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Second Life Revenge!

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Second Life Revenge!

"Move it scum!" and the leaded tip of the scourge fell heavily onto my already lacerated back. "Come on you cunt, pick those feet up, move!"
"Crack," another blow from the whip and I nearly lose my balance with the heavy lumber roped to my bloody shoulders.
Dozens of people line the route to my crucifixion, hurling insults at me from all directions.
"Thief, robber, murderer, fucking cunt," I had heard them all and each one was deserved.
My life was that of an evil man, brought up with only one intention, to cause misery to all and now I must face the justice of the people.
The sweat running into my eyes stung like hell but I was unable to wipe it away. I kept blinking but to no avail, I shook my head to try and dislodge the salty liquid but that did not work either. One of the soldiers walking by my side, and wielding a whip, grinned at my predicament.

"Here, let me wipe your eyes," a blessed relief, but short lived, as he tore off my piss sodden loin cloth and rubbed it in my face. I splutter and try not to breathe in the musty smell of my bodily fluids. My eyes are now free but now I am fully exposed to the baying crowd. My flacid penis bobs out from the black, matted, pubic hair between my legs. This is greeted by laughter and squealing and the occasional grope from a female and some male hands.

"Leave him be!" bellowed a guard, "you will all have plenty of time to amuse him when he hangs on his cross."

Those words sent shivers coursing thru my now naked body. In the distance I could see my stipe rising from the rough ground ready to receive its living burden and the crude iron that would fix it to the wood.
More cracks from the whip and then silence!
I look all around, strange, I can still feel the sting of the whip, I can still feel the stones digging into the soles of my feet. I can still feel the grip of hands on my cock and watch as the crowds continue to mock and insult me, but no sound!

"Well, well, look where you have ended up," a low toned voice droned in my ear. I look around but there is no one here, I blink twice but still no one.

"My son, I can see it in your face, you want revenge."

"True right I do," I responded.

"Shut up, you cunt!" and the whip was laid over my well torn back. "No talking, just keep moving!"

"It's so unfair how you are being treated, you will soon have your revenge against these people that are called Christians, for it is they that have led you to this end."

I look around but there are only the men that will crucify me and the crowd that will watch me die.

"What is to happen?" I whisper quietly under my breath so as not to be heard by the guards.

"You know what must happen and the end will not be pleasant but do not fear death as this is only the beginning of the next part of your life.

To be continued...........................................................


My steps became slower as the worn wood of the stipes, my stipes, was getting ever closer. Thru my squinted eyes I could see the soldiers arranging the hoisting ropes and then I heard it, the sound of the nails being dropped onto the stoney ground. I stopped for a brief second but a hard boot in the base of my spine sent me spinning forward. I fell face down in the dirt and blood started to trickle slowly from my fractured nose.

"Up you come," growled a soldier and a pair of rough hands seized the ends of my beam and hauled me back onto my bloodied feet.

"Drink!" and a leather rag soaked in sour wine was thrust between my parched lips. I almost gag on the foul liquid but somehow found the sense to drink, to numb the pain, so they say.

After the ropes, securing my arms, were checked for tightness, I was thrown down to the ground and grit stuck to my blood soaked back. I kick and twist in the strong grip of the men holding me down on my instrument of death. My penis shoots a warm jet of golden piss into the air and onto my hairy chest, the soldiers keep clear. The solid iron spikes are place on my tender wrists and pushed, which produced a small trickle of blood on each. Satisfied with their position the command was given and two hammers fell in unison.

"AAAAAARGGH!!" my screams come loud and long, my hips bounce and my heels dig deep into the ground.
I look at my wrists and see the huge shafts and heads sticking out of my flesh. No time to gather my thoughts as the men heave on the hoisting ropes and I begin my journey up the stipe. Four long hard pulls and my feet leave the the ground for the very last time. I shriek and cry as jolt by jolt my back scrapes up the rough wood, tearing the already torn back and leaving long splinters to torment me more. With a bump the beam is slotted into the upright and my cross is now formed. My chest is heaving and my head bangs against the upright. I feel my feet being pushed hard against the side of the stipe and more sharp pricks as the longer spikes are held against my ankle bones.

"Crack, crack, crack," the spikes are quickly driven into my shaking feet and buried into the wood. Instantly, I push down on the edges of the spikes and slowly, agonisingly, push myself up, take a breath and then sag back down placing the weight back on the wrists.

The soldiers gather their tools, turn and leave me to my long ongoing misery. I rise again and feel the grinding iron on my bones, take a breath and then hang from the nails supporting my wrists.

"Not easy is it," came that voice again.

"What the fuck would you know," I growl as I rise again.

