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Video - Movies search & find thread

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Makar Videos available?

Some time ago i bought the Videos "The Choice" and "Forbidden Fantasies" and another one starring Lena and Sascha.

All DVD´s don´t work anymore on my PC. There´s no more content at the DVD´s.
Does somebody know where the DVD´s are available somewhere?

Sorry to bother you... but that triggered my professional suspicion. If one DVD stops working, I'd suspect the DVD.
But if they all stop working, the first suspect is the drive. I.e., your PC. Have you tried with another drive?

Cheap external USB DVD drives are less than 40 Bucks these days, before giving up your DVDs, you might
want to try one. Depending on the rules in your jurisdiction, you might even be able to order one, try it,
and return it afterwards. (If you are from where your name suggests, that should be covered by the laws -
just remember to return it in the original packaging and with all items.)

I'd also recommend making backup copies of DVDs and other optical media on hard drive, especially
if they hold unique ore hard-to-get content.


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Probably they are breaching. Please delete them all.
I have done as requested, to be sure I'm not going to go through the whole thread doing so, just ask people posting to be mindful of copyright. Please don't feel we were getting at you Pepev, Eulalia was mainly concerned because there were pirated Red Feline material there. There was also a pirated Ramon Martinez, and I know that piracy, quite rightly, infuriates him.


every time a try to open it directs me to a website that says my computer has been locked, and infected with a virus
If you are on Windows when you get that irritating "Your Computer Has Been Locked, call this number right away, blah, blah" go to your task manager and right click on your browser icon there. It should show you what windows are open. Select the offending site's window and click on "End Task Now" if that doesn't stop it you will have to do that for the entire browser. Let it shut down and restart the browser, be ready to quickly "X" out that site before it loads if you see it coming back up. Then go clear your cache. You may have to up your security settings. Hope that helps. (NEVER, never click on ANYTHING in the virus window). This always worked for me until I totally got fed up with Windows, I'm on Linux now, no worries. ;)
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