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The Tax Office

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Assistant executioner
Wonderful idea and brilliantly done. Another step in the relentless breaking down of these girls, ordinary women placed in an extraordinary situation. I look forward to the next chapter.

which step? I hope situation was extraordinary since the first chapter

I cannot post every day this week, but asap i do


Assistant executioner
Part 13

-...so these sticks are transparent and empty inside. If you put your finger into that it will be in the body of her while you don`t touch anything. Quite fun. And see this moment -The worker of the tax office told to his colleague, showing his phone.
-When she put her weight aside here, her fanny broadened for a moment and here -you see
-Her cervix. This plastic tool is really great.
-She was very angry when she awoke and noticed that I filmed her inner parts. But I will compensate her when she will decide.
-I heard that still there are some who can manage somehow this with one releasement.

-That`s why the time will come soon. That`s why.
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Assistant executioner
Part 14

Helena tried to sleep fighting against the several different pressures dancing in her groin. After an inefficient movement that should have make some place to her inwards around the two sticks she released an annoyed moan.
-Are you OK? -She heard. She opened her eyes and noted that there was a shift change of guards. A new guy stood in front of her naked body with sympathetic face. The simple, emphatic question made her answer.
-No, it`s fucking nasty. I feel I will shit myself in every moment. She felt that she should stood up to close her leg a little bit and not to push her opened pussy to the face of her company, but she did not move. It would not help too much anyway, and she was very tired. She had ten kilograms of overweight which made her day very hard compared to the others. When evenings started, she was the most happy to relieve her hurting feet and wrists. But she was quite short, so the regular sticks were relatively long. Her pussy was tight less than average, so her body focused on the object in her asshole mostly.
The guard walked behind her, and looked at the anus stick. Across the transparent saddle he looked into the girl`s anus where the slightly exaggerated flesh moved as she turned a little to follow him with her eyes.
-Don`t worry, you just feel the stabilizer stick inside. They told it on the guard training too, in sanitation section. -He turned around the girl again to let her see him. -Anyway, until it`s there, you can`t have any accident. -Helena answered taunting.
-Meanwhile I think this other stick here that is pushing my bladder will not prevent me to piss you on face. -The guard did not answer, just released a small laugh. Helena broke the silence. She was amused by the great efforts of the man to look at her eyes instead of her undressed body.
-Please don`t be staring at me. There are prettier girls around to watch. -She nodded toward the sleeping Żaneta one right from her in the opposite raw, just to give an example.
-It`s the worst time to say but I think you shouldn`t worry about your body. What if you are not the miss Universe worrying about world peace if you are a pretty, funny, well-dressed woman. -The guard, easing the tension caused by the body of the naked girl talking to him was watching the photo of Helena on the cross-pole. She was in perfect black jeans there that hided her bigger ass, but in an ocean blue skinny top in which her belly was characteristic, but her tits also. The guard guessed that it`s C size probably was B when the girl was younger. He glanced at the real, naked tits instinctively to compare with the photo, and he found the words that would ease the embarrassment of Helena.
-You are a woman, not a teenager.
-And where am I now. -She whispered than her belly clenched as she held back another inducement of peeing. The guard couldn`t stand to look at her pussy. It was very close to her face, he could see the wet peehole above her stretched cunt. He looked at his assistant who just led back Judyta to her cross after rest time. The girl was quickly rubbing her asshole with sloppy fingers before she had to meet with the saddle again. She probably wiped it dry on the toilet. Fixing back a girl at night was more difficult because of the saddle. Until the assistant would finish Judyta and check the timetable they had five minutes at least.
-Would you like to go out? -He asked Helena. She slowly nodded with surprise on her face. He just brought the feeding stool, unleashed the naked girl and offered his hand to help her down. He followed her to the restroom, because he did not want to be "the fag" among his colleagues, but did not watch Helena on the toilet. He found the locker of the girl instead of and checked the clothes he had seen on the photo. He liked the light blue bra on the top of the pieces he had seen already. It was not visible on the picture, but in the reality the colour could be seen through the top.
After they finished, when the assistant disappeared with Janka in the restroom, he used the steps to fix back Helena`s arms. She asked him to wait with her ankles until she managed herself back to the saddle. He was standing there and looked away of the moving loin of Helena, and when he heard the relieved breath that indicated the end of the exhaustive procedure, he grabbed gently the beautiful ankle.

The following shift at morning found a towel on the loin of Helena. The guard snatched it off of the pussy of the girl revealing her rear pubic hair and rebuked the former guard why he left the tools around instead of the post.

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Assistant executioner
Part 15

