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Vignettes from the slave pits

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I want your mouth!

It was her first day at The Farm. She had arrived late the previous afternoon. She had been processed, marked and chained. Moving in the chains was difficult, and the shackles hurt her delicate wrists and ankles. She had hardly slept. The wooden floor of the slave barracks was hard, the cold wind blew through the cracks in the walls and the girl she shared a blanket with hogged it for herself. Breakfast was a cold, tasteless mush.

Her bare feet hurt as she was marched out to the fields with the other field slaves. She had managed to avoid the casual whips of the overseers, so far. It was barely mid-morning and her muscles ached from the unaccustomed work. She could feel the sting of sunburn on her back.

She looked surreptitiously at the overseer striding toward her. The long whip he carried flicked out casually and the redhead who had rested on her shovel for just a moment collapsed to the ground, screaming and clutching at her whip-stung clitoris. The man fascinated her. His bare torso gleamed with sweat, the muscles of his belly rippling, his shoulders slabs of muscle. Her eyes dropped to his tight trousers, to the snake-like bulge running down the left leg. Surely it couldn’t be real?

She dug industriously, ignoring her sore hands. She didn’t want to attract his attention, didn’t want to feel the bite of the whip he carried so casually.

“I want your mouth, slave!”

She looked up, fearfully. He towered over her, his teeth gleaming white against the blackness of his face. “I want your mouth, slave!” She didn’t know what to do.

“Suck his cock, stupid.” A voice hissed from behind her.

His hand hardly seemed to move, yet the tip of the whip licked out. There was a crack and a scream from behind her. She dropped to her knees, hands reaching for his belt. Trembling fingers undid it, opened his fly. Her eyes widened in shock! Surely that couldn’t be real?

“Take your time, slave. I got all day.”

Her jaw cracked as she stretched her mouth. He was hot, and tasted vaguely salty. She would never get it in! impossible. “All the way, slave.” She gagged.

His hand pushed firmly on the back of her head. She choked.

It was her first day at The Farm!


bdsmlr-13945-nGNYmhkPCM copy 2.jpg

The House

Elana thought she was prepared for this. She had been counselled before she left home, by the man who introduced her to the dealer. She had had a number of lengthy interviews with the dealer, where she had explained in detail what she was committing herself to, and what would be expected of her.

She had gone away to consider what she was about to do and to put her affairs in order. She sold all her possessions, even her clothes, keeping just one dress, a pair of shoes and a pair of panties. The money would go into the trust fund the dealer would set up for her. The main component of that trust fund would be her share of the money that would be paid for ownership of her body.

The signing of the sale documents had been very formal. The Dealer and a lawyer had been present. They had explained every clause of the document to her. Her heart was racing as she signed her freedom away.

She was taken to the House. Here she would be given medical examinations and here she would receive the training, physical and mental, that would equip her for her new life. Her mentor was an ex slave, one who had been released because she was no longer attractive enough to justify her keep. She was firm, but kind and understanding.

“You can take your clothes off now,” she said softly, “you won’t be needing them again. From now on you will wear only what your owner allows, if he allows you to wear anything at all.” For the first time she felt the cold embrace of the handcuffs around her wrists.

The woman led her down the corridor to the bare little room that would be her home until she was sold. A bed, a chair, a wash basin. A small, barred window.

She sat on the edge of the bed and sobbed. She had done this of her own free will, but…

Elana was a thing of the past. She would not even be allowed her name. Her owner would decide what she would be called. She took a deep breath!

Her new life of slavery started now!


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A camp follower’s fate.
bdsmlr-27836-41BKes9vQ9 copy.jpg
She had followed her man, an archer, for many years. A camp follower’s life was not an easy one. She marched with the baggage, cooked, foraged for food, firewood, water. She froze in winter and sweated in summer. Often, she walked barefoot, her shoes worn out. She cleaned his clothes and dressed his wounds. She shared his bed, if they had one. More often they huddled under his cloak in some field, sharing the heat of their bodies. She gave him her body willingly, taking pleasure from his hardness and strength.

In this order it would be better for my book production, @theseus .


The Greeting.


Lynda sincerely believed in her marriage vows. Love, honour and obey!

She obeyed her husband in everything. Everything!

A few months ago he had joined a kink group. He started requiring her to be naked at home. Their sex life became adventurous, unorthodox, weird, and very, very exciting. She went along, willingly, well, mostly.

She became used to being naked in front of their friends, even in front of strangers whom he invited to their house. She did not enjoy it, but he wished it.

Love, honour and obey!

