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New Here

Go to CruxDreams.com
Jul 7, 2019
They are now at


Some avatars you could use. Download a pic then click on your name at top right. Select. Avatar from the menu then Choose file then click OK. Your avatar will appear when your application has been approved.
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The new archive is gradually filling up. You can access it by clicking above on The Forum Archive (Between Member Map and Members). You can award stars out of five and post short reviews

OR simply click on this link http://www.cruxforums.com/xf/resources/

I (ImageMaker) for example made one review from a user.

Could other new members please tell us how you heard about this site..thanks.

Some avatars you could use

We are very happy to archive the stories and poems of all members. At the moment we are working hard to bring our new archive up to date so it would help greatly if authors kept folders of their work and send us moderators a PDF of any work they would like to see in our archive. A cover PIC would also be appreciated.

Please be aware of the blue bar at the bottom of the screen. On the left is the Style Chooser, either Black end or Default style. Black end has a black background so if you type in white or a pale colour then people using the Default Style which has a white background will not be able to read your posts.

More avatars on the next post down,
and also at

And finally
Hi All and a Happy New Year.

Occasionally CruxForums does go off line for a while while improvements are carried out. It can be a little frustrating and worrying for members who have made many posts and friends on the Forum. The link below will take you to a small blog on bdsmlr which is a safe adult site often frequented by several of our members. There you will find the latest news about the status of the Forum and when it would be expected back on line. Remember to bookmark the site in case it is needed in future.


Hope you all had a good Xmas from all the Admin team.

New here too!
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