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Bjorn and I were the least "raped" of the gang!

The guards were much more interested in women than we were.

They still detached us and forced us to suck them while others buggered us, we had our sperm dose but it was relatively brief!

It was a lot longer for the women the guards seemed to appreciate more than we did.

So here is the dawn that is coming, we are waking up, at least those who have managed to sleep and recover a little, we are watered, given an injection and off we go for our last procession, our journey towards what we let us all aspire to our cross.

The flogging is a true copy of that of last night with, I find, more application on our shoulders certainly in order to make us suffer more when we are loaded our patibulum.

So here we are again for the beach where our patibulums await us!

Since the new injection, I am erect and it amuses a lot the people who watch us pass!

On the avenue of the cross, eight stipes are extended, four on the left and four on the right, they are waiting for us to be assembled in the patibulums and to welcome us, they are ready for us!

On the beach, we pass in front of the family that we saw crucified!
The father and mother are dead and they've just broke the girl's legs!
In her pain, she looks satisfied and happy!
In a short time, she will reach the end of her fantasy and join her parents!

Our necklaces and the chains which connected it to our wrists are removed and directly replaced by the wooden beam to which our arms are linked!
This first contact with what will be our cross is quite painful due to wounds inflicted on us by the whip!

Under a heavy sun, it is therefore the beginning of our "via crucis"!

Putting one foot in front of the other on the steep path that leads us to the hill is a feat in itself, but the guards help us by rewarding us with strong lashes.

The feet and the knees in blood, because the falls were numerous we arrive at the top of the hill!

Pete is still on his cross, his face is serene but he already bears the traces of the feast that birds of prey started by attacking his flesh!
We're coming, Pete, today it's our turn, we're going to join you!

But no time to feel sorry, we must continue.

The descent and the crossing of the city under the insults and the jibes of the people is, despite everything quite fast!

We are back in front of our stipes, our crucifixion will begin.



The night was very agitated and, despite myself, I enjoyed a lot under the onslaught of the guards!

I don't know how many penetrated and sodomized me or how many ejaculated in the back of my throat but I appreciated this interlude despite the fatigue that followed!

Unable to recover, I'm exhausted and the main part will only start tomorrow morning!

Whatever happens, I am determined to push my limits and look good for the rest of my ordeal.

After the morning injection which directly gives me sexual impulses and a large amount of water to quench a huge thirst, we are connected and we leave for a new flogging!

I find it difficult to move forward but I will get there.

Like yesterday, it's stronger than me, I can't help but enjoy the whiplash!

My masochism and my ability to turn pain into pleasure make all tortures good for me. so I go out a little more tired of this flogging but I am still as excited.
My nipples are still very hard and I can feel a mixture of sperm and cum running down my thighs!
I feel sticky but I don't care, it's understood in the show that the people who watch us pass seem to appreciate.

I get even more wet as I pass our stipes!

In a moment, I will be crucified here, offered naked to whoever wants to take advantage of me, ready to die in great suffering and also, I hope, enormous enjoyment! I really want to be there.

On the beach, we bind our patibulums on the shoulders injured by the whip and we resume our strenuous walk under a blazing sun.

On the path, I fall and scratch my knees, I find it difficult to get up and a flock of lashes force me to continue, to continue my last hike!

On the hill, we all have a thought for Pete whose corpse is being torn apart by birds of prey.

The descent to the city and its crossing are quite fast and here we are finally arrived!

I fall on my knees under the weight of this beam which hurts my shoulders and contemplates my stipe!

I'm here, I got there!

In a short moment, my cross and I will become one!

My goal is achieved and, sincerely, I am happy.


Terra Nova Tramp
After having already enjoyed under the whip strips, my excitement had not yet diminished and it is therefore with pleasure that I welcomed in me by all my openings the erect and very hard cocks of the guards!

Taken as I have always liked by several partners at the same time, it is exhausted but happy that I was able to try to recover without, despite everything, managing to sleep very long!

In the morning, I was not in great shape but the new injection that I was given put me back on track and woke up my libido, terrible sexual urges overwhelm me.

During the flogging, several orgasms shook me and, despite the fact that my whole body was streaked with red, I did not suffer, I hovered and started my "via crucis" with a light heart, sure to achieve what I always wanted .

The scorching sun that accompanies us constantly burns my skin more than the scars present everywhere on me and the sea breeze that is present on the beach does a lot of good!

Certainly much more than the mass that just broke the legs of the last survivor of the family that we saw crucified.
She will soon no longer be of this world but seems, like me, to be satisfied with her fate.

Now, my arms are tied to my patibulum which rests on my shoulders! In addition to the sun, this weight crushes me, makes me bend my back, but, one step after another, I slowly advance towards my destiny.

My feet are bloody and my knees because I have already fallen several times!

On the hill, Pete is waiting for us to arrive!
He won't have to wait long, our agony will soon begin.

Painfully, our journey ends and we get rid of our burden that we will soon find.

In a moment, we will all be nailed naked to our cross, I can't wait! I must be crazy but just by imagining myself on my cross, my pussy starts to sink again!

