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Punished by ottomans

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This work contains graphic descriptions of sex, violence, rape
and torture. It is not intended for reading or downloading by anyone
under the age of 18. If these subjects offend you, do not read on.

All portions of this story are fiction. Any resemblance to persons living

or dead is purely coincidental.
Part 1
The conditions were very critical, though we had managed to win several battles. The sultan had ordered immediate face-off to the problem and exemplary punishment of the culprits.

So he decided to send a huge part of the Ottoman army to central Greece to confront the rebels.

We were the first, who willingly decided to sacrifice ourselves and to face them. Thirty women, who had already suffered the devastating consequences of the war and now had nothing to lose. I was the leader.

My orders were clear. We had to be sacrificed in order to delay them as much as possible so as to provide time to the rest Greeks so as to organize a tactical army. If I knew the consequences then I might not have dared to do it.

We had spotted the Turkish horde on a plain near Ioannina. We were fortified in a narrow path, in a canyon. They had to go through the canyon, the alternative would be to walk another two hundred kilometers.

The scouts of the Islamic army didn’t take long to detect us. However, the Turkish leader didn’t hesitate. Knowing the numerical superiority of his army, he ordered an irregular attack. When the Ottomans entered the canyon, there was nothing to provide them cover. We eliminated a lot of them. Unfortunately, the ammunition began to run out and the damage we had caused was minor. The numerical superiority of the enemy was enormously greater.

When the enemies realized that our weapons were no longer a threat, they began to climb the canyon and surround us from everywhere. We could only defend ourselves with swords and bayonets. Many of us fell. I was injured, a bullet hit me on the arm, on my shoulder. Also, many preferred to jump rather than to be captured, I should have done the same, now it's too late.

When the enemies occupied the canyon, those of us who were still alive were captured. We were all tied up, not more than a dozen women, and we were taken to the pasha's tent. Surprised that the resistance consisted of women only, he asked the leader to come forward, I did so, I didn't hesitate even for a minute, I didn't want to show that I was afraid, though he certainly made me so. He asked his men to put the other girls in a row, thus he forced each one to kneel, so he took his pistol and he started shooting them one by one. He had decided to show mercy, to everyone but me, at that moment I couldn't understand. But I understand it now.
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The narrative is in the first-person, description of heroine's physical appearance, age, name is not identified intentionally so as everyone reading this can put himself into the role. The only clue is character's gender!


Part 2
They took off my uniform and left me in my underwear. My wrists were tied together with a rope that was connected in the saddle of a horse, thus we moved on. We walked for many hours when we finally arrived in the city of Ioannina, which still belonged to the Turks.

They disconnected me from the horse and without let me rest, they dragged me to a building. It was a large amphitheater, that was a candle lit room with seats all over, there were two large offices in the center, in which were seated some Turkish officers, and several other high ranked people.

They sat me in a chair and started to judge me. The pasha who had apprehended me began to make the accusations. I couldn’t understand every word, the little I could understand I was guilty of resistance, attempted robbery and I was responsible for the deaths of many Turks. I was also guilty of my religion. They asked me to reject my religion and to deny Christ. Of course I refused. Also some ruffians came forward and testified that they knew me and that they knew about my hatred for Islam and the Turkish people. In order to win the favor of the pasha they betrayed me.

The accusations didn’t go further. The pasha came forward and read the sultan's law for exemplary punishment to anyone found guilty of all these charges.

Without giving me the right to defend myself, the judge came forward and read my sentence. I didn't expect he would condemn me to such a horrible fate, but he did, without any kind of pity.

Public impalement, in the central square of the city, other punishments which will not result in immediate death may also be administered at the discretion of the executioner. The sentence will be executed in the first light tomorrow and the proceedings should be completed by noon. All the residents of Ioannina are obliged to attend in order to watch the cruel torments and martyrdom in which they will submit me.

