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Searching For Images

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Aug 28, 2013
I think I may have seen some of this quoom stuff before, though I never knew the name. Only one or two pictures online here and there. One I found that looked like his style had an Japanese woman with her breasts exposed, but was still wearing panties in a sort of crux scene where she was getting nails put into her wrists and feet by roman looking soldiers. It was raining in the image.

I can't seem to find the image online anymore, and I do not know if there are more in the series or not, but this was more of a standing type crucifixion in which she has her arms and legs stretched out and stands on a thin part of wood that her feet are nailed into.

If I ever find it again, I will share it here, or hopefully someone else here knows that I am talking about and can post them.
I think the story you're referring to is called (Toproud To Life) are stories that quoom started but never gave them continuity, the truth is that almost all of your stories have no end.


Sep 15, 2017
Help needed in searching for a pic

First post; please excuse me if it's in the wrong place.

I downloaded a number of pics, but missed one. I guess they were attachments on a post. The setting was a school or college with a lecturer giving a talk and demo on short drop hanging. Some in the set were h 500.jpg, h 508.jpg and h 509,jpg, with spaces in the file names. The file date on my PC is 10th Feb, so that sets a latest posting date.

I couldn't see how to search for a specific image, or how to search before a date - only after a date. Grateful for help in identifying the post, and for pointers on how to search.
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