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Slaves at work

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Well there is the secondary market where less affluent buyers can pick up some good deals, Besides just because one Master is bored doesn't mean the someone else won't see something they like.

Then of course you can sell them into the commercial market. Brothel's are always looking to pickup extra stock. Particularly for their 'rough usage' clients.

Then there is the entertainment market where a girl can be tortured and executed for the audience.

Finally I suppose you can just chain her to a tree or lamp post with the word "Free" written across her tits.


or you could even use the word in a different way...


The lovely Claire Adams! Nice to see her sub for a change. She retired a while back.

Sabrina Fox, if I remember correctly. She did this shoot with Mz Berlin for Chanta-Rose that Chanta said was her favorite shoot. In one part of that shoot, both Sabrina and Berlin are naked, their wrists tied above them. Chanta's dungeon is chilly. Both Sabrina and Berlin look apprehensive...then Chanta tosses a bucket of water onto their naked bodies.


Slaves working hard in the fields. come on out and play doms and these lovely beauties could be yours to work, hard, partake in the their bodies, torture and execute them for sadistic pleasure.

All in a safe and consensual environment!


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Gorgeously loinclothed slaves !! Work them hard...if they fail,crucifixion awaits .
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