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Snapshots From My Timetravels

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@Marcella IIRC the Turks used impalement during that time at least according to the book.
Impalement was too much genital focused for the moviego-ers in 1920/30 so in the movie they made it crucifixion unlike in the book.

Thanks for the compliments and the likes@all
You are so easy to "like." Your art is amazing. A view of ArmeniaFakeRework from the front (facing the women) would be awesome.


Another testrender

A family of witches impaled an blunt poles.
In the end something will rupture in each of the ladies.
It might take however several hours still if they are unlucky.
This could just as easily be the Armenian Genocide, where women were impaled by Turkish soldiers. A tragic history that Turkey has never owned up to.


Crucifier of Pixels
Sure but I'm not going to take sides in that sort of politics..
I liked the row of cruxed women
Went with it to make something based on the pic..
thats all

paolo andrei

3 renders in a day ,dont count on that happening every day:p

The pain has ravaged her, sapped her strength.
The nails holding her in place are unrelenting.
The cross on which she hangs doesn't get tired.
There is no glory in her crucifixion.
Nothing will save her from this agony.
Her gods don't seem to hear her prayers.
All her muscles cramped like strings.

To late now to submit to Rome and suck Paolo the centurion's cock.
The sun is getting low again for the second time now.
She is sooo tired but there can be no resting sleep.
Every time she nods of, relaxing her body for a moment,
her posture will change and the nails will scrape her nerves.
There is no rest or sleep, only suffering on the roman cross.
Please Wodan, please take my life right now.
No bolt of lightning, she lowers her head closes her eyes.

There's no escape.........not even death.

To be continued?
oh yeah, to be continued. paolo the Centurion admires her agony, she is performing quite well. She needs soe rewad, says laughing to the other soldier. So,again, goes to the back of the cross, jump on the cross itself, feet on a small stair of wood they keep there just for that, and move with his hands the poor crucified body on the right side of the cross. enough to show her ass. then he takes his hard cock and fuck the crucifed girl vagina. she make deep sounds from her throat, no more trengt for scream, but how much pain while the centurios is again anjoing his time. he crucified girl sister is looking with orror to the rape, and prays it wll end son. The gods will not fulfill her payers....


Crucifier of Pixels
I do not like mixing crucified with so much artistic scenary. I think it is a contradiction mixing suffering with too artistic scenaries
If you dont like, well this is what I make.. fortunately you can visit other artists here and dont have to pay for or like my stuff.

For people that like my stuff:

Made me a Deviant Art thingy
For everyone who wants to take a look:


Some new versions, some old ,some crux, some hangings.

Will not post any rapescene on DA
Hopefully it will help, so DA will not delete this account any time soon.

Watches and Faves will be appriciated :p

Enjoy and thanks.


Even with the pain inflicted by the nails her attntion was now fully on the female guard that grabbed her in the crotch area.
WTF was she doing? Can't be anything good.

Added alternate view
Indeed! WTF is she doing?

The crucified woman looks middle age whereas the guard is young. Curious to know what is her interest in the older woman's crotch.

I enlarged the image. All is see is the cruxed woman's crotch and the guard's hand. I had thought perhaps the guard was inserting something up her vagina. Does not appear to be the case. Perhaps the cruxed woman had wronged the guard in life and now is the payback. She's fucking with her as guards always do with the crucified.

Might make more sense to me if the younger woman was crucified and the older one was the guard. But to be a guard at an execution site is a young person's job. Too tiresome and stressful for someone who looks about 50.

Crumera, what are you teasing us with here?:D


Graf von Kreuzigung
Even with the pain inflicted by the nails her attntion was now fully on the female guard that grabbed her in the crotch area.
WTF was she doing? Can't be anything good.
The background is an open space, with trees in the background. Open space and trees are separated by a fence. There is also some kind of a shed.

It looks like the execution takes place on a sports field?

The guard is adjusting a probe. Sports doctors are interested in gathering data about the physical evolution of the women's bodies durin gtheir agony.


Crucifier of Pixels
Thanks to @l'bogo for posting crown of thorns and spikes in another thread.
Also thanks to @ascanio who made apperently the cross, dont know if he is still around?

So here it is :
Gretharde thought it would be a good idea to surprise her mistress with a new "sidecut" haircut.
Mistress had her riding a cross within the hour of the surprise.
Many people came to see the stupid slave suffer in the park.
Good weather, handsome suffering female slave, what's there more to want for RL entertainment?

Yeah I know 1 or more additional crucified.. not this day.
There will be other days and slaves on crosses.


@Loxuru same park as previous pic.
@Marcella its one pic made at a certain time, your fantasy can make something up, I'm sure!



Even with the pain inflicted by the nails her attntion was now fully on the female guard that grabbed her in the crotch area.
WTF was she doing? Can't be anything good.