"Do you regret your actions?" asked the voice.

"Fuck no," I reply, "did not want it to end like this tho."

My body shakes as the pain ripples thru my body, cramp is now starting in my calf muscles as I push down on my wounded feet, I grit my teeth, "GGGGGRRRRR!"

"I will leave you now, but I will be back before the end," the voice trailed off. I was alone on my cross, naked and bleeding a wretched sight for anyone to see who passed as I was crucified by the side of the road. I looked up and roared, "I will have my revenge, just you wait and see, I will have my revenge!"

To be continued..............................................


The minutes and hours pass ever so slowly, every second is protracted agony on my body. The cramps are now the worst I have ever experienced, my legs shake as I push on my pierced feet to take a breathe. I am here all alone, naked and mutilated with only the birds that circle over my head as witness to my end. My throat is parched and tight from the ever beating sun.

"Water, water," I croak, but what is the point there is no one on guard duty, no one to give me any relief. My head drops forward and my eyes behold the thick spikes that pin my ankles to the wood. Dry blood has pooled around the base of the stipe and the vermin is busy sniffing around.

Suddenly there is a loud crack and the sky goes dark and gloomy. First one drop and then another and soon there is a steady flow of rain running down my torn body. I look up and open my mouth to catch the soothing liquid. The relief is great but the pain of the spikes, embedded in my hands and feet, is still raw. Lightning flashes all around me and the wild dogs dive for cover but my arms are held open wide as a welcome sign. My body is cleaned by the rain and my red skin is cooled. My penis starts to rise in arousal and the water splashes off the bobbing tip.

"There, now how is that?" questioned the voice.

I rise on my shattered ankles and gulp in some air.
"Who, what are y y you?" I stammer.

"I am Mephistopheles the Prince of Darkness," the voice responded. "I have no form but I am always in your head, now listen very carefully. Your fate has already been decided and your agony will be long but there is an end."

"What do you want me to do, save me from this unbearable pain!"

"All in good time, now listen to me. Years ago I was defeated by a man they called Christ, he was crucified just like you. He rose from the dead and the movement, you call Christians, have become strong and I was banished to hell. You will help me defeat these Christians, you will get your revenge. You must crucify them all, I will not rest until they all hang on rusty nails, now prepare yourself."

To be continued....................................................


Graf von Kreuzigung
"All in good time, now listen to me. Years ago I was defeated by a man they called Christ, he was crucified just like you. He rose from the dead and the movement, you call Christians, have become strong and I was banished to hell. You will help me defeat these Christians, you will get your revenge. You must crucify them all, I will not rest until they all hang on rusty nails, now prepare yourself."
Great challenge!


I grit my teeth and begin the slow haul to the top of my cross to breathe. My heel bone begins to crack under the weight of my body, my hands clench into tight fists causing my knuckles to go white. My legs nearly straighten but not quite and my legs begin to convulse as the sinews are stretched to their fullest. I dribble onto my panting hairy chest and I let out a long, deep scream from the depths of my belly.

"AAAAAARGGGGHH! FUUUUUUCKK!" and then blackness and silence.

My eyes slowly blink and open, squinting in the bright sunlight. I look forward and see the trail of blood running along the rocky path, fresh from the recent rain storm. The blood runs from a stipe, my eyes follow the trail up the aged wood and then to the large nail protruding from the boney ankle of an unfortunate crucified. As I look up I can see the fully erect penis with a small dribble of cum, glistening in the sunlight, hanging from the bulbuous shiney head. The stomach was drawn, as were his ribs, and his chin had sunk onto his hairy chest. I approached the cross and grabbed the mop of matted black hair and lifted the head.

"SHIT!" I screamed as I peered into the eyes of the victim, my eyes! it was my lifeless body hanging infront of me, MY BODY!

"Take a good look," said the voice in my head, "take a long hard look at yourself. This is what the Christians must feel, you know the pain of hanging from the spikes, make them suffer for me."

To be continued..................................................


I felt a hand rest on my shoulder.
"Hey Junos, stop gawping we have work to do," the voice was stern and warranted a reaction.

"S,s,sorry," I stammered and turned to face a very gaunt looking soldier holding a bag that chinked as he swung it against his leg.

"Storm is approaching and we still have five more to nail up, grab your hammer and be quick about it."

I look down and see a short handled hammer lying on the ground. I stoop and pick it up and grip the shaft tightly only to feel the sticky blood that was congealed on it.

We move along the path passing cross after cross with the still writhing victim, in their throes of agony, gyrating on the iron spikes securing their limbs. There were men and women, young and old but all were naked and groaning.