Marianna was waiting on the cross for her punishment. She had never broken the rules before, her bosses known her as obedient, nice girl, but on the cross it turned out, that she could not bear thirst.
To manage one toilet a day, girls must have been very austere regarding eating and drinking, and the additional permanent pressure on their bladder every night made it more difficult. Anytime they asked food or drink they received it, but it was better to do it when it became really necessary, and just a few sip or bite at once. The girls who went down just once in their rest time were always thirsty and hungry.
In the second evening Marianna didn`t want to be thinking continuously of water anymore. She called the guard and drank of everything that was on the trolley. The night after was terrible for her of course. She deeply minded her mistake, and she known what she had to do to go out. But she was scared of price. The sex was bad experience in her early years, her first partners were unskilled, clumsy teenagers who made more pain than pleasure for her. She started to enjoy it with the guy who became her husband later, and it also needed time. So her scared mind was desperately looking for other solution. To be naked in front of these men was far enough for her. First she was pushing her hip forward strongly to keep the pressure of the stick on the other side of her vagina, but she must made space for 630 cubic centimeters additional volume among her inwards, including her full bladder. She must have stood up. Standing in the middle of the night she slowly understood that she could not do this all the night. Her feet did not bear more stress after the whole day, and as she was more sleepy and sleepy, it became remarkable danger to unwillingly piss herself or to fall down to the sticks getting serious injuries. She gradually convinced herself that if she would piss on the stick, it silently flow down along the cross and by morning would dry up. She aimed and shot.
She was wrong. The splash was like an airstrike in the silent night. The guard immediately came and rebuked her for the mess she had made. She was deeply ashamed. The guard did not stop quarreling while he was moping the puddle from the stones, than wiped clean the cross and her pussy at last. Then he went for his files and told her that he would book her for 30 minutes punishment at 9:30 next morning. The guard ordered her to sit back and when she obeyed, repressing her moan, he left.
At morning Marianna was happy that she could slept a while and could stand again on her feet, even if she was anxious a bit about hanging that she never tried. She would ask Janka, but they were 3-5 crosses far from her. She just got an advise from Janka accross Krystina and her neighbour, Veronika, that when she would be hanging, she shouldn`t care about her opened legs, and kept her strength.
Since she had nothing to do all the morning on the cross, Marianna was always thinking of that thirty minutes hanging, and became more and more nervous. When close to the time two office worker came in and stopped in front of her, she didn`t even recognize them, despite she never could get used to staring people since she had been exposed. But when the guard and his assistant stood up and started to approach, her stomach lurched.
Four men stood around the naked girl. The two in charge were at loss a little bit, the guard had the log where the booking of Marianna`s punishment was noted, the other had a booklet. He might be a maintainer or gate-keeper, he felt out of official manner.
-So you violated against hygiene policy last night. -He told to the listening naked girl.
-Penalty is hanging between 9:30 and 10:00 AM. Do you understand? -Marianna nodded and waited what would happen next. The guard looked at the opened booklet in the hand of the assistant. From the emerged position on the cross the girl could see some figures of stylized crosses and women on them, arrows, zoomed images with ankles and more arrows. The drawings of women were also naked, they had tall, but busty body, long, dense hair and big perfect tits like she never had seen before. For a moment she felt that the figures wouldn`t be applied to her short body with B tits and textured bob haircut, but she known it`s silly. The men put down the papers and the guard turned around her.
-Should I hold her while you shift the feetcuffs? -The assistant asked.
-I don`t know. -The guard murmured. The assistant shuffled his feet a couple of times, than approached Marianna and held her up by her armpits. The guard pulled her ankles up and fixed to the punishing hook, then the assistant slowly lowered her naked body.
First she felt herself more embarrassed than in the last exposed days. She understood that the other two men came to see her hanging and what would she do in the next thirty minutes. She felt her tits pushed forward. She would hide her face behind her shoulder, but her upper body was horribly stretched. She tried to stand up, but her feet always slipped down from the pole. She felt that all her movements were followed by exploring eyes. She pushed her ankles again feetcuffs, but the result was unexpected. Instead of moving up she moved forward and all her body arched, while her feet moved backward. She could not breathe, and was aware of the very exposed position of her sex toward the audience. She tried to push it in hope that there was a point from she turned to the good direction, but she had to yield. Falling back she started to gasp, and felt how her tits rising and descending. When she collected oxygen enough she tried again. She was aware of that everybody was looking at her squirming, and they probably enjoyed it, but she felt that she could not breathe so deep too long. She realized that she must endure this for half an hour and deeply scared.
The second time she tried to pull herself up by her arms until she could push her feet directly downward and not back, but it didn`t work. She did not do any sports, and to bear her own weight with arms pulled sidewards was too hard. She understood that she could not relieve her lungs from strain and fell in panic. She forgot everybody and everything around her, her body instinctively jerked wildly to find the solution by luck, but the cuffs held her between tight frames. She heard the girls giving desperate advises, but had no time to listen. She was breathing so hard due to panic and strains that her vocal cords made voice. The talking of the men reached her as if words came through water.
-It should be like this?
-How the hell I would know?
-She will die!
-Regarding the instructions it is absolutely impossible within three hours.
-I am here to see naked girls and not dying ones!
-Stop it!
-Take her down!
-Are you crazy? Everything is full of cameras. You will never get this job again.
-I don`t care! Hold at least! -Marianna felt dozens of hands on her sweaty skin: Her upper arms, armpits, knees, chest. She felt the strain in her upper body left, but her midriff still was under strong pressure.
-Please, loose my belt! It is too tight! -She whispered with an exhale. The men looked at each other confused. The guard looked down to the picture on the pole. The girl on that was as adorable as the one on the cross above, even if she was not dressed hot. But the medium waist jeans showed him the source of hallucination.
-Don`t hold her at her belly! Let her breath! -Marianna calmed down. Her ventilation slowed. She known again that her jeans was in the locker, far in the restroom. The guard spoke to her.
-OK, now we slowly leave you. Try to keep standing. -She nodded, and grabbed the horizontal pole convulsively.
She could held herself more than five minutes, even if at the end her limbs were trembling heavily and big waves ran along her whole body when the air left her lungs. At last she slowly slipped down to the first position. After she just hanged and took deeper and deeper breaths, slower and slower. At last just four-five in every minutes. The court was fully silent, the fell of a feather could been heard. The audience followed all her breath and after exhale they waited together the next inhale.
-It`s very bad. -She whispered to the silence, in desperate desire of empathy.
-There`s not too much farther. -The assistant told looking at the watch on his hand. There was another watch at the guard. They also calmed down, they knew that the girl was safe. After infinite minutes the half hour passed. They had the girl stood on her feet.
-Do you want to come down for a few minutes? -The guard asked her. Marianna still just could whisper.
-No, thank you. I`d rather ask some water. -She answered. The guard was angry. The girl learnt well that she could just ask for water on the cross. If she did not do this, he might forget this rule, it would be just a small malpractice, but in this clear situation it would be a violation to allow her to the trolley.
-Yes, miss. -He answered and with his eye he drove away the three man still watching the naked girl.

Marianna was left alone.


