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Pictures Of Dead Crucified Bodies

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Sep 28, 2015
But I rather think studio shots are easier to insert into photomanipulations.
I think many manipulators would tend to agree with you, Apostate and Tree.

A lot depends on the background. If the scene has bright sunlight, the inserted figure must have appropriate bright directional lighting at the correct angle to suit the background. The shadows all have to be thrown in the same direction.

It is certainly easier to insert a figure from the studio into a background which has soft, ambient lighting, because you probably won't have any dense shadows and directional lighting to worry about.

Looking through my own crux manips, I see that I have used two crucified sources of Alice (Makar) and one crucified source from the 'Goddess' series (Rope Erotica.) Otherwise all of my crux girls are composite figures, employing both outdoor and studio sources.

I am mildly surprised to find that my outdoor sources outnumber the studio ones by 3 to 1.
But I do like bright, directional sunlight and dense shadows! :D

'Ivdaea Capta 14z' (hosted on DeviantArt) - https://www.deviantart.com/bobnearled/art/Ivdaea-Capta-14z-619112893
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