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Volunteer girls to the cross

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When Sánchez finished fucking Yulia, he was ordered to prepare another cross in a close tree because in a short time they were going to have another victim to punish.

Who is she? Mr. Ito asked Count Salvatierra while they enjoyed the sight of all those crucified girls.
Her name is Krista, look at her, she is a true beauty, he said, showing her the photos that General Castro had sent to his cell phone.

Oh my God!. Oh yeah, I remember she is that beautiful blue-eyed Russian redhead convicted of terrorism.

Yes she is, when the judge sentenced her to death and gave her the choice the suplice, she chose the crucifixion and asked to be here on the island. The judge granted her that "grace" without hesitation.

She is crazy, precisely on the island of Mr Smith, didn't she know the horrible tortures that await her in the arena show?

Yes, I think that is precisely why she chose the cross, however she will not be crucified immediately, he will not be so lucky.

"Good luck", you say? I would not want to be on her shoes

Yes, the President of the Republic whom she tried to assassinate has ordered Krista to be interrogated until she confesses the names of all her accomplices. Knowing Sánchez and the other executioners of Mr Smith you know what that means.

So you have said she has arrived to the island this morning.

Yes, General Castro and Judge Varela have come to look for her at the dock as soon as the boat has brought her along with two other convicts and they have taken her directly to the fortress, to the torture chamber, I imagine they are questioning her at this time.
Indeed Krista was being interrogated by several executioners at the same time. She was completely naked and painfully tied up. The interrogation was being supervised by the general and the judge and because it was the first day they decided that the torture was not excessively harsh.
images (8).jpg
With these traitors we must go little by little, said General Castro with a sadistic gesture.

The judge looked at him in surprise, as the General had already told him that Krista was completely innocent.

Meanwhile, the executioners used the whip on the young woman's beautiful body as well as tweezers to bite her nipples and clitoris.
images (4).jpgdescarga (5).jpg
images (6).jpgimages (7).jpg
General Castro and the judge observed how the executioners went on torturing the beautiful teenager in several bondage positions without haste and without passion, administering the pain little by little more concerned to delight the two voyeurs than to extract information from the victim.


th (11).jpg


Krista endured the lashes with a certain integrity, the young girl moaned but did not ask for mercy or answer questions.
th (10).jpg

The executioners released her to fuck at the time they went on torturing.
Krista sucked submissively

Watching the scene, two men had a stiff cock because, far from suffering from torture, the young Russian woman seemed to enjoy as if all this caused her more pleasure than pain.
images (23).jpg
She's a masochistic bitch, General.
images (14).jpg
Then she fucked in the same way

I have no doubt she herself has chosen this terrible fate. By the way, do you know Lent of Duke Visconti?

No, what's that?.

Galeazzo Visconti was a fourteenth-century Italian duke who devised a horrible punitive procedure against traitors who fell into his clutches. Apparently, instead of executing the traitor in one day, he programmed a painful rosary of torture that would be applied to the prisoner for forty days, hence the name Lent.

Forty days? He must have been as sadistic as your general.

Yes the tortures were more and more cruel every day, but in order the prisoner to experience the pain more intensely and at the same time avoid accidental death, he was allowed to rest every other day.

Are you thinking of applying Galeazzo´s Lent to Krista?

Yes, something similar, for today we will only apply the whip but every day we will add other torments: needles, electric shocks, pincers, red hot irons, wooden pony, rack, pear of anguish, Judas Cradle and every other day she will be delivered to the guards so they can entertain her.

Oh my God, what a cruel fate!

Finally she will be executed on the cross in the most extreme and cruel way.
th (12).jpg
Amidst the torment, Krista listened perfectly to the conversation between the judge and the general, but far from being frightened, the young masochist was increasingly horny.

images (20).jpg

It doesn't look like he's going to confess today despite the lashes and the pincers.

No, it is too early to break it, this has only just begun.

This is starting to bore me, why don't we make them take her out there to crucify her with the others?

images (18).jpg

Yes, please, crucify me just now!