Assistant executioner
Part 16

Olga was on the cross almost a day ago continuously, waiting for her releasement. They were after their second night, somewhen in the third day. She chosen the position among the thousands she had invented when she leaned forward with straight back, which didn`t stretch her arms as much as hanging, but put her weight to a less used point of her feet. She had miscalculated the lunch a little bit, stimulus of peeing arrived earlier than it should be. At last they came for her, but it was strange that Agnieszka was still down, and when she entered the restroom, she was even just under shower. Olga did not care, went to the toilet. The guard waited her with her clothes and asked her to dress. She was called from the inspector office. She was too sleepy to think, dressed mechanically.
Walking on the corridors she had strange feelings. She felt the jeans constraining and rubbing her thighs as she walked. The weak sense of floor damped by her shoes. Her tits were not swinging in bra. She had to get used to the dress again - she realized.
Inspection was long, even she got not many questions. She told about small irregularities in accounts she known about, frauds she suspected, sometimes just imagined. The inspector was very confident.
-Thank You, Olga, you helped a lot -He told. -You can go back to your cross. Olga fumbled the cloth on her knee nervously.
-How long will be my punishment? -She asked. The inspector answered with a low anger in his voice.
-You are not and you will not be punished. You are under security custody. When the procedure will be done, you will be released. -He leaned forward -And believe me, your director is under great stress by your condition. He will confess soon.
-Didn`t I tell enough to find the data You need for evidence? -Olga asked
-We are not mining data, you know that it is too big and difficult, needs too much effort and manpower. Our aim is to achieve full confession. We keep asking him.
-Your employees are raping the women. -Olga was complaining.
-You too? -The man asked immediately. Olga was confused
-No. I never let it.
-I heard also that the women are willing, moreover giving offers, which I completely understand, we all are humans at all.
-They let them down in exchange.
-My employees can let them down of course, if they look after them. You are tied out because we have just a 2 members crew in the same time. They could release you once a day. And think over it, you are completely naked due to security causes. I guess it is not hard to convince them for extra attention -and let me avoid the word "seducing". -When he finished his sneaky explanation, just waited a few seconds.
-So if you will have more questions later, please ask the guards on your post. Have a nice day. -The guard led Olga out, then back to the court. In the restroom he ordered her to undress again. When she was finished and gave away the last pieces of her clothes, she appealed for her rest time.

-Not now, miss. -He answered, looking at the office worker who just entered together with Krystyna.



Assistant executioner
Part 17

Krystyna gave up. She could not hold out her arms anymore for 23 hours permanently. Not because it was uncomfortable or she would hide herself with them, but because the movelessness started to upset her terribly. Sometimes she was trying to dive to the stone floor for minutes, again and again after the bounds jerked her back and shoved her against the cross.
There were more and more workers who passed across the court for watching, or to try to find an obedient partner. She was never in such a deal, but she had to admit, that it was rarely her choice. She was crucified in around the middle of the double row, among several naked and pretty girls. Luba, Hanna and Monika, shaking their big boobs on the first three crosses could sort the applicants, de facto they could go down anytime they wanted. So when she saw the guy who had filmed her fanny in the first sleeping time, two days ago, she hanged down to put closer her head to his ear and to open her pussy and demanded him quietly to bring her to the restroom. He apparently aroused and told her that he would go to the guard. Krystyna followed him from her cross, still hanging and stretching her aching shoulders.
The man reached the guard, they started to talk. The one Krystyna offered herself to pointed to her. She glanced sideways to her neighbour to see if she was listening. Of course it was impossible for Krystyna to arrange her business discretely, but Janka had her own problem. She had got cold a little bit last night. She leaned forward and looked down, letting out a drop from her red nose. Her tits were hanging down like milk bags in this position.
The two men came back and the guard unbuckled the chosen one of his colleague, who followed the operation with lustful eyes, like a child in the toy store. They led her together toward the restroom, where their eyes met once again, and the guard turned back.
Krystyna felt that the time of her payment arrived and she was not wrong. The man immediately ordered her to doggy position on the bed, grabbed her wide hips and pulled her to the edge of it. She immediately felt a glans rubbing her pussy to moisten it for insertion. She tried to concentrate to reach the next level toward the hopefully close end, but the door opened again, and the guard returned with Monika. Krystyna felt anger and fright as if somebody raided on her on toilet. In this moment she felt the penis inserting her pussy. It made her more upset, and the man stopped moving, just held her member in her vagina, and waited while the guard led Monika there and ordered her to the same doggy position on the other side of the bed.
-Cannot You wait some? -She asked angrily
-Never worry about it, we have just this room. -The guard answered on a voice which convinced Krystyna that they had arranged all of this.
-Stop this -She heard Monika whispering between her teeth from a few centimeters. -Stop and get over with it. -The men adjusted the two girl so close that if they did not held their heads up and back, their cheeks would touch each other. When the men started to enjoy their bruised bodies, they really had to concentrate to avoid each other. On the lower edge of her sight Krystyna saw the big tits of Monika swinging at the rhythm of pounding. Her cheek hit the nose of Monika
-What's wrong with you! -She reacted angrily, and Krystyna felt that the other girl hated her too. Her man changed to a very strong manner, she almost felt her kidney torn down. She sharply reached out and touched herself between her hip and ham, meanwhile lower her upper body not to hit again Monika. Her right tit exposed to the other man behind Monika.
-The winner takes it all? -He gasped. She felt the penis of the other one moving faster. The dick of the guard flied out of her colleague. She saw how his thick, white cum disappearing in Monika`s mouth.
-Don`t dare to swallow it -He rattled -You will be hanging down with tied up ankles until sunset. She felt that his man also came out, but just to turn her to her back and inserted his member again to her sloppy pussy. Krystyna looked up and noticed that Monika stared at her from above, with strange disgust on her face. Her expression told her that she cannot get rid off the stinky excretion until Krystyna could finish her "partner". She understood she must act something, but she didn`t have an idea. She rose her had and looked at her own pussy as if she could see how long the man lasts. It helped. He also came out and stepped to Monika`s face also. The disgust on her face deepened, but she forced herself to open her mouth again. This cum was more liquid, but in the same time more abundant. The men gone mad.
-Give it to her -She heard the command. She known she should open her mouth to let Monika let the mixture falling in, but she couldn`t do it after she had saw both of ejaculation, known well their amount and texture. Monika looked at her very angrily, it was clear she could not hold it long and it made her more reluctant to open her mouth. She forced her lips somehow to secede from each other, and she immediately felt the first drip on the edge of her mouth. In this moment she collapsed and jumped down from the bed. Half of the semen mixture landed on her cheek, the remaining on the bed.
-I give a shit all to this -She shouted. Put me back to the cross. I don`t care! The men were numb, they felt they went too far.
-You get thirty minutes rest. -The guard said at last. -But clean up the bed and don`t wipe it down from your face, or you feel the cross immediately as you wished.
The men left the room. They laughed again outside.