He decided what she would wear when they went out. It was a long time since she had been allowed to wear underwear. The clothes she was allowed to wear were revealing, flimsy, often indecent. Even when they went to church, as they did three times a week. She was slowly sliding into the abyss.

A few days previously he had made a new rule. As she knelt, naked as always at his feet, he explained the new rule she would follow. “I feel that you have not been sufficiently welcoming to the guests in this house.” She looked up at him, wanting to protest. She was a good hostess, even if she was embarrassed by her constant nudity. “From now on you will welcome every male who enters this house in a way that leaves him in no doubt that he is completely welcome!”

She listened, aghast, as he explained how she was required to welcome male guests. She wanted to protest! This was too much! He couldn’t expect her to do this! Then she remembered her marriage vows.

Love, honour and obey!

Her husband watched approvingly as the mailman entered the house, a parcel in his hand. The young man was amazed to be greeted by a naked woman, then was even more surprised when she knelt in front of him, and, undoing his trousers, took him deep into her throat.

Her husband nodded. “Very good, my dear. You may not need correction this evening.”

Lynda swallowed convulsively, careful not to spill a drop.

Love, honour and obey!
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Kharma! (Hosted at BDSMLR)

Sophia’s life had changed immeasurably in just a week. She and her sister Abigail had been on their way back to England from India on Daddy’s yacht. They had been waited on hand and foot; their every whim satisfied instantly. Then as the ship entered the Red Sea the pirates had struck.

The two girls found themselves naked, their hands tied to the saddle of a camel, walking for days through the desert. She had realised one of her ambitions, seeing the pyramids, but not quite the way she had envisaged. Instead of seeing them from the comfort of a carriage, she had seen them while huddled in the meagre shade provided by the camel she was tied to. She had cuddled her sister, the two girls sobbing in their misery.

Nothing could be worse than this!

That was then.

A day later things were much worse! They had been taken to a slave dealer. Her screams had echoed off the walls of the souk as a red-hot needle was forced through the tender flesh of her clit! Followed by a steel ring.

Now that ring was connected by a short length of chain to a display table. The pain prevented her from closing her legs, a situation greatly appreciated by the prospective buyers, drawn by the sight of two naked white girls. Every inch of her body was inspected, prodded, squeezed and probed. The dealer rubbed his hands. He had paid the Bedouin well for the two girls, but already the bids made ensured him an outrageous profit.

A gnarled finger probed her most private place, finding the desired membrane. The bids doubled; the dealer rubbed his hands.

Sophia thought nostalgically of their former life in India. The luxury, the servants, the despised slaves. Now she was one of those. A slave. Something with a status lower than a dog.



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The Pyramids

Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 09.45.24.png

Sophia had always wanted to see the pyramids! When daddy sent her and her sister Abigail home from India in his yacht, through the new Suez Canal, she knew she would realise her dream.

Unfortunately, the reality was not quite like the dream. She had imagined them riding into the desert in a luxurious carriage, well shaded, sipping cool champagne as the admired the ancient monuments.

The reality was somewhat different.

The pyramids were indeed magnificent, almost unbelievable in their size and grandeur. For the two girls there was no carriage, no shade, no cool French champagne. Instead they were naked, sunburnt, more thirsty than they could have imagined just a few weeks before. Their bare feet were sore, virgin vaginas sore from the ring that pierced their most private place and the constant tug of the chain that attached them to the saddle on the camel. They had walked for days, all the way from the coast.

The Arab who had bought them from the pirates was taking them to the market in Cairo. He often looked at the two tasty morsels trailing behind him, mentally counting the coins he would get for them. He had left them intact, knowing the value of virginity. However, his definition of virginity was narrow. There was only one hole that had a hymen. The other two were for his pleasure, a pleasure he relished and enjoyed, often.

He sat in the shade of a tent, sipping tea with his fellows, discussing the market, where best to dispose of his two little treasures. Out in the sun, Sophia gazed at the pyramids. They were magnificent! She wished she had never seen them!
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Realising the Dream

Heidi cuffed.jpg

For more years than she could remember Heidi had dreamed about being a slave. As she grew up the dream had changed and evolved. She had enjoyed many slavery fantasies, but had never managed to make the fantasies real.

Now, finally, it was real!

It had not been easy! Several times she had almost committed herself, but each time she had cold feet. Now she had done it!

Her prospective Master had had long conversations with her, had told her what to expect. It was all so exciting! So taboo! So erotic!

She was shy as she undressed in front of him. Not that she was normally shy, but this man, this comparative stranger, would own her! She would become his property, his chattel. She had agreed that there would be no limits to her use. “No limits? Are you sure?” His eyebrows lifted warningly. “No limits? Do you know what that means? This is not a game!”

