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Slaves Treated Very Badly

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Apr 3, 2007
I love these Windar - good to see we're running CruxForums Summer Cruises again,
Admi and Helmut used to take us galley-girls on some thrilling trips
(usually to exotic slave-markets :devil:)
Yes, these are wonderful. They advertise those Viking River Cruises on TV here all the time. They are quite expensive, and I would guess that having these girls rowing would be cheaper. Not to mention it would reduce the carbon footprint. Do I hear any volunteers?


Poet Laureate
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Jan 1, 2011
The Northern Forest
Now, I must disagree. Constant whipping is not the best way to get the most work from slaves. It's better to set a target-if they make it, great; if not, then whip them. Of course, the target can be as high as you wish:):devil:
depends on the whipping - there's the slap across my shoulders
that just says "keep up the rhythm, girl, keep up the rate!",
there's the sharper stroke around my ribs that says,
"you're slacking, slut, wake up!",
and there's the vicious lash that curls round and bites my breasts
that tells me "you're meat now - a waste of space on the rowing bench,
you'll just go on suffering till you drop..."
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