I got down on my knees and begged for mercy, I told them I would do anything to spare me that fate, even to reject my religion but the judge made it clear that there was no way to change the sentence. [Pleads]

While I was waiting in my cell for the horrible evening to end, knowing what awaited me in the morning, I was terrified, in despair. Suddenly the wooden door opened, I was surprised because I didn’t expect anyone, a huge muscular man came in, informed me that he and about ten other had been chosen because they had the biggest cocks. Their order was to tear my pussy all night. I was terrified, I didn't know how I would be able to be raped by so many large dicks in a matter of hours.

Before I could complain, he pulled his pants down and threw me down, some more men came in the cell, he stroke me two hard slaps and I was stunned, I couldn't see how many were inside.

Several hands held me immobilized... and suddenly I felt his cock entering into me. He was pushing so hard, I had never felt such a beast before. The pain was terrible, and still it hadn't got completely in. He fucked me with mania and hatred. When he was over someone else took his place.

The rest of them held my legs wide open. The huge cock had torn me apart, then I felt another huge dick coming into my mouth. The Turks looked at me like a piece of meat, I had no value for them, all they cared about was causing me pain and humiliation. Suddenly I felt a hand twisting my nipples. I screamed in pain, the cry came out like a whistle because my mouth was full of the huge pole that was feeding me. Tears run down from my eyes. Suddenly I began to ache and i couldn’t breathe, one of my rapists hit me with punches and kicks to the sides and stomach. I was struggling to escape my captors, but the men holding me were much stronger and that was impossible. I was hopping finish. All I wanted at this moment was to leave me alone until the morning comes and impale me.

For many hours they ruthlessly fucked me, I felt my pussy torn and they had filled me with their semen everywhere, on my face and body. I understood that their orders were not to fuck my ass. Obviously, they were keeping my tiny shit hole for the stake. Still I couldn't believe in the humanity's mean and hatred, how could they condemn me to such a horrible fate. How is it possible to execute me like a dog?

Eventually the fucking stopped, I was crippled, my injured arm was aching. I thought the trauma might be contaminated but then I realised it didn't matter, in the morning it would all be over for me and in terrible pain. I wiped my face that had started to stick because of the juices, and sat in a squat position in a corner waiting for the dawn. It didn't take long, the first rays of the sun entered the small cell. From afar I heard the heavy door open, I knew they were coming for me. I tried to get up but I fall to my knees, the exhaustion in combination with the terror had paralyzed me. I knew that I had to stand up bravely and face the fate with dignity, but reading my thoughts I knew this was impossible.


Indeed Ottoman authorities considered impalement primarily as a punishment for use as an example or warning to others. When done correctly, the executioner drove the metal-tipped stake through the entire torso of the condemned without touching any of the most vital organs.


Indeed Ottoman authorities considered impalement primarily as a punishment for use as an example or warning to others. When done correctly, the executioner drove the metal-tipped stake through the entire torso of the condemned without touching any of the most vital organs.
Thats correct my friend, impalement was used by ottomans especially against Greeks Serbians and Armenians. Though I think that the stake's tip was wooden rather than metal...


Part 3
First in the cell entered two Greek ruffians, laughing and making fun of me, one said that the stake had been set up and waited for me while the other described how big it was and how it would tear me from inside. I was on my knees and I was trembling. They carried two buckets of water, they threw cold water on me in order to rinse me off. The fact that they wanted me clean while I was condemned to such a terrible death was at least tragic.

Behind them were several Turkish soldiers who forced me to stand up. My hands were tied again, this time behind my back. And they pushed me out. As soon as I came out I was blinded for a few seconds because I wasn’t used to the bright light. When I managed to open my eyes, a muscular man, who was probably the executioner, began to pass a thick rope around my tits.

As he formed a steady tight knot, he looked me in the eyes and told me. "How did you think we were going to transfer you fucking slut?" When he finally tied my tits, he grabbed one edge and he started dragging me. Along with us the whole procession began. My bruised and sore body was following my tits, which started to bruise as we progressed.