She had nodded. “No limits. You can do anything you please. I want to be a complete slave.”

She hadn’t expected this! She thought he would chain her, but to restrain her like this? She was uncomfortable and she was so exposed! In this position she knew that her pussy would be gaping, open, inviting! Her anus, her virgin anus, was equally open and exposed! This was humiliating! But she was so wet!

Her Master stepped back, admiring her. He took another sip of his coffee. “Comfortable?”

She wasn’t sure whether to smile or to whimper. She could see the bulge in his trousers. Oh god! She wanted that bulge! She wanted her wet, wanton cunt filled! A thought went through her head, her anus instantly contracting. Yes, she thought, I want that filled too.

He was speaking on his phone. “I have a new slave here, hungry and dripping. Why don’t you come over? Call the other guys, she is very needy.” He grinned, “Not to mention greedy! Great! See you soon.”

He unbuckled his belt.

Heidi felt her juices run down her thigh. Finally! Finally, her dream would be realised! She was a slave!


Wadi Rum (Hosted on BDSMLR)

This was the 21st century, wasn’t it? 2020, to be exact? Slavery didn’t exist in 2020, did it? Okay, a few Pilipino maids in Saudi perhaps? Or Ukrainian strippers in dodgy clubs? But not upper-class English girls?

So why was she being led through the desert, naked, by a smelly Bedouin holding a chain connected to a ring through her clit?

Tessa and Angela had decided to take a gap year, working as stewardesses on a Russian millionaire’s yacht. It was great fun! The served drinks and food, smiled at the guests, and often ended up serving themselves as dessert. Not that they were whores! They never took money! That would be disgusting!

They did get nice gifts, though. Designer clothes, jewellery, and of course the cute Ferrari after that party with the four old guys.

This was different! The old Bedouin leading them to the tent, he of the gnarled, calloused hands and the long, thin cock he shoved up her ass at every opportunity, had told her they were to be sold to “Rich men from all over the world,” who would meet at this luxury camp in the desert to buy slaves to add to their collections. Collections? Since when do people have collections of slaves.

It was all unreal! This was 2020! This could not be happening!

If this wasn’t happening, why was she naked? Why was this smelly old man tugging at the chain attached to the ring in her clit? Why were there all those helicopters parked around a huge Bedouin tent?

If this wasn’t happening, why was her cunt so fucking wet?


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Slave conditioning

heidi bdsmlr-158568-SWXZXt4Tn3.gif

Heidi had been a slave for only a few weeks. She was a happy slave, happy to serve her Master, happy to be used in new and exciting ways, happy to be naked and exposed.

She had settled into her true nature, that of a totally committed slave. Her actions were instinctive. No longer was she the modest young lady. Even now, at leisure, enjoying the privilege of having a phone, her instinct was to expose herself. Without conscious thought she spread her legs wide, displaying her ever hungry and eager holes to anyone who cared to look.

If they liked what they saw, they were welcome to use those holes, in any way they pleased.

Heidi was a happy slave!


((Just a quick sketch which I may build upon later to use in my future stories))

I was crawling on the cold concrete floor, led by my collar chains like a dog. My leash was held by a trainer who soon turned into a corner where the medical room is located.

I trembled at the thought of the place, which I visited when they fried my ovaries with an X-ray machine. The ominous letter 'D' on my breast indicates my genes are too inferior to be allowed to procreate. I followed the trainer's heels into the room with my head hung low with trepidation.

To my surprise, there was a small crowd of people gathered around the same stirrup on which I got sterilized. I could only see their legs as a slave should never look into a free person's face without being ordered to do so. But their merry laughter suddenly ceased as I crawled into the room, as they could possibly be all inspecting my naked body with intense curiosity.

"Up here, dog!" The trainer pulled my leash and gestured toward the stirrup.
"Yes, Master," I replied obediently and climbed into the chair.

As soon as my hip touched the cold cushion, the trainer quickly grabbed each of my ankles and secured them with leather straps. I turned my face to the side to avoid the gaze, but I could discern that they were junior employees, probably of my age. Most of them were men, but there were at least two girls in the front row.

The trainer spread my legs wide and turned on the surgical light, adjusting it to illuminate my entire crotch area without a shade. Many pulled out their pens or smartphones to record the lecture.

"As I told you in our last class, we will learn how to grade a slave's genitalia today," the trainer raised his hand to brush my curly hairs as he started his session, "and how it interacts with the stimulus is as important criteria as its physical traits."

With his words, he put his left hand upon my mound and spread my sex wide with his index and middle fingers. Someone jeered from the back rows but soon silenced by his colleagues. I bit down my lip and tensed my body as I felt a cold breeze upon my exposed skin.

