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The Round-up

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The hanging day comes quickly for Dorothy, Kathy, and Barbara. The three women are dressed in iron handcuffs and little else. They will be hanged by their necks until they are dead.

abbey maids 2.jpg

On your right is Kathy Summer. She is one of the women to be hanged. To say she is less thrilled by her sentence would be an understatement!

In the middle is Dorothy Brown. She hopes she will please the spectators that have gathered the see them hanged.

On the left stands Barb Moore. She is pissed she has been condemned to be hanged but cannot understand why Dorothy and Kathy must hang with her.


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abbey maids 2.jpg

Three little maids on stools are we,
Noosed as a naked girl can be,
Soon to be hanged by Mister Tree,
Three little maids on stools!

Three little maids who, all unwary,
Might be bound for the mortuary,
Fit for a fate most exemplary,
Three little maids on stools...
Three little maids..
On stools.

(usual apologies to G and S) :p

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“Do you really think they will hang us?” Dorothy asked.

“By this time tomorrow we will be quite dead hanging by our necks” Barb explains.
1 dot.jpg
“They are going to do kill us…” Dorothy groans.

That night (11 PM) Tree comes to Barbara’s cell. She is still awake…

“You need to get some sleep. You’ll be hanged tomorrow at noon” he notes.

“So what? By twelve-thirty tomorrow I’ll be dead anyway” Barb says. Her voice gets an edge on it and she asks “What about Dorothy and Kathy? Do they have to hang to death with me? I am the rebel leader. Can’t you get them freed?”

“They are part of your gang. You’ll hang together” he replies.
Barb prison 162 a.jpg
The next morning… Hanging Day… Dorothy and Kathy are taken from their cells…

“You really don’t have to do this. The jail isn’t so bad” Kathy protests.
Instead of mercy Dorothy and Kathy are dragged to a holding cell where they will spend their last hours alive with Barbara. They are placed on a bench next to Barbara with all three of their hands bound behind their backs.

“I tried to get you out of this but we are under IMF control. I’m afraid we will be hanged at noon” Barb says in almost a whimper.

“Don’t worry, Barb. How long can being hanged take anyway” Dorothy asks.

Barb doesn’t answer. How long will it take to die?
prison 215 e.jpg
Midmoning, the guards come to the holding cell and chain the women into a coffle. It is time for their last walk.
Barb is in the middle of the que, known she is on her last walk…
coffle 008.jpg
When they get to the gallows they will have taken their last walk.

They arrive at the gallows. It is a raised platform where the crowd can watch the women hang by their necks until they die. Dorothy is taken from the lead of the coffle. She will be the first one of the gang placed in her noose.
hang 1018.jpg
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I look up at Dorothy. She stands on a bench, naked before the crowd below her wearing only the rope that binds her hands behind her back and noose around her neck. A woman stands on the gallows deck reading her crimes and her pending punishment.
hang 779.jpg
My view is interrupted by the guard unlocking the collar from my neck. I am led to the gallows and am ‘assisted’ up the stairs.
hang 798.jpg
I am handed off to the hangman who leads me to an empty stool standing beneath my noose.
hang 888.jpg
I look at the noose I will soon wear around my neck. Except for the rope binding my wrists behind my back I am as naked as Dorothy.
hang 580.jpg
Between drinks from his glass Tree orders me to mount the stool. I’ve nothing to do but obey his command.
hang 608.jpg
I climb the stool where a guard awaits to place the noose around my neck.
hang 610.jpg
I am their prisoner waiting to hang to death just as Dorothy is.
hang 665.jpg
I wonder if her cunt is as wet as mine. They read my crimes and my sentence. At noon I will be hanged to death. What will that be like?
Kathy mounts the stool between us. The third noose is fixed around her neck. Her crimes and sentence are read. We are three women waiting to be hanged!
hang 940 A.jpg
At noon the church bell begins to toll. When it stops we will be hanged!
hang 937.jpg


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The church bell tolls its last.
“Oh, shit, I am about hang” Barb thinks.
Hang 345 a.jpg
A rope jerks the bench from beneath the ladies’ feet. They drop only a foot before the nooses break their fall. Being hanged can be an extremely cruel way to die but these three deserve the suffering before they die.
Their feet dangle in the air below them. Dorothy is startled hanging from her neck and begins to fight the noose.
hang 1035.jpg
Kathy is surprised by the pain.
Next to me Kathy is stunned by the pain the noose causes her throat. For a moment she hangs stunned by the rope pinching her throat!
hang 164.jpg
The noose around my neck hurts like hell and is getting tighter. I’m slowly choking to death as the crowd cheers! -Barb Moore
hang 042.jpg
Time takes on new meaning for the hanged women. The nooses are slowly closing around their throats!

hang 280.jpg

Barb is unaware of her friends’ battle with their nooses. She fights for her next breath.

hang 384.jpg

Each gasp for air is more strained but Barb fights the rope strangling her throat.

hang 481 f.jpg

Paying guests gather on the gallows’ deck to watch the ladies die.

hang 533.jpg

The guests enjoy their drinks the hanged women can only dream of. Dorothy and Kathy are losing their battle with their nooses.
hang 1059.jpg

Dorothy is the first to lose her battle with her noose. Her final act is pissing for the crowd.
hang 619.jpg
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