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Notfromthisworld Girl Dungeon Girl

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Mar 4, 2015
Wow, it got dicey in here over the weekend. I am here for fun, sorry the comic goes slowly, I work on it in my free time, which I have little of. Trust me, more to come!

I make it my policy to not comment on others artwork if I don't like it, I simply move on. Different people have different tastes, I suggest if someone doesn't like my comics to do the same, there are plenty here who enjoy them and I don't plan on stopping.
You can be sure that at least one man likes your comics. :)


Jul 23, 2014
Empire of chaos
hi i can suggest some future torture and execution on comics motif fansadox sickest ??

of course, just one of them if you can ... and you have textures .... I'll send pictures of what specifically please to your -start conversation-not found the name ...

and do we ok?