"See my hand here?" The trainer raised his right hand into the surgical light, as he still held me open with his other hand. "Now put your middle and ring fingers together, and stretch your thumb like this," he made a hook-like shape with his hand. Several students raised their hands to follow his demonstration.

"Mmmph!" I clenched my buttocks and let out a moan as I felt sudden tearing pain between my legs.
"The point of this exam is to test how fast the vagina can become moist, so you should start it from the dry state. As such, you may need to stretch it with sufficient force to make the entry easier," he forced his fingers to open me even wider as a demonstration. A girl at the front row flushed her cheeks and turned her face.

Suddenly, the fingers slid deeper as the trainer continued his lecture, "Push your hand until your thumb naturally rests upon the clitoris."
I jolted my hip as he pushed my hood to reveal my feminine core.
"Then move your thumb slowly in a circular motion like this, and you should feel its reaction upon your other fingers soon," he started massaging my most sensitive skin as he spoke. I threw my head back and tried my best to swallow the moans, feeling my muscles twitching around his fingers.

"And you should record how long it takes until you start to feel the involuntary contractions, and compare it to the chart from your manual." He continued his demonstration, but I couldn't hear his words any more.


Final Inspection ( Hosted on BDSMLR)

Michelle did a slow pirouette so that I could inspect her. My daughter was perfect, ready for the big adventure. She had waited for this for a long time, jealous of her mother’s annual ‘holidays’ at The Farm. Now it was her turn. At last!

“Turn around! Hands behind your back!”

She smiled at me over her shoulder as the handcuffs clicked shut. “This is it! Six months!” She almost giggled.

I kissed her. “Six months! Mom will be here in July, as usual, and I’ll visit a few times. Enjoy your adventure. No limits means just that.”

I watched her as she walked down the path, relishing the play of muscles in her back and thighs, the firm flexing of her buttocks.

“Lucky girl,” I thought. “Your life is ahead of you. Enjoy every moment.”
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Final Inspection ( Hosted on BDSMLR)

Michelle did a slow pirouette so that I could inspect her. My daughter was perfect, ready for the big adventure. She had waited for this for a long time, jealous of her mother’s annual ‘holidays’ at The Farm. Now it was her turn. At last!

“Turn around! Hands behind your back!”

She smiled at me over her shoulder as the handcuffs clicked shut. “This is it! Six months!” She almost giggled.

I kissed her. “Six months! Mom will be here in July, as usual, and I’ll visit a few times. Enjoy your adventure. No limits means just that.”

I watched her as she walked down the path, relishing the play of muscles in her back and thighs, the firm flexing of her buttocks.

“Lucky girl,” I thought. “Your life is ahead of you. Enjoy every moment.”
Lucky girl her dreams come true


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The links to BDMSLR will not copied in my textfile in that I collect all Vignettes. So will disappearing the images or I should stopping to collect.
Hi Madi. I would imagine that theseus would like you to copy the text and download any images that go with the text to make the next booklet. The links to BDSMLR are not important. They do not need to be in a booklet.


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Hi Madi. I would imagine that theseus would like you to copy the text and download any images that go with the text to make the next booklet. The links to BDSMLR are not important. They do not need to be in a booklet.
It made "Only" more circumstances for me, Mel. But many short stories, many more efforts for the next booklet. When he would be the only author, ok. But the forum are full of stories and my time and fun having borders.


The Auction

auction bqssoxbzvoth.jpg
Paradise is an exclusive resort on a private island somewhere in the Indian Ocean. If you are not a multi-millionaire, don’t bother trying to get a reservation!

The rules in Paradise are somewhat different from other resorts. One example is that you have a private group of staff to serve you. They are not allocated to you. You buy them!

Christy is new to Paradise. She was recruited as a chambermaid, although she did not quite realise just how comprehensive a chambermaid’s duties were. She also didn’t quite understand that guests bought the staff that served them, and resold them at the end of their stay. She did know that sex was part of her duties.

So here she is, on her first day at work, at the lunchtime pool auction. She is wondering whether she should have had a wax before starting work, but, well, it’s too late now. She wonders who will buy her, and how long their stay would be? How long it would be before she would once more be on show?

It seemed to be a good way to spend a gap year before going to college. Not to mention that the 5% of her sale price that would come to her each time she was sold would go a long way to paying tuition fees.
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Candy’s Dress


Candy had been kept nude for so long! She dreamed of having clothes, any clothes.

She was puzzled when her master gave her the small package. He was smiling. She was never sure what a smile meant. It could be approval, but it could just as easily be a precursor to some new ordeal. To pain! To humiliation! To degradation!