The girl received a slap from one of the executioners.

Shut up bitch!

No, the girl is right, but Sánchez has shown me a very special place where he takes the volunteers to whom he wants to apply extra torment while hanging from the cross.

Which one?. asked Juzge Varela

Now you will see, it is a surprise.

Enough already, in two days we will continue with the interrogation, prepare the whore for the crucifixion.

Yes, but before you will have to suck our dick because I have to burst it added Varela.



Krista not only did not resist but she practiced fellatio submissively while thinking that in a few minutes she was going to be crucified outdoors to delight a cruel and perverted public.

How this bitch sucks!, general, she's so much better than Mallory and her mother together, ha ha.

unnamed (12).jpg

With the taste of those men's semen still in her mouth, Krista was taken by the guards to the place where they were going to crucify her.
unnamed (4).jpg
The young woman saw that they were taking her away from the place where they had the other volunteers. Suddenly she heard a strange buzzing sound like bees.
th (5).jpg
Here it is!, said the general who had passed through the fortress kitchens to grab something he now kept hidden.

Mount the cross, said the General who had recovered his erection knowing what was going to happen.
9FD0B5C (1).jpg
Krista was very excited when she saw her cross because she had never been crucified before.
Besides there were several men with her and she suposed they would going on raping and torturing her on the cross.

Krista made no resistance when she was tied to the cross with her arms raised and was crucified in full view of the guards.

kristatit18 (1).jpgunnamed (11).jpg

The executioners made her to spread her arms to the extreme so that her beautiful breasts were helpless to subsequent tortures. Perhaps because of the cold, perhaps because of the fear her nipples were very hard.


Then after waiting a while admiring the beauty of her curves accentuated by the forced posture of the crucifixion, the general proposed to whip her.
9FD9BB0.jpgth (1).jpg
We haven't brought a whip, sir.
No matter those thorn branches will suffice.

One of the guards put on thick gloves so as not to prick himself because the branches were bristling with pointed thorns and approached Krista.

Are you ready, bitch?, your torture is going on.
Do you keep quiet?.......Start whiping torturer!

So the executioner began to whip her all over her body.
Ha ha, now she does scream general.
Yes she screams like a nasty sow but she doesn't know what awaits her.
Every time she was whipped with the hawthorn branch, it stuck into the young woman's naked flesh and then the executioner had to pull the branch to nail it.


The girl was spanked in the thighs, the ass, the belly, the tits, the sides.
Only her face was free from the lashes and, logically, small wounds began to flow here and there from which droplets of blood flowed.

The flogging lasted about half an hour in which Krista did not stop screaming, only that nobody questioned her anymore.
The torture was out of sadism.

Stop! it is enough, the general said when he thought that the girl was going to faint.

The he took out what was hidden, which was a jar of honey and a thick brush, and dipping it in the honey, he gradually applied it to the girl's skin, especially on her thick nipples, on the clitoris and on the pussy lips.

At first Krista did not understand why he was applying the honey to her, but then she remembered the nearby buzz and terrified that it was to attract the bees.

She was actually wrong, it was going to be much worse.

The girl realized when the first wasp landed on her arm. Indeed they were not bees but wasps.
The general caught the wasp and then he approached her face.


Krista could then see the monstrous head of the insect and saw it move its antennae and jaws.

A chill of terror ran through her entire body to remember that time when she was bitten by a wasp, how there was no way to stop that terrible pain.

Laughing sadly, the general approached the wasp trapped to the erect nipple of the girl who did not stop dripping honey and deposited the animal that began to feed on the liquid while the young woman screamed hysterically to get it out of there.

Let's go a few meters away and you take a stick and throw the hornet's nest to the ground, we are going to have fun.

The executioner obeyed the general had to run away fast to avoid the insects.

The wasps were so rabid that they fluttered out to all sides and logically many of them raged on Krista's naked body attracted by honey and blood.

