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The Slave Market

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Nov 23, 2014
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Only three weeks before today Amanda had been a spoiled girl, living a life of luxury at her families' estate in England. Her first trip abroad by ship had come to unforeseen misfortune and been attacked by pirates. She had been immediately identified as a virgin by the captain and sequestered from the crew and their reveleries, but not for any noble reason. The captain knew that her value as a harem slave, being a maiden was much higher if she was left untouched.

Today she had been marched out to the auction block and displayed as any other ware for sale. This had been humiliating enough, but when she was brought forward on the block the auctioneer had called for the black slave to come over and disrobe her. Amanda was beyond humiliation, she had not been seen naked by anyone since she was six years old. She had not even permitted her nanny to see her naked since that time. Now ..... to be stripped of her clothing in front of this crowd was almost more than she could stand. Her cheeks reddened fully at the humiliation as she worked, choking back the sobs and trying to keep her tears contained.

Blonde haired, blue eyed, European girls always brought a premium at auction. Only the most wealthy of men could afford one of these rare gems. To find one that was also a virgin was indeed a rare event. When the auctioneer revealed this information, many in the crowd wanted to have proof of this special treat themselves. The normal custom was for the two highest bidders at this point to have an oppurtunity to exam the treasure and verify the validity of the claim. The auctioneer realizing that he had a very rare commodity, announced that the customary examination was going to be waved today and that he would check her himself, giving his solemn word that he would report the truth. A mans word in this society was as good as gold, for to violate it was a good way to die early. He also told the crowd that this was too precious of a gift to be soiled by just anyone ramming his finger up into the pearl of this girl. He then proceeded to verify Amanda's current state of purity, he announced with a signal to the crowd that she was indeed a very rare pearl.

Amanda, heard the auctioneer and the crowd arguing, and she could tell that the bidding had stopped, but she did not know what was being said. She thought she recognized some of the words but was not sure what the bidders wanted to have "verified" until she felt her robe being pulled to the ground and the slave behind her wrapped his arms around her in order to restrain her. She struggled instantly out of fear of what was to happen even though she had no idea as to what. Then she felt the auctioneers hand at her her crotch, she tried to turn away but the slave was holding her too tightly. She felt a finger touch the outer lips of her sex, a place even she was careful to avoid touching whenever possible. He thrust his finger up inside of her and she let out a silent yelp. She was so humiliated from being handled this way, she was sure that she would die if this treatment were to continue. She felt his finger pushing hard up inside of her and she wanted to scream, she tried in fact but her voice would not cooperate. She felt his finger hit a barrier of some unknown sort to her and she figured that was as far as anything could penetrate her.

She would find out very differently in a few short days.
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