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Video - Movies search & find thread

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ERIN the Brave

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**Being Dead Sucks** older movie from Brutal Violence I believe. Someone in another thread ( I forgot which one, this is a BIG forum) mentioned wanting this so I did a little research. It has a crux scene towards the end after some simulated rape and hardcore. The movie is here, 306.4 MB;


A few screen shots here; ;)

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Yes being dead sucks...there is no future in it.


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I still think the best crucifixion video is from SNUFF MOVIE, Lisa Enos crucified.
Erin I thought Lisa Enos was awesome looking on the cross but I don't believe she put much emotion into it, other than flinching when nailed and hyper-ventilating in the side view. In the lancing scene I though her portrayal was a little weak also, but she did have a superb body and gorgeous face. :)


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