The men delighted to hear the desperate screams of the poor girl attacked by insects.
Poor Krista screamed nonstop with her head pointed skyward as a couple dozen wasps stung her on the most sensitive parts of her naked body. The sadistic general liked the experience so much that in the following months many volunteers were subjected to the torture of wasps.

Finally the men managed to scare away the insects and had to revive the young woman who had lost consciousness so that she could continue consciously enjoying the pleasures of the crucifixion for several more hours.


While the new volunteer girls suffered their first crucifixion, the old ones did not remain resting as the guards and executioners offered them to the large audience as sex slaves to entertain them while they watched the sadistic show.
images (1).jpgoutdoor-bdsm-sex06.jpg

As usual, the guards sold those defenseless and handcuffed girls for money, although it was not very expensive.
So for just ten bucks people could get a blowjob, a cunnilingus, or a rimming of one of those naked beauties and for twenty they could get fucked in the vagina or in the anus.
images (12).jpgimages (4).jpg
Of course all the girls accepted sexual slavery with strangers, they were men and women with all submission because they were already used to being sold in this way to everybody who paid those small amounts.
500_1000.jpgimages (3).jpggifcandy-bdsm-76.gif3245791_12_o.jpg
Some girls were tied on their knees to perform fellatio, while others were tied to a tree branch to be fucked in that position.
breaking in.jpg
Others were made to bend their bodies into a horizontal bar to be buggered in that awkward posture by twenty, thirty men one after another.


More sadistics offered two hundred and three hundred dollars for the pleasure of flogging those beautiful women right there in the middle of the woods.
The executioners did not know how to say no to all that money and they risked making Mr Smith angry with them. The rich man wanted the girls to come to the town square with clean skin to receive a good round of lashes in front of all the public and the cameras.
Thus, some volunteers tried an appetizer of the torments that awaited them later on the scaffold raised in the town square.
images (13).jpgOutdoor-whipping-breast.gif
Apart from the trees, in some places there were wooden structures placed for the complacent girls to be punished.
Little by little, the island of Cabo Florido was becoming a bdsm enterteinment park and there were more and more places to practice floggings or crucifixions with beautiful masochistic women.
So to the groans of the crucified girls were now added in that forest the lashes and the wailing of the lashed girls.


After two hours of lashes, Sánchez gave the order to continue the march towards the town of Santa Marta where an even larger crowd was waiting for the volunteers.

Once in the city, the streets were so crowded that the executioners could not contain them.
So some surrounded the girls, taking advantage of them to touch and abuse them. Hundreds of hands touched them all over their bodies and especially in the most sensitive parts.
Abused in this way, the volunteers let themselves be done without resisting.


Other volunteers were introduced to bars or shops where small groups of friends enjoyed them.
There the girls were subjected to gangbangs and humiliations of all kinds.

images (32).jpg837200.6.orig.jpg
Some were even fucked on the bus.


Even a kind of slave market was set up and some girls were exhibited on a podium for everyone to see and bid on to fuck or to have the pleasure of flogging them.

unnamed (3).jpg

The mulatto Skin was auctioned along with Asphyxia the gothic girl who had surrendered herself as a bondage slave the day before.
Look closely at these two beauties. How much would you pay to have a good time with both of them at the same time?

Three hundred!........ four hundred!

Just that? Have you not seen them well? They are submissive slaves and masochists and enjoy sex and pain as stupid lambs.

Let's see, show us how they endure the pain!.
The executioner pinched the front of their torso with clothespins and then pulling on a rope tore them all off making the girls scream in pain.


That doubled the bids.

Five hundred!, six hundred!.

That's better, assigned to that gentleman.

Two girls were hired for several hours by a wealthy businessman from the Republic of San Mateo to submit them to a tough bondage session.
He had a slave named Bobbi who was in charge of torturing them for his own pleasure with electric shocks.

Bobbi introduced her to a double dildo electrified by her pussy and they screamed in pain as fucked each other.
images (18).jpgth.jpg
After a pair of torture hours two girls became submissive toys and they fucked with the rich man. After that the two slaves were returned to the fortress of Cabo Florido.