-Stupid bitch -Monika said to her, swinging her tongue in her oral cavity to get rid off the horrible taste, and Krystyna felt that the other girl respected her a little bit more.



Assistant executioner
Part 18

Judyta asked for a sip of water and a bite of snack. She waited the clothed assistant to turn back and leave, she hanged a little to ease her feet then tried again.
She learnt that she did not have to count her breaths after a while, she could keep her mind empty after that for seconds, then later for a few minutes. Her senses became sharper, she saw all the small details of the court and the others. Meanwhile she could exclude bigger and bigger pain. All of that was useful, but she enjoyed more the new interesting experiences. She hoped she would not be tired of her game before they would be released. She would not experience the mental suffering she saw on the others.
She stopped the break and started to count again. She did not even recognized that Pawel, the torturer of Żaneta returned.
Żaneta murmured something about shit under her nose, and tried to leave discretely to the other direction. The cross rewarded her movement with a small tug. The man returned that morning first and hauled her up angrily for her liaison with his college. Żaneta understood that he was angry because she had lied to him, but still wondered he did not get that it was just a polite refusal.
-Pawel, try to understand! I was here for almost a day. I couldn`t stand anymore with arms widespread. You can`t imagine how is that. It was nothing for me. And he let me wear my clothes for five minutes! -She tried to explain. The man insisted that for him it would had been good on that way too, and left angrily again. But he returned again and again.
-Oh, I see gladly you are still here! -He mocked her.
-I do not want to talk to you, Pawel. -She answered rude, but straight. He did not even recognize, and she could not leave him.
-I was thinking about your funny expression. -He continued. -"Wide-screen count." -He told slowly, pulling out every words from his memory. Żaneta regretted that she had told this to him. Pawel kept babbling.
-Did you know I draw comic strips? I designed one for wide-screen. I would show you, but first I am here to help you keep yourself clean and pretty. -He took out a razor from his beltbucket. -Don`t move, I help to reshape your pubic. -Żaneta jerked a much bigger.
-Stop, Pawel! Take that away! -She ordered him frightened.
-You are here since three days. You are quite hairy. -He is arguing.
-You cannot touch me, you hear me? I call the guard! -The naked girl tried to defend herself. Pawel put back the razor and pulled out a felt marker.
-OK, then we do it this way. the pen approached to the right side of her loin.
-Pawel, piss off! -She shouted to him with full voice. The blast wiped out every other sound from the court.
-Oh. -The man said disappointed. -You shouted.
Before Żaneta could answer, he left, however not out, but to the guard post instead of. She followed their conversation in fear.
-Wlad, that girl is shouting.
-Of course, Pawel, stop wexing her. She has trouble enough without you.
-Regarding the rules she cannot disturb the work in the building. You must punish her.
-Don`t be asshole, Pawelek. Try another. Some will lie with you. There is that chubby girl, let me see... -The guard checked his table. -Helena. Nobody have chosen her yet and she is moaning like a german weight-lifter.
-OK, Wlad, but they will know it. -Pawel did not mention that he already had tried it. -I mean the management.
-Oh, fuck it. -The guard yielded and rose up from his chair, putting away his phone. He went to the cross of Żaneta, followed by the other guy.
-Ok, miss, you offended the volume policy, I apply ten minutes punishment. -He rattled off reluctantly. -Did you understand? Żaneta rattled too.
-Hey, you are not serious, are you? You saw everything, weren`t you?
-Get over with all of this shit. It will be better for you too. -The guard told, and turned around her. Pawel just watched with sadistic, malevolent eyes.
-Wait! -She commanded futilely, when the guard pulled up and fixed her left leg.
-Don`t! Take me to the restroom! Take me to the restroom! -She shouted, when she heard the clacking of the other snaphook.
-Stop, no-no-no don`t! -She sped up the protest, then fallen down until her arms let her. The guard left the hanging girl alone with Pawel, noting the exact time on his way. Żaneta looked at the eyes of the man standing there and watching her and decided not to dance to him. This time that her knees spread out, he was watching the details of her pussy, instead of her pubic hair. She started to care about her breathing to manage it for ten minutes. When the guard came back, she was still in the same hanging position, though she was sweating profoundly and took very deep breathes. The first time she spoke to Pawel again was when she stood again on the footrest.

-You can piss of now, Pawel. -That was all she told. And the man obeyed.