Added alternate view
A possible backstory for the crucifixion of an older woman:

She was a judge. A woman well respected in criminal law. Holder of many honors. A judge known for her strict law and order opinions. She fully supported the new national legislation that expanded the application of the death penalty to broader categories of crime. The new legislation added crucifixion as an acceptable form of execution.

There were rumors she would eventually sit on the highest court in the land. She was just waiting until the next election. The new president would was certain to appoint her. Well, if he was elected, this is. But since his opponent was something of a radical and without widespread support among the electorate, his election was as good as certain could be in politics. She was just waiting for the election in the fall. Her political friends assured her she was at the top of a very short list of judicial nominees for the high court. She was only 52 years old. The appointment has life-long tenure. She could expect to serve on the court for decades.

But then, her world came crashing down around her. She discovered her husband was having an affair with a very young woman. In fact, he'd had multiple affairs over the years. All kept very hush-hush. A powerful man can do that. They'd been married nearly 30 fucking years! If her husband's string of affairs became public it would seriously damage her chances of getting the nomination she craved so badly. She was enraged. Betrayed by her husband! The bastard! She wasn't going to let him get in the way of her nomination.

So, she planned to kill her husband and make it look like a random murder. And she'd have the cunt he was currently fucking killed too. She was a powerful woman. She knew people who knew people who knew how to get things like this done. So she set the wheels in motion.

Unfortunately, the plot came undone. Her husband was not, only wounded in the rather clumsy attempt on their lives. The young girl, his mistress did die--eventually--rather horribly burned in the explosion that was supposed to have killed her and the judge's husband. The men hired to do the job were captured and confessed. For their cooperation they were promised a quick death. They could have been crucified. Instead, they were quickly hanged while the judge was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and received the death penalty herself--crucifixion!

But the judge still had friends and associates in the justice system. They could not have her outright killed while in custody, and thereby spare her the terrible death by crucifixion. It might blow back on them. The best they could do for her was to smuggle in a death potion in the form of a vaginal suppository. If it was inserted in her vagina shortly before crucifixion her time on the cross would be greatly reduced. Once the suppository dissolved in her vagina the drug would kill her quickly, giving the appearance of a heart attack. But she would have to hang on the cross for at least three hours while the suppository dissolved and released the drug. If she died on the cross too soon, suspicions would be raised and her body would be examined. But if a 52-year old woman died after three hours of crucifixion instead of hanging for more than a day, no one would be suspicious if her heart appeared to suddenly give out. So the suppository was smuggled into the jail and into the judge's hands with instructions to insert it up her pussy in the last hour before her execution.

The judge stoically marched to her crucifixion confident the suppository would ensure her death before she had to hang very long. But three hours on the cross was still a fucking long time! Still, she steeled herself when stretched out on the cross and nailed. She was crucified with two other women, both quite young. They all three screamed and quickly exhausted themselves after less than an hour. Now she only had to endure the unendurable pain and humiliation of hanging naked in front of spectators until the drug killed her. She waited patiently, consumed with agony.

wtfFS.jpg Just when she thought the suppository should be dissolving there was a flurry of activity around her cross. A young female guard was spreading her legs apart, bringing about fresh waves of hideous pain.

Why? Why? What's happening? She wondered. The guard was shouting, "It's up her pussy! I have to get it out!"

The judge felt long fingers pushing up into her vagina, probing around. "No! No!" She screamed. "Leave me alone! Get away from me!"

The judge was staring down when the young guard pulled the suppository out of her vagina. Who told? How was it discovered?

"Got it!" The young woman shouted, as she help it up. The suppository melted away in the guard's hand. The judge groaned. It was that close to dissolving inside of her! Only a few minutes more and she would have been dead!

"She tried to escape her full sentence," she heard the officer in charge of the execution site state. "Now, let's keep this bitch watered and alert. I want her crucifixion to last for as long as possible!"

The officer in charge looks up at the former judge as her body shudders in agony on the cross. "You had my sister murdered, you cunt! She died in agony! Now I'm going to make sure you suffer for it!"

And indeed the judge did live for a terribly, terribly long time.


I do not like mixing crucified with so much artistic scenary. I think it is a contradiction mixing suffering with too artistic scenaries
Maybe it could be the DOF effect (or lack thereof) that has affected your perception?

Try comparing this:

with this one:

I assume you want to have the crucified girl as the centre of your attention. In that case, I can see how the trees or the house in the background of the first image may distract your attention.

However, with the second image, the background is blurred (DOF) so it can still give the realistic feelings without hindering the girls from being the centre of attention.


Graf von Kreuzigung
A possible backstory for the crucifixion of an older woman:
Great backstory, Marcella!:clapping:

Female Golgotha-type scene, no real story.
Just allow me to remark that the bad thief, hanging at the right from the onlooker's viewpoint, is usually represented by a more mature character, while the good theid, hanging left from the onlooker's viewpoint, is a rather younger character. Here, they seem to have been switched.

But, whatever, it is a great pic!:clapping:
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