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Paskell's Saga-episode 5

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Crucified Amazon
So, in arriving to the "Waste Land", the place occupied by these rebells , we were presented to this Babarianne ...

She told : " I'm not believing that you're these smugglers that you claim to be ! I rather think that you're some spies of this Eulalia, the chief of the secret agents of the power which hounds all those who are colliding it ! "

30 episode 22.jpg

Suddenly, a scream was coming from the crowd :
" To the "Thunder Dome" ! To the "Thunder Dome" !"

"Hum, yes, why not ? " Answered Barbarianne with an ironic smile ...

We were soon thrown into this Dome, while the crowd was screaming :
" Two are entering, One is coming out ! Two are entering, One is coming out ! Two are ......"

Caroline told me : " Fight Paskell, fight ! One of us could be saved, it's our single solution !"
... and she was violently attaking me !

31 episode 22.jpg


TBC ...


Crucified Amazon
Then, was following a series of bad moments (for me), starting by a rude arm's key ...

32 episode 22.jpeg

... a stangulation !

33 episode 22.jpeg

... a submission's posture ...

34 episode 22.jpeg

... a kind of crucifixion ! ...

35 episode 22.jpeg

... followed by a new stangulation ...

36 episode 22.jpeg

Visibly, this Caroline was well trained to the close'combat and I was quickly overwhelmed by this fight !

Then, they gave to her a poniard while the crowd was screaming :

" Two are entering, One is coming out !"

37 episode 22.jpeg ...

TBC ...


Crucified Amazon
... but she says : "I cant kill you, Paskell .... I ... love ... you !"

I tried to convice her in saying that she could stay alive ...
But she threw down the poniard !

38 episode 22.jpeg

and .......
a loud voice said : "Crucify them !"

39 episode 22.jpg

... and they were !

Only roped, to be slowly burned by the sun, sometimes screaming for help ...

40 episode 22.jpg

But there was nobody in this desert, excepted a man with his camels and his curious yellow hat ; but he was just passing ...

41 episode 22.jpg

How many days endured they this rough pain ?
Nobody knows viewing that nobody was seeing them again ...
But my comput showed me a last pic ...

42 episode 22.jpg

It could be another story ..... later ...

Messaline June-17/2020
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