Assistant executioner
Part 19

Agnieszka called for the guard again. Ela on her left rolled her eyes angrily. She could not get used to her nakedness. While the others forgot it sometimes, when no man passed in front of them, she was always aware of the sight of her pussy, and her clothes were in her mind. She was quite hippie on the day she wore anything last time: deep blue jeans, simple woman-T-shirt, sport shoes. She deeply desired for them and she hated that because of Agnieszka a man came there again and walked in front of her exposed body. She minded that her pussy had been shaved regularly.
This guard was not there first that day. Agnieszka had asked some wiping in around every hours.
-Please, can you tell me when I will be unleashed? -The blonde girl asked humbly.
-It is around four hours, miss. -The guard answered willingly. Agnieszka released a disappointed "oh", then kept talking
-I would ask a big favor! -She continued and bent a little bit forward. Her aim was to ease eye contact with the man below, but her nipples shifted forward a little bit, and it did not help. She forced a smile.
-Could you find me some makeup? -She asked slowly to give time to the man to listen to her, but his attention was already on her soft pussy. The night was just finished, so she was still wet a little bit.
-It`s not the part of our support kit, but I will see what can I do. -The guard answered. -Are you fine? -He changed the subject, putting his hand to her waist. -Night was safe? -His fingers checked soon her anus if it was closed back properly. Agnieszka knew that she was paying, and she managed to thanked him. But she was glad that she gained hope. She felt that the makeup would give her back some dignity, and maybe eased her battles with the men.
She was waiting on the cross and stomping. She saw Olga gone away in her clothes. She was hanging her elbows, she has been hanged from her wrists, she was hanging her head and hair, then the time she had been looking forward so much has come.
First she was just happy as every day, rubbing her upper arms with each other, sitting on the toilet with her lower arm between her thighs as it was usual. Then sitting on the bed and resting she started to understand that her last request was forgotten. She collected her intention for a shower and armpit-shaving at least, when a fat, 45-year old, elegant woman entered. She was looking around and spotted the naked blonde girl. Compassion appeared in her eyes.
-It is you, my dear. Here is the makeup. It is mine, but I hope you can use it.
-Thank you very much. -Agnieszka answered. She took the box and looked over the colors. -I am sure I can.
-Can I help, my dear? -The woman asked. -Agnieszka did not answered this time. She could manage alone, but she liked the company. She asked patience, ran to the shower than they started to work. The assistant, using the chance that his female colleague was guarding the unleashed girl, and went out. He apparently assumed the shift for Hanna. After she had refused him that morning, he was lurking all the day around her obviously, sometimes asking if he could do any favour, sometimes if he might hold her breast a little. Meanwhile the two women in the restroom were talking about technical details of their actual work and made a moderate everyday makeup which made Agnieszka`s face really beautiful. She forgot the cross completely by the time the guard returned for her. She thanked the woman again, who let the kit on the table for her or any girls.

Agnieszka walked again toward her cross. She held her arms in front of her woman parts, but not as careful as on the first time. She just checked the proper cover of her nipples and pussy when a man encountered. When she stood on the ladder and being fixed back, she did not follow the work of the guard. She was looking at the ground and thought of her pretty face.


Assistant executioner
Part 20

Otylia looked annoyed after the man who just walked away in front of her and without slowing down looked over her naked body and her photo below. Her break time was very closed, she could not wait that. She did manage the last cc 23 hours continuously and she was after hundred glances like this. She was committed protestant, she did not wear even plunging neckline before. This time she was angrier to her last visitor that he did not arrive a few minutes later. Agnieszka was coming back and she knew from the day before that the next would be her. She was numb and cold a little bit because of her own sweat.
When the guard and the assistant started to approach, need of peeing enhanced quickly. Her body recognized that her mind thought about forthcoming chance. When the men stood around her, Otylia was wondering if they see the spasming on her flat loin as she tried to keep back the inducement.
When she was released at last, she pushed her hand against her sex and almost ran. The next 5 minutes on the toilet was the happiest five minutes of her day, even if the memories of pain and embarrassment filled up her mind and body. When she finished, she was thinking for a while if she should have a shower or lie down to the bed. Forty five minutes was short time, but she understood that the next day would be less horrible if she was clean, suffering less from smells and itching.
Shower was pleasant, she almost lost her sense of time, but the bed waited her. At last she felt down. Her body rewarded the positions without strains and pains. The touch of the soft drape. Soon she took a baby pose and closed her eyes. She tried to enjoy every seconds of the short time before she had to go back. Sometimes she opened just one of her eyes to check the clock on the wall. At first it was good to know that she still had 30 or 25 minutes, later she tried to forget the time. But as the minutes faded away, memories of the cross came back. She was aware of the next 23 hours before she could come back to rest. She touched her body parts with her hands, just because she could do it.
The last minutes passed in desperation and waiting of the order of the guard, which came exactly in time. Otylia woke up and went out toward her cross, feeling the eyes of the guard on her bare buttocks.

The sense of the relentless narrow steel along her body was the biggest mental suffering. The aware of the long hours ahead of her pressed her as a huge weight. She saw the other girls in front of her who were tied out for several hours, even more than twenty. She known that her skin would be also covered by sweat like theirs, and also would be full of itching, that made the small sudden jerking of them. And she had no other business than waiting for that.


