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Interesting pics, Elephas

Which is worse? Being for sale, or being bought?

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An interesting question.

Being for sale is all about uncertainty. Who will buy me? What will they want me for? Will they be kind? Cruel? Perverted? Is this really happening? Am I really just a chattel, no longer really human? What am I worth? What if nobody buys me?

Being sold is possibly worse. It is the final confirmation that one is just a chattel, an object to be traded, to be used in whatever way this stranger wishes.

Either way, not a pleasant experience.


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What thoughts are going through her head as she stands there on display? Just a few days ago she was free, a cherished daughter with dreams of marriage and family. Now she is nothing.
This one is very cute, lovely breasts and a welcoming bush, I might make a bid for her, training her could be fun.

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This slave has been sold many times before. She has long been resigned to her lot in life. Now all she wants is a comfortable life as a bedslave.
I sense a bargain here. This one has a lot to offer, she still has a great body, a bold look in her eye and loads of experience. Now how best to place a winning bid without attracting unwanted attention from rivals?

"500 for the young blond! Another 100 if you throw in the mature woman there to tend my fire."
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