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Studies In Cruciform 2.0

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Jul 23, 2012
Studies in Cruciform 2.1458

On the temporary (we hope) absence of Pp,
a little reminder of what he's missing...

Here's lookin' at you, Pp...
Hurry back, y'hear?

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Ego Stipes Ergo Sum
That lsat one looks like she enjoyed it to much, give her another twenty!

Primus pilus

Magister Australis
Dec 28, 2014
Down Under
On the temporary (we hope) absence of Pp,
a little reminder of what he's missing...

Around this week though probably away next week so Pp isn’t missing these backs sympha. A couple from Lomp and Elitepain by the look of the girls and their marks but Pp really would enjoy some time with …

76DDCCB8-C559-4888-8D86-7A73F4AD754C.png … this one who carefully holds her hair up, above the slim steel collar that shows her status, baring her shoulders for the plaited leather.

F3073F65-D8C2-4C9C-8CC8-96E7F66B4B32.png though here would be a challenge for eulalia. Raise that piece of angled steel until her toes clear the floor and its edge works deeply into her cleft, stretch her forwards so her full weight bares down on her most sensitive flesh and present her back and buttocks so that every whip lash and her body’s response works that steel edge deeper.
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