tender body to the lashes of the leather'whip ...

"a long whip'session". What a marvellous situation


Crucified Amazon
I'm sure there's a splendid story that can go with this picture. Nice work, Messaline. :)
142 My deep fantasy_ apocalyspe crucifixion.jpg
Of course, and the following could be ...

Messa is arriving and discovering the crucifixion'place ...

147 My deep fantasy.jpg

... but, curiously, she's not crucified but tied to a huge wheel ...
... and, suddenly, she views Judith saying : "Sorry, Messa, I wanted to break all your body, I want to forget you, I dont love you more !" ...:eek:

148 My deep fantasy.jpg

... but it could be too :

"What this girl is coming to do here ?" Says the man ...
"Only a simply crucifixion, sir " Answer the woman ...

150 My deep fantasy.jpg

... and it's done ...

151 My deep fantasy.jpg ...


Angelus Mortis
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Into the calm of the church ...

152 My deep fantasy.JPG
Beautiful work! Great image.

I'm flying in Winchester Cathedral,
Sunlight pouring through the break of day.
Stumbled through the door and into the chamber.
There's a lady setting flowers on the table, covered lace,
And a cleaner in the distance finds a cobweb on a face,
And a feeling deep inside me
Tells me this can't be the place.

I'm flying in Winchester Cathedral;
All religion has to have its day.
Expressions on the face of the saviour
Made me say, I can't stay. --
Graham Nash


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LittleSiss and Barb are supervising the crucifixion of Messaline during a nice day of Spring ...

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Messa's crucifixion needs supervision and an armed guard. Even in such an isolated location, Messa's cries and screams disturb the neighbors. Siss and I must see to it than no one attempts to quieten her.
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Well, having not much more ideas for to post in this thread, I decide that, for me, it is closed ...
Dont wait for more pics, there will be not ...
I take pleasure in doing it, but, if I cant take any interest to continue, I prefere to stop ...

Bye bye all !
Your Messa ...

67 My deep fantasy.jpg


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Finally, Messa is returned ... ;)

They were coming, they spoiled her village and let her there : soon, the crows will be eating ...

Paskell, a poor girl in these conquest'times ...

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PS : Thanks to slanece and to hornet for my new face ...
Breathtaking . . . :babeando:


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