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Pleasure In Suffering

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SUSAN. And you really think - she said climbing the stairs and maliciously showing her ass and pussy (she was without underwear) that a slut like me would not be able to go all the way? Oh no, dear! You are wrong! See, we're on the balcony! I would be able to get naked even now, at the sight of everyone! - She returned to the attic- "Beautiful legs, right? Firm, fleshy, long, suitable to move slowly in the frenzy of pain that the delicate nailed feet incessantly throw to the brain! Are you ready for such a view? And..do you know what is there under this shirt? Of course you know! - She said putting out her wonderful big boobs. They were big, pear-shaped, white, with big pink and tumescent areolas, they fell on her sternum with splendid naturalness, without a minimum of flabby ! - Think what a show when they’ll bump into each other like hard jelly puddings while I, screaming and sweaty, will try desperately to go up to breathe by pushing on the feet and contracting the muscles of my arms! I see yours cock hardening at the thought! - She knelt on a bed and took off her skirt remaining naked as a venus. She rocked her bowls slowly, then opened her legs wide and showed me her beautiful wet pussy - Look! I’m yet wet. It will be wonderful, don't worry! The only thing I haven't decided is whether I want to be done wearing a loincloth or not. But I still have a day to decide, isn't it? - I swallowed. She was damned determined. I thought that night - the last of her life - she would have been splendid in bed and that she would have given me all the best of her sex. I know she would have screamed with pleasure exactly as she would have done slamming on the cross before painfully breathe her last!



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I cannot believe that in all the years I have browsed this forum, that I have never looked at this thread???

Just amazing.

I've seen some of these drawings before but not the collection.

And they originated with Markus yes?

Just superb.

Only just realising that we actually have amazing resident artists posting original material

It was only last week I discovered MP5stab !!!

Where do you guys find the energy and time???


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I'll settle for the evil magic otherwise I'll feel like I'm underachieving
Hey, lighten up. I’m a talent-free crux consumer who has spent years pestering real artists to give visual form to the unclean images in my head.

Some, like Markus, Damian, Quoom, Makar and Jastrow were already doing this. :babeando: :very_hot::clapping:


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