Assistant executioner
Part 21

Żaneta was out late afternoon. It was a good time slot. If she did not have dinner, she could manage the sticks inside her all the night, and she could eat again after lunch quite late, that could be called "afternoon tea". She still was not hungry and thirsty so much when the shift arrived that would set the saddles below her pelvis a couple of hours later. She realized that the third night was coming on the cross. But at least Pawel did not appeared since her punishment.
The new assistant released Melania as twice before in this hour. The poor girl immediately sat down to the step, pulled up her legs up and was rubbing her parts where she felt itches and numbness since hours and she could not help on it with fixed wrists. The guard watched them impatiently, but Melania didn`t need urging, soon she went to the restroom.
The guard spoke to someone on phone, than he also left.
-He just arrived. I wonder what if he just can go out once a day. -Żaneta thought. It was early evening, the court was quite empty except the crucified women. She could not contemplating people. She started to think about the next position and which part of her feet should be pressed next, when water started pouring in front of her and splashed on the ground. The water column ran quickly toward her, and when she recognized that somebody was pissing from one of the levels in the building behind her. First she thought to the guard, then she heard the laughing of the well-known voice.
-Pawel! Stop it and go fuck yourself! -She was shouting, and tried to avoid the urine. She was hoping in every seconds that her dry parts would remain dry, but the jet wandered from her left shoulder to her back, than right, her neck and her hair, and with squirming she just could change the order. At last she just tried to save her hair because she known that from her skin the pee would flow down to the floor at least. At first she could kept dry her chest, but when she became wet enough, some drip ran down there too, avoiding the curve of her breasts. She tried to drive them directly to her thighs, because she was disgusted most by the thought that it would reach her lips between her legs. In fact she was powerless. There was already a flow between her hams and she did not feel where it`s gone. She just could wait the depletion of the bladder of the man above her.
The other girls protested also for her, but they did not dare to be loud. A drop of piss bounced away from the head of Żaneta, and landed on the foot of Hanna on the next cross. She felt the burning touch of the disgusting liquid and couldn`t imagine how it would be to be covered by that, without any protective clothes.
The flow stopped. Żaneta thought that Pawel would come down to mock her, but he did not arrived. She just stood there covered by piss and was shaking of humiliation and disgust. She felt every drop that was running down on her bare skin. She never had wanted to use her hands before like this time. But pulling of cuffs was fruitless as always.
The guard came back, but did not care about her calls. Later the urine dried up, but the smell did not leave. And her hair was still wet, and new drops began to flow from there to her face. She tried to keep her mouth closed, and when she needed more air, she bent her head. This way no piss entered her mouth, but she felt some salty taste on her lips. The others saw that her mind was occupied, they were just looking at her silent with compassion.
After a few hour Pawel appeared.
-Hi, Żaneta, I am happy that you are here! -He used the same, boring joke. -I was thinking if you changed your mind about me and the restroom. -Żaneta known that she was defeated. She would not stand on the cross for a day like that, and during opening her pussy along the night. By her permission Pawel called the guard and brought the released girl to the restroom. When Żaneta finished the shower and hair wash, he was completely naked. It was strange there, most of the men just took out their penis, maybe took off their trousers.
She lied on her back and let in the man. He immediately started to pound her on the way as the men do it before orgasm. She understood that he was the most inexperienced partner she ever had. She known that it would be long this way.
-Wait, Pawel, and lie down! -She ordered him, then when the man obeyed embarrassed, knowing that the girl understood his virginity, she sat on him and drove back his penis inside herself. First she introduced all the parts of her fanny to the sensitive glans of the man, closed to the lips and to the womb, forward and backward, let him explore her touch. During her clitoris also grown and she did not refuse the pleasure she could bring to herself. She started to move periodically. The man put his hand to her hams, not to take over the leadership, just to connect. At this point they both gained orgasm.
-I love you! -The boy whispered. -She felt the mix of hatred and pity, but she known that she could rule him.
-OK, Pawel, now I go to have another shower before I go back to the cross, beacuse I will be tied out until next afternoon. If anybody comes, send them away until I finish. -She known that the boy would do it literally.

During shower she tried to collect her feelings. She did not feel sorry of her relieving orgasm. She deeply hated the worm lying on the bed. But she could not help that she despised herself. Not because of she had done or could not resist of. She despised the woman she was transformed by all of them.


Assistant executioner
Part 22

Third night arrived. All the girls got their saddle. Most of them already sat on them and rest. Tscheryakov visited the court with the director and they talked just between Otylia and Marianna. Ela on the opposite side was still standing on the footrest awake. The evening found her in a reluctant mood: The last she wanted to sit again into those damned thorns. The two men who stood there also did not make her hurry. She looked around. The eyes of the girls directly around her were closed. They were sleeping or pretended it not to draw attention of the men. The uniform sticks were buried neatly in the different intimate parts.
-We keep informed the director of the state of his employees. His responsibility is highly emphasized. Of course we did not forget the family of the detainees, they regularly get photos and they have webcam access too. We answer their questions, if we can, and if not, we redirect them to the employer of their relatives. -The program manager explained not so loudly, but disturbingly.
-What questions do you redirect? -The director asked. Otylia made an instinctive rising movement with her loin just behind his head. The lower part of the vaginal stick revealed. The moist that covered that glittered in the weak light.
-The first type is the purpose of investigation, and the second, the most popular is about the duration. In both matter the manager of Joseph and Sons can give more information.
-Well, keep sending your reports to me also. The Ministry follows the investigation with great attention. But I think -to tell the truth- they just open the folders for the illustrations. -He threatened Tscheryakov with his fingers playfully. -You promised me this investigation needs much less effort, and I am still here at night because I made documentations on your case.
-When the method will be usual, you will have no other work to do than read the regular reports. -He looked at the photo of Otylia on her personal sheet attached to the cross, compared it to the hanging body in front of him, than said goodbye to his boss and left. The director shyly had a glance inside the vagina of Krysia across the stick, then also left the court on the other gate, took the longer way between the crosses. Ela was happy, because during she understood that she could not delay too much more the sitting down process. She had no place to hang because of the saddle, and her feet would be paralyzed by the morning due to pain.
She made the decision and started the weary process she known from the last two nights. She could not use her own hands to direct the sticks into herself, so she had to move around her loin, gently touching the tip of the sticks with her lips. During her legs were bend and helped her in maneuver so she had to keep herself up with her arms pulled sideways by the leather cuffs. If she would not succeed for a while she had to stand up and start again. The tips of the sticks were not on the same level, the one intended to her pussy was 5-6 centimeters higher. The one that should be inserted to her anus was shorter and fixed in flatter angle, adapted to the female body. Therefore first she just had to work on the bigger one. Her pussy was designed to receive things, but still it was not easy. It was hurt if a single hair around her lips crinkled in with the stick. It was hurt if either the outer or the inner lips were too dry to let the stick slipping in. The stick just remoistened itself on the sides, if she late, the tip could dry. She had to remember this next evening.
When she managed to fuck herself with it, she had to stop to avoid a sharp sting on her ham by the anal stick. Her upper arms and thighs were aching when she felt the tip of the first stick inside her, but she immediately started to search the other one with her anus. If she would not succeed and had to stand up, she had to start from the beginning. Of course she moisturized the tip of the pussy stick with her own vaginal secretions, but repeating still was not simple and she became more and more tired. The back was highly different. There was no hair there, but she could not produce lubricant with that hole.
By that time she was sweating profoundly, so with some rubbing she could manage it to be not entirely dry. When she tried to transfer the sweat accumulated between her hams to the tip of the stick she felt the pussy stick in her vagina moving and she prayed that she could keep it inside and not have to go back to the start. At this point it was just 3-4 cm deep inside. She felt her vaginal muscles constricted around the foreign body in her to push it out, but Ela did not allowed it.
The last that she wanted to ask the guard to daub the tip of the anal stick again, so she dealt with some burning feeling that the insertion of a not-so wet plastic tool caused. Bur she was still far from the saddle. She couldn`t sit down straight, but across several small vertical movements to moist the sticks. The fluids that had sprouted out from them was on the floor below her and on her legs, not on their surface. Movements did not help so much on her anus, but was safer regarding her vagina. When she was closer to the bottom, her internal organs indicated the pressure of the foreign objects.
At last she could sit down on the saddle, both the sticks were entirely buried. She had a short rest, during which she felt the sprouting of the moisturizing inside her. With a last effort she moved a little bit more up and down to distribute it evenly in her inner walls. It was arousing a bit, and she could not stand to enhance the feeling with looking at her pussy and building up some imaginations. The sense of her naked body and the exciting itching in her opened anus also became electric. She played with the thought if she could gain an orgasm in the cover of darkness. She checked the sleeping girls besides and in front of her and started to move, with a friendly man in her mind who should stand in front of her beautiful body fascinated. But Otylia moved again in seeking of comfortable sitting. Ela stopped immediately. She tried again, but soon she felt the eyes of Mariann on her. She scared, but the eyes of the girl in front of her were closed and she was still.