This is really what I want!

My cross and I are crazy love and I can't wait for us to be definitively united



So here we are at the end of our trip!

We are where we wanted to be and will finally face this cross that haunts us so much!

Four on the right, me, Bjorn, Kathy and karine and four on the left, Aline, Beate, Francis and Starbuckslut.
The way we are placed, we can all see each other and even talk to each other as long as we have the strength.

There are a lot of people who gathered to attend our crucifixion, even the owner of the island is there at the front row!

They remove our patibulums and, for now, everyone is prostrate, trying to catch their breath!

My Bjorn looks collapsed, totally exhausted, out of touch but yet certain to end these days on a cross.

His cock, doped, is erected and I wish I could relieve it!

I straighten up, on my knees I approach him and grab his member with full hand before taking it in the mouth!
Immediately, he reacts, his belly lifts, his breathing accelerates!
I massage his balls while sucking him conscientiously!
My tongue caresses his glans and I hear him growl, I feel his whole body stiffen and, at the same time, I welcome in the back of my throat powerful jets of hot sperm that I hasten to swallow.
He falls back, smiles at me!

I hope that this last tribute on my part pleased him because they grabbed me by the shoulders and brought me back to my place!

Guards are now approaching us, some with nails and others with a hammer!
It will begin, in a moment we will all be united to our cross, we will begin the last act of our fantasy!

My pussy flows with excitement!

In my head, everything is clear!
I deserve to die like this and I'm happy!
I've been waiting for this moment for so long.



It's time, the last day has begun. We are being washed and made reasonably presentable. All over us these bruises, these torn wounds and more.
My skin is very hurt, deep welts of the whips have left their marks. The ointments could only restore part of it. The cold water from the buckets of the slaves brings me and my friends quickly back to the here and now.

There is no breakfast, but we can drink as much as we want and can. Only then this butcher comes from a doctor and injects us with this remedy again, which makes us bear the pain better. But the main effect is that our libido is increased immeasurably. One two movements on my vagina are enough to put me into ecstasy and I start to tremble inside.

But the guards do not let me come to orgasm, they whip us one by one and drive us out in front of the villa that was our accommodation. Now we leave. I still see the slaves rinsing everything with water, they prepare everything for the next.
We are chained and leashed, we are driven to the edge of the road, there it is time.
The guards beat us so brutally that we have to kneel down, and then they loosen our chains and bindings. The next thing we get is the patibulum, the crossbar, to which we are later nailed. The heavy wood is laid on our shoulders.

I feel as if it's being thrown on my shoulder. The rough, unhewn wood is full of edges and splinters, it tears the skin open again. Full of pain the guards place it on my shoulder and tie my arms to the wood again. Wherever possible, chains are used, no risk is taken.

Now we are lined up in a row and connected with another chain. After that we will start. With a heavy step we walk up the "Via Crucis". The streets are lined with onlookers. Everywhere the crosses with the people nailed to die are standing around. I can see us here, people already dead, hanging on the crosses. Others suffer immeasurable agony. And we?

We're being pushed up this road one step at a time. Our feet stumble over the sharp stones and the pain is our constant companion. Driven by whip lashes we continue our journey.

Step by step.

At some point I too stumble and fall onto the road with the heavy patibulum on my back. With whip lashes the guards get me back on my feet and the agony continues.
Probably without all the preliminary exercises, all the training, we wouldn't have been able to stand all this and would have died on the way. But this way we can stand the pain.

Whipped, driven and pulled we continue to go towards our goal. Soon we are at the place where we will be crucified. Our goal, it is getting closer and closer. Step by step we are getting closer to our goal. I look at the friends. They have all gathered this strength, they all drag themselves up the path towards our goal.

So I, too, go on, gratefully accepting every stroke of the whip. Soon we are there, soon the real torture awaits us. Only when we nail to the crosses will our last great test begin, the last test of our life and we will also master it, I am sure of that now.

With a deep breath of air the journey continues.

Step by step.

Oh my cross, my salvation, my dream and my goal, here I come.


Although I know that in a short time I will be dead, I am happy to be there!

Everything I like is there!

Tortures for my masochism, always naked and exposed for my exhibitionism, always enjoying for my sexual obsession.

Since yesterday, serious things have finally started and everything has enchanted me!

After the harsh but enjoyable flogging, it was these rapes that sent me again to seventh heaven!
It must be said that with Kathy, we did not spare our pain, we put a certain good will to satisfy our "rapists" as much as possible!
We even gave them a demonstration of pleasures between women which pleased them very much and, in addition, both of us too.

A few hours of very disturbed rest have recharged my batteries a little, but now that dawn is breaking on the horizon, I still feel very tired and my skin damaged by the whip and the sun reminds me that it is a torture that we are undergoing.

Being very thirsty, it was with pleasure that I welcomed the water that was provided to us and the injection that followed revived my sexual urges that I had however let express last night.

It is again very excited that I set off for my last ride.