My sore legs hurt, my feet were scratched and filled with injure. I did my best not to stumble on the ground. People had already gathered and following the procession. Some of them made ironic comments and insulting me. I couldn't hide my nakedness and in combination with the derision from the crowd I felt very ashamed. My tits were starting to get a dark purple color and they were unbearably aching. My hips and sides were bruised. But that didn't seem to bother my executioner who was pulling me in fury, it seems he was hurrying to reach to the place where he would fix the stake into my ass. I begged him to slow down but he turned to me and laughed, he told me that this pain is like a fondling in front of what is in the store for me.

From far away I could see the square where my fate awaited me. When I arrived at the center of the square, I realized that I was the main event, that everyone had gathered here to watch my martyrdom, I lost it, I broke, I fall on my knees and began sobbing and weeping. There were many Ottomans but also Greeks who were amused to see me as I broke in front of them. Their humiliating comments didn't bother me, I just wanted to leave from here, I didn't want to suffer such a terrible fate. I have to admit that there were people among the crowd who were crying too because they were forced to watch a horror show, but no one dared to do anything to save me. I noticed in the crowd familiar faces who would let me suffer rather than try to help me. I turned my sight to every person I knew, begging him to help me, but everyone lowered his head. I had no hope at all.

The executioner had left me for a while so as the crowd will take a good look at me. I was on my knees and crying, I couldn't hold my breath, sobbing uncontrollably, I knew that soon the real torture would begin. People in the crowd had become impatient, wanting the real spectacle to start.

They were screaming out to me "* Get up filthy whore, we have a more convenient seat for you. * Get up to finish with your skewering * We won't waste all the day because of you!" Some in the crowd started throwing small stones and mud at me to get up. I was paralyzed. A stone stroke me in the eyebrow and I was stunned, I felt the blood flow to my face, unfortunately the blow wasn't enough to take me out of my misery. The guards who realized the crowd's fury began to send them away and protect me. The bloodthirsty crowd continued demanding me to stand up in order to begin the execution. Eventually the pasha came forward and made a signal at everyone to calm down.

In the complete silence that prevailed, with my head still humming, my gaze turned up into the sky as if I were expecting help from God, he was the only one who could save me, but he probably abandoned me just like everyone else. In the deafening silence I stole a moment of tranquility without being able to determine exactly how much time, maybe seconds, maybe a few minutes. My senses reached the pinnacle, it was like my own body was trying to steal some last moments before my killing in the most excruciating way that human mind has imagined starts.

Well in this little time I had, lifting my head high in the blue summer sky, I heard the birds sing, without the slightest awareness of the horrors that are happening on earth. Flowers had blossomed and providing a sweet smell in the atmosphere. Where the blue of the sky ended, the green of the mountain trees formed. Behind me was the lake, calm and unruffled as always. The whole picture was an incredibly tragic irony, one that even the ancients Greeks would not be able to ascribe it so well. In such a beautiful landscape a creature, a human being would suffer in the worst way.

The executioner awoke me from the lethargy. He got a wet cloth, drained it and wiped the blood off my eyebrow. I opened my eyes, my eyesight returned as did the anguish the despair and every other feeling of fear and panic.


I believe that in these days a pasha had the right to overrule the conviction of a judge by taken the condemned as his slave. As a sadist, I would explore that opportunity as it offers a lot of options. :devil:
You are right, it gives a good opportunity for a long story...slavery-harem-punishments etc though i have just written a short execution story 7-8 parts :)


Part 4

The pasha took a piece of paper in front of him and read in detail all the crimes I had committed. He read again the laws of Islam and explained that I must suffer in order to become an example to all those who think that they will commit similar crimes in the future. The executioner, a huge man, a natural beast, about six feet height, with shaved head, wearing only a trouser and leaving his muscled chest uncovered, smiling without being able to hide his impatience. The pasha finished reading the sentence. I didn’t pay attention while he was reading, I heard almost nothing from his speech except the last sentence. "Death by impalement".