-Fuck it! -Ela said angrily and sat back to rest. The two sticks in her followed her movement with unpleasant pressure in her loin.


Assistant executioner
Part 23

The court became more and more populated by the days. Employers came down to their rest, first like before the crucifixion of the girls, than even more. They ate their sandwiches, were smoking, some were talking to the girls hanging around naked. Some of them ignored the approaching men, for others it was more comfortable to pretend if they were clothed like the men in front of them, and answered. All they were tired of three days in pain and humiliation and nights sleeping in sitting position. When they saw that the man who was talking to them looked permanently to their tits or pussy instead of eyes, they yielded to the temptation of releasement and sent the man to the guard with their permission. Soon in the restroom pussies became used and tongues were covered with semen.
Agnieszka was also approached by an older, well-suited man and asked her if she would come down after work. She thanked for attention, called the man handsome and kindly refused the sex, as she used to. The man answered that he just wanted to eat his dinner together with someone, and asked for her detailed sizes. Agnieszka agreed and gave him the information. She was suspicious, but felt the chance of an easy earned 45 minutes freedom.
She was looking around for some interesting things. Her needs were low, just conversation of other people or their clothes they were wearing. She noticed that the regular guy arrived. He came always in the same time and chosen a girl for a quick shagging. He taught them to put their head to the right side of the horizontal pole, if they wanted him to release them. It was easier than listening to the reluctant and ashamed answers, and it enhanced the tits also. As always he walked over the applicants. They were in four actually. He pulled sideward the labia of some of them with his thumb, like a curtain. He stopped to contemplate the vaginal wall of Regina. At last he touched the deeper parts with his forefinger to see if it was frilled enough for a pleasant sex, then went to the guard to show him his chosen one.
Agnieszka was thinking about on which day she would break too. -Sooner than Judyta -She thought.
Judyta was just like a newborn child. By the fourth day she could be empty for almost an hour, and with short breaks of changing position and getting snacks and fluids she was contemplating all the day. She saw not just the smallest details, but the complex totality, between the big sky and the solid ground. The grass was working on its existence between the floor and the wall opposite her cross. The beautiful lizards running on their way. The perfect small fly she watered sometimes gladly from her sweated armpit. And the beautiful, stupid little boys and other boys in the body of desperate old men who all thought they could do anything without consequences.
She felt the pains of hanging, narrow footrest, thirst, hunger, itches, and she didn`t care about them enough to recognize them, because she was aware of that she wasn`t the center of the completeness she experienced. She knew that she was important. She had her place in entirety exactly on the cross where she was, and she had her role there, which was just her own one.

Judyta smiled.


Assistant executioner
Part 24

Tscheryakov was surfing on the intranet of the Laguna ltd. It was a medium travel agency, with several representative young ladies. Perfect subject for the next investigation. He found images from company Christmas parties and a sport event too. He checked the facebook profiles of some employees, who were particularly attractive. He imagined them on the crosses that were still occupied by the Joseph & sons workers. But they became boring, and the director gave enough evidence two days ago. He might wait for three more days to see how would a girl look like after one week on the cross and let all his employees trying everything and everybody they wished. Maybe he also would go down for a trip.
The future was so bright.

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Assistant executioner
Part 24

The guard wasn`t on his post. He was sitting at the perpendicular wall behind the cross of Melania. Hanna knelt in front of him with his penis in her mouth. She was working on that for a while. He had been out in the restroom that morning with Krysia, so he was not so horny, but couldn`t refuse an offer from this girl, so he chosen a solution that was good for both of them. He enjoyed the pleasant tickling of the girl`s tongue and admiring the queue of naked girls in front of him. He didn`t even look at her. He watched the crucifieds in front of him, especially the one he fucked that morning.
One of his colleagues, Dorota approached. It was strange, women avoided the court mostly. Dorota stopped in front of him, and had a quick look at the naked Hanna between his legs. The guard pulled Hanna`s head closer to hide his member from his colleague. He felt that Hanna tried to keep away his glans from her throat with her tongue. It was pleasant.
-I checked the charts you sent me yesterday. -The office worker woman told him. -I need the same data for the last five years too. It cannot be analysed for this period you used. -The guard noticed that Hanna recognized the other girl behind her, because she pulled her legs more below her. He looked at her pretty colleague and smiled.
-I will finish my duty here at 2 PM. By tomorrow morning I will do that. -Dorota looked down scornfully at the moving head of Hanna.
-OK, enjoy yourself. -She said, and turned back to leave. The guard checked her round ass in her skinny jeans and shouted after her.
-What about your tax declarations for last year, Dorota? Do you think everything was OK?

-Do not even dare to dream of that! -She answered with disgust in her voice, but the guard could recognize a tiny amount of fear in that too. He had another glance to that perfect ass and he felt his ejaculation coming by the buzz in her loan and the small jerk of the head of the girl. He put his knees closer to each other to feel the big tits of her, and kept her head in position not to allow her to do the mistake of spit out his member before the last wave finished. After that he pulled out his cock to let the girl swallow, than pushed it back in order to have it licked clean in order to be able to put it back to his underpants. To finish the pleasure he looked over all the crosses. On the leftmost his eye stopped, and he immediately scared of what he saw.

