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The Old Firm

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so has not really come to grips with his current situation. It looks bad.
Bad? It's bloody tragic! Crucified with those three, and unconscious? :crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2:

not quite so similarly naked,
:doh: See what I mean? Wragg's wrotten luck strikes again...

since she is complaining.
Finally, unconsciousness has its advantages... :rolleyes:

Wragg made groaning noises.
Do you blame me? :confused:

“Can someone fill me in on how I come to be naked on a cross, while the world fills with baddies and squirrels?” asked Wragg groggily from the cross.
Forgive one for asking, it's merely idle curiosity....:mad:

“I never seem to be able to keep my pants on in this little adventure,” said Wragg in annoyance.
Well, yes, but losing my underwear and my consciousness at the same time, that's what sticks in my throat. :(

“…in a rather excruciating manner…” said Phlebas.
Now that consciousness has returned, must I hang here and listen to Phlebas' awful puns? I don't seem to be able to put my fingers in my ears. :(

A bit unhappy, if you ask me, probably because he remembered the sacrifices he had made not eating those cakes.
I say, you couldn't put an iced bun on one of those sort of pointed sticks, could you? There's a good chap. All this hanging about gives a chap an appetite!

to be continued... Soon. Promise.
And don't forget - I'm hungry! :hambre:
“Something like that anyway,” said Racing Rodent. He pulled up a squirrel-sized crossbow and shot Woodrunning Rodent between the eyes. The black squirrel went down and didn’t get up. One often wonders why these things don’t happen more often in stories. So often the protagonist spends pages explaining things, when a quick shot to the forehead is what’s needed.
The problem with high politics is that family Christmases can get unusually frosty even by Canadian standards, the dear (ahem) departed was my cousin after all. Still one should not flinch...the other rodent might shoot first.

“Fortunately,” said Jollyrei, “we are expansive in our thinking. Payment can take many forms. In this case, the terms of the contract were that, in the event of the demise of our employer, we would inherit all assets and prisoners resulting from our operation…”

“…to dispose of as we wish,” said Phlebas. “Is that not so, Mr. Jollyrei.
This is the other problem with having to deal with one's fellow squirrels, forward planning.

Still all in all a rousing return. Well done Jolly!


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It was perhaps not a grand entrance. Woodrunning Rodent, the black squirrel did his best to saunter casually into the ballroom, but with Windar tied in a chair facing away from the doorway, the three naked women hanging from crosses all watching what the Old Firm might do next, and Wragg (also naked on a fourth cross) still unconscious, the effect was rather lost.
I seem to have lucked out here for once, tied to a nice comfy chair rather than a cross (not the comfy chair!!!). And thanks for the recap, Jolly. Who can remember all of those adventures. Must try those jellyfish pills (though I never associated jellyfish with high level brain activity)...


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I'm not used to these mechanical horses, so I got a lift from Judith - she's determined to find Messa! :eek: Congratulations on the resurrection of 'The Old Firm'. Well done, Jolly! :D

Judith's ton-up in the fast lane has scared all the traffic off the M20 - Barb in Tree's Mustang is a model of Highway Code rectitude compared to Judith on her mechanical horse! :devil:
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