The sadistic experience pleased Bobbi's owner so much that he quickly turned her over to Mr Smith as a new volunteer. As a good slave Bobbi obeyed, she signed the slavery contract but it would not be delivered until months later because she had to continue to satisfy her owner.



th (1).jpg
When the executioners finally made their way through the crowd and managed to lead them to Santa Marta Main Square, a sinister surprise awaited the volunteer girls.

Already from the nearby streets the thunderous tumult of the sadistic mass could be heard bellowing as he waited impatiently for the victims to be brought to them.
Some girls were scared to hear that thud that seemed to come from an earthquake and the executioners had to use the whip to make them walk.


Go ahead, don´t stop, we are very busy today.

Come on, whores, you're close to it, ha ha. You will see what awaits you.


Suddenly when the row of naked, chained girls came into view of the public, they screamed even more deafeningly.

They are bringing them! , the whores arrive! Said a young girl and was answered by the cheers of several hundred throats.


Faced with the hysterical reaction of the crowd, the guards had to once again make their way through the people struggling to get close to the girls.

Then the volunteers saw the cruel fate that awaited them and a shiver of terror ran through their bodies.

In the center of the square they had raised a high scaffold on which they were going to display them in front of everyone before proceeding to their punishment.

It looked like a scaffold of medieval execution, tall and sinister. On it were arranged some crosses of Saint Andrew, traps and posts with shackles as well as other structures with restrictions whose function was to strongly hold the convicts while they were being tortured.
Mr Smith's original obsession was the contemplation of the female crucifixion, but over time he had learned to appreciate other types of equally sadistic spectacles such as medieval gallows. There was nothing better to make people happy than the spectacle of seeing beautiful naked women handcuffed totally defenseless and screaming helplessly to avoid torture.


The rich man was pleased to see on the scaffolding several executioners who at that time were putting their torture tools in order, mainly whips and pliers and tongs. One executioner operated a bellows to fan the burning coals that crackled over a large brazier while another inserted pincers and marking irons into another.
images (46).jpg
Many girls understood at the time the kind of torture they were going to be subjected to in front of all these people and a chill of terror ran through their young bodies.
images (5).jpg
No, no,… some of them recoiled in horror at the sight of the executioners and began to resist being brought up to that horrible place. But it was useless.

The entire scene was being recorded by various cameras as the sadistic show was broadcast live on Mr Smith's paid website. Surely thousands of people were watching it at the time, including many acquaintances of the volunteers whom Mr Smith had invited to visit the page completely free.

The audience screamed in awe as they saw the first volunteers climbing the gallows dragged by the executioners.
There the girls were exhibited totally naked in front of that perverted and bloody crowd.
The executioners presented them one by one making obscene comments about their bodies and calling them masochistic whores and expert fellers who swallow semen.
descarga (6).jpg
Then they teased her boobies that kept pouring milk and forced them to open their bare sexes or their repeatedly sodomized asses.


Look at these bitches, said an executioner while several girls showed their open buttocks and their anus that could no longer close completely.
They are not satisfied but three or four guys do not sodomize them before.

People laughed at them while the volunteers felt a strange pleasure from being humiliated in this way.

What do you ask for these bitches?

Hit them!, no .., the irons! ......... put a red hot iron up their asses.

To make the show longer the girls were not going to be tortured all at once but one after another.
images (8).jpg831150220.jpg

So they were tying them to different devices like Saint Andrew Crosses
16358A7.jpgdescarga (3).jpg
Crucified in different ways
Arms up to be flogged
images (47).jpg
Some girls were placed in stocks that imprisoned their breasts. One of the executioners was in charge of screwing the stocks and he did it with all possible force, delighting in the gestures and groans of pain of the slaves.

lodge Untitled-05 06A.jpglodge Untitled-05 06B.jpg

Others were also going to be flogged directly, so they were tied in a row to a kind of rack with their arms stretched over their heads. The device was designed to stretch their bodies to the extreme so that the young women could not move an inch when they were lashed. This was a convenient decision, especially considering that after a first dry flogging, the executioners planned to continue flogging them on their bare flesh with whips soaked in a mixture of salt, pepper and vinegar.


