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News From Margot

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Aug 31, 2013
Of Good Friday, Justine, Pygmalion, The Prohibition/Holy Week Sale

April begins dry... for those who didn't get their booze in time. In a 'secular' country to actually force people to observe the No Drinking commandment of the Holy Church, is kind of strange, right? But there it is. If you go to have dinner to a nice restaurant, let's say a good Italian restaurant, and you order some amazing pasta and, as it should be, a good wine to go with it... they won't serve you wine! ... It doesn't matter that you remind them that Jesus himself had his apostles drink wine during the Last Supper, and that he turned water into wine when there wasn't enough to party at a wedding! So... no alcohol this weekend in Bolivia, unless you have unending supplies of it in your home, as we do. So... Cheers!
And with that note, I go into JUSTINE, the production that is beginning to take shape. This is a complicated production, it requires a lot of pre-production work, with all the costumes, props, torture instruments, locations and so on. The most difficult part is to get all those things not knowing exactly how many of those things we'll need since we haven't been blessed with the script yet. We get instructions such as "We'll need two changes of clothes for four prostitutes" or "we'll need uniforms for six soldiers, including their weapons" So off we go looking for uniforms and weapons... oh... and those wigs. Pre-French revolution wigs, non ANY wigs.
So... the pre-production for JUSTINE is going on at full speed. However, there's so much to get together, the movie is so grand, that while we do that we'll be shooting another gem: PYGMALION, Jac and Amy's erotic version of the famous play. I say Jac and Amy because Jac is writing the script and Amy will be directing it. Jac is not only writing the two scripts, he's also very busy preparing the stars for their fabulous roles. I hope to have many pictures soon. Here's what is filtering through to my fingers.
We'll be going into production in a few days,. we'll not stop until we complete 2 movies, and then we'll start again. Yes, we're full of plans for the near future. But today is a day when we can't have a drink. Why? Holy Week. I can't deny that religion has inspired us to produce a lot of religious related movies, like Martyr.
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Or Romana Crucifixa Est
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Or Seven Days on the Cross
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Or Red Room
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And Don't Forget! ALL our titles are for sale in our Red Feline STORE for the remainder of the week only, with a 20% DISCOUNT!

I'll have more exciting news when the cameras start rolling! Maybe a bit before.
Red Room is a masterpiece. When do you repost it. The trailer was amazing!
Aug 31, 2013
The Passion of Isabel - The Final Days

The production of The Passion of Isabel is now going for the last shooting days. Bea is undergoing more tortures at The Wheel for what is going to be the last sequence in the movie. I cannot say much about how the shooting is going because I wasn't told. Jac went through a horrible, difficult and painful time last week, I don't know what his mood in the set is. He's very professional and I know that he will complete the production the way he planned.

Power Plays - Before we get into her film, Barbazul, I ask Amy how she selects the topics for her productions. With a chuckle, she tells me it’s whatever she finds interesting. “Sirwinakuy, the first film I directed, was a story I started writing about fourteen years ago. I was living in Paris at the time and kind of pieced it together from a bunch of different people and relationships I observed.” The film centers on a young woman (Veronica Paintoux) who develops a dominant/submissive relationship with an older man (Jac Avila). Amy imagines her stories “as a Jungian dream in the sense that I am all of the characters,” she explains, much like children who “play act and envision different kinds of scenarios.” In other words, role-playing teaches children about relationships. Read the complete article: Amy Hesketh, Part One: A Jungian Dream

We have a NEW SALE! Yes. The production of The Passion of Isabel will be done this week. Post production will begin Monday. The film might be ready for release sooner than expected and when we have a new release we don't have a Sale for a long time. This NEW SALE might be the last in a loooong time. To make things more interesting, we have a 15% discount on any ONE film that you get. If you get 2 films you get a 20% discount. If you get 3 or more you get a 30% discount!

Red Room or Desperately Seeking Red Feline - The first film Amy and Jac shot together, after the Training of Jane, of course. Jane gets ahold of the classic film, Red Feline on the Cross. When she attempts to find the original location of the film, she finds more than she bargained for at the hands of The Man in Black.

Please! More of Red Room!


Mar 3, 2015
The Fourth Exercise

Bea was nervous as she went up the ladder. Jac could understand. Amy had a terrible experience when she tried it for the first time. The experience scared Jac a lot, so now he’s extremely cautious. After Bea was up at a level without hitting her head on the ceiling, she put her legs over the rung, set her knees in the proper place and Jac helped her to go lower until her back was against the ladder.

I can’t help thinking that they should be making a movie, all three of them, with that set up, not just video clips for a demo or demos. A real movie.

With Bea on The Ladder, feeling the blood rushing to her head, Dani on The Wheel straining to overcome the discomfort to her back, and Mila suffering on The Cross, the scene was complete. It was quite a sight. Jac left them to suffer while he recorded the event. He said to me when preparing the pictures, ‘they were magnificent‘.

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The Post Of Woes

The Post of Woes scene with Bea calls for an intense flogging, until she faints. While she’s flogged and interrogated, a scribe will be taking notes. There won’t be much to write because Odilia doesn’t have much to confess, she’s just a girl in the wrong place at the wrong time. She’s not even a nun, she is hiding in the cloisters from the wrath of the Marquesa.

After Odilia faints, the torturer will throw water at her to bring her back. The Confessor/Inquisitor, will again question her, just like a well trained journalist would do to get the proper sound bite. He will ask again and again until he hears the words he’s looking for. Which can be very annoying to the person being questioned.

Pícaro: Hello, Margot. THANK YOU for the VERY PROMPT reply. FIRST, the three photos of Bea on the whipping post were PERFECT, PRECISELY PERFECT! Exactly what I hoped the scene would be, despite the fact they were “test shots”. Bea’s arms were set correctly...

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A Nasty Cold Front Got In The Way

It’s been said that No News is Good News, however in our work, No News bring about questions like: Any news?

I believe that question is in a lot of people’s minds. (...) What I know right now is that for the time being Jac is concentrating on the big picture, because of the pressure that comes from deciding dates and all of that, the big picture takes the big stage. In Jac’s case it does in a very dramatic way. I’m never surprised, I noticed a pattern occurring with enough frequency so I cannot call it a coincidence. It’s a method.

But let me track back a bit. Maleficarum Monxa Mala is at a particularly critical point. This is the point when a project is on the verge of going into production. It’s not here, it’s not there, it’s on some kind of edge. Things seem to be in place, but, at the same time, they are not. And why is that? The cast is there, some of the crew is there, the location is there, most of the props are there, most of the costumes are there, some of the money, 10%, is there and yet…

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