"The next lot are just over the ridge," the soldier stated, "I hear there are some good looking women to nail up. I like it when they are first pinned down, the swaying of the breasts always gets me going. Sometimes I get their legs spread and give them a good fucking. Do you fancy that Junos? I hear the convulsions that you feel, at the time of nailing, I like nothing you will ever feel again."

I smiled and agreed and the pace quickened at the anticipation of what lay ahead. As we got to the top of the ridge we could hear the noise below. The shouting and hollowing of the victims, as they are stripped by the soldiers, grows louder by the second. We now come into sight of the scene below, five prisoners, two men and three women are being held down on the ground. Some other men had erected the uprights into their holes and were securing them fast for the burdens they will hold.

"Go on," said the voice in my head, "make these Christian scum pay for what they have done."

We approached the first prisoner and I kicked the man in the groin. He groaned and rolled over onto his back but he was unable to hold himself as his hands were tightly bound behind his back.

"Steady lad," said the soldier, "we want him to suffer long on the cross, wait until they are all up and then we can have some fun with them."

He gestured to two others who walked over and seized the man under the arms and dragged him thru the dirt to an awaiting beam. His heels left deep furrows in the dirt and he sobbed as he was flipped over and the rope binding his wrists was untied. Soon his arms were stretched out along the beam and his wrists retied to the wood.

"Go on Junos, it's your turn," and he placed two wicked spikes in my hand.

By now the man was begging not to be nailed and tears were running down his cheeks. I knelt next to him and placed a knee into the crook of his arm and positioned the nail into his quivering palm.

"Jesus, Jesus, be with me, be with me," he wailed.
"AAAAARGH!" "CLANG,CLANG, CLANG!" the first spike was driven and the large head nestled in the shaking palm with blood bubbling from the wound. The shrieks were long and loud as I continued to drive the spikes, smiling as I went.

"He will not forsake me, he will not forsake me," the man babbled as the final spike was driven thru his hand. The order was given to lift the man onto the stipe and soon he dangled with his heels banging the wood in his agony. Next I drove two longer spikes into his ankles and stepped back to enjoy the spectacle of the tortured man. As I watched him there, I kept rubbing my own wrists reliving the pain of my own crucifixion some minutes ago.

"Good job," the voice in my head spoke, "good job indeed."

To be continued...........................................................


With the first Christian twisting and writhing on his cross Junos turned his attention to the next victim. A petite girl, of about nineteen years, trembled in fear as Junos approached her and seized her slender arm. With a howl of despair the small girl was dragged over to the awaiting beam, where more eager hands hauled her into position. Junos pulled her shaking white arm along the rough wood and knelt hard on her to prevent her from moving. In one swift movement a nail was produced, placed on the wrist and driven home with tremendous force. A small jet of warm blood sprinkled over the ground and onto her pert breasts. The screams came long and hard but the hammering continued and soon bot wrists were fixed firm. With a quick gesture the tiny girl was lifted off her bare feet and fixed aloft on her stipe. Her face was red with screaming and her heels banged against the upright. The feet struggled to find any purchase on the wood and splinters broke off and became embedded in the soft soles. The flaying feet were seized, crossed over and fixed with one longer spike. More blood, more shaking and the inevitable screams gave testimony to her agony.
The work continued and one by one the remaining Christians were nailed to their crosses and soon the air was filled with curses and wailing from the few.

"Good, very good," came the voice in his head. "This is just the start, continue my work. Rid the world of this Christian sect, make me strong again, make me more powerful and the rewards for you will be great."

Junos turned and surveyed the spectacle before his eyes, the twisting and writhing naked bodies of the Christians.

"I will not let you down, you will be powerful once more!"

"Who the fuck are you talking to?" responded one of the men.

Junos replied, "It is of no concern to you, now follow me we have work to do."

To be continued........................................................


The group of men walked passed the writhing Christians, Junos couldn't resist slapping the thigh of the newly hung girl leaving his hand print on her white skin. As they walked, the bag of nails chinked against his calf, Junos smiled but then he looked at the scars on his wrists from the nails that had fixed him to the cross.

"Yes," came the voice, "yes, you still remember the pain you suffered as you hung on the cross, but now you have that contented smile."

"I know," responded Junos.

"You know what?" replied one of the men, "there you go again, talking to yourself, you're fucking mad."

"No I'm not mad and you will see that, now listen and listen well, we have work to do. This Christian movement must be stopped and quickly or it will take over all of us. I intend to wipe them out and make an example of them. We will be feared by all who stand in our way so let us make these hammers do their work and drive these nails into their fucking limbs."

A huge cheer went up as they walked off to the next village to begin their search.

To be continued..................................................
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