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Assistant executioner
Part 25

As Agnieszka guessed, the man bought her some clothes for their dinner. The guard came for her in her favourite minutes, when the setting Sun shined to her naked body from above the roof. She used to feel cold by this time. Her eyes were closed, didn`t even notice him approaching. She should be happy of releasement, but the presence of the guard disturbed her more, just as the act when she, the naked girl was handovered to the other clothed man. He was really well-suited actually, he must be something manager. His face expressed something generosity when he handed her the paper bag, he apparently was very proud of that. But Agnieszka was embarrassed of dressing up in front of that stranger. Dressing was somehow more intimate than being tied out naked.
The dress was not casual, just everyday kind, but in price far above mid-range. The midnight wash jeans was around 100 euros. She would like that if it was her own, not like the sleeveless top. She never wore anything with so deep neckline.
They sat down on the corner of the bed, and ate sandwiches. Agnieszka was thinking if it would not make problem for her later on the cross. The saddles may be set up when she would have to go back and the sticks would be inside her for at least eight hours. She moved her ass a little bit due to the thought as if they already pressed her exposed holes.
The old man asked her about her normal life first, but he could not hide his curiosity about her feelings on the cross. Fortunately their time passed before she had to talk too much about that. The man regretfully asked back the clothes. Agnieska started to undress and gave back the pieces one by one. She did it very naturally as if the purpose was not to be tied again to a cross pole. That was her place, not this bed with this man. Before she could push down the panties, big noise arised on the court. Upset voices of men and women. She threw down the panties obediently but quickly and ran out to see what was happening. The sounds came from the direction of her cross. First she scared of a mocking or other trap like something that had happened to Żaneta or others, an evil game made by the man who had dressed her up, but the crowd was around Judyta. She was not on her cross. Her naked body lied on the ground. The director, Tscheryakov and the doctor were arguing on high volume above the motionless girl.
-You told me the method is perfectly safe. -Tscheryakov demanded.
-It is! -Answered the doctor scared. -The footrest definitely exclude drowning. Only willingly she could hang down for that time, and it is too long not to stand back at least instinctively. I tell again: It is impossible!
-Oh my God, release everybody quickly. It is already more than we can explain! -The director ordered the guard and the assistant. They just stood around paralyzed. Hanna went to the guard and spit his own cum to his face. He woke up and hurried to obey. Soon the floor was trampled by bare feet. Some of them stood around the body of Judyta. Others were in clothes soon and made phone calls: Family, husband, police. Agnieszka was standing in the swirling mob and demanded to be tied back to her cross.

Within a few minutes police sirens cried up. -We are in big trouble! -The director told to Tscheryakov. The door opened to the park in front of the Tax Office. The crosses left empty, still warm of the body heat of the girls whose images left there fixed on the poles as ghosts. The canopy in the park was full of singing birds and some bat also flied out. Everything was in their own right place.

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for reading


Of course we did not forget the family of the detainees, they regularly get photos and they have webcam access too.
So thoughtful of them

She could not use her own hands to direct the sticks into herself, so she had to move around her loin, gently touching the tip of the sticks with her lips.

A little exercise before bedtime, almost like Pilates isn't it? A very arousing image.

Of course she moisturized the tip of the pussy stick with her own vaginal secretions, but repeating still was not simple and she became more and more tired. The back was highly different. There was no hair there, but she could not produce lubricant with that hole.
By that time she was sweating profoundly, so with some rubbing she could manage it to be not entirely dry. When she tried to transfer the sweat accumulated between her hams to the tip of the stick she felt the pussy stick in her vagina moving and she prayed that she could keep it inside and not have to go back to the start. At this point it was just 3-4 cm deep inside. She felt her vaginal muscles constricted around the foreign body in her to push it out, but Ela did not allowed it.
After the first night the women have to work at this themselves. How resourceful they become, and how much better they get to know their own bodies.

At last she could sit down on the saddle, both the sticks were entirely buried. She had a short rest, during which she felt the sprouting of the moisturizing inside her. With a last effort she moved a little bit more up and down to distribute it evenly in her inner walls. It was arousing a bit, and she could not stand to enhance the feeling with looking at her pussy and building up some imaginations. The sense of her naked body and the exciting itching in her opened anus also became electric. She played with the thought if she could gain an orgasm in the cover of darkness. She checked the sleeping girls besides and in front of her and started to move, with a friendly man in her mind who should stand in front of her beautiful body fascinated. But Otylia moved again in seeking of comfortable sitting. Ela stopped immediately. She tried again, but soon she felt the eyes of Mariann on her. She scared, but the eyes of the girl in front of her were closed and she was still.
-Fuck it! -Ela said angrily and sat back to rest. The two sticks in her followed her movement with unpleasant pressure in her loin.
Poor Ela, deprived of a little innocent relief. i wonder what "friendly man" she saw in her mind's eye as she moved towards arousal?

What a fiendish and humiliating position the women find themselves in! But what can they do, in the hands of this Tax Office? They have no power at all.

-Oh my God, release everybody quickly. It is already more than we can explain!
Or perhaps it will end too soon for some?

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for reading
Thank you, lember. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope Madi will bundle this up and put it in the library?


Assistant executioner
I`m happy my most loyal feedbacker returned

A little exercise before bedtime, almost like Pilates isn't it? A very arousing image.

After the first night the women have to work at this themselves. How resourceful they become, and how much better they get to know their own bodies.

I think they could ask for help, but who wants if it is not necessary?

Poor Ela, deprived of a little innocent relief. i wonder what "friendly man" she saw in her mind's eye as she moved towards arousal?

his boyfriend maybe?

Or perhaps it will end too soon for some?
I don`t think so. Who do you think of?

Thank you, lember. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope Madi will bundle this up and put it in the library?
I hope this time she will like my illustrations. I am not sure I could upload them properly
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