Meanwhile, as all the volunteer girls did not fit on the scaffold, the others were placed in wooden stocks on the square.
The latter ones had to adopt a humiliating posture bent and with necks and wrists caught in a heavy wooden pillory.
At_The_Pillory.jpgCamille-Queen-121red.jpgCamille-Queen-141red.jpgimages (36).jpg
Originally, these kind of stocks were a medieval instrument of public humiliation, only in this case it would serve the volunteers to be fucked .....

....... while others were tied to posts with their arms raised.

As the girls were tied they trembled with terror, although many of them were also excited and horny as they were reliving their masochistic dreams a thousand times repeated in their minds.


Apparently most of them were only going to be whipped or pinched their meat with cold tongs. However, something worse was waiting for others:

....they were going to be tortured with hot irons and red hot tongs.

In fact, neither Mr Smith nor the executioners had decided which ones would have their skin burned. In this case, the public itself was going to be allowed to decide which of the volunteers were going to be marked with hot red irons.

The election procedure was as follows. Everyone had to pay five bucks for the right to vote. The candidates who received the most votes would suffer in their meats the bite of the red irons and shout like sows to the delight of the public.
images (11).jpg9836.jpg
Alina was the first girl to be tied to one of those sinister Saint Andrew crosses. The masochistic beauty was terrified but also very horny to be involved in that sordid bondage scene in fornt of the crowd. So she did not resist when she was tied to the cross by the brutal tormentors with her arms and legs very stretched out.
She herself had asked her former boyfriend Richard to be the first to be tied to the cross.

The girl felt the intense heat coming from the brazier and stared at the already burning irons, surrounded by yellow flames.
images (13).jpg
Then she saw the panoply where a great variety of pincers and tongs were arranged
images (12).jpg
Richard took a pair of blacksmith's tongs and handed them to another executioner as he brandished his.
Two executioners stood on either side of the cross, implying that they were going to pinch both boobs at the same time.

Before the torture Richard caresses his girlfriend's face and lovingly brushed her silky mane from her face so that everyone could see clearly how she was going to cry and suffer.

I have to thank you for the sacrifice you are making for me dear, are you ready ?.

Alina closed her eyes and nodded.....

.....and the ordeal started......


Mr Smith and his guests watched the whole scene from a privileged place, Santa Marta town hall, invited by the mayor. From the terrace of the town hall the sadistic guests of Mr Smith had a preferential place to see the show while they comfortably enjoyed drinks and the sexual favors of the slaves.
The two cousins, Lana and Leah agreed to give Mr Smith´s guests a blowjob so that these sadistic men enjoyed the cruel show of the square even more. In changed the teenagers hoped to get rid of the torment that their companions were suffering. However Count Salvatierra had decided to reserve them for last part of the ordeal.


The ordeal continued, cruel and merciless on the gallows.
Alina lost consciousness after almost half an hour of torture and she was untied from the San Andrew cross only to have another volunteer take her place. In this case Angie was tortured with red hot irons.
Other volunteers at the time were flogging and writhing like animals while the whips coiled around their naked bodies leaving reddish marks that stung like hell.


Executioners had sumerged their whips in salted vineggar so that their lashes were unbereable
6 (1).jpg6.jpgtumblr_n9zylykWRn1tii822o3_400.gifa.jpg
Meanwhile at the same time hundreds of masochistic girls around the world were masturbating in front of their computers watching and enjoying the sadistic show.


Surely many of them wanted in a deep part of their minds to volunteer and go to Cape Florido Island to become sex slaves but only some would dare to sign the crucifixion contract online.

Knowing this Mr Smith was now offering on his page an alternative contract in which the final ordeal on the cross was optional. The volunteer could sign a contract in which she accepted a long sentence of sexual slavery at the end of which she would be released and could return to her normal life. Surely this would get more candidates. In reality, it was a trap because, as had happened to Adriana, the candidate would suffer continuous torture until she accepted to sign the definitive contract to death on the cross.