My tormentor approached me, put his hand on my shoulder and pressed my wound with his fingers, making me howl from the pain. He kicked me in the stomach and I fall belly down on the ground. I was trying to catch my breath when I heard applause from the crowd and between them some horror cries. At the edge of my eye I saw two Greek ruffians, ratters of course, who I once considered my friends to open space through the crowd and carry the instrument that would cause me all the agony. They were carrying a wooden stake. I couldn't tell its size but I would learn it soon. My heart was beating like crazy. I wanted to beg but there was no sound coming from my throat. My body was paralyzed, I didn’t hurt anymore, there was only fear.

They approached and left the stake in front of me, and they ran to find a good position in the audience so they could see everything. The crowd had begun to cheer. The time had come. For the first time I saw my wooden tormentor very closely. It was a huge wooden pole. About five centimeters in diameter, which increased in diameter as the distance from the top increased, the maximum thickness was about seven centimeters, the stake was also quite long, about two meters in length. Its tip was round so as not to pierce the victim's organs and intestines but to push them, so as to cause slow excruciating pain and not the immediate death. I was shivering. My face color turned to ashen-grey. The executioner brought a bucket and left it next to the stake. He approached me and he gave me two slaps to recover from the shock. Then he ordered me to go close to the bucket. I may have understood what he said but my legs couldn't obey. He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me. Slowly, I regained my senses. I could see the bucket containing some liquid and some fat. I knew why he needed it, but I didn't know why he was showing it to me.

He turned to the crowd and asked them to watch as I would prepare my seat. Immediately I realized that he wanted me to start lubricating the wood. He wanted to humiliate me even more, all I was going through was not enough. My first thought was to refuse, but I didn't dare. Then I saw him look at me with hatred and tell me that if I didn't do it he would have to push it without lubrication and it would be much worse. I had lost my mind. I didn't mind looking brave, I just wanted it to end. I grabbed a piece of fat and started lathering the stake as best I could. As I passed through the wood surfaces I was distracted by the thought that soon this beast would be inside me and will destroy my intestines. I shuddered, turned to Pasha and asked him to show mercy. I turned to the spectators and begged them to treat me like a human being. I got no response from anyone just laughing and taunting. I kept oiling the spit for quite some time, trying to delay as much as possible, after a while I made everyone around me laugh, it was funny. The executioner looked at me and I realized that I couldn't continue. I left the wooden tormentor down and stand up to face my fate.

I turned around and looked at the crowd. "So, this is what you want? Do you want to watch me suffer? Do you want to watch me scream in pain? Do you want to watch them impaling me like a dog? So, now you will watch this happening, but remember that all this is happening because I fought for you." I went back to my executioner and told him that I was ready. He smiled and asked me to lie down. As I lay down I felt tremendous pain in my bruised boobs. Lying on the ground, I felt like they were milking, but I knew that it was the least of my concerns.

As soon I lay down, he made a signal to his assistants to approach and bind me. His job is to guide his assistants and to help them impale me right without any complications. His assistants tied my ankles and stretched my legs wide open. Then they tied my hands behind my back and placed a saddle on me so that someone would sit upon it and prevent me from moving.

Then he bent over me, put his hand in the bucket and grabbed a piece of fat, with which he began to lubricate my ass, first externally, and then put his fingers inside. I tried to get away but I couldn't, I tightened my asshole to prevent the penetration but there was no way out, I couldn’t avoid it. When he finished lathering my rectum he softly spanked my buttocks, it was more like a fondling.

Then he took a sharpened knife and approached me from behind. I panicked, started to shake and writhe as I was bound, that was futile. He put the knife in my hole and he made a small cut upward to enlarge the passage. The pain was terrible and the worst is still to come. I begged once more for mercy.

Each of my howls and cries was followed by applause and humiliating comments. The executioner grabbed the stake, put the tip in my butthole and pushed it hard, it was inserted about fifteen centimeters until it found resistance.
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