“You have been a very good, very satisfying slave. You deserve a gift.” It was small and light. Wrapped in beautiful paper, tied up with a bow. She was frightened to take it from him. What could it be? New, and much more painful nipple clamps? Something worse?

She dropped to her knees. “Thank you, Master.”

She looked at it as if it might explode!

“Go on! Open it!”

She trembled. Opened it. The fabric was like gossamer.

She kissed his feet. “Master! A dress! Oh, thank you, Master! A dress!”

She looked up at him. “May I, may I put it on?”

He nodded.

Candy was ecstatic. The dress covered her completely, down to her ankles. The silk felt exquisite against her skin. She admired herself in the mirror. The dress did indeed cover everything, yet it concealed nothing!

Her Master watched her, relishing the sight. Her beautiful back. Her perfect bum, from which he derived so much pleasure. Her shapely legs.


She looked back at him over her shoulder, her face radiant.

“You look beautiful in that dress. So beautiful that I want you, now!”

She did a slow turn, teasing him. She slipped the tapes from her shoulders. The dress slid down, arrested momentarily as it caught on hard, erect nipples before sliding down, almost reluctantly, to pool at her feet.

Candy stepped forward into her Master’s arms. He loved her! He had given her a dress! Her Master loved her!





The first and last rule that all convicts must adhere to!

It was only a parking offence, but under the new regime even a minor offence carried a sentence of three months servitude. Simply put, slavery.

Neither class, nor age, nor sex made any difference. ‘Justice’ was swift and merciless. Anne had objected to being stripped naked immediately after she was taken from her illegally parked car. The police are allowed to punish such offences on the spot. Fifty lashes of the whip!

Tied to a roadside post, much to the amusement of the gathering of passers-by, she grits her teeth as the officer takes his stance. She is determined to take her punishment with dignity.

Any semblance of dignity vanished when the leather lash slashed into her breast! There was no dignity now, just pain!

Oh, god! Forty-nine to go!



"Sir!" a skinny prisoner stopped the warden as he was about to walk to the next girl in line. Each morning, the prisoners have to strip except for their shorts and stand in line for a roll call.

"You have something to say, prisoner?" the warden turned around to face the anorexic prisoner and asked.
"Sir, I..." she stuttered and flushed her face before continuing, "I... I want to eat more, sir."
"Is that so?" the warden asked as he grabbed the sharp chin of the girl. "But you know, you have to earn what you eat here, don't you?"
"...Yes, sir," she replied in a barely audible voice while avoiding his gaze.
"Then what do you want us to do?" he lifted his hand to brush her gaunt face and asked.
"Please... use me... like other girls, sir!" She bit down her lower lip and dropped her face, her branch-like limbs shaking with shame and exhaustion.

All prisoners were given just a half bowl of cold gruel every morning. If they wanted to eat more, they had to serve at least three wardens sexually to get another bowl. It wasn't an easy task as there were so many more prisoners than the wardens, and the sexual drive of a man is not limitless.

She just couldn't degrade herself by dropping her underwear and flaunting her cunt to wardens who walk by her cell, as most other girls did. But few girls lasted more than a few months in this prison before begging to sell her dignity for a bowl of gruel.

"I'm sorry dear, but what made you think anyone would want to fuck you?" The warden poked her withered breasts and jeered, "You don't even have tits anymore. And I'm pretty sure your cunt must have all dried up like a desert by now." He suddenly grabbed her shorts and pulled it down to reveal her slit. It slid down to the ground without resistance, as her shrunken buttocks don't have enough flesh to hold the clothes.

"No... No! Please, I can't stand any longer!" The girl collapsed to the ground and pleaded, "Please let me serve you, sir. I... I can please you!" She grabbed his pants as he tried to walk away.

"Sorry, I don't want to fuck a skeleton. You should have asked way sooner." With his words, he shook his leg to shed off the bony fingers of the girl and turned away.
"Look, it's still moist!" the girl suddenly shouted and threw her legs widely apart. "Sir, I can prove it... please look at me... just look at my pussy," spreading her withered lips with her fingers, she began to massage her clit frantically as she wailed, "It's still moist! It's moist! You can have it anytime... it's all yours! Please let me serve you, sir! PLEASE!"

The girl hysterically cried until he walked to the next girl without looking back.

(P.S.: I just realized it's "Vignettes from the slave pits," not "from the prison cells" after I wrote this. Sorry if it was a bit offtopic! Maybe we can simply imagine they are some sort of slave girls, being punished for refusing to take the training needed to become a sex slave :))
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