Like yesterday when I was whipped, I again knew how to transform the lashes into enjoyment but now that the sun strikes more and more on my back and my well damaged shoulders I find it very difficult to walk normally!

The patibulum to which my arms are now tied weighs at least a ton and putting one foot in front of the other on the stones cutting paths is a real test of strength.

I also wonder if I will be able to complete the loop and, when we get to our crosses, if I will have enough strength to face the final test!

By force of will and encouraged by the whips of the guards, the journey ends and I collapse at the foot of my stipe.

I arrived there, I will soon feel my flesh pierced by cruel steel points before being drawn up with my companions on these crosses.

Just thinking about it, I feel the tips of my breasts harden even more and my pussy dripping between my thighs.

It will be the long-awaited moment of the union of my body and the cross, of my death in real suffering but also in divine orgasms.

Honestly, I'm really happy to be there.



All the patibulums have been attached to the stipes, our crosses are ready and waiting for us!

It's the expected and dreaded moment, we're going to be nailed to our crosses!

We are now enjoying our last moments of relative freedom because soon our position will be final and the only movements that will still be allowed will be painful pushes on our feet and such difficult pulls on our arms.

The guards signal me to lie on my cross!
This first contact is rough but I did not expect to have to lean against a soft mattress!

They are two to take care of me!

The first grabs my right arm and keeps it on my patibulum while the other, directly, places the tip of a nail on my wrist!

Without hesitation, the hammer fell on the head of the nail, which once crossed my wrist.

I knew it was going to be painful but I couldn't imagine it that much!
Never had such pain crossed me, it's unimaginable!
I scream, try to escape this point of steel but I may come with my other arm to stop the executioners, I may laugh with my legs, rear up, nothing helps, my wrist is definitely unites with my cross.

I turn my head and can only see the head of the nail, the only detail still visible, with a little blood around!

My executors are not there to waste time and, without giving me time to breathe, make me suffer the same intense pain on the left side!

My two arms are fixed horizontally on my patibulum and will remain until my death.

I thought I had reached the peak of suffering but it was still nothing compared to what I feel now that they are nailing me.
One after the other, my two feet are attached to my stipe!
The slightly bent legs will allow me to hoist myself on my cross but, for the moment, I can only wait hoping that, helped by the drugs, the pains diminish a little and become more bearable.

Around me, the same scene unfolds for each of my companions in a concert of screams of very noisy pain.

Suddenly, calm returns, we are all eight irretrievably nailed to our crosses and wait to be trained, to take our final position, that in which we will all die sooner or later.

I suffer terribly but, in my head, I feel good because it is what I wanted.

My cock is still erect and, to my amazement, a tall, totally naked blonde comes directly impaled on it!
While caressing her breasts, she starts to come and go and seems to enjoy my sex in her.
I ejaculate quickly enough and she retires with a satisfied air despite the speed of the contact we had.

I hope this is not my last ejaculation because it allowed me to forget my pain for a moment.

The cries of suffering have also been replaced by cries of enjoyment, whether I turn my head to the right or to the left, I see that none of us have been forgotten and that all of us have just enjoyed for the first time on our cross.

The guards are now pushing people back, the erection of our crosses will begin.


Terra Nova Tramp
The cross which is spread out at my feet seems terribly impressive to me,
I feel very small compared to it!
And to think that, in a moment, I will find myself nailed to her waiting for death in abominable suffering!

My feet touch the hot sand for the last time, I find this contact very pleasant but the guards grab me by an arm and force me to lie on the hardwood of my spite!

They make fun of me and pinch my boobs by pulling my arms on my patibulum.

I can see the nails that will soon cross my flesh, one for each of my wrists and a third for my feet because I decided that I should be crucified with my feet on top of each other!

But it is with my arms that my nailing will begin!

Pulled well outwards, my wrists are waiting to be united to my cross!
Although I know that I will feel terrible pain, I impatiently await this fateful moment when these sharp points will cross my frail wrists and put me in total osmosis with this rough wood, put me completely defenseless in front of the crowd to whom I want to offer my naked body in its suffering until my death.

Lost in my thoughts, I am brought back to reality by a flash in my right arm!

The first nail has just sunk into me and I start screaming words without follow-up so the pain is dazzling, completely unbearable!

It is now my second wrist which suffers the same fate, quickly, in the same unimaginable pain!

From my current position, my breasts are pulled up and my nipples are very hard, I am in a state of arousal without equal and my pussy, offered to the sight of all flows between my thighs.

I feel good and when the guards spread my legs as far as possible, bend my knees and bring my two feet together before fixing them, I am, despite the suffering that radiates my whole body, edge of orgasm and the nail that sinks through my feet serves as a click to my enjoyment that I can not hold.

Crucified, I come back to me!

I never thought I would feel so much pleasure in this moment which was supposed to be one of the most painful of my ordeal.

I now wait with others for our crosses to be drawn up, I am finally in a situation that I have often imagined and that I wanted to achieve.

Only a few more moments and I will dominate the world from the top of my cross.
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