Young Brooke typed very nervously and excitedly filling in the last boxes of the crucifixion contract, while in a window of the screen she saw how a volunteer was savagely flogged by two executioners at the same time.
Days before, she had sent several nude photographs to Mr Smith and that morning she had received the news that had been accepted.
Very happy and excited, she rushed to the computer to complete the contract.

In the new contracts, the volunteers also had the option to choose the time of their sentence before the execution on the cross. The minimum was two weeks but there was an option to choose a month,.... three months,......... six months.... and even a year. ¡a whole year in those sadistics´ claws!.... A last option even allowed the convicted woman to choose at least one year of sentence but left it to Mr Smith's will to extend it as much as he wanted.

Brooke read excitedly that during that long sentence she would lose all her rights as a free person and become a sex slave at the mercy of anyone. In addition, she was warned of the torture and humiliation that she would receive during all that time and a long list of cruel torments was detailed. The girl read them while continuing to masturbate.
She hesitated but at that moment he heard Keisha writhe on the cross howling desperately as an executioner applied a red-hot iron to her skin. Getting mad Brooke decided on the longest possible sentence and asked to be crucified with ropes in front of people at least once a month. As well, she asked to taste the torture rack as soon as she arrived the island.
In the observations, she also said she did not want to wait a day and asked to be abducted immediately in her own home.

The return message only took a quarter of an hour. In it Jimmy, Mr Smith's secretary told her he had contacted a local gang of thugs who would deal with kidnapping her that same day (in a pair of hours in fact),...... they would take her in a van to the docks where she would be loaded onto a cargo ship that would take two weeks to reach Cape Florido.

In the message, Brooke was warned that apart from looting her house, the gang of criminals would charge herself for the service and that the rabble and ship crew would do the same. In fact, before arriving on the island, the girl would become for two whole weeks the sex slave and bondage toy of the sadistic crew made up of twenty-five perverted men of the lowest rank.

The message ended with compulsive instructions. Brooke should leave her flat key under the doormat and wait for her captors completely naked, handcuffed in a hogtied posture, gagged, and with her eyes covered by a mask.
About to orgasm the girl signed the contract without hesitation and spent her last moments of freedom going to a bondage sex-shop where she bought everything she needed.
Once back at home, she left the key under the doormat and, after undressing fully, put on her mask and ballgag, squeezing everything she could. Then after handcuffing her feet, she crossed her hands and also handcuffed them, remaining in a hogtied posture.

The girl waited in silence for thugs to come and kidnap her. The wait became eternal and when she heard a noise at the door, her heart skipped a beat and she almost pissed on excitement.

Someone entered quietly, but it was enough for Brooke to deduce that a few guys were coming for her, actually eight. She also heard the door locked.

Here we have her. How much time do we have with the bitch? One suddenly said.

The boat doesn't arrive until tomorrow, we can play whit her for thirty or forty hours.

Suddenly, hands began to caress her while the guys were still talking to each other.

Brooke felt a sudden start, but she didn't scream. Someone joined the first hand, another and another, so that all those guys began to fondle and pinch her.

Young woman endured the pinching pain with resignation. Suddenly, fingers began digging into her crotch.

Ha ha, she's all wet, what a bitch!.

Damn, this girl is a dirty masochist, look what she's left us here.

Indeed Brooke had purchased not only the handcuffs, the gag, and the mask, but a wide variety of torture tools, and in a note she asked her captors to hand them over to the ship's crew for use with her.

Of course, the gangsters not only heeded the young woman's suggestion but also used those toys themselves.
But first of all Brooke endured a log and brutal gangbang in her own living room
After be raped, the chief carried Brooke to her bedroom and there they fucked for several hours.

The beautiful girl felt as if she were a slave and with semen taste on her tong she asked naively
What are you doing to me now?
There are still many hours left so we are going to take you to a discreet place on the docks and we are going to play "inquisition games" with those toys that you have bought.

