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Tied Up

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Mr. 0

crux pose 123.jpg Desperately staring at the ropes restraining her! But her looks will not untie her wrists.

oc5-839585_2.jpg "Does the style fit you, lady...?"

ti185.jpg "...or shall we try another model?"
To my shame, I have never realized until you posted that top picture, that, the lady on it, Beretta James, does not only have a beautiful figure and a lovely face, but also such a piercing gaze. Great, great picture.




Graf von Kreuzigung
000972.jpg "I don't get it boss! We stripped her, tied her, threatened her with rape and torture, and still she does not want to reveal the code!"
"All right! Listen, lady, if you don't cooperate, we abduct your teddybear!"

tied0B9DA06 (1).jpg "The code is written at the inside of the red bag!"

tumblr_npdtbtUISr1upzghyo4_1280.jpg "Goodbye, sweetheart, thanks for giving us the code! That is premium Industrial quality tape we tied you up, and no one will hear you through the gag! It could take some days to release yourself! Take your time!"
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