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Tortured Women

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Sep 21, 2018
new england
Perhaps the torturer woman is jealous of the woman she is interrogating. The captive is more young, she has better breasts, no cellulite on the thighs. And the executioner woman, introducing the pear into her pussy, feels pleasure at the sight of how the interrogated moans and beats, feeling how the cold steel of the pear penetrates deep into her. And her tormentor, stroking the pear's handle, looks into the eyes of his victim, seeing in them the horror of waiting for the moment when the pear begins to unfold slowly inside it. The metal rose will bloom in all its glory, but the captured spy will not die. When she says everything to her captors, they will take her off, put her in order, take her home and leave her goodbye photos and videos of her torment. And the spy, considering the footage of her interrogation, secretly hopes that she will again fall into this torture chamber, where her friend, seeing a familiar spy hanging naked on chains, will smile at her as her best friend and say: "So, my dear, you have not learned the past the lesson. Well, we have prepared more pleasant ways for you to spend time." And the spy, seeing her tormentor approaching her with a new shiny pear, will turn the head back and quietly scream when the cool metal of this terrible product penetrates her pussy. But she decides that she will hold on to the last, so that later, after returning to the house after interrogation, she will think how to get back to the torture chamber in order to find out what other secret items are in store to extract secrets from spies. And her tormentor, carefully turning the handle of the pear and making sure that her spy friend does not receive dangerous injuries, hopes that the spy will return to her to get a new dose of unusual sensations.
Only a woman can feel what her tortured captive is feeling. And believe me we feel it and revel in her suffering
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