¿Inquisition games?, ¿what do you mean?


india-summer-brooke-lee-adams-5.jpgimages (2).jpg

The gangsters grabbed Brooke tied-up and nude and discreetly shoved her into the car trunk to abandoned warehouses on the docks.

There they took her to a basement they knew and tied her to two posts separated from each other by more than a meter, they carried a table and placed on it the torture instruments that she herself had bought: whips, nipple clamps and weights, dildos with skewers, pinwheel, cattle prod. .....

To this they added other homemade instruments such as pliers, needles, torch and a soldering iron.

As they anticipated that the bondage session was going to be long, they brought a lot of coca and went to the super market and bought food and especially drink for the eight men. They also brought something to revive the young woman if she lost consciousness due to torture.
As she watched all these preparations Brooke felt her crotch wet as her masochistic dream was coming true and there was nothing she could do to back down.

Before starting with it they played deafening rock music. It was probably a useless precaution since the boss had ensured that the room were completely soundproof.
unnamed (1).jpgunnamed.jpgamp.4.jpg12.jpg13 (1).jpg
In the end the ship took almost four days to arrive .....


The volunteers were punished in the Plaza de San Marta for more than six hours. Then the executioners took the last ones to be flogged. These were Lana and her cousin Leah who asked for mercy until the last moment to their uncle Count Salvatierra. Poor girls cried all the time while the executioners carried them to the torture place, but there was no mercy for them and they were tied to Saint Andrew cross while the executioners fanned the brazier coals with a bellows.

images (24).jpg


Lana screamed like mad were being tortured with hot red irons.

Then the new volunteers were led to Mr Smith toreview before singing the contract. Most of them were very horny because all they had seen.
The first was Ashley. She was a beautiful tall, slim redhead with a spectacular body. The girl appeared in front of Mr Smith in a long white dress fitted to her impressive curves.

The rich man was surprised that one of those masochistic whores were in glasses, surely he was a man full of prejudices about women who wear glasses.

Who are you, an intellectual? He said laughing at her

Ashley did not seem to mind to the humiliation

Yes, you can say that I am something of that. I am graduate in history and psychology and now I am doing a thesis.

Ha,ha the whore!, so you are the queen of college sluts. Do you think that because you are universitary teacher the executioners will be softer with you?

No, I hope they are not, I don't want any privilege.

Don't worry, you won't have privileges at all, and why does a university graduate want to die on the cross?

No, Mr Smith, you have not understood me. I want to sign the alternative contract.

The rich man made a disappointed gesture.

Wow, I thought you were braver.
Look, I am writing a doctoral thesis on torture throughout history, and what I find most difficult is to properly assess the point of view of the victims, that is why I want to experience in my own flesh what it means to be tortured.

The men looked at each other in shock, they would never have imagined anything like it.

So you want to sign the alternative contract?


No nails?, no impalament?


And when you finish your sentence, come back from the island alive, no whore?.

Yes, this is the point.

Okay, and for how long do you want to sign?

Although she was hiding it Ashley was getting all horny.

I don't know, will a month be enough?

Let's leave it at three. According?


Mr Smith extended her the contract, that girl was beautiful and she was putting herself in the wolf's mouth.

Tell me teacher, what kind of torture do you want to experience first?

My idea is to go through all of history so I want to be crucified, of course with ropes,...... medieval torture, you know the inquisition,......the rack,.....withches throne......wooden pony, and of course modern methods that include electricity. I leave it to your imagination and that of your executioners.

All right, Mr Smith said folding the contract and putting it in his pocket. Now we want to see you naked and we also want to see how you fuck. ¿Do you want to fuck the teacher, major?

It would be a pleasure Mr Smith.

Town major approached Ashley and without asking permission squeezed her tits
She has hard breasts Mr Smith I sure you enjoy them as well.

Come on, kiss me, you slut, I have never kissed so beautiful girl before.

1 (1).jpg

Then Ashley let that man abuse her even though he seemed disgusting to her.

Show us her tits I imagine her hard nipples.

The major started to take off her dress so that her tits were exposed.


The major was with his stiff cock and fingering her tits as if he were making pizza dough.

Yes Mr Smith they are hard and soft with nipples like stones

The girl seemed hornier and hornier

Well bitch, take off everything but leave your glasses on. It makes me sick to see the major fucking a university professor.
Ashley took off her clothes very excitedly. She did it in style like a professional striper. Mr Smith licked like a hungry cat when he saw how that beautiful woman gradually showed her impressive body.

Now on your knees and suck as the whore you are.

Come on bitch kneel down and suck!.

Mr Smith's guests watched with amusement as the nerd teacher ate the major´s cock like a gas station whore.

God how the teacher swallows.

The girl sucked insistently and didn't take the cock out of her mouth until she got her gift.

AAAGG, she looks like a fucking vacuum cleaner.


th (1).jpgdescarga.jpg
After the blowjob Ashley looked at Mr Smith with her face stained with cum but then he got up and took the glasses off his face with a hard smack.
unnamed (4).jpg
Take it whore!

Call two of those psychopaths to come here, take this bitch to the basement and prepare her. My baby, you're going to write the first chapter of your professorial thesis just now.
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So Ashley was handed over to two rapist criminals whom Mr Smith had removed from a stinking high security prison in Latin America certain country.
712a2a304acf4bfc608011ed1831466a.12 (1).jpg
They had not touched a woman for five years. The two sadists could not believe how lucky they were to be able to dispose of this beauty with a model body and brutally held her while they tied her arms and legs with a rope that scraped the skin.


Despite the brutality Ashley felt a strange pleasure when the ropes restricted her arms and legs.

Those two beasts flexed them tightly and then tied the knots securely.

Totally defenseless and abused, the girl wondered what torture she was going to be subjected to and if she could bear it, but just thinking about it made her wet.


Finally when she was in hogtied posture one of the psychopaths started to slap her on face and on the buttocks with full force.


With that red ballgag put in her mouth that made her jaws ache like hell Ashley could hardly complain about the spanking.
Then when the two sadists got tired of hitting his round butt, they took the young woman tied like a package and tied her to a pole.


In a few seconds Ashley realized with horror what her martyrdom was going to be, because one of the psychopaths placed a slipknot on her neck and tied it around her ankles so that the young woman was slowly suffocating herself. Thus they had her slowly drowning for several minutes until her face turned blue. Only then did they loose the slip knot.

Do not think you will have such a sweet death, bitch, before you will live hell on earth for months.

And after letting breathe just enough, they let her slowly drown again.


Meanwhile Mr Smith continued to receive the new volunteers.
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First he interviewed them one by one surrounded by his henchmen and executioners.

images (4).jpg
That act was quite humiliating as the new volunteers had to answer all kinds of questions about their sexual experiences and their most intimate masochistic desires while those sadists and psychopaths prepared the ropes and shackles to tie them.
images (3).jpg
The aspiring new slaves had been watching all morning how those thugs abused and tormented dozens of girls like them and now they felt their sadistic looks fixed on their beautiful bodies.
After a long interrogation, the volunteers signed the contract and then the had to undress and put all her clothes and lingerie in a bask. to be sold. Lastly Mr Smith ordered the executioners to tie them up, take downstairs.

Then they would be prepared in a long train to walk to the fortress of Cabo Florido in order to start inmediatly their long sentence.

3418138_11_o.jpgimages (2).jpg
Mr Smith had an alphabetical list of new candidates.

descarga (5).jpgfd80ccf2817c0c9531328f2856aa21b2.15.jpg

Aidra: requests a six-month sentence. She does not rule out signing the crucifixion contract but at the moment she does not. Her favorite fantasy: be raped and tortured by eight executioners at the same time. Her favorite torture device: witches throne


Audrey: Expandable 12-month sentence and public crucifixion in arena as in ancient roman times.
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