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Stress Positions

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Stumbling Seeker
Think of it as bondage yoga
A meditative moment,
bound and left to contemplate
the forest with its endless cycle of growth and decay ...
... and my place in it ...
to my right the ground slopes sharply towards the sinkhole,
where, after the slice of the blade, the Offerings are cast ...

more mundanely, in German there's a saying 'dastehen wie bestellt und nicht abgeholt'
- literally, the order is delivered, but the customer isn't picking it up,
or, all undressed and nowhere to go...
In line with your premise, this would make a good stress position, stay like that for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 . . . . under the pretext of a medical examination.
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add a little involuntary bondage, and kneeling with arms suspended over the head could get uncomfortable pretty quickly
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Forced to run, and crouch, for long periods with hands behind head?
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Love 80


Crucified Amazon
Visiting Messaline's bedroom can be hard on a girl's neck. I know, Messa, I shouldn't have asked if your weird steampunk bed frame wasn't uncomfortable... Still, what followed the picture was more than enough reward for the discomfort...

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Yes, my bed is well tooled ! ... :D I'm waiting